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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual women or actual bimbofications is purely coincidental. All characters are over the age of 18

A Girl Named Stephanie by RottenPines

There once was a girl named Stephanie.

She was a sweet, intelligent young woman who would never, ever think of doing anything dirty or perverted. Her only desire was to go to college and start a career, like any intelligent young woman would do. Maybe she would become a doctor or a lawyer, or maybe even an astronaut. After all, the sky was the limit for a smart, young girl like her.

However, as Stephanie grew older, she started to notice that people weren’t giving her any attention. Her college professors and all the other boys in her classes seem to focus on other girls, girls with bigger breasts, or fatter lips, or rounder butts than Stephanie’s.

What made things even worse was, while Stephanie worked hard to get straight-A’s in her classes, the other girls barely had to work at all in order to pass. The boys in class did all their homework for them, and the professors would give the girls A’s on their tests, even when they handed them in completely blank. All the girls had to do was go in the back room after class with the professor and… do something, Stephanie didn’t know what, and the professors would just give them A’s for all their work.

“That’s not fair!” The intelligent young woman said. “I’m much smarter than those girls, but I one pays any attention to me!”

Stephanie was mad, but she also had a plan. If she couldn’t get the boys’ attention with her brain, she would make her body just like the other girls instead.

Stephanie went to a doctor who promised he could make her just like the other girls. She paid the man some of the money she saved up for college, but it would be worth it if she could get the boys to look at her. She got on the operating table and counted backwards from ten…

When Stephanie awoke, she was amazed! Her breasts were as big as the other girls. In fact, they were even bigger! Stephanie went back to class, and the boys started giving her lots of attention. Some even offered to do her homework for her. She was so happy.

Still, Stephanie canlı bahis şirketleri wasn’t quite satisfied. Sure, Stephanie was starting to get more attention from the boys, but the other girls were still getting A’s from the professors without having to do any work. Why was that?

Stephanie did some investigating. She was a smart girl, after all, and noticed that all the girls who got A’s had big lips. Whatever it was the professors were having the girls do in the back room, it had something to do with their lips. The girls would often joke about how big their lips were, and call them “cock pillows.”

Of course, Stephanie had no idea what that meant. What on Earth is a “cock,” anyway? Like a rooster?

Stephanie went back to the doctor, and asked him to turn her lips into “cock pillows” like all the girls were talking about.

The doctor smiled, and pretty soon Stephanie was back on the operating table. This time, the doctor took a needle and injected something into Stephanie’s lips. It hurt a little, but pretty soon, her lips were nice and big, just like all the other girls. Sure, it cost her more of her college money, but it would be worth it if she could get straight A’s as easily as all the other girls.

When she went back to class, her professors started giving her lots of attention. The next time she took a test, her professor passed her a note saying she didn’t have to write down anything. All she had to do was stay after class and put those cock pillows of hers to work.

Stephanie was so happy. She was finally able to get straight A’s without having to take a test, and it turned out what the professors wanted her to do in the back wasn’t difficult at all. All she had to do was get down on her knees, and close her eyes. Soon, something was poking at Stephanie’s lips. Stephanie opened her mouth and let whatever it was inside. Pretty soon, it was rubbing back and forth against her lips, going deeper in deeper down her throat with every thrust.

Whatever it was, it felt really good rubbing against her big, fat cock pillows. It made her brain feel all tingly. The more it rubbed against her lips, the more tingly she felt. The professor seemed to be happy, canlı kaçak iddaa too, because he moaned in delight and kept saying “Yes, yes,” over and over again.

Pretty soon, the professor moaned out one final, big, loud “Yes,” and the thing in Stephanie’s mouth squirted something thick and salty.

It tasted good.

Not long after, Stephanie felt the thing leave her mouth, and her professor told her to get up. Stephanie opened her eyes, and her professor handed her a piece of paper.

It was her test, and at the top was a big, red letter A.

Stephanie was so happy with herself. She was just like all the other girls, now. She didn’t need to study or get smarter in order to pass her tests. All she had to do was put her cock pillows to work, and her professors would just give her A’s!

However, the other girls started to catch on to Stephanie’s plan. They were jealous that all the boys and professors were giving Stephanie attention instead of them. They also went to doctors and got bigger breasts and lips, and some even got bigger butts, but Stephanie fused to give up. She would not quit, not after the boys and the professors started giving her all this attention. The boys even gave her a cute nickname to go along with her new look.

They called her a bimbo.

Stephanie didn’t know what a bimbo was, but hearing the boys call her that made her very proud. When Stephanie went back to the doctor, she told him that she wanted to be better all the other girls.

“Make me the ultimate bimbo!” She shouted.

The doctor smiled, and told Stephanie to get on the operating table. Stephanie went to sleep for a long time, and when she woke up, she was shocked at what she saw in the mirror.

Her breasts were absolutely massive! They were bigger than anything pair of breasts she had ever seen. Her lips, if you can even call them lips, we’re so big she could barely talk, not that it mattered. Her professors often told her that a woman’s lips weren’t for talking. They were for sucking.

Finally, there was her butt, which used to be tight and tiny. It was now big, thick and round.

Stephanie couldn’t believe her eyes. She had done it. She had become the canlı kaçak bahis ultimate bimbo.

When she went to class, the boys couldn’t help themselves. They gathered around Stephanie, and before she knew it, she was on her knees, sucking their cocks.

“Oh, so this is a cock.” Stephanie thought to herself as she took them one by one into her mouth. She had only sucked cock with her eyes close, and didn’t know what the thing in her mouth was, or what it was for, but when she saw how happy it made the boys, how much they moaned and screamed “Yes,” as they squirted their tasty loads into her mouth, Stephanie just smiled and asked for more.

The boys spent the entire class squeezing Stephanie’s big tits, stuffing their cocks between her lips, and playing with her big, round ass. Stephanie was so happy to be getting all this attention. Finally, after class, the professor bent Stephanie over his desk and showing his huge, throbbing cock inside her tight, wet pussy. It hurt a little, but Stephanie was so turned on after sucking off all the boys in class, she couldn’t help but moan and gasp as her professor took her virginity. Pretty soon, the professor squirted his hot, thick load all over Stephanie’s back, and told her that if she let him do this every day after class, he would give her in an A for the entire year.

Stephanie couldn’t be happier. She finally achieved her goal. She became the ultimate bimbo, and now, she would get A’s whenever she wanted.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out the way Stephanie wanted.

She had spent so much money becoming a bimbo, she couldn’t afford college anymore. In fact, she couldn’t even afford a place to live. Thankfully, her ex-professors and her former classmates offered to take her in. She would stay with one of them for a few days before being passed off to the next one. All she had to do was suck their cocks and let them fuck her pussy whenever they wanted. Some of them even fucked her up the ass.

Soon, Stephanie was given a new nickname. She was the “college whore.”

Stephanie was happy with her new life. Sure, she wasn’t going to graduate college now. She would never become a doctor or a lawyer or an astronaut, and her future was now limited to sucking cock in a stranger’s house for money, but that didn’t matter anymore. She had no desire to get smarter or start a career. She had found a new desire, now.

She was a cock-sucking bimbo, and that was enough for her.

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