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Looking to Sami with a sidelong glance, Jena safely piloted her car into the west-bound lanes of I-10, driving them back to the City.

“You okay?” Jena asked softly, “You can cry, Sami; it’s alright for you to cry, baby.”

“I’m okay, Jena,” Sami replied, than snorted a bit, “I mean, as okay as I can be, I guess.”

But Sami couldn’t cry; Sami couldn’t cry because she could feel nothing, as if her whole sensory system had shut down from the moment she hung up after calling Bonnie’s dad back the morning after her sleep-over with Bea.


Bonnie had made the drive home to Gulfport with no problem, no problem at all. Uncle Joe and his family were already at her parents’ home when she had arrived, and after a couple of hours of visiting, Bonnie told her parents that she was going to run over to visit with one of her high-school buds.

“I won’t be long, Daddy,” her father recounted to Sami that morning, “That’s what she said, Sami, she said, ‘I won’t be long’, his voice breaking as he said it.

Less than a mile from her home, Bonnie Sue Madison’s car was t-boned at an intersection when the other driver, the drunk other driver, ran the red light and hit Bonnie’s car at sixty miles an hour.

She didn’t feel a thing.

Sami went into shock, her body functioning, but her mind shutting down. She didn’t know how long she sat there on her bed after she told Mr. Madison that she would be there for the funeral; she wasn’t sure how, yet, but she would be there.

Almost as if she was a robotron, Sami called her boss at The Grille, explaining why she couldn’t be there for her shift, and he could fire her if he wanted to, but she was going to her roommate’s funeral.

“Sami, take the whole weekend; do what you have to do, and Sami? I’m really sorry,” Ray said sincerely. Ray liked Sami and nobody but a cruel, heartless bastard would have expected Sami to come into work under these horrible circumstances, and Ray wasn’t that person.

Sami remembered nothing of the ride to Jena’s apartment on her scooter, almost surprised when she realized where she was, and that she was sitting on her scoot, the motor still idling as she just sat there, the full moon lighting the sky.

Numbly walking to the door, Sami knocked, the brass knocker feeling as if it weighed a hundred pounds in her hand.

“Sami, what a pleasant sur…” Jena said with a smile when she opened the door; but the smile quickly disappeared as she took in the look on Sami’s face, “Come inside, baby, what’s wrong Sami? What in God’s name is wrong, baby?”

And Sami told Jena of the horribleness that had happened, recanting the awful story but as if it was someone else saying the words. Jena cried as her ears heard, but her mind didn’t believe, what she was hearing.

“Can you bring me to Gulfport, Jena?” Sami’s voice begged, “I can’t take the scooter for the trip, but I have to be there; you know I have to be there…” her voice trailing off to a whisper.

Taking Sami into her arms, rocking them both back and forth as her tears fell from her face onto Sami’s hair, Jena tried her best to wrap Sami and she in a cocoon, trying to keep them protected from life’s awfulness.

“Shh, shhh, baby; of course, I’ll take you to Gulfport, baby, don’t worry about a thing, baby, I’ll get you over to Gulfport,” Jena said with a heaviness that was threatening to crush the breath from her lungs.

Jena took Sami’s keys from her, put her into her bed, and locking the apartment, she crawled into bed and took Sami into her arms. They held onto each other that night, in comfort, in sadness, in mourning for Bonnie, in sorrow for themselves.

And in the comfort of Jena’s arms, in the darkness of that night, in the quiet of her mind, Sami-girl cursed God as she had never cursed anyone before.

Sami wanted to cry, she wanted to cry so badly that she could taste the saltiness of tears in the back of her throat; but she couldn’t, no matter how much she wanted to, she just couldn’t.

Sami could barely remember the services, or the trip to the cemetery; even months later, it would still be a foggy blur in her mind. She did remember, though, that when Uncle Joe hugged her and broke down in her arms, that she came the closest, then, to crying.

“I told them that I would pack up all of Bonnie’s stuff for them to pick up, next week,” Sami said in way of mindless conversation as Jena worked her way through the interstate traffic, heavy with people returning from the holiday.

“I’ll help if you’d like, Sami, if it’d make it easier for you,” Jena offered.

“Thanks, Jena, but this is something I need to do, myself; I need to, you understand, don’t you?” Sami replied, “Please don’t take offense.”

“I don’t baby, but if you need me for anything, you just know that all you have to do is call, okay?”

“I know, Jena, I know…” Sami replied as her eyes looked out of the passenger window, her eyes not seeing anything but Bonnie’s sweet smile looking back at her.


