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This story follows on to my first ever, which was ‘Loosening up Deborah’.

Arriving home from her few days in Manchester, Debby wasn’t as angry as Tom had imagined, in fact she was quite the opposite.

“Hi darling I’m home,” Debby said as she walked through the front door.

Going with her happy mood, Tom replied, “Hi sweetheart; How was Manchester?”

Dropping her bags in the hallway, she walked straight over to Tom and kissed him passionately, then replying with a cheeky smile “I think you know the answer to that one.”

Beckoning Tom to follow her she went upstairs and into the bedroom. Closing the door behind him, Debby slowly started to take of her coat; she dropped it to the floor revealing nothing but her lace top hold-ups, and the brand new underwear she had bought the day before leaving Manchester. “Do you like my new basque and panties Tom?”

Taken totally by surprise at Debby’s behaviour, Tom replied “Fucking hell YES!”

“Well if you’re a good boy, I will let you play with what’s inside them.” Debby said in a playful seductive way. Adding, “now strip down to just your shorts and sit your cute arse on the bed and we will discuss Manchester. Then maybe we can sort that stiffening cock of yours out.”

Doing as Debby asked, Tom sat on the bed, his cock getting stiffer by the minute. It wasn’t like Debby to be so forceful in the bedroom; she usually hasn’t got time for Tom, loving her new-found confidence, he found himself unable to resist rubbing his cock.

Standing about a metre away from Tom, her sweet smelling perfume, so soft and fragrant; with the hint of orchids yet sweet and fruity, she looked fabulous and sexy in her new black and red lace basque with matching Brazilian skimpy panties, with bows that untie at the sides and lace top hold-ups. Her hair and make-up were different, they were more vampish almost gothic.

“Debby, did you drive home like that?”

She looked at him, smiling impishly she replied. “Yes, why do you have a problem with that?”

Feeling his cock about to spill the goods, but then not really daring too, he answered, “No sweetheart not at all.”

Cupping Tom’s chin in her left hand, Debby asked, “Tom, who’s idea was it to have my sister do all those wonderful things to me in Manchester?”

Looking straight up at her smiling face, Tom replied, “well I asked Lexi if she could loosen you up a bit, just enough so that you would at least go to one S&M club meeting.”

“Well Tom, whilst I was in Manchester, I met an old friend from my University years, she tasted just how I remembered her.”

“What do you mean tasted?” Tom asked.

“Oh her sweet pussy tasted just as I remembered, to be honest it was heavenly!” Debby said with a lustful air.

“Fucking hell Debs, you mean you ate her cunt?”

“Yes darling, you disturbed my yearning for pussy; oh don’t worry, I still like cock as well, let me just say our sex life will be different from now on.”

Tom could feel himself unable to control his desire to shoot his load, he wanted Debs to be loosened up, but can he cope with her being bisexual, but the thought of her with another woman was too much. His rock hard cock could hold off no longer, his spunk erupting from it like a fountain, all over Debby’s body, reaching her face, dribbling down onto her lips. To his surprise, all that she did was smile, licking her lips and with her hand she scooped up the seed from her body and planted it onto Tom’s mouth, telling him forcefully, “EAT YOUR SEED BITCH!” Not really wanting too, but not daring to disobey her order, he duly swallowed his spunk, retching as he did.

“How was that darling?” she asked sarcastically. “Did lil Tom not like the taste of spunk, well never mind you had better fucking get used to it.” She added almost laughing.

Tom had never known her like this before, dominant, forceful; she could be a bossy bitch, but this was more than that, he found it sexy on a high level. Bringing him round from his captivated stare she ordered him to get out of his shorts and go and fetch the small, black suitcase out of the car. Standing up from the bed and stepping out of his shorts, on the way from the bedroom he went to grab his bath robe.

“Leave that there, go as you are.” Debby said sharply.

“Deb’s I’m completely naked!” Tom exclaimed.

“Oh well you had better be quick then, hadn’t you,” she laughed.

Fetching the suitcase from the car, Tom wondered why Debby only wanted that particular one; she had another two suitcases, so why that one. Opening the bedroom door, “Leave the suitcase over there, and go and wait outside the door, I will tell you when to come in.” Debby said, pointing to where she wanted the suitcase leaving. Tom did as he was asked and waited outside the door. After he had left the room, she unpacked the things she needed, but kept some back for later, ‘now let’s see if he likes my new toys’ she thought. She laid them out, where they would be easy to reach, lit the candles that stood on the bedside cabinets, when all this was done she asked Tom to come in.

