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thanks again I hope you enjoy the conclusion of this story.

To say the next few day where awkward would be a huge understatement. I hardly saw Suzzy mostly because I didn’t leave my room unless I had to eat. Plus Suzzy spent Sunday night and Monday after school at her friend Allison’s house. The thought of me fucking my sister was driving me crazy. This worst part was that it was so good. I beat off a couple times just remembering it.

On Tuesday I left school early, I just couldn’t concentrate on anything. Between thoughts of my sister and Charles it was impossible to be there. I made sure I went by the coach’s office to inform them I wasn’t feeling well.

On my way home I saw my mother and Beth in the HEB parking lot. They must be buying groceries I thought. This was a perfect time to do what I needed to do. So I drove home and ran inside going straight to my room.

I grabbed the little bottle of LSD and went back to the liquor cabinet. That’s where Charles kept his bottle of Jim Beam. It was the perfect thing to use since no one else is aloud to drink his Jim Beam.

I cautiously poured about a quarter of the bottle in. It had to at least be a good tablespoon or so. My hands shook and I spilt a little down the side of my hand causing me to rush to the sink and wash them. I didn’t know if it would soak in and cause me to get high. After finishing up with the bottle I put it back and went upstairs to lay down for a while.

It was around 5pm when I was awakened by the sound of voices coming from down stairs. Thinking it had to be mom and Beth I got up to help them with the groceries. Before I could reach the first step I realized it was Suzzy and her friend Allison.

“So you finally hooked up with Ben this weekend huh?” Allison asked my sister.

“No I didn’t. He wanted to but all I let him get away with was a few kisses and feeling up my breast over my clothes.” Suzzy responded.

“Don’t lie to me bitch. I know you did more than that. Hell you’ve wanted to hook up with Ben since the beginning of summer.” Allison said.

“Really Ally I didn’t. Ben is a horrible kisser.” Suzzy said a little annoyed.

“Well then how did you get that big ole hickey on the back of your neck?” Allison asked teasingly.

Suzzy’s eyes got big and her hand reached up to the back of her neck. You could actually see the surprise in her face. Luckily for me I was in a place blocking their view.

“It wasn’t Ben ok?” Suzzy finally said obviously embarrassed.

“You slut!” Allison said a mischievous smile appearing on her face. “Who the fuck was it then?”

“I’m not telling you, it’s none of your business.” Suzzy replied nervously.

“Oh no you don’t, when you were begging me all day about me and Matt today I told you.” Allison shot back.

“Fine” Suzzy whined.

Oh fuck I thought this is it she’s going to say she fucked her brother.

“But I’m not going to tell you who he is Ally.” Suzzy finished.

Oh thank god I thought.

“I guess that will do.” Allison said eagerly.

“Ok so I don’t remember much from the first time. I know I came but obviously I was a little drunk at the time.” Suzzy said blushing her face turning a light shade of red. “Anyways the second time I do remember. He woke me up as he was sliding himself into me. God Ally he felt so good, I was so wet from when he had came in me earlier. He was thrusting into me so easily that I came again before he flipped me over on my stomach. He was so aggressive as he pounded me from behind. When he came in me again I had the largest orgasm of my life.”

“Oh you little whore. I wish Matt could have fucked me like that.” Allison said noticeably frustrated. “God Suzzy I’m wet imagining it. So are you going to see him again.”

“I can’t Ally it wouldn’t be right.” Suzzy said.

“What is he married or got a girlfriend?” Allison asked.

“No Ally, I just can’t” Suzzy replied.

Before my sister ended up giving it away that it was actually her brother that she fucked I interrupted their conversation.

“Hey Suzzy, oh hey Allison.” I said as I walked downstairs.

“Hi ya Johnny.” Allison said as Suzzy turned red.

“So what are you two girls gossiping about down here?” I asked.

“Oh just how Suzzy here meet a guy and had the time of her life Saturday.” Allison replied smiling from ear to ear.

“Shut up Ally.” Suzzy retorted.

“Oh really, did he behave himself or do I need to kick someone’s ass?” I asked laughing.

“He behaved himself alright.” Allison said enjoying the situation.

“Your a bitch Ally.” Suzzy yelled back at her friend. You could see she was starting to get angry.

“Well how did Matt treat you Saturday?” I asked changing the subject.

“Oh he treated me alright for about two minutes.” Allison said with a little frustration starting to show.