It bahis firmaları was just Sami now, in a room full of wonderful memories, folding and packing Bonnie’s clothes into boxes that Bea obtained for her; Bea offered to help, of course, but she also understood why Sami felt she needed to do this herself.

As Sami mechanically packed the clothes and personal items away, the scent of Bonnie was everywhere; there was no escaping it, even had she wanted to. Lifting a handful of the hip-hugging panties that Bonnie favored, Sami pressed them to her nose, inhaling with all of her might, trying her damnedest to trap the memory of Bonnie’s smell in her mind forever.

Meticulously, Sami went through all of Bonnie’s private places, taking and storing things that Bonnie’s parents should never see, or know about. Bonnie had kept the photos that Sami had taken of her in the privacy of their room; tasteful, artful nudes, but nudes nevertheless.

After triple checking everything, the last thing was Bonnie’s laptop, and booting it up, Sami launched searches; Sami had Bonnie’s log-on/password info, and Bonnie had had hers, as well.

Sami quickly realized that this was well beyond her capability to scrub clean, and not knowing what else to do, she called Bea.

“I’ll be right down, honey, don’t do anything,” Bea said and then quickly leaving her room to join Sami in 204.

“I just don’t know what to do, Bea; I know simply deleting the files doesn’t really remove them and if somebody ever finds some of this stuff, it’d crush her parents,” Sami said sadly.

Telling Sami to calm down, Bea flipped her cell open, and punched in a number.

“Jimmy, it’s Bea; I need a special favor, and more importantly, I need your absolute discretion, okay?”

Taking a few minutes to explain the situation, Jimmy agreed to meet them at Sami’s room, and he’d bring his self-designed, custom program to sanitize the hard drive of Bonnie’s laptop.

“Okay, it’s done,” Jimmy said to the girls after a couple of hours, “it’s restored to original settings, and I left all of her school-related stuff in place.”

Bea opened her mouth to say something, when Jimmy beat her to the issue at hand when he said, “Of course, I checked all of those files, Bea; it’s all school-related material, nothing personal.”

Sami appreciated that he used the term ‘personal’ rather than ‘pornographic’; her parents needed to remember the Bonnie that they had sent off to college. They didn’t know the real Bonnie, Sami’s Bonnie, and even if it killed her, Sami vowed that they never would.


Sami stayed without a roommate for the rest of that summer, and she stayed to herself. She attended her classes and did her projects on cruise control, her demeanor clearly hardened to all who interacted with her.

Bea gave her space, as did Jena, though neither knew of the other. They stayed in contact with Sami, both checking in with Sami every couple of days, making sure she was taking care of herself.

Sami had spent a few nights with both Bea and Jena but not for sexual release, no, not for that; on those occasions, Sami slept with Bea and Jena, hugging tightly to their bodies, never wanting to feel unsafe, again. And Bea and Jena welcomed those nights, knowing that it was so important to Sami’s mental stability to be able to have those safe feelings.

The first anniversary of Katrina came and went; the special church services, the public remembrances were held, and the world found out the horribleness of how much had not been done in way of relief or reconstruction.

Jena applied for, and received admission into the doctorate program for Microbiology, and would be staying on in New Orleans, at least for the next couple of semesters. Jeff would be away from D.C. most of time, anyway, this coming year because of his work on his Ph.D., so Jena and he decided that staying in the City to start her own Ph.D. program wasn’t a bad idea.

As they had done since he stayed on at Georgetown, they would meet once a month or so for a long weekend of marital sex; more for Jeff, than for Jena.

Fall semester had started and slowly, Sami became a bit more alive, and more a part of the human race, again. But in order for her to do that, Sami took her grief and sadness over Bonnie’s passing and stored it in the ‘private’ part of her mind, that part reserved for secrets and the like, a part of her mind that she shared with no one.

“Sami, I’d like you to meet your new roomie, Casey; Casey, meet Sami,” Bea said to the girls; Sami and Casey were standing in Bea’s room, both a bit uncomfortable, as if they were first graders all over again.

Casey was a junior college transfer student on a basketball scholarship; like Sami, she was tall, probably 5’11 and a ‘scooch’. Unlike Sami, she was larger boned and probably weighed a good 20 lbs more than Sami. She was muscled and fit, not soft at all; Sami would later recall that Casey’s muscled body reminded her of AJ, back in Memphis. kaçak iddaa She had a short, boyish hairstyle, but she didn’t look ‘butch’, not at all; her features were far too alluring to be thought of as a ‘butch’.