“Oh I see bedava bahis that the new underwear wasn’t the only thing you bought in Manchester then,” he said, smiling wryly.

“These are just a few of the toys Tom; the others are still packed away.” Debs replied, smiling back. Adding, “I’m going to get us a couple of drinks, well I may as well bring the bottle thinking about it, we may be here a while!”

Whilst she was gone Tom looked in awe at the toys Debs had bought there were butt plugs, nipple clamps, a cat-o-nine-tails type whip, a huge strap on dildo and a big tube of lube, fucking hell he thought surely she wasn’t going to let him use them on her. Just then Debs came back into the room…

“I see you’re getting acquainted with my new toys?”

“Yeah, that’s quite some kit, you’ve got love.” Tom answered smiling, adding “Shall we have a drink and get started?”

“I didn’t think you would be so keen, but yes ok,” Debs said sitting on the bed, offering Tom his drink.

The two of them sat on the bed, they hadn’t done this for a while Tom thought; she has changed so much in just a few days, why hadn’t he known about this secret past. Gazing into Debby’s eyes, he felt his cock getting hard again, thinking of her licking another woman’s cunt, ‘fuck I wish I had been there’. The desire to kiss Debs was too much; he leant in to her, lips puckered.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?” she said.

“I just wanted a kiss!” he exclaimed.

“Well kisses have to be earned,” she said, adding “so which toy would you like to play with first?”

Feeling slightly confused, but wanting to keep her happy he pointed to the butt plug.

“Good choice, but let’s have another drink first, I think you may need it.” she said smiling.

Refilling the glasses with the bourbon, Debby was thinking that she should have done this years ago, meeting up with Madeline (Maddy or Mads for short) was invigorating, such a breath of fresh air. Maddy had changed so much though, gone was the academic geek, with her hair cut in a bob style, with a skinny little ass; now she was stunning with her voluptuous tits, her soft olive skin and her raven hair that cascaded down her back with every curl.

“Shall we start playing then Debs?” Tom said picking up the butt plug.

“You are keen Tom, but have you never heard of foreplay.” She said adding, “lay on the bed and I’ll introduce you to some new friends,” she laughed.

Intrigued has to who her new friends were he lay on the bed.

“Now close your eyes, and don’t open them until I say.”

Tom duly lay on the bed eyes shut tight; he heard her opening the suitcase and getting out something that rattled. His cock was getting stiffer, the intrigue driving him wild. “Oh come on Debs, my cock’s ready to erupt!” He said trying his best to keep his eyes shut.

“I won’t be a minute, nearly done.” She sniggered.

Just then Tom’s message alert on his phone went off. “It’s okay darling, I’ll see who it is for you.”

“It’s probably just Alan; he said he would text me.” Tom replied.

“No it’s Lexi,” Debby said. She opened the text message which read-

Hi Tom, has the bitch got back from Manchester yet? Let me know when you can. Wouldn’t like to be in your shoes when she does LOL xx L xx

“Would you like to know what it says darling?” Debby asked, trying not to let her anger be heard in her voice.

“No it’s fine, I’ll read it later sweetheart.” Tom said adding, “Please can we play now?”

“Okay then I think I’m ready for you.” she replied.

Still lying on the bed with his eyes shut, Tom was more than ready to begin, he started to stroke his rock hard love weapon, when he heard Debby demand, “Stop that at once bitch!” He then felt the whip thrash onto his balls, stinging like fuck.

“What the fuck are you doing Debs?”

“Teaching you a lesson, you might never forget darling.” She seethed.

Before he could come completely to his senses, she handcuffed him to the bed posts; thinking never before has the four poster bed come in so useful; he was doing his best to struggle free, his legs writhing all over the bed.

“Keep still fuckwit, you are only going to make it worse for yourself,” Debby scoffed.

She was now dressed in her black and red lace basque with matching panties, black lace top hold-ups, long red PVC gloves and red PVC thigh high boots; these along with her new make-up and hairstyle were a very powerful image.

“Debs, what the fuck are you wearing all that for?” he asked.

“I told you, to teach you a lesson, fucking listen!” She barked, whipping him sharply on his torso.

“Now Tom, let’s play those games you wanted too, shall we,” she said.

She placed the whip on the bedside cabinet. Tom gasped a sigh of relief; that was until she opened the tub of lube and dipped the butt plug into it making sure it would be covered in the gelatinous slime, then picking up the whip she swished it round in circular motions only centimetres from Tom’s body. He winced and cringed on more than one occasion, bedava bonus this made Debby laugh out loud.

“When I tell you too, you will lift your legs or there will consequences!” She ordered, adding, “Do you understand fuckwit?”