“That’s a shame. You deserve to be treated better.” I said. I knew Allison and Matt had an on and off relationship. Mostly because she was a wild cat and his performance didn’t always canlı bahis satisfy her. “Anyone need a drink?” I asked heading to the kitchen.

“Sure” they both replied at the same time.

“Maybe I should let Johnny take me out? I’m sure he would give me what I deserve.” Allison said to Suzzy.

“Stay away from my brother Ally.” Suzzy replied to her a little angrily.

“Wow does Suzzy got a brother complex?” came Allison’s reply.

“No I don’t. I just don’t want him catching something from you, you skank.” Beth said starting to smile.

“Ok girls I can here what your saying. You need to behave.” I said enjoying their back and forth.

About the time I had grabbed three cokes from the fridge mom and Beth came in through the garage door both carrying a load of groceries. I went back to Allison and Suzzy and handed them their cokes, before heading out to the garage to help. Beth put hers on the counter and followed me.

“I missed you Johnny.” Beth said grabbing my arm and turning me around.

“Have you been trying to avoid me?” she asked

“No I haven’t, well yeah I guess I have. It’s not like I can go around waiting for a chance to jump my Aunt’s bones.” I said.

“No but you could try.” came her reply smiling and making a sexy pose.

Immediately we embraced and kissed. My tongue searching for hers and hers for mine. My right hand went straight for her ass. I squeezed it and caressed it. God did she feel good. I cupped her other ass check pulling her leg up and around me, while pushing her against the wall. We both started to grind on each other, dry humping.

“I need you Johnny.” Beth gasped in my ear.

Suddenly we were brought back to reality as a car door slammed shut. Luckily mom had closed the garage door when they got back or we would have been caught red handed by Charles.

Beth quickly straightened her clothes kissing me on the lips before heading inside. It took me a second to hid my erection and grab the last bags from the car before joining her inside.

As we came in a heard a SMACK and mom say. “Charles stop that.”

“You know you like it you little slut.” Charles replied as his big hand pawed at her ass.

“Stop it I said.” mom said while pushing his hand away.

“That’s ok act like that Marie I got a big surprise for you soon. You won’t ever deny me again.” Charles snarled.

“Is there a problem.” I yelled surprising everyone including myself. Both Suzzy and Allison ran into the kitchen to see what the commotion was about.

“Who the fuck are you coming into my house and hollering at me like that?” Charles said puffing out his chest and walking towards me.

“Your house? This is my father’s house not yours.” I said dropping the groceries and clinching my hands into fist. I noticed mom’s and Beth’s eyes get big in shock and fright.

“Baby why don’t I make you a drink.” Beth said getting between the two of us.

“Get the fuck out of my way bitch.” Charles snapped raising his hand and bringing it down.

Before it struck her face I blocked it and stated matter-of-factly. “Hit her again and you’ll wish you hadn’t.”

“So the little shit has finally grown a pair.” Charles said with a truly evil grin. “More than your father ever had I’ll give you that.”

I totally lost it before I’d even realized it my arm raised ready to strike. Before I could swing my mother grabbed me from behind stopping me. In that moment I noticed the knife in Charles other hand. My mother had probably just saved my life.

“Suzzy, Allison take Johnny upstairs now.” my mother ordered.

“Take the little bitch upstairs before I change my mind and kick his ass.” Charles said laughing.

SLAP “Don’t you ever threaten my son again.” my mom shouted now holding her hand from the pain.

“Ha ha ha everyone thinks they can take me on now. I already told you Marie that I had a surprise for you.” Charles replied as a red hand print started to appear on his face.

“Where the fucks that drink bitch?” he said to Beth her obeying immediately.

Suzzy and Allison walked me to my room. Allison noticed that my finger nails had cut the palm of my hands and went to bathroom for some disinfectant and band aids. While she was gone Suzzy hugged me and kissed my forehead. She stopped when Allison came back and they both treated my cuts.

“Damn Johnny what got into you?” Allison asked breaking the silence.

“I’ll fucking kill that asshole.” was my only reply.

She looked at Beth who had started to cry. “I used to think he was kind of hot for an older man” Allison said.

“Stay as far away from him as you can Ally. He’s not a good man not in the least.” was Suzzy’s response. “That bastard deserves to die”

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and my mother came in. She crossed the room and hugged me. The hug lasted for a minute before she released me kissing my forehead like Suzzy had.