“Please to meet…” they both stammered at the same time, then laughing about it along with Bea.

The three talked for the next several minutes, going over the dorm rules, more for Casey’s sake, than for Sami’s. After the preliminaries were done and over with, Bea suggested that the three of them grab some coffee in the square, at the kiosk.

“What’s your major, Casey,” Bea asked in way of an ice-breaking comment.

“Phys Ed,” Casey replied, “and I might look into a double-major with Sports Medicine as the second one.”

“Lot’s of call for good trainers these days,” Sami commented, “I know the two trainers that we use for the volleyball team have helped me to continue playing, even with injuries.”

“Yeah, I’d heard that you were the stud on the VB team,” Casey smilingly said while sipping her coffee.

Fending the compliment, Sami characteristically sloughed it off, but thanked Casey for the remark.

“Well, look guys, I’ll start moving my stuff in this afternoon, if that’s okay with you, Sami, but it’ll have to be after the team meeting, okay?” Casey asked.

“Whenever you’re able,” Sami answered, “I’d help you but I have to work tonight so I won’t be around.”

“Not a problem, Sami, some of the girls from the team said they’d help, so it’s covered, but thanks,” Casey replied as she stood to leave for her meeting. Bidding them both goodbye, Casey walked off towards the gym with a friendly wave to Bea and Sami.

“I think it’ll be good to have a roommate again, Sami, it’ll help you to recover to have someone else in the room with you, baby,” Bea said softly, her hand brushing over Sami’s quickly.

“I know you’re right, and I’ll try not to be a bitch towards hers; she seems like a nice chick,” Sami offered.

“If you’ve got a few minutes, there’s something else I’d like to ask you.”

“Sure, go ahead,” Sami replied with a bit of curiosity.

“I’ll be graduating at the end of this semester and moving on to graduate school,” Bea began, “and the Student Housing Office has asked me to give them a few candidates to fill my RA slot at our dorm; so, I’m wondering if you’d be interested.”

That caught Sami by surprise but pleasantly so; being a RA meant that she’d have Bea’s larger suite, no roommates, and her own bathroom.

“Hell, yeah, I’d be interested, are you kidding me?”

“I figured you’d say that, but I had to ask; so consider it done,” Bea smilingly said.

“Who else are you recommending?” Sami asked out of curiosity.

“No one; you’re it and I think the fact that you’re a jock, a senior, and carrying good grades will only help with your selection,” Bea said, then adding with a smirk, “all of that, of course, plus the fact that I’m fucking the Dean of Student Housing will seal the deal.”

Looking at Bea with a curiosity about that last bit of info, Sami started to say something but Bea beat her to the punch.

“Will you have to fuck her, also, to keep your position? No, and I didn’t either,” Bea answered Sami’s unasked question, “I was already fucking her when she switched from Admissions to Student Housing, but I will tell you this; she’s a great fucking lay,” smiling after she said it.

Sami returned to her room after her shift at The Grille, and jumped a bit when she realized that there was someone in the room. She had forgotten, momentarily, that she had a new roomie.

“Shit, you scared me,” Sami laughingly said, “I forgot that I have a roomie, now.”

Laughing with her, Casey continued with her unpacking chores as Sami gathered her shower stuff together. Casey had on just a tee shirt that strained to contain her rather larger breasts, and in a pair of the boy-shorts that she favored.

“Are you okay with my ‘less-is-more’ choice for bumming around in the room? Cause if you’re not, I can throw on some shorts or something,” Casey asked as she hung up some blouses and shirts.

“Oh, yeah, sure, I’m inclined to that as well,” Sami replied, then adding, “Well, I’m off to the showers; I’ll see you in a bit, and feel free, by the way, to use the TV, okay? You don’t need to ask,” Sami said, walking towards the door.

Showered now, the smell of burgers and beer removed from her body, Sami returned to her room to find Casey lying on her bed, watching the late news on TV.

“Hey kiddo, I’m going up to Bea’s for a bit, okay? I’ll see you later,” Sami said as she put away her shower stuff back into her closet space. Besides sharing their love of pussy with each other, Bea and Sami had become close friends and often spent time bullshitting at night; no sex, just two friends interacting.

“Cool, I’ll see you later,” Casey replied as her eyes followed Sami’s fine ass out of their room, smiling afterwards, when the door closed. Sami reminded Casey of her friend’s older sister, the one that had first showed Casey how kaçak bahis to love another girl, and that brought fond memories to Casey, indeed, very fond memories.


