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(New Years Eve)

“Why do I have to get all dressed up in a tux?… Aren’t we just going out to dinner and coming back here?” Scott snarled to his wife.

“Oh be quiet…. Tonight is going to be a very special night…..”

“You mean you and Dad?”

“You’ll see..” Alice said with a smile. “Now get out of here while I finish dressing… say good night to Kelly she’s leaving soon.”

Scott entered the Great room where his dad and Kelly were talking.

“My.. Sweetie… You look awful sexy in that short dress.” Ed said as he put his arm around Kelly and patted her on the butt.

“DAD.. That’s your granddaughter….” Scott felt his dick harden at the sight of his beautiful daughter in such a hot dress. He thought, he would love to pat that pretty ass himself…. Hmm…. had Kelly fucked her grandpa as well?

“Hell son.. I know…. and a sexy granddaughter at that.”

“Oh you two stop it…. Gee your both looks handsome in your tuxedos… I gotta run… now behave yourselves.” She said with a wink as she kissed both Dad and Granddad and left.

Yvonne and Alice entered the room together.

“Wow son. Did we luck out… look two sluts.. Oh no…these are our hot wives dressed like sluts..”

“Oh shush,” Alice said as she grabbed Ed’s arm.

Yvonne put her son’s arm around her and said, “Come on Scotty I’ll be your date tonight.”


The two couples returned home from dinner, all a bit tipsy as Alice said,

“We have a while before bringing in the New Year… Scott why don’t you open a bottle of champagne while I play a video I found…. I think you all will enjoy it.”

Scott returned to the room with a bottle and four glasses as Alice pushed the play button on the VCR. The screen lit up with an older couple and a younger couple drinking Champaign and talking.

“Hey just like us,” Ed said. The younger woman put her arms around the older man and began to kiss him and slowly sway her body against his.

The older woman sat next to the younger man and began rubbing his thigh then moved to his obvious hard cock standing up against the cloth of his pants.

“We better follow suit,” Ed said as he pressed Alice against his protruding prick.

Scott brushed against his mother’s big tits as they bubbled up out of her low cut dress. Her erect large dark nipples were visible through the see-through bra and lace top. Scott leaned forward somewhat hesitantly.

The video was soon forgotten.

“It’s okay Scotty… I’ve seen you looking at my tits all night…. Go a head Son… you can touch them.”

Scott reached in and freed his mother’s full breast from her dress and bra. He kissed the thick brown nipple and began sucking.

“That’s it baby… suck mummies tits…. Just like my little Scotty did so long ago…Mmmm”

Meanwhile Alice had Ed’s fly open and was stroking his cock as he struggled bahis firmaları to slip out of his suspenders dropping his pants. His hands freed Alice’s tits as he pinched her nipples. Alice dropped to her knees and began licking his dick. She kissed the head and slid her lips down his shaft.

Yvonne lifted her son’s head from her breast… “Oh I’m sorry Mom.. Am I hurting you?…”

”No son .. I just wanted you to see how happy your Dad is… Would you like Momma to do that to her little Scotty?”

Scott was speechless… He had wanted to watch his wife get fucked by another man but he was busy himself and so wanted to feel his mother’s full lips wrapped around his throbbing cock.

With her top down to the waist, Yvonne stood pulling her dress to the floor. She had taken off her panties when they got home so Scott got a full view of her all natural furry pussy pelt. He pulled off his pants as she pulled him to the floor. Bending over her tits bounced up and down as her warm mouth maneuvered over his manhood.

Scott looked at his Dad and wife. Alice was now complete naked and he noted she had shaved her pussy as his father slid his tongue and rubbed his face all over her bald cunny. The sight caused his cock to jerk and expand or was it his mother’s cock-sucking?

“Mom I want to taste your pussy…” Yvonne swung her leg over her sons head and lowered her wet cunt on his face as she continued to suck his cock and balls.

Scott’s tongue explored the sides, top and bottom, tongue fucking his mother’s pussy. Finding her clit he licked and sucked till it swelled and then he nursed on it as he had her nipples.

“Cum in my mouth son… Mommy wants to taste her son’s sweet juices.”

That was too much for Scott. His legs stiffened as his cock gave a jerk and exploded in his mother’s marvelous mouth. As she gulped and swallowed, her pussy pressed down on his face. Yvonne’s thighs clinched her son’s head as she came on his mouth.

Scott and his mother kissed tasting their own juices on the others lips and tongue. They held each other as they watched Alice and Ed.

“Fuck me Ed.. Slide your big thick prick into my bald pussy…. Feel how smooth and soft I am…. My wet cunt is made for you Daddy..”

Yvonne began stroking Scott’s semi-hard cock as her daughter-in-law continued.

“Oh yes Daddy fuck your little girl….fill me with your big cock… I can feel it so deep and big inside me…”

“ Be daddy’s slut…. Fuck me like a whore… Ohhh yes baby… ride it… ride my rod.”

Watching his wife get fucked by another man… his father made it even more exciting for Scott. He was hard again and Yvonne, facing him, straddled his hips and lowered her swollen labial lips onto his purple headed prick. As she sat down he reached around and ran his finger up and down her butt crack.

Alice had cleaned off Ed’s dripping kaçak iddaa cock with her tongue and led him by the dick to the couch to get a closer look at Scott and his mother’s actions. Yvonne motioned to Ed to stand next to her as she lifted his limp dick to her mouth and began to suck him as she lap-fucked her son.

