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I would like to thank angel love for her editing services.

A friendship that had been formed and cemented over the past fifteen years was taking a turn down an interesting road. She had surprised me by saying she wished to settle up and clear the marks against her name. Although I love her as much as possible I still believe that forgiving does not mean forgetting. When I have tried this approach I have ended up feeling as if I have let somebody down. Friends do hold friends accountable. How else do you separate friends from acquaintances or work colleagues? How would we be inspired to behave with greater nobility if there was nobody to hold us accountable?

Now it might appear quite simple to her. After all she had figured out that settling the score means she will be receiving quite a few spankings. What she had not figured into the equation was the effect that spanking her pretty bottom would have on me. Perhaps she had figured it out and was simply keeping quiet.

I find a cute, freshly spanked bottom absolutely irresistible and would regard fucking her ass an ideal way to punish her a little further. Knowing I would be the first guy to unload in her ass added more excitement to the act. There were many times when I had unloaded with the image of my hard, white cock sliding up into her dusky brown asshole. She was of East Indian descent and the contrast of my white cock and cum against the darker backdrop, in many different poses, was certainly quite a turn on.

What I was busy trying to work through was how to explain all of this to her without it leaving an awkward situation if she changed her mind. How could I get her to forget if she changed her mind after hearing about the anal sex aspect to her punishment? I wanted a rewind button; something that would bring us back to what we had before she raised this question.

Adding just a little more to be taken into consideration was my conviction that by the time we settled her twenty-plus spankings I would be firmly addicted to the pleasures of her ass and body. What started as settling a score would continue into a Dom/sub relationship.

Occasionally I would wonder how long it would take her to master the art of taking me deep into her throat. This was of lesser importance to me. We would work this out and have a lot of fun in the learning process. After all, I would be happy to let her practice as often as she needed.

Then I realized I did know of a rewind button. My rewind button would take the form of hypnosis. We would discuss illegal bahis what I had in mind while she was hypnotized. Then if she decided not to go through with it our conversation could be forgotten with nothing more said about it. The other advantage of hypnosis is knowing that, as unlikely as it appeared now, if she agreed to all that came with the debt settling I would believe her willingness was genuine. Learning hypnosis would present me with the opportunity to help others as I practiced mastering this skill.

I saved a little money, did a search online and was soon waiting for my instructional DVD to arrive by mail. Given the proper motivation it is amazing how quickly a new skill can be mastered. When my DVD and instructional book arrived I devoured the contents in a matter of days. Then all I had to do was wait for her to visit me from Europe, where she was currently living. Fortunately I did not have to wait long. My friend had planned a trip to America to spend some time in a town a few hours drive from where I lived. Because my biggest fear was that she would agree to settle her debt I suggested she take care of her business first. Anita decided she would rather get things settled between us one way or the other before heading down to Newport.

Once she had made herself comfortable I began the induction. Anita knew me well enough to know I was not going to force her into anything against her will. The fact she was willing to go this far knowing about the spankings were amazing to me and a very pleasant surprise. Now it was time to see how much further she was willing to go in clearing things between us. Anita was soon as deep in trance as I felt she was going to allow. I had flashed some test cards before her and asked her to tell me a random word or complete the last sentence on a card. When she answered several correctly I knew I could delay no longer.

“Anita, you know that settling the debt between us involves me spanking you don’t you?”


“Are you willing to let me spank you if it means being spanked naked?”


“You will understand if I say this is surprising to me. I would like to test your willingness by undressing you now. Is this ok with you?”

“Yes, go ahead.”

Getting up from my chair I walked over and stood beside Anita. My hands trembled a little as I took hold of the bottom of her T-shirt and began to lift it, slowly. I paused for the moment when the bottom of her breasts started to show. Taking a deep breath I drew the shirt up until illegal bahis siteleri it was covering her face. After admiring her fine breasts for a minute or two I pulled her shirt completely off her; glad I was that she seldom felt the need to wear underwear at home.

