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One has to admit, girls are a lot hornier than most guys think. In my younger days, I am sure I would have had a lot more sex if I could have had more courage to ask girls out. Yes, you do get the prim and proper types and there are the slutty ones at the other end of the scale. I have every respect for the former and don’t have anything against the latter type, but neither are my type. I like sexy girl next door sorts. Girls who don’t go out heavily made up. Girls who are beautiful but don’t know it. It has become my ambition to fuck as many such young damsels as possible. The thing about these young lovelies is that they’re everywhere. Our offices, banks, super markets and shops are filled with cute, young women, just waiting to be asked out. Just waiting to have their face full of cock and their tight pussy rammed with throbbing meat.

It was with these naughty thoughts in mind that I visited my bank in town the week before Christmas. I needed to move some money around to squeeze a bit more interest out of the system. I decided I could just turn up and see a financial advisor or something, without the need to make an appointment. It wasn’t too busy when I got to the foyer. Straight away I eyed up a delicious-looking Asian girl, who filled her suit to perfection. Her butt cheeks were just a tad too big for her skirt and I imagined how nice it would be to tongue her ass. The girl, who approached me, to see what she could do for me was a blonde, with her hair in a chignon. She had super breasts, not hiding well at all under her striped blouse. As she was talking to me, I noticed another blonde girl. She couldn’t have been more than 18. She was super petite, with a red blouse and snugly fitting black trousers, which hugged her ass just right. I did my best to not seem rude and attempted to listen to the girl, who was talking to me, while keeping my eye on Miss Petite.

I was directed to wait in a little open cubicle where there was a coffee machine and a few magazines, but I was happy to watch the female bank staff. I couldn’t take my eyes bahis firmaları off the little blonde. She was assisting a customer at an ATM and I was able to study her from a distance. Her hair was just shoulder-length and was a peculiar whitish-blonde, almost Danish. She was a size 4 or 6 maybe. I’m talking petite here, she wasn’t more than 5 feet one inch, but perfectly and I do mean perfectly proportioned. I glanced away for a minute and I noticed a male bank clerk or something look at me. I had a sinking feeling. I hoped at least I would be seen by a girl, preferably the little minx. To my surprise, he handed a clip board and a sheaf of papers to her and pointed at me. She walked over to me. My heart started to go bump bump as she neared.

‘Mr Archer?’

‘Yes, that’s me.’

‘I’m Lucy, I understand you want to open an ISA?’

She offered me her tiny hand and I accepted her greeting.

‘Follow me, we have a free room on the third floor.’

We took the lift and I smiled, gazing into her lovely emerald green eyes. My mind doing over time, I started to get hard, and it was with a very great resolve I managed to stifle a full erection.

We exited the lift and she tapped a code into the entry panel and showed me into the office.

‘Please take a seat. Now then.’ She said, sitting herself opposite.

‘You can have a Flexi ISA, an E-Flexi ISA a Fixed Rate ISA or a Bonded ISA.’

‘What’s an E-Flexi ISA?’ I asked, mesmerised by her cuter than cute face. She had a sweet little nose and a soft, pale complexion. She would have looked great in a school uniform, but looked mighty fine as a bank worker anyway.

‘It’s got a variable rate interest, and you can put in and take out whenever you want but the interest is a bit lower. Although it’s more than the Flexi ISA, because you manage it yourself online, by transferring funds from your current account up to the agreed limit.’

There was something amazingly erotic about a sweet, cute girl talking about stuff in such a prosaic way. I could have kaçak iddaa stuffed my cock in her mouth there and then. I was starting to get hard again, so it was just as well I was seated behind the desk.

‘OK, that seems clear. And a Fixed Rate ISA?’

‘It’s got a higher, fixed rate of interest, but you are limited to a maximum of one withdrawal per year.’

‘OK, what are the interest rates?’

She looked inside a leaflet among her papers, her hair just swishing momentarily about her face. She had such delicate features. Such a youthful, innocent expression. Almost too good to be true I thought. All I could think about was her sucking my dick.

‘3.4 % net on the Flexi E-ISA and 4.9 % net on the Fixed Rate ISA.’

‘Pardon.’ I said, lost in my day dream.

She repeated the rates.

‘Right, well I think I will go with the Fixed Rate one, how much can I invest?’

‘Have you invested anything into an ISA since April 1st?’


‘Fine, well in that case you can invest the maximum this year, which is £4,000.’


I was increasingly feeling a frisson of excitement and a sense of sexual frustration. She went into an adjoining office and brought out a few forms, which I had to sign. As she leant over me, I received a subtle waft of her perfume, which turned me on even more. I handed her back the paper work and she printed some other stuff off, which I also had to sign.

‘OK, Mr Archer, that’s all done. You get a seven day cooling off period and a copy of the agreement will be posted out to you. And that’s it unless there was anything else.’

She smiled. I was trembling, not able to think straight.

‘Actually there was something else.’


‘Will you kneel on the floor?’


I stood up.

‘Will you kneel on the floor and let me put my dick in your mouth and then cum over your face.’

She stood there open mouthed. Her face went bright red.

She put a hand to her mouth. I could see she was trembling. I took her hand kaçak bahis and guided it to my cock and pressed her fingers against the bulge in my pants.

‘I’ll be quick.’

She looked around and went to the door and opened it. She looked out in the corridor and locked the door again.

‘OK, make it quick!’

She knelt on the floor and looked up at me with her gorgeous green eyes. I had my cock in in my hands in a second and a second later it was in her mouth. She could only just about get it all in. I fucked her mouth slowly as I could feel the pulse throbbing against her tongue. Her mouth felt like the tightest wet pussy and I enjoyed the sensation for a few seconds of moving in and out until I knew I was about to cum. I pulled out and jerked myself, as she continued staring into my eyes. I came and I came big!

My ejaculation seemed to come out as if there were two vents. I shot a load on her forehead and hair as there was a simultaneous shower of spunk onto her mouth, which was slightly open, so it was inside her mouth as well as running down her chin. My next load hit her on the nose and several large blobs spattered over her red blouse. I wanked a few more good drops, with cum now sliding down her cheeks as well as the thick trail across her face. I wish I could have taken a photo, it would be on my bedroom wall now.

She smiled a big smile, the spunk stretched over her teeth. Then she looked down.

‘Oh fuck! My blouse, my blouse!’

‘Don’t panic Lucy, we’ll get it off.’

I took out some tissues and wiped her face. I got what I could out of her hair, but to be honest, she was going to spend the rest of the day with some of my juice in her locks. It’s a good job she’s so blonde. There was a jug of water on the table, so I wet some tissues and carefully cleaned up her blouse the best I could.

‘There. Much better.’

She wasn’t overjoyed and we entered the lift quietly.

‘I’ll need to dry off in the ladies, with the hand drier somehow.’ She said seriously.

She pressed the second floor button and a second or two later the lift door opened.

‘Thank you Lucy.’

She turned round still looking deadly serious. Then a smirk spread gradually across her face.

‘Don’t mention it.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32