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Connor came in from his job one afternoon, walking through the kitchen into the living room, noticing the house was quiet.

The television was not on, nor was the stereo; so he had assumed his mother was not home yet from her volunteer job.

He was a lot more used to silence now since his father had been killed by a drunk driver while on his way home from a business trip ten years earlier when Connor was only fifteen.

Despite Paul leaving both his wife comfortable financially and enough money to put their son through college, Phoebe had been lonely and needed something to fill her days, so she had taken up volunteer work with various organizations.

She had taken his death hard; they had been together since their early college days and Phoebe had discovered she had gotten pregnant with Connor only days after Paul had proposed to her.

They got married in a small but elegant ceremony only six months before Phoebe had given birth to their son.

Connor had grown up remembering the odd noises coming from his parents’ bedroom at night; the bed squeaking, the sighs, grunts, moaning and his mother screaming out his father’s name.

From what he could gather once he was old enough to understand what was going on, his parents had had a very active sex life right up until his father was killed.

He remembered thinking as often as his parents had fucked, his mother had not gotten pregnant again. Connor would be their only child.

Not that he could blame his late father for wanting to screw her so much over the years of their marriage; now at forty five, Phoebe was still gorgeous with her natural blond hair, clear green eyes, tight ass and 38D tits.

Guys of all ages had checked her out, but though she’d had been with a few men over the years, they hadn’t really satisfied her or made her as orgasmic as Paul had.

Connor remembered at the time thinking if she hadn’t been his mom, even he wouldn’t have minded doing her.

Over the years since his dad passed, Connor had always wondered what it would be like to have his sexy mom’s lips wrapped around his eight-inch cock or burying his tool deep in her cunt, fucking her until they both exploded in intense orgasms.

There bedava bahis hadn’t been a day gone by when he hadn’t thought about what a hot woman she had to be in bed while he stroked his cock every night.

Connor would jerk himself off even more during the rare times Phoebe had brought men home and he could hear the familiar sounds coming from her bedroom shortly after, wishing it was he that fucking her instead.

Now twenty five, he was about to find out what a hot piece his mom really was; his lustful thoughts about her were about to become a reality.

Phoebe had noticed how much more Connor had resembled his father as he had grown into a man himself, and it had gotten her sexual fires going.

She knew it was wrong to think of her son in such a way, but his dark looks had turned her on immensely, and she could also see at times through his clothes that he was also as generously endowed as Paul had been.

Now as Connor went to the back of the house, he hear strange noises coming from his mother’s room. The door was slightly ajar, and he peeked in.

He glanced into the room, getting a clear view of her bed, but as he looked further, Connor could see her naked body.

Connor could feel his cock growing in his jeans as he watched her using a vibrator on her shaved pussy while she fondled one of her firm tits with her free hand.

He was a bit embarrassed as he was watching her get herself off, but at the same time, it was so hot.

Connor knew he had to jerk himself off soon or he’d cum in his pants just from watching her.

While he watched his mother pleasure herself, he accidentally bumped the hallway table.

Phoebe heard the noise and asked who was there. Caught in the voyeurism of watching his mother get herself off, Connor slowly came in the room.

She gasped out his name, and then asked how long he had been standing there. Connor admitted it had only been for a few minutes, and Phoebe started to apologize frantically before he cut her off.

He told her he understood how difficult it was for her missing his father over the years, how horny she had to be, and how no other man seemed to satisfy her.

Phoebe bedava bonus confessed that though she didn’t want to come off as some pervert or a slut, it hadn’t been his father she had been thinking about lately, but of Connor himself.

He had nearly died of pure lust when he heard this; he replied he had been thinking of her too.

Hearing this, Phoebe had to smile. “Connor?”


“Fuck me right here, right now. I want you so much.”

He thought he had died and gone to heaven; the next thing Connor knew, he was completely naked as Phoebe perched doggy style near the edge of the bed, ready to go at it.

“Take me from behind,” she ordered him. “Put that nice big dick inside me and fuck my brains out!”

Overcome with lust from his mother presenting herself to him, Connor stood on the floor and pushed his rock hard cock into her, pumping and out of her pussy.

He was driving his rod into her at a steady, hard pace, giving her ass a slap now and then as he fucked her.

She moaned and sighed, slamming back on his cock with as much enthusiasm as he fucked her harder from behind, screeching at him to give it all to her.

After several minutes, she had moved forward a little, indicating she wanted to change positions.

Connor pulled his cock from Phoebe’s pussy, sitting back on the bed. Panting, she rose and told him to get on his back; she was really going to make him feel good.

She positioned herself above him, and she lowered her pussy to his cock, starting to slide her wet twat up and down his shaft, as Connor jammed the rest of his meat up into her hole.

Phoebe let out a gasp and reached back to place her hands on his as her son started pile driving in and out of her pussy.

“Your daddy always loved me to fuck him like this,” she purred. “Do you love having a woman ride you, Connor? God, baby; you feel so good…fuck me, baby…yes, yes, yes!”

As Connor continued pounding his mother’s cunt, he leaned his head up to take one of her large tits into his mouth, sucking and licking every inch of it before moving to the other while Phoebe groaned above him, not missing a stroke as she bounced harder on his member.

Now deneme bonusu in a frenzy, she started bucking back and forth with her firm tits moving up and down in time with her fucking him.

She was panting that she was going to cum any minute, how his big cock felt as good in her pussy as his father’s had, and he had been the first man in ages she didn’t have to fake an orgasm with.

Meanwhile, Connor had felt himself swelling and tensing up inside of her as Phoebe continued to ride him hard, a sign that he was about to cum at any moment.

“Oh shit! I’m going to shoot my load!” he called out.

Phoebe froze as he let out a growl that transitioned into a groan as Connor exploded deep inside her well-fucked cunt, passing seemingly endless streams of hot cum inside her.

She couldn’t remember the last time she had taken so much of a man’s sperm since Paul was killed– and now here was their son giving her the orgasm of her life!

She let out a yelp, gasping for air and, shaking uncontrollably, screamed that she could feel Connor’s hot cum filling her completely, causing him to really cut loose with one final massive load up her pussy before he felt his dick soften.

After their pace slowed over the next minute, Phoebe lifted herself from Connor’s spent member and collapsed next to him.

“Oh Connor,” she said. “You certainly got your gift from Daddy! You’re the best fuck I’ve had in ten years!”

“Well, you were pretty hot too….better than a few girls I’ve had,” he smiled back.

The two of them then began to kiss while caressing and playing with each other’s bodies for awhile before falling asleep.

Connor moved into her bed shortly after, where he and Phoebe would fuck every night in every possible position, just as Paul had done with her when he was alive.

Since then, neither were sexually frustrated any longer to the point where Connor had to jack off in private nor Phoebe had to make use of her vibrator.

They now had each other to keep satisfied between lovers, and even during times they did have mates.

It was almost if Paul had sent his son on a mission “from the other side” to keep his mother happy in bed.

Not that Connor would ever complain, especially with the next step in his plan was to get her to have the second baby she had always secretly wanted, but Paul hadn’t wanted any more children.

Phoebe had made Connor’s dream come true…now he would happily return the favor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32