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Once my ex-husband and I had been to a birthday party in central London, had a great night, decided to splash out and get a taxi home. In the back of the black cab – you know, the traditional roomy London taxis – we were getting quite horny, snogging a lot, hands roaming and stuff. I had a long black skirt with a slit up the side, and Steve’s hand was constantly wandering up there, over the stocking tops to my thighs and further up. We were whispering a lot as well.

“God I want to suck you … I’m gonna fuck you in this cab.” It was getting quite horny. The thing was, we had already shared this fantasy where I suck off a cab driver, or let him cum on my tits, to cover the fare. And Steve suggested we could do it. I was so hot I would have agreed to anything!

So we kind of decided – without agreeing officially – and drunkenly started to try and put on a show for the driver. My legs were prised open, showing right up to my knickers with Steve’s hand rubbing me. My hand was in his jeans, and we were both groaning and tonguing. I caught the driver watching us in the rearview mirror, and we made a point of sliding against each other when we went round tight corners.

Anyway, when we got to the end of the road at the other side of the freeway near our apartment, I called for the driver to stop.

“You got money?” Steve said, loudly.

“No,” I replied, “thought you had?”

“Forty-three please,” the driver murmured as he turned on a cabin light to start sorting through his change. We had one last grin at each other.

“Erm, we’re a bit short, mate,” said Steve. “We have 20. Can we sort something out back here for the difference?”

The cab driver looked in his rearview mirror, I made eye contact with him, just for long enough, then looked down at the floor. “Yeah I suppose,” he said. He turned off the light, flicked a few switches and turned off the ignition. He got out, and in the back with us, sitting opposite me.

As he closed the door he looked at me, saying: “Well I’ve turned the heater up, so hopefully you can take that coat off for a start!”

I looked at Steve, putting on a look of doubt (though my heart was pounding obviously) and lost my black coat, revealing a strapless black top. I made a point to look at the driver with one of my mean-and-moody faces, my brunette hair framing my brown eyes and dark lips – I was in a dark mood.

Steve decided he knew how to get things rolling. “Well look you can have a feel of her tits for a fiver.”

The driver looked at him. “OK.”

He leant forward slowly, his hands eventually grasping beneath my breasts as I sat motionless. He reached round the back and unfastened my top, which I wasn’t expecting, then pulled it down. I don’t know if he had guessed but the top was doubling as a bra – corset style – and he was straight on my tits with his cold hands.

I looked down and watched these strange hands manipulating my chest, teasing my nipples to attention. I tried to look uninterested, but my mind was already racing to where the next five, or ten, pounds would lead.

And with that… “Would you reach down and touch my cock for another fiver?” the cabbie asked.

“Yes,” Steve whispered, and I gave him a glare for answering on my behalf.

The driver reached down and unzipped his trousers. He pulled his cock out, already semi-hard, and looked up at me. I reached out with my right hand and grasped it, stroking it roughly, as seemingly without feeling as I could. But he was loving it! “Mmmmmm,” he groaned and then his hands returned to my tits, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri his thumbs rolling over my erect nipples. I was sat there wanking him, bent slightly towards him as he knelt on the cab floor before me. He seemed to be transfixed by the sight of his hands all around my tits, like he’d never groped any before, letting out a groan of some sort every time my hand squeezed and pulled up along his stiff cock.

Steve chipped in again, obviously wanting to move things on. “She could kiss it for you for another fiver.”

“Yeah?” the cab driver responded, leaning back slightly.

I paused, and slowly licked my lips, letting go of the stiff rod poking upright out of his unbuttoned trousers. I sort of pushed him back on to the seat opposite and knelt where he had been on the cab floor. I tossed my hair to one side to ensure the driver could see my lips close in on the end of his now throbbing cock. My right hand was wrapped around the base of the long stiff dick, my left was resting on his thigh. I looked up – putting on a really sexy look – and parted the heavily glossed lips of my mouth, letting my tongue venture out ever so slightly to hit the tip of his cock before my lips.