“Yes Debs, but why are you being like this, I thought the toys were for you!” he said.

“Well Tom, now you know they aren’t. Be a good boy now and lift your legs.” She said sarcastically.

Tom hesitantly lifted his legs, his eyes wide with anticipation, fear, but oddly enough he was still really horny, his love stick rock hard ready to be milked. Debby retrieved the butt plug from the tub of lube, making sure it was well covered, opening his ass cheeks with her free hand, she pushed the plug in; he groaned with lustful desire, his eyes wide shut. His cock twitching, readying to come; Debby took her chance and fixed on the nipple clamps, Tom screamed with a wanton tone, smiling as he did. Debby began to undo the red lace bows on the side of her panties, Tom watched with wanton desire, daring to hope that she would mount his rampant cock and ride it like a stallion; she took off her boots and stood over him on the bed, then squatted down over his face.

“Face fuck me bitch and don’t stop until I tell you,” Debby ordered.

Knowing that Tom loved licking her cunt, she knew he would do a good job. Tom’s hard love stick was once more twitching, ready to spill his seed; Debby thrashed him once more right on his bollocks, sniping, “You are not to cum until I tell you!” Adding, “Do you understand fuckwit?”

“Yes Debs, I understand. Please don’t do it again?” he said in a muffled voice, unable to speak clearly as Debby was sat on his face.

Nearing to orgasm Debby could feel her body beginning to tense, her cunt was dripping wet, bead after bead of her love juice dripping into Tom’s mouth; she could hold on no longer her body tensing, her senses reeling, her rock hard clit throbbing with rhythmic pulses. She began to groan with wanton desire; “Lick it bitch, don’t stop… ahhhh awww , don’t stop, lick it … yeeesss yeesss!!” her whole body tingling, her love juices now running into Tom’s mouth. He began to splutter, not able to breathe and swallow at the same time.

“Drink it bitch, don’t you dare spill a drop!” she demanded.

She wasn’t finished yet, she had learned off Maddy how to make herself squirt; so she eased herself up and began to work two fingers in and out of her lovebox very quickly, and using the mental thought of eating Maddy’s cunt, within seconds she was squirting a torrent of love juice into Tom’s mouth. He coughed and spluttered, the gorgeous honey juice escaping his lips, she couldn’t allow this to happen, so she put one hand under his chin and pinched his nose tight with the other, thus making him have no choice other than to swallow it.

“You fucking bitch!” he yelled, adding “I suppose your new friend showed you how to do that?”

Thrashing him hard with the whip several times for his insolence, she sniped “Oh yes that and much more, you whiny little shit!”

She dismounted the bed, looked Tom straight in the face and smiled sarcastically. Picking up the strap-on, she stepped into the harness pulling it nice and tight so that the clit stimulator was just right. Tom’s face had a look of horror on it, she now knew that the penny had dropped, and he knew exactly where the strap-on was going!!

“You’re not going to….” Tom stammered.

“Oh yes I am bitch, I’m going to fuck you like a whore!” she laughed.

Tom’s cock was still rock hard, he was horny as fuck; yes the whip stung, and he had a feeling that the strap-on would hurt like hell, but still he wanted it; he found Debby’s swearing a real turn on, she doesn’t usually swear, well maybe the odd word. She was right their sex life was going to be different, in a fucking fantastic way!!

Debby yanked out the butt plug, but before thrusting the plastic cock up Tom’s arse hole, she had one more thing he had to do before his penultimate act of degradation; she walked to the top of the bed where he lay, stroke the plastic tool as she went;

“Oi bitch, suck this cock and do it well, take it deep in your throat and be sure you make the tip nice and wet!” she told him.

Without a word from him he duly took the rigid member in his mouth and began to suck it, taking it deep into his mouth making him gag, licking and spitting on the tip until it was dripping; Debby began to fuck his face, the clit stimulator rubbing on her swollen love jewel making her groan with desire to cum…

“Nice work slut, now let’s see how you like it up that tight arse of yours shall we!” she said taunting him.

Debby began to thrust the strap-on up Tom’s arse groaning through her own sexual excitement, thrust upon thrust, getting harder by the second; Tom’s rigid cock began to twitch, Debby started to swish the whip and once again remind him, “You will not cum until I tell you too.”

“No I won’t,” he said with a lustful groan.

She began to pant heavily and he started to groan in ecstasy, her sweet juices deneme bonusu running down her legs like a stream, she could hold on no longer, her body tensing, her senses once again reeling from the rubbing on her love button.

“I can’t hold it any longer!” he shouted in ecstasy.