“You calmed down?” she asked me.

I just looked her in the eyes and said. “Everything will be fine soon.”

“Mom bahis siteleri I can’t stay here tonight I’m going to Ally’s for the night.” Suzzy said to mom.

“I understand baby.” was my mom’s response as the girls left.

“Sweetie you need to watch yourself around Charles he’s dangerous.” mom said. “I don’t want you to get hurt.

“But it’s ok for you and Beth to get hurt?” I asked with venom in my voice. Before I could stop myself I said. “Then he beats Beth and you and you still let him fuck you?”

My mom’s hand reached out and covered her mouth. “How do you know about that?” she asked.

“Does it matter how I know? I just do.” I said

“I’m sorry baby I’ve tried to stop him you have to believe me. It’s easier to just let him that away he doesn’t hurt me or Beth more than he already does.

“Then why are you dressing with your ass hanging out of everything you wear?” I shouted.

“Oh son I have to. That’s how he wants us dressed.” was her reply as she started to cry.

I pulled her to me encircling her in my arms and holding her. “He’ll never touch you again mom I promise.” I said.

She leaned back and smiled at me. Suddenly I could see down her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra and I could just see her nipples. Disgusted with myself for noticing I pushed her away before saying. “I won’t let him have you anymore.”

Before she could respond Beth entered the room and came over and hugged me. Mom used this as her time to get up and leave the room. A look of confusion on her face probably from the way Beth embraced me.

“Your father would have been proud of you today.” Beth said crying into my shoulder. “I’m proud of you, your going to be a good man.” she added.

“Where’s Charles?” I asked.

“He had a couple shots of Jim Beam then left.” Beth answered as she ran her fingers across the back of my neck.

I just smiled before leaning in and kissing her passionately. Our tongues danced as my hands started to remove her shirt revealing a black bra. I discarded it quickly latching my mouth to her breast and gently biting her nipple. Only breaking away when she removed my shirt.

I was sitting on the bed her standing on the floor. My hands cupped her pulling her between my legs. She dropped to her knees grabbing my shorts and boxers and pulling the down rather easily. She lowered her head and gently took me into her mouth. Slowly running her tongue all around the head. Knowing exactly where to tease me before taking me further into her mouth. She was good when her mouth came back to the tip of my head, she would lightly blow in the opening before going back down my dick slipping further into her throat each time.

“Fuck!!” I moaned as I looked down into those green eyes and grabbing her hair to pull it out of her face.

She eventually got me all the way in her throat where she willing fucked it on my dick. Almost instantly the pleasure became to much for me and I shot my load into her mouth. Beth continued to swallow as I continued to orgasm.

“Oh my god that was the best blow job ever. Where did you learn that? I know you don’t give Charles anything like that.” I said trying to come back to my senses.

“It’s easy to please someone when you love them.” Beth said smiling as a little of my cum slid from her lip.

Beth stood up and stepped out of her shorts saying. “Now lets see how good you are at returning the favor.

She sensually moved over me to lay in the middle of the bed. As she crossed me I could see the dampness between her legs as the gusset of her panties. As she rolled on to her back I crawled over her placing myself between her legs. I reached up and took the waist of her panties and slowly pulled them down.

Even though we had had sex this was the first time I had gotten a good look at her pussy. She had a small little clit that slightly peeked out from under its hood. Her lips were small like the petals of a flower about to bloom. I leaned in and was meet by a wonderful fragrance and if I was standing in a field of flowers. As I took my first taste of her sex her flavor exploded in my mouth.

I would like lightly from the bottom of her opening until I reached her clit. Then I slowly would take it between my lips and suck. I alternated between her lips and clit for a few minutes before inserting two fingers into her opening. As I reached for her G-spot I focused my mouth on her clit. I gently nibbled as my fingers picked up speed sawing in and out.

She quickly began to buck her hips in time with my fingers fucking herself. She latched on to my hair pulling me harder against her clit while putting her forearm in her mouth to bite down on. As she reached her climax her legs tightened around my head and her breathing became erratic.

I slowly kissed up her stomach to her breast as my dick poised over her opening. I once again to a nipple between my teeth and slightly chewed it. My hand reached down between us and guided myself inside her. I grabbed one leg bringing it to her chest as I slowly started to thrust inside her.

“Oh bahis şirketleri baby you make me feel so good!” she squealed into my ear.