After I had undone the button to her jeans I asked her to roll over onto her stomach. I wanted to watch her pretty bottom come into view as I drew down her pants. All my willpower had obviously been used up in resisting the allure of her breasts because as the first few inches of her bottom were unveiled I had to lean forward to kiss them. I continued with my kisses all the way down those majestic mounds, leaving areas untouched for later exploration if she was willing. Her pants continued their journey down her legs quite slowly, so I could enjoy the view of my intended target.

Once again seated in my chair I gazed across at her fine backside one last time before asking her to rollover. I could scarcely believe how lucky I was to have a naked Anita in plain sight. Obviously no big deal to her but quite a different side to things from my side as the obvious bulge in my pants revealed. I was glad her eyes were closed.

“Anita, you know of my interest in experiencing sex where spanking is a central theme of the foreplay. I have made my interest in the BDSM world known to you on a number of occasions. Do you see where this is leading?”

“Yes, you are saying that if you spank me you will want to have sex afterwards.”

“Yes, but not just conventional lovemaking or oral sex. I am hesitating in settling your account because the sight of your freshly spanked bottom will prove irresistible to me. The question I have for you is are you willing to become my submissive, if this means allowing me to take you whenever I want and wherever I want?”

“Yes, I am.”

“For as long as I want, even after your account has been settled for by the time this is done I will have become addicted to the treasures of your body?”

“Yes. Whenever, however and forever if this is your desire.”

“Then please walk across to me and lay yourself across my knees, from my right hand side.”

The weight of her body as it settled on my thighs caused my cock to twitch in eager anticipation. I let my right hand rest on the curve of her bottom for a minute or two, softly circling her bottom. My left pressed down between her shoulder blades, forcing her breasts to press down against my left thigh. Taking a deep breathe I drew my right hand canlı bahis siteleri up from her bottom and, on my exhalation, brought it sharply down across the center of her cheeks.

Anita groaned as the first blow landed and arched backward against my left hand. Once started there was no stopping or any desire to stop. The sight of her cheeks quivering in the aftermath of the first smack had me eager to enjoy more of such a fine sight. By the time I stopped spanking her Anita was quietly sobbing as she lay limp across my knees. Her bottom was much warmer to the touch although the redness was dampened by the natural dusky hue of her skin. Several times the rubbing of her stomach across my erection had almost had me unloading. Still I had managed to get through with my cock still primed for ravishing my friend.

I reached under her and lifted her as I stood. Walking quickly across the room I laid her facedown on my bed. Then I quickly undressed. A couple of pillows placed beneath her hips became the altar on which her anal virginity would be sacrificed. While I lubed my cock with my left hand I began finger fucking her sweet, tight hole. Enjoying the sight of our contrasting skin colors I watched as my fingers, well covered with lubricant, slid in and out. In just a few moments those fingers would be replaced with my aching cock.

Pressing firmly against her tight asshole I began to enter her. Savoring each sensation, each twitch and the effects of each sob running through her body I took my time taking her. The sensation of her tight ass closing around my cock from all sides was the greatest pleasure imaginable. Finally I could go no deeper. She had all of me inside of her. I had all I have ever imagined it would be and quite a bit more.

Leaning forward I began to fuck her in steady, rhythmic strokes thrusting all the way in on each stroke. Feeling the sensations gathering momentum in me I began to increase my pace. Although I did not last as long as I would have liked the pleasure of my orgasm shook me to my core. I groaned loudly as I spent myself within her. Continuing my thrusting until I had nothing more to deposit within her I then collapsed on top of Anita for a couple of minutes as I regained my strength and awareness of my surroundings. Vague memories of her squirming beneath me came to mind. Whether these were from pain, pleasure or a mixture of both I did not know. These answers I would obtain at our next hypnosis session. For now it was enough to slide the pillows aside and hold her in my arms.


Any pretty young lass who feels the desire to do so may make application for the position of “whipping boy” and assist my friend in settling her account. Naturally any polite compliments or constructive criticism will be welcome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32