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The drive seemed extra-long today, back from an extra-long day, on my way to make his day…

Then, he made mine…

His naked body flashed past the bedroom door as I walked down the hallway. I caught my breath for a second… And I then bit my lower lip.

“I love seeing you naked already when I come over.” I said, smiling.

“Well, I told ya I would be.” He said.

Or at least I thought that’s what I thought he said I can’t be sure; all I heard was that sexy English accent, my head spun as he spoke. It was hard to focus on anything with his naked body standing before me. I took my time getting undressed, I even folded some of my clothes as I took them off. I wanted to keep listening to him talk about the trip he was taking and watch him walk around; his nice tight body, his cock bounced around and dangled before my eyes, teases me as he walked around. I had no more clothes to take off and suddenly I felt very naked and really cold. I climbed quickly into his bed and pulled the blankets up. He stopped packing and climbed into bed with me. I wanted to touch him so badly, but my hands were ice cold, they always are. Instead of making him pain my icy grip on his fantastic cock, I took his lips. They felt so great internet casino and he tasted so good I could have gotten drunk just kissing him, except my lips needed his cock and his cock needed my lips.

I wrapped my lips around his cock, I love to listen to that moan that slips from his lips when he feels my warm mouth. I curled my tongue around his cock and sucked ‘him’ softly, coaxed ‘my’ cock harder. Another soft moan as his length pressed into my throat. Mmm, I vibrated on his cock as I stroked his balls with my fingernails. He grabbed my forehead and pulled me back…

“You almost got a mouthful.” He said.

I pressed my breasts against his chest and met his lips as they reached out for mine. Our tongues fought for control, his teeth bit into my lip as my hands groped his head and neck, his arms wrapped around me tight, he rolled me onto my side. He pulled his mouth from mine and grabbed my breast. His mouth felt so warm as he sucked my nipple hard, my hands wandered as I watched him devour me. It felt so good as his tongue and teeth caressed me, I threw my head back as his cock pressed hard against my thigh. I took his face and kissed him hard, his head fell back onto the pillow. I kissed my way back canlı poker oyna down his chest, wrapped my lips around his cock and grabbed his balls. I kneaded them gently in my hand, his leg opened wider for me, I took his length into my throat and sucked. I pushed his balls to my mouth and licked them as I sucked his cock. His moans got louder as I swallowed him deeply. I couldn’t help but feel my pussy, feel ‘her’ start to drip as his leg opened more and more and his cock grew more rigid in my mouth, I stroked his shaft and pushed his foreskin back with my lips and tongue. He grabbed me fast and put me on my back.

His mouth switched back and forth between sucking on my nipples and kissing my lips. The head of his cock poked at my soaked pussy, I was ready to explode as the passion had started to peak between our thighs and lips.

His eyes gleamed as he looked down at me I can only imagine what he had thought just then. My eyes cried out, OH GOD I want you inside me! He must of seen it written on my face because he parted my pussy lips and pushed his cock inside.

“Oh God.” I cried out in my head as he thrust cock, he felt so good I almost climaxed just then. Our bodies tangled in one another as his tongue poker oyna and cock moved in their separate sweet spots, the urge came so fast I couldn’t hold back any longer. I moaned in his mouth and squeezed his ass as I came on his cock.

He looked down at me and lit up the whole already bright room.

“‘She’ won’t stop twitching on my cock.” He said before he bit his lip and kissed me quick.

“What do you expect when I have such a fantastic cock inside ‘her’.” I said to him as I grabbed one breast.

He giggled and wrapped one arm around me, put his mouth around my nipple and sucked like a baby at a mother’s tit. ‘She’ twitched on his cock and held ‘him’ tight, he moaned in my mouth and I moaned in his as our bodies couldn’t get any closer and the passion couldn’t get any deeper.

“Where do you want my cum?”

“I want to suck mine from your cock first, then you can paint my body wherever you want.”

With one leg propped over me he fed me ‘my’ cum soaked cock and I sucked him slow and clean. He pulled his cock from my lips as I gripped and stroked him. He grunted deep and looked down at his little cum slut as he sprayed my chest with his hot load. I sucked the cum that had dripped from his dick as I rubbed his seed from my chin and neck, I mixed it with the pool between my breasts as I looked up at him amazed at the size of my gift.

It was so hard to kiss him goodbye as he left for his trip, two days apart is too long away from ‘him’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32