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It started when I was very young. As far as I can remember I was a social misfit. Not that I hated people, or had much complaints about living in society. The simple fact was I could not accept all of society’s dicta lying down. Ever since I was a kid I felt revitalized whenever I got away from the evils of social excesses and affectations. For me life was lived under an open sky, roaming the countryside, getting soaked in the rains, or staring at the stars blinking on a moonless night. Being a tour guide provided me the scope to do just that. But recently I realised another dimension to the wild experience. It happened when I accompanied a group of young women on a trip to the lower Himalayas.

We came together at Manali on a sunny October morning. Four friends comprised the group. I could not miss Priyanka, an exotic woman with dark, sleek tresses and fair skin. It was she who had insisted on the most experienced guide that my employer had. Shabnam and Vinutha both appeared to be in their early thirties. But it was Rimjhim, with angelic features who really caught my eye. Clad in a silk shirt of ethnic origin over a pair of faded jeans, her figure was slim. A smile visited her soft face every now and then. The wind played truant with her auburn hair, which she kept arranging with her delicate hands. She could not be older than twenty-five, I surmised. On the way from Manali to Naggar, I got to know more. All of them were professionals, residing in the same flat in New Delhi. They shared a love of the outdoors, going out on treks from time to time.

When we reached our campsite in Naggar, it was evening. It did not take long for the girls to get settled. Priyanka had to call her mom and headed for a call booth. Shabnam and Vinutha spent more time between themselves, and Rimjhim fresh from her bath engaged me in a chat. She was a charmer, bubbling with life. Best of all, she had a cool sense of humour. She wanted to know whether the sale of condoms soared during the trekking season. In a low conspiring voice she queried if I would care to join her in finishing off a few pegs. I said that I needed some time to freshen up. When I went over to her cabin Rimjhim in a tight peach vest and a pair of light gray parallels, asked me to excuse her casual attire. I could not help noticing how her clothes clung to her figure. From her haversack she got out a flask and started pouring its content into two plastic cups. From the colour I knew it must be rum. The conversation was easy. She asked me to call her Rim just as her friends called her. I could know about her penchant for music and dance. Working for an advertising firm she was fond of the good life that included boozing with her friends. By the time several pegs were downed she grew warmer. She confided bahis firmaları about some broken relationships, which had made her a free spirit. In a sly tone she divulged that Shabnam and Vinutha were intimate companions. They worked in an NGO that, she quipped, did not have gay rights in its agenda. Saying that she felt like unwinding, she climbed on her bed and eased her back onto the nearby wall. I was beginning to enjoy my drink, when she said that she was feeling sleepy.

A goodnight kiss was all that she demanded. However when I went close to her face she grabbed my head and locked her lips on mine. It was minutes before I could break the spell. With a mischievous grin Rim implored that she really needed some tender loving care. Her hands were all over my face and shoulders drawing us closer. Sitting upright on the bed she pushed me onto my back, removing my shirt and unpeeling my trousers in no time. Squatting over my chest she removed her vest providing a close look of her budding boobs. They were fair, with soft pink nipples, which reminded me of baby skin. My hands went towards them as if guided by some hidden force. As I cupped the twin mounds I learnt how firm and shapely a young womans boobs could be. Caressing them with affection I kissed each nipple and then took them in my mouth. I sucked them lovingly for a long time. Saying that she wanted more, she stripped off her parallels. She was not wearing panties. The lips of her pouting pussy, recently shaved, looked smooth and delicate. With her small hands she tugged at the elastic of my Jockey in impatience. When my cock appeared straight and thick, a smile lit up her face.

I could have no complaints for she knew how to do a man right. Gripping the hardening flesh with her dainty fingers, she first made quick licks on its head, then slowly took the crown inside her mouth. It was pure pleasure for me. While my cock settled inside her mouth, her saliva flowed onto it and she started to massage its length with a talented hand. With her other hand she rubbed my thighs and at times pressed my balls. I knew that despite the rum that I had consumed, I would not last long. She seemed to be in a rush and speeded up her movements. From her throat came out sounds which resembled no human speech. It was as if she had transformed into an animal. Lost in her own world, her head bobbed up and down, her small mouth stretched by my massive erection. From deep inside me I could feel the rush of my juice as it tore through my loins and filled her mouth. The poor thing could not swallow the copious outpouring and globs of it spilled out of her mouth. I was amazed when she used the half-erect cock like a lipstick, applying the drops of man-juice across her lips and cheeks. What a woman, I thought.