I was getting so wet doing all this – and Christ I’m getting so wet recounting it for you…

The driver watched, mesmerised, as my lips closed the engorged end of his dick, my tongue working all around the tip of the cock just inside my mouth. I moved my lips slowly further down the shaft, knowing that Steve could see more of his cock disappearing into my mouth ever so slowly until the end was pressing against the back of my mouth, and I began, ever so slightly, to suck inside the back of my mouth. He groaned deeply and I looked over at Steve, who was staring and with an obvious hard-on.

I looked back up at the driver, who had reopened his eyes to watch me move up and down on his dick, sucking and slurping, tasting his sweat and his scent as my hand squeezed the base of the cock. I pulled my mouth and gasped for effect, letting a trail of spit stay joined for a few seconds to my bottom lip from the end of the driver’s cock. That felt really seedy, like in a porn flick. Then I went back down to lick the underside of his cock from bottom to top, slowly, with kisses every inch or so.

I then sat back again, confident that was a fiver’s worth and wanting to get home with Steve because I was getting so wet.

“What about you lie on that seat, kiss my dick while I can see your sexy stockings? For another fiver?”

I had lost count of the fivers already but, as I paused for thought, the gut feeling was to go ahead and show myself off to him. I sat back on the seat, swivelled round sideways and stretched out, head on the arm-rest. The driver got back down on to the floor, laid a hand on my still-exposed breasts.

“God you *are* sexy…” he said (which was nice). I reached out for his cock with my left hand, pulling it up to my mouth. I naturally had to turn sideways slightly to get the now slimed dick to my smudged lips, exposing the slit up the side of my skirt.

The driver moved his hand to my thigh, the slit was falling just short of the bare flesh above my lace stocking-tops, and he began stroking along the outline of the lace beneath the flimsy satin of my skirt. I closed my mouth over his cock again, subconsciously wanking him as well this time, my hand was apparently pumping him quite quickly at this point while I noisily sucked on the end of the dick.

He pulled the skirt upwards, reaching round inside to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri lift the front up towards my waist. I instinctively levered myself off the seat to free the material so the skirt would come up and it rose to expose my curvy legs in black leather boots and the black hold-up stockings, along with my bare thighs.

I think my tits had been forced together and up by the way my arm had fallen while I stroked the driver’s cock, creating a superb cleavage for him to look down on while I dragged my teeth over his dick, licked all around the tip as the swelling became unbearable. I kissed it and panted over it. He was breathing heavily, unable to decide where to look or where to touch. His hand kept wandering down to my stockinged thigh, running down to the top of the knee, squeezing gently, and then up on to the bare milky flesh at the top of my leg, slightly cold in the winter air.

The inevitable happened, and his hand wandered between my legs, brushing against the black lace barrier protecting my pussy. I was obviously damp, to say the least, and he lingered with the back of his hand. So I stopped sucking.

“Another fiver?” Steve said from the corner somewhere. I paused, not disagreeing.

The driver said: “OK, but only if you let me taste you…”

I looked at Steve, he nodded.

I lifted my left leg, bending it so my legs were slightly ajar while I stayed on my side. The guy moved along on his knees so that he was sat facing my crotch, so close he could definitely smell me. With his hand down below, squeezing and jerking his own cock, he lowered his face into my pussy. I watched as his face vanished out of sight beneath my gathered-up skirt and felt a mouth close on my pussy through my knickers. I closed my eyes, concentrating on not making too much noise, not letting him know how good it felt.

After a few long sucks, he reached up to move the underwear out of the way. He ran his tongue up and down my slit, teasing my clit every now and then, and breathing heavily a lot. His hot breath was making me worse, but I think he was just taking in the smell. I could almost feel more juices pouring out and, after he started spreading them over my clit and sucking it, I was getting to the stage where I wanted to cum. Soon. I wanted to get home. I wanted him to screw me. I didn’t know what I wanted. His tongue went back down and delved inside me, moving inside my hole. I let out a really loud groan then, but quickly corrected it and pulled him away.

“OK, that’s your fiver,” I said.

He sat back, a look of utter lust on his face. “I’ll give you a tenner if you let me taste you from behind,” he said.