The fall semester plodded along towards Halloween, football games, and the like. Sami stayed busy with school, modeling projects, her job at The Grille, and still found time to body-model for the art classes on some nights.

No doubt about it, there was plenty of Sami-girl’s plate during this fall semester of her senior year at the University.

One evening, about a week before Halloween and almost three months after Bonnie’s death, Sami and Bea were sharing coffee at the kiosk, on the square. Bea was sure, even though Sami hadn’t talked that much about it, that Sami hadn’t had sex, not even with herself, since that horrible night.

Bea had more than her share of bed-romps with several of her frequent lovers during this time, but she really lusted for Sami, yet once more. Out of concern for Sami’s sexual needs, but not entirely for that reason, Bea had come to the conclusion that she needed to put the issue to bed, so to speak. She had talked with Sami about it on prior occasions, but Sami dismissed any conversation on the subject of her sexual inactivity, and Bea didn’t think that healthy for a variety of reasons.

She was thinking these things while she and Sami talked about school and sipped their coffees.

They were silent for a few minutes, lost in their own thoughts and finishing their coffee when Bea spoke again.

“How are you doing? I know it’s been a while for you, hasn’t it?” Bea asked. Sami didn’t need clarification because she knew that Bea was asking about Sami’s self-imposed celibacy since Bonnie’s death.

They had talked about it before and Sami had said that she wasn’t ready to go there, that she wasn’t sure when those ‘feelings’ would return. Of course, Bea had offered to give Sami relief, as had Jena when Sami slept with her, but neither wanted to rush Sami with that decision; they both knew she’d work it out in her own time, and they also knew that Sami would want to make that decision on her own.

“Yeah, it’s has been,” Sami said with a chuckle, “I’m not sure if ‘it’ even works anymore.”

“Want to stop by, later tonight, and find out?” Bea offered, her face serious, no jokes there, anywhere.

Sami chewed on her lip and kept her eyes downcast, pondering Bea’s proposition for a bit before replying.

“I don’t know if I’d be any fun, Bea; I don’t really know much of anything anymore,” Sami answered honestly.

Placing her hand over Sami’s, she squeezed it with tenderness, saying, “Let me worry about that, okay? So, is it a date?”

Looking up to meet Bea’s eyes, Sami squeezed Bea’s hand in hers and said, “Yeah, it’s a date.”


“Come in,” Sami heard Bea say from the other side of the door, and walking in, Sami stopped for a moment to take in all of the candles that were lit and providing a soft glow in the room.

Bea was lying on her bed, propped against the wall with her pillows behind her, a cut-off top barely hiding her breasts, and a pair of panties that barely covered her mound.

Sami closed and locked the door behind her, her eyes never leaving Bea as she did so. Silently, Sami walked to Bea’s bed and sat down as Bea reached for the doobie, and lighting it, she handed it to Sami after she had taken her hit.

Moving to her knees, Bea knelt close to Sam, taking the joint from Sami’s fingers while her hand rubbed up the back of Sami’s head, under her blond hair.

Holding the doobie for the both of them as they took their turns, Bea’s hand continued caressing Sami’s head, her fingers softly stroking along her cheeks and ears now.

Dropping the roach into the ashtray on the table, Bea moved her lips to Sami’s earlobe, slowly sucking and running her warm, wet tongue in and around Sami’s ear. Sami relaxed as she let Bea take her from the real world and into the moment. Leaning against Bea’s body, she raised her hand to rub and stroke Bea’s arm which was around her now, holding Sami to her body.

As Bea’s soft butterfly kisses moved towards her mouth, Sami turned to meet Bea’s lips with her own; moaning as she opened her mouth to Bea’s probing tongue, Sami sucked on Bea’s tongue, her fervor increasing by the second.

Oh Damn, Sami thought as she felt the heat rush to her crotch, but it’s been so damned long and, surrendering to the pent up lust, Sami allowed herself to be pressed onto the bed while Bea quickly removed both of their skimpy garments.

Both naked now, Bea rolled on top of Sami’s body, their pussies rubbing and grinding furiously against each other as they kissed and fondled the other’s body. Sami could feel her juices flowing from excitement when Bea had pressed her pussy against Sami’s.

Her first climax came quickly, too quickly, Sami thought, and while holding her kiss with Bea, Sami grabbed Bea’s ass with her hands and pulled Bea against her begging pussy even harder, grinding with hunger for another, longer-lasting climax. And when that was over, the girls were into the most passionate, lustful 69 that either had ever experienced, the smell of sexual release rising above the scented candles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32