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Mum’s car was already in the carport when I got home. I threw my bag in the corner and sang out, “I’m home.” There was no answer. I walked down the hallway past the bedroom Mum and I now share together ever since we crossed that final chasm when Mum first let me fuck her. The door was slightly ajar and Mum was lying naked on the bed fast asleep.

I walked in; she was lying on her side facing the door. One of her voluptuous boobs and her cunt lips in full view. I bend down and took her boob in both of my hands. Feeling her full roundness and lightly moulding it. My mouth went to her firm nipple and I began to suckle on it.

She made a soft murmur sound, but continued to sleep. My eyes wondered down to her cuntlips and they appeared to be swollen and glistening with wetness on them. I moved my hand down and touched them and they sure felt very moist. I traced my finger just inside of them and it felt sticky in there.

By this time my cock was bursting to be let out. I let my shorts drop to the floor and I now had one hand on my cock, whilst the other continued to play with Mum’s sticky cunt. She again let out a murmur and turned to lay on her back.

I’ve fallen in love with the taste of her juices and this was a good opportunity to satisfy my hunger for it. I climbed onto the bed and parted her cuntlips for my tongue to enter. As I did so, I could see globules of whitish stuff in there. Looked like cum to me. I scooped some up with my tongue and sure enough it tasted just like when I lick Mum out after I’ve spunked her. We hadn’t fucked since yesterday and surely this can’t be from then. As I’m totally addicted to her cunt and whatever comes out of it, I continued to lick her.

“Oh Jamie, haven’t you had enough yet? You’re wearing me out. You’ve already fucked and spunked me three times so far.”

I looked up and Mum still had her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri eyes closed. So Jamie has been here and fucked Mum and here I am licking his cum out of her. I didn’t say anything. Let her think it was Jamie. That perversity came over me again. I wanted Mum to have heaps of fucks, I only wished I had been here and the three of us could have fucked together. We still hadn’t tried to have two cocks up her as she had suggested some time ago when I was ass fucking her and she had the dildo up her cunt. She had said that she wanted Jamie’s cock in there as I’m ass fucking her.

“That feels sooo nice. You’ve learned a lot when it comes to pleasing a woman. Jamie you are getting me all turned on again. Come up here and let me kiss you. Let me taste what’s in your mouth.”

She opened her eyes and saw that it was me that was eating her out. “Oh baby, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Please don’t be angry with me. I should have known it was you. You’re the only one that loves eating me out after I’ve been spunked. Are you angry to find out that Jamie and I fucked? Please don’t be, please……..”

I moved up till my head was above hers. “It’s ok Mum, after all it was me that brought Jamie here to fuck you in the first place.”

I lowered my head and began to kiss her. Letting her taste her juices and Jamie’s spunk in my mouth. She reached down and placed my hard cock against her orifice and it entered her already cum filled, sticky cunt. I only lasted a few minutes before adding my spunk. Mum hadn’t cum at this stage.

“Baby, lie on your back, I want to cum in your mouth.”

She sat on top of me and placed her oozing cunt over my mouth and rubbed her clitty as my tongue was inside her soggy, cum filled cunt. Fuck, I’m really addicted to the taste of her sex.

“Baby, I’m about to cum. I’m güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri going to let my juices squirt straight into your mouth. Fuck I love you eating me. Baby I love you. I’m so pleased that we can have sex together. Ohhh yeees, I’m cumming, yeeeesss, drink Mummies juices, aaaahhhh ……..”

She let herself fall backwards on to her elbows and I had my mouth over her stretched out cunt as the first squirts of her cum entered my mouth. Yes it was actually squirting out of her. Load after load went into my mouth.

“Baby you make me feel sooo good. You give me the best sex I ever had. I must be one of the luckiest Mums there is.”

After I had drunk all of her juices, we laid there in a tight hug with our bodies facing each other. I felt her boobs pressing against my chest. An arousing odour of sex was emanating from her. I gave Mum kisses, letting my tongue explore hers and sharing our saliva. My cock, which was still semi rigid, began to stir. Still kissing, Mum reached down and began to squeeze it. Feeling the hardness of it and in no time I had a full, stiff erection.

“God you young studs sure recover quickly. Baby what would you like me to do with it?”

“Let me put it in your mouth and you can gently suck on it.”

I turned over and my erection was pointed to the ceiling. Mum went between my legs and began to fondle it. Rubbing my shaft and licking it. Placing the head of it into her mouth. Letting her saliva dribble over it. Occasionally taking it deeper into her mouth.

“Ohhh Mum, that feels sooo nice. I love you sucking on my cock. I’ll always remember the first time you did it and you urged me to spunk into your mouth. You are such a sexy woman.”

She took my cock out of her mouth, but continued to rub my wet shaft and said: – “Ah I love hearing that, thank you for the compliment. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Its you that is making me want sex all the time. This lovely cock of yours that is forever hard is difficult to ignore. Just look at it how big and hard it is now. Seeing and feeling it gets me turned on. It wants to be fucked all the time and I want my baby to be happy and satisfied. It wants to be fucked again now, doesn’t it?”

She got up and straddled herself over my cock and with her hand she guided it against her tight arse hole. Lowering herself a little, I felt my cock pushing against her pucker and then the head of it slid into her. She let herself get used to it and then lowered her arse more till my cock was all the way in. Then she began to ride herself.

“Ohhh yeeees Mum ride my cock.”

With her facing me as she rode herself, I could perve on her quivering boobs. I took hold of her nipples and lifted them upwards. Now each time she lowered herself, it would stretch them and it lifted her boobs as well. She let herself all the way down and my whole cock was now deep in her arse. She put her hand on her clit and began to rub it whilst rocking herself back and forth on my cock. Her juices began to flow like a fast dripping tap over my cock and soaking into the sheets beneath me. I let go of her nipples and took over rubbing her now very visible, hard clit. It was close to an inch above her cuntlips and very engorged. I hadn’t seen it that big before.

“Here, do it like this.” She put her thumb and a couple of fingers on it and began wanking it like a tiny cock.

“Ooohh fuck, I’m cumming already, having your big, stiff cock in my arse feels soooo fucking good. Lift your hips up and down for me. I want to feel your cock moving inside of me. Ooohhh yea baby, I feel it moving all the way up me. I want to feel a cock in my cunt as well. Bury your fingers in my cunt; push them as far as they go. Aaahhh baby this is the big one, ram your fist up me hard, ohhh fuuuck yeees.”

Her cunt began to squirt her juices again and landing on my stomach time and time again and they were running down my hips and my arse was now laying on very soggy sheets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32