Alice smiled to herself… her husband cried out as he shot his cum in his mother’s pounding pussy… Yvonne whimpered and moaned as she exploded with a violent thrust on her son’s cock. Yes her plan had worked, Alice thought to herself.

“I want a double,” Alice said as she pulled Ed toward her. Scott was still recovering when his mother began giving him a hand job. Before long… her was ready.

Alice pulled Scott to the floor and straddled him. She grabbed his swollen cock and pushed it in her wet twat.

”Come on Ed… fuck your daughter-in-law in the ass… I want to feel these two big cocks fill me up.”

Kneeling behind her Ed lubricated her asshole with residue cum dripping from his knob and slid his thick dick slowly into her tight rosebud – butt hole. Yvonne watched with amazement as her son fuck his wife’s pussy while her own husband fucked her in the ass.

Father and son were in sink as they pounded their respective holes in perfect harmony.

“Faster… faster… fuck me faster… and harder… yes.. Yes … pound my pussy… fuck my ass…. Oh god yes… please…. Ohhhhh.”

Both men strained turning red in the face as they increased the pace and let out loud sounds and grunts as the shot their hot sperm filling Alice’s pussy and anal cavern.

“Okay boys…. You have to make a quick recovery for Momma.” Yvonne said as she handed them each a towel.

Kneeling next to Alice, Yvonne rubbed a wet washcloth between her legs, bending over to kiss her. Father and son gave a look of amazement as they watched the two women kiss and stroke each other.

Yvonne looked over her shoulder saying, “Does this turn you two on?… You haven’t seen nothing yet…. Come on you two get it up… Momma wants a double dip too.”

Ed and Scott stroked their cocks as they watched mother-in-law and daughter-in-law taste and enjoying each other in a sixty-nine position.

Scott knelt behind his mother as her body arched over his wife. He now could fulfill his fantasy of kissing, stroking and sliding his fingers…his mouth, up down and all around his mothers awesome ass. His fingers found her hinny hole and slid in. Yvonne jumped with the combination of his insertion and Alice’s tongue bringing her to cum.

Stroking his cock faster, Ed said, “ Okay old lady… Poppa is ready to fuck.”

“Lay down on the floor,” Yvonne ordered. She moved to him, straddling his thighs lowered her sopping cunt on his cock. As she leaned forward Scott moved in behind and resumed his digital manipulation of her rear passage. Soon the cap kaçak bahis of his rigid rod was pressing against her tight anal aperture.

Yvonne pressed back as her son shoved his shaft in her orifice. Slowly Scott pushed deeper and deeper while his father, on the bottom thrust his cock up her crack.

“Fuck me Scotty.. fuck your Momma’s butt… Yes son… ram that rod up Mom’s rectum….. Pound my pussy old man….. fuck me … like a whore.”

Alice watched her husband butt fucking his sixty-five year old mother while she rod his father’s cock.

Thinking back to her lovemaking with Yvonne, ‘Yes’ she thought to herself, ‘This had turned out even better than she had planned.’

The foursome lay on the floor kissing.. Pinching… feeling…. enjoying each other any way they could when the front door quietly opened.

(Kelly Returns)

I had gotten fed up with all the drunk guys trying to get in my pants so I left the party and came home.

I was shocked to see four naked bodies sprawled on the floor. ‘Oh my god..’ I said to myself… ‘my parents and grandparents are having an orgy.’

I touched my moist pussy and brushed my erect nipples as I watched my family suck and fuck. It was so HOT …. so erotic! I was so turned on… Stripping off my clothes I entered the room.

“Can I join in?”

“Oh shit… it’s Kelly.. I thought…”

“Don’t worry Mom… if daddy and Grandpa haven’t told you….” Both men looked at each other with surprise and glanced sheepishly at their wives.

“I fucked ‘em both… and now I want some more action.”

“Come down here next to me child,” Grandma patted the floor. Continuing, ”You dirty old man… And you son… you must be in training to be a dirty old man.” They laughed.

I became the center of attention. Granny put her arm around my shoulder. Pulling me to her, she offered one of her big beautiful dark nipples to lick and suck. Grandpa knelt between my legs. His tongue parted my cunny lips and slipped in. The tip found my clit and he flicked rapidly.

“Oh. Ohh… yes… yes…” My body was aflame with desire. It was so erotic…

Soon Mom and Dad got involved. I sucked Daddy’s dick while Momma played with my breast… squeezing my hard nipples.

I was fucked by Daddy and Grandpa. Then they took turns butt fucking me while I blew the other. Mom and Granny added to my pleasure by introducing me to lady-loving. I had been bi-curious.. Now I was certain!

Grandpa suggested we form a family daisy chain… I wasn’t sure what that was but caught on quickly. Grandpa was eating Mom while she licked Granny’s pussy, who was sucking Daddy’s cock, while he sucked on my clit.. Leaving me to complete the chain by licking Grandpa’s purple headed shaft.

Someone hollered “switch” and we reversed. Gramps on me, I had Dad’s cock in my mouth, he was working on his mother’s honey hole, as she licked Mom who finished off Grandpop.

A lot of slurping and smacking of lips could be heard. Then Grandpa Ed raised his head and said,

“This is one fine Family Celebration.”

And so it was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32