Debby pulled the plastic cock from his arse hole, stepped out of the harness and mounted his rock hard member, her cunt gushing with sweet honey juice; she rode it like a stallion, stroke after stroke of her lovely pussy lips grasping his cock, she could hold it no longer she had to cum, her body tingling, craving for his seed inside her, through her groans of frenzied excitement, she yanked off the nipple clamps and barked to Tom, “Cum bitch, cum, give me your spunk!” She pumped hard up and down on his stiff cock and within seconds, he was exploding his red hot liquid up her dripping wet cunt, groaning in ecstasy, his body almost rigid.

“Fucking hell Debby that was fantastic,” he said with beaming smile on his face.

“I haven’t finished with you yet bitch!” she replied.

Squatting over his face once more, she demanded that he, “Eat my cunt bitch and make sure you get your tongue deep inside, lap up all of our juices and swallow them!” adding, “If you do that, I will release you from your cuffs.”

As she squatted over his face, his tongue was ready to lap at her sopping wet pussy, their juices dibbling out all over Tom’s lips and down into his throat; he duly swallowed them and this time there was no resistance.

“Good boy,” she taunted. Releasing him from the cuffs, she asked “How was it for you?”

“That was a fucking; mind-blowing experience!” Tom exclaimed. Adding “When the fuck can we do it again?” Grabbing hold of Debby and kissing her lustfully before she could answer.

“That would be telling,” she said smiling. “Spontaneity is much more fun,” Debby added.

Debby went to shower, which left Tom thinking what the hell had just happened; he didn’t think about it for too long, because the only thing he really thought was, holy fuck it felt good and couldn’t wait for it to happen again!!

Later on in the evening Debby asked Tom, “Did you read your text from Lexi?”

“No I haven’t yet, I’ve mislaid my phone, it probably wasn’t important,” he replied.

Knowing that she had kept the phone so that he couldn’t text either Lexi or Alan, she continued; “I wonder if they have anything planned for the weekend?”

“I think Al’ told me they were free this weekend; why do you ask?”

“I was going to invite them over for a meal; we haven’t done that in ages and I thought we might watch that DVD you made the other night!” she said giving him a cheeky wink.

“Okay, yeah why not, we are all adults, go for it, do it now,” Tom said enthusiastically.

Debby picked up her mobile and called Lexi-

“Hi Alan, it’s Debs, can I speak to Lexi please?”

“Yeah sure hold on a second,” he replied

“Hi Lexi, how are you? Tom and I were wondering if you and Alan would like to come to ours on Saturday for a meal and to watch a movie.” Debby said excitedly.

“Erm yeah that would be great, what time should we arrive and shall we bring a bottle of wine.” Lexi replied somewhat dumbfounded.

“Oh about half six would be great and make it bourbon.” She laughed.

“Okay then see you on Saturday, bye Debs.”

“Bye Lex, see you on Saturday.”

Ending the call and then turning off her mobile phone, Debby turned to Tom and said, “They would love to come round for dinner and will arrive about six thirty, they are bringing a bottle of bourbon so we should all have a fun night.”

“Great, so that’s dinner for Saturday sorted. What are we doing for dinner tonight?” Tom asked.

“Well how about a takeaway and an early night?” Debs whispered before kissing him passionately.

“We could just skip the takeaway and eat each other,” he replied with a cheeky grin.

“Come on then let’s go and finish that bourbon and make love all night,” she said wantonly; “I’m taking the rest of the week off anyway.”

“Bloody hell Debs, you are full of surprises tonight!” Tom exclaimed before he lifted her off the sofa and carried her to the bedroom.

Saturday quickly came round, Debby and Tom had spent most of the week in bed making love with a bit of bondage thrown in, it was great fun so refreshing, after their once a month efforts they used to have.

“I have to go shopping for some supplies for tonight sweetheart, I shouldn’t be too long,” Debby told Tom.

“Okay darling, can you get me some ingredients if I tell you what they are please?”

“Yes okay, but be quick, I don’t want to be too long and times getting on.” She replied.

“Can you get me some white rum, tequila and melon liqueur please?”

“Will do, I must get going now or I will be late, see you later.”

“Bye sweetheart, be careful.” Tom shouted as she got in her car. She was in a hurry to be somewhere he thought.

Debby had arranged to meet Maddy at a nearby hotel at 3.30 and it was already 2.30; Maddy had promised to give her something that she would need for the evening. Luckily she didn’t have to get to many groceries and Tom’s ingredients should be easy to find. She managed to find a parking space quite easily and the shops were near to the hotel where she was meeting her friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32