It kaçak iddaa was time to repay my debt. I made her lie down so that my eyes could feast on her nude body. What a sight it was! Tiny beads of sweat had formed on her alabaster skin and the ones close to her pussy lips made me go nearer, till my face was nestled between her silken thighs. Heaven could not have been sweeter. She opened herself allowing me a better view along with a greater chance to get involved. Enlarged with desire her glistening clit was poking its head out. Capturing it between my lips, I started licking with all the tenderness that I could master. Nothing was more precious than to satisfy this girl-woman who had enchanted me. My hands crawled over her inner thighs, caressing her skin, relaxing her muscles. As if on cue she caught hold of my head and pressed it against her body, releasing a few moans of ecstasy. Unable to have enough of tasting her succulent flesh I kept my mouth glued at the same spot. I could feel her quivering under my sensual assault. The salty, slimy juice of her pleasure that flowed into my mouth gradually became more profuse. By the time my two fingers were rushing in and out of her pussy, she was close to the brink. Without any warning I had to face the consequences. My mouth got flooded with her love-juice. For a couple of minutes, it was that taste, her flavour that pervaded my senses. It was almost overwhelming.

I suppose patience was not one of her virtues. Sliding up over my body, she came to sit over my crotch. I could feel my recently busy cock getting aroused again. Her warm pussy lips sat atop my sensitive flesh that was beginning to throb with life again. My crotch was getting all wet and slippery bellow her dripping pussy. We started kissing, raising the heat, increasing our intense pleasure. In the midst of a kiss, Rim guided my willing cock into her tunnel of love. Slowly, her pussy walls parted as I went into her deep and warm interior. When I was completely inside, it was a feeling unlike any other. With eyes almost moist she said that never had someone so huge fill her up. Her words were like aphrodisiac. Cupping her proud young boobs with my hands I started to move against her. Bending down so that her bosom stayed within my reach, she put her hands beside my chest, and gazing down at me started to ride me with ease. Once in a while she sat upright and supported by her legs went up and down. With a passionate look she sought to know whether I was enjoying as much as she was. I grinned back with satisfaction. Slippery with sweat, warm with passion, our bodies slammed into each other, each seeking the peaks of pleasure. It was something primal that needed no conscious effort.

Spurred on by her passion the young woman was increasing her kaçak bahis tempo, when I asked her to pause. She did not seem to care till I stopped my moves, after which she calmed down. Sitting up she asked me what the matter was. My response was to roll her over so that she rested on her back. It was time I had more control, and bending her legs back and apart I pushed my swollen cock deeper inside her. Burrying her fingers into my back she squealed out in delight. In her girlish voice that was now breathless she urged me to go faster, and harder. I assumed she was approaching her orgasm. Lovingly I kissed her as if our lives depended on it. My fingers lingered over her boobs, playing, teasing and exciting her erect nipples. Taking some saliva from my mouth I spread them over her bosom kneading gently all the while. Squishing sounds came out of her pussy as I moved at a quicker pace. Her hips too danced to a faster beat. Suddenly her pussy started to throb, her muscles shuddered over my cock. She was having an orgasm. Her pussy clenched me so tight, it was almost painful. Deep within her feminine core, my cock was drenched in her love-juice!

Cannot exactly explain why, but for some moments I could do nothing except savour the sweet sensations of lying buried between a young womans thighs. The scent of sex filled my being and kept me awake to the reality of making love to an insatiable young woman. I could not believe my ears when Rim, in a delirious voice, urged me to keep going. She could be eloquent with words, but the feel of her glowing body – smooth, warm, sweaty – was far more thrilling. Taking her tight bums in my hands, I raised her up a bit and shoved myself in and out. With a lusty grin she pressed herself into me. Reaching for my face, her fingers rustled my hair. Meanwhile, her pussy muscles pulsating in a wild rhythm abused my active manhood. Swiftly she wrapped her legs over my back, which heightened our intimacy, but made it difficult for me to move with her pussy having swallowed my entire length. But the moves I could make were enough to electrify my being. I could sense that I was on the edge of an orgasm. Feeling the eruption begin within my loins I jammed my aching flesh deep into her pussy, remaining inert as I felt a burning sensation travel through the length of my manhood to disappear into my lovers body. She dug her fingers into my waist so hard that it hurt.

None of us spoke, for there was no need. Slowly I collapsed over her warm body. Her legs opened and spread out, her muscles exhausted with the effort. Her heaving bosom tempted my attention. Gathering her boobs with their swollen nipples in my hands I put my face against her cleavage. We stayed rooted for a long time, my cock still buried inside her. Somewhat vaguely I thought what a glorious way it was for a couple to make love. So much passion, and such intensity! It was natural, ardent, and unexpected – the ultimate in lovemaking that only those like us who are wild at heart will enjoy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32