I removed my mouth from her nipple and we began to kiss as our bodies slapped together. We continued at this for sometime before rolling over with her on top. She raised up on her feet and started to ride me.

“Yes” she would repeat over and over.

For some reason I looked over to the door and saw my mother standing there watching us. She had one hand squeezing a nipple and the other one inside her unbuttoned shorts. Her hand flew across her sex as she saw me and Beth fuck like lovers.

“I’m coming again!” Beth exclaimed.

I grabbed her hips lifting her slightly so I could thrust up into her. Looking back at my mother this time we locked our eyes together. Her face was flush and her legs trembled as her orgasm over took her. You could just see her juices run down her inner thigh. This set me off and I filled Beth with my seed as she collapsed on me we kissed softly.

“Mom saw us.” I told her as we both calmed down.

“Oh my god what should we do?” Beth asked very worried.

“I think it’s ok, she didn’t have a look of disgust on her face.” came my reply.

Beth slowly removed herself from me and went to the shower. I put on my clothes and went downstairs to find my mother.

“How long has this been going on?” mom asked me as I was leaning against the counter drinking a coke.

“Not long mom, just started recently and not very often.” I said to her a little nervously.

“Well to say I fully approve would be a lie. I do understand that Beth needs someone to be there for her and I can’t really think of anyone better than you dear.” mom replied.

“Yes ma’am” was all I could say to her.

“Promise me you will be careful and not let Charles find out.” mom said to me almost in tears.

“Do not ever mention what you saw when you noticed me in the hall either. I momentarily lost sense of what I was doing nothing more. Do you understand?” she asked.

“Yes mother.” I answered.

“Good now go upstairs and shower you smell something awful.” mom said but with a look of lust on her face rather than disgust.

Quickly grabbing Beth her favorite drink a diet Dr Pepper I went to go back upstairs. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the shot glass sitting on the counter. Shit I thought I wish I would have put the bottle in his truck incase he gets pulled over.

When I entered my room Beth was sitting on my bed, her long red hair wet hair pulled back and hanging off one shoulder. She was wearing this sexy small nightgown that while sitting that gave you a wonderful view between her legs. She was wearing a matching pair of silk panties that clung to her sex. Adding to this beautiful sight she was rubbing lotion into her freshly shaven legs. My dick responding to her as I walked to her. Beth cleared her throat snapping me out of my trance.

“Ok now, I love the fact that I can still get you aroused but seriously get in the shower.” Beth said.

“Are you sure?” I asked smiling at her and handing her her diet Dr Pepper.

“Yes I’m sure.” she said laughing.

As I headed for the bathroom she said. “I think I’m falling in love with you Johnny.”

“Me too Beth.” I replied to her as I entered the bathroom.

After a nice long shower I came back to an empty room. What was I to expect? Its not like we could sleep together when Charles could come back and catch us. She had obviously changed the sheets for me since there was no wet spot when I crawled into bed. Sleep came quickly for me but would soon be interrupted.

It wasn’t but about and hour or two when my cell phone rang. I answered it. “hello” I said.

“Its about damn time Johnny.” DJ said.

“DJ what’s wrong?” I asked.

“That fucking bastard of an Uncle of yours is what’s wrong.” he replied. “That mother fucker paid for Mia tonight and during the middle of their fucking started tripping something serious.”

“Is she ok?” I asked worrying that I might be in trouble.

“Yeah but barely, he fucking thought she was some kind of monster and stabbed her luckily missing anything vital.” he said pissed.

“Fuck DJ, I feel responsible.” I said getting more nervous by the second. I knew DJ wouldn’t blame me but if his Uncle’s found out I was in deep shit.

“I know what your thinking Johnny.” he said. Don’t worry about it. I knew about all this too and if I tell I’m going to get my ass beat too and that aint happening.”

“So do you know where Charles is?” I asked.

“Yeah that fucker got pulled over a few blocks from the shitty ass hotel.” DJ said.

“So he’s in jail then?” I replied questionably.

“For now.” was his reply. “If he gets out and shows up there let me know Johnny.”

“Sure DJ” I said.

A couple days latter Charles did get out. He didn’t come home though. He went straight to the bank and emptied his checking and savings account before disappearing.

Over the next two weeks life started to return to normal. Well as normal as it can when your fucking your Aunt at every opportunity. We even slept together times over those two weeks. We still hid what we where doing from mom and Suzzy even though mom knew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32