Steve was busy rubbing his own cock through his jeans. I was desperate for him, for both of them. I sat up, turned round, lifted my skirt and removed the moist black lace thong, shaking it to the floor. I stepped out of the knickers and knelt on the taxi’s back seat, facing the rear window, my skirt bunched up around my waist, my arse and stockinged thighs on full display.

At that moment I remember being shocked to see the windows were completely steamed up, condensation trickling down the glass in all directions. But of course then it all seemed even hornier. I knelt wider, giving access, sticking my arse out further, waiting.

I felt his hands grasp each thigh, right on the top of the stockings, and then felt hot breath on my pussy lips. I instinctively thrust out a bit more, bending my back to offer more of my cunt. I felt his tongue slide between my lips, straight into my hole, güvenilir bahis şirketleri his nose was between my butt cheeks, breathing heavily, seemingly taking in the scent of the juices that had already trickled down there. He slurped at my pussy, he was physically drinking – swallowing – juice from between my legs. I was pouring. I was feeling wild now – I wanted something around or on my clit, so I started rocking down towards the tongue as if to drop a hint – and one of the driver’s hands eventually ventured round the front of to massage me there.

The driver’s face was buried in my pussy, tongue everywhere. His finger rubbing my clit was more than I could bear now and I let out a really really long groan. He carried on exploring my crotch with his face and I could hear him wanking with his free hand. I lifted one leg so that my foot was on the seat, and pushed up, creating more access. I looked across to Steve, who was also wanking, and he knew I needed to cum soon.

After a few minutes of mouthing me from that improved position, the driver let go of both my clit and his cock and grabbed my buttocks. His tongue ran up from my gushing pussy and up the length of my arse, lingering around that hole, probing gently, and then up to the base of my spine. He sat back.

“OK…” catching his breath, “fifty quid for me to put my cock in you.” About time – but I just murmured agreement.

He stood, slightly crouched to avoid banging his head on the roof. He held his cock and guided it between my legs, sliding straight into me. We both groaned, he presumably from the heat, me from finally getting a cock inside me. I backed on to it, grinding on to it, not caring much for the consequences.

He was soon bent over me, breathing down my neck, knees either side of mine on the taxi seat, one hand clenching mine around the rear head-rest, the other reaching down past my ruffled skirt to my clit once more. He was starting to rut me quite hard. He was going at it slowly but deeply and I was aware that I was grunting every time he thrust inside me. That made him go in harder and I let him bite my neck a bit as he fucked me. I reached down to hold his fingers against my clit, holding my breath as, every so often he drew his dick out all the way before forcing his way back in.

After a few minutes he quickened the pace. He was getting fast and furious, long, sliding strokes with his hands roaming everywhere in frantic abandon. He squeezed my tits too hard and I shouted.

“Sorry,” he panted in my ear as he was balling me. “what about… 100 quid to cum in you?”

His hand was feeling the lace tops around my thighs as he fucked me and he ripped one of the stockings. Slightly leaning back to look at what he’d done. I think he enjoyed the whorish look it made. I opened wider and crouched more, groaning as he fucked quicker. He slapped my ass and then ripped the other stocking.

He leant back over me, panting. “I need to cum. 100 quid for it inside you?”

I reached between my legs, grabbing his balls. He groaned, loudly. Very loudly.

“200” I said.


“200” and I squeezed again, pulling them up towards my, pulling his cock into me as I squeezed inside, trying to suck his cum into me. He fucked harder, losing the rhythm all of a sudden.

One hand grabbed the back of my head, the other my waist as he thrust in and I squeezed even harder, suddenly feeling hot spurts of cum shoot deep inside me, filling me up as he lurched on to my back, biting my neck hard. He groaned and growled, grinding against me, still shooting, cum starting to drip out of me from around his cock and on to the back seat. Heaven.

He eventually withdrew with a squelch. Cum poured from my cunt all over the seat, I let it all out. He offered us 300 quid, we said yes. He only gave us 100. No lie. And boy did me and my man fuck that night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32