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T.J. wiped the sweat from his forehead then continued to shovel the snow from the floor of the snow-cave. Through the dimming light outside he could see the massive flakes of snow float to the ground. This blizzard had caught Stacie and him off guard and now they were being forced to build a snow-cave to wait out the storm in. The howl of the wind in the trees reminded T.J. to hurry up with his work.

With the last of the snow removed he crawled out of the cave. “Is it ready?” Stacie asked.

“Yeah, go ahead in”. T.J. began to gather their gear and hand it in to what was to be their shelter for the remainder of the storm. The wind whipped at his parka as he hurried with the last of the gear. He closed the door of with a wall of snow as he finally entered the still of the cave. The howling of the wind disappeared as the entrance was closed.

“That is so much better.” Stacie pulled of her hat. T.J. smiled as her short blond hair stuck out in every direction. “Could you make some hot chocolate?”

“Sure, I think that I can handle that”. T.J. pulled the stove out of his pack and set it up to start some snow melting. As the stove did its work the air in the snow-cave warmed up. Stacie had spread their tarp out and covered it with an open sleeping bad. T.J. handed the hot chocolate to Stacie and then pulled his parka off. “It is much better in here than out there”, he commented as he tossed his gloves on top of his jacket.

“You are very right,” Stacie answered “that looks like a good idea. She handed the drink back to T.J. and took her gloves, parka, and sweater off. T.J. gazed at her slightly damp shirt as it clung to her bra-less breasts. The cool air had hardened her nipples and they were very visible through the thin fabric of her lucky UW shirt. Stacie slipped out of her snow gear, stripping down to her thermal underwear. T.J. followed suit and was soon in just a T-shirt, and his thermal pants. The sweat of all the shoveling made his shirt cling to his defined chest.

Stacie finished off the warm drink; “I think that we should just sleep here and take off tomorrow if the storm has subsided.” T.J. knew that it would be tomorrow bahis firmaları before the storm blew out. The Rockies were like that. Stacie had pulled another sleeping bag out and spread it out on the other to form a makeshift bed. As she worked T.J. could not help but notice how her breasts moved under her shirt. He felt his cock begin to rise. He tried to think of something else as he felt his hear quicken.

He had only known Stacie for a few days, after meeting her at a party. He had immediately been attracted to her muscular, yet sexy build but was really taken by her interest in extreme sports. He gazed at her firm legs and great ass, no doubt sculpted by the long hours of ice climbing and snowshoeing. He felt his cock harden as he thought of what her body felt like. Stacie pulled the top cover over herself, “Are you joining me?” he thought that she winked at him, but it was probably just him tired mind playing tricks on him.

“Yeah” he slipped under the warm bag. “Get closer, it will help us keep it warm.” T.J. scooted closer to her. “Like this” she said and she reached around, putting her hand in the small of her back, pulling his body right up next to hers. He felt his swollen member press between her firm ass-cheeks.

“Well what is on your mind?” Stacie teased him by pressing her hips back against him. T.J. reached his arm around her, brushing over her hard nipple as he placed it on her shoulder. He thought that he heard her gasp a little but he was not sure.

“Your shirt is soaking, you should take it off, it won’t keep you warm like that.” Stacie turned to face him and grabbed the bottom of his shirt. She pulled the wet fabric off his body. He twitched as he felt her soft hands slide over his skin.

“Your shirt is not too much drier than mine.” He pointed out.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Can you help me with it? T.J. did not hesitate; he grabbed the bottom and slowly began to pull the shirt off. His heartbeat quickened as the bottom of her firm breasts appeared. As the shirt rose over her nipples, her breasts popped from her shirt bouncing lightly. He pulled the shirt all the way off and tossed it to the side. His hands kaçak iddaa traced their way back down her arms, over her shoulders, and onto the two firm globes of warmth. Her skin tightened even further as his cool hands grazed over her hard nipples. Stacie took a small gasp of the cool air as the tip of his tongue flicked at the hard nipple.

His lips traced their way over her left breast, covering it before moving to the other breast. Stacie laid back on the bag as T.J.’s lips headed for her belly button. He paused their, playing with her bellybutton ring with his teeth. He curled his fingers around the waistband of her thermals pants. She instinctively raised her hips allowing him to slip them off. He gently slid his hands back up her legs, moving them to her inner thighs as he neared her crotch. He could feel the heat radiate from her, one finger gently touched the cotton of her panties. T.J. gasped as he felt the wetness that had saturated her underwear. Stacie pushed her hips toward his finger, pressing it into her swollen lips. His finger bumped her clit, rubbing the wet fabric over it making her gasp with pleasure. His lips moved from her stomach and his teeth grabbed at her underwear. He pulled them off her hips with only his teeth.

As his face passed over he soaked pussy he could smell the sweetness of her juice. As soon as the underwear were gone his tongue found her wet mound. He body shook as the tip of his tongue flicked back and forth over her protruding clit. Stacie spread her legs and T.J. watched as her engorged lips spread, showing him the entrance to her tight pussy. As her lips spread open they allowed a small trickle of wetness to escape. T.J. lapped it up with his tongue. The strong taste filled his mind. He felt her pull of his pants and boxers. She pulled his head up to hers, she locked on to his lips, her tongue danced in his mouth, teasing him. T.J. felt her cool hand grip his thick, hard cock.

“I want this buried in my went cunt!” He obliged, and guided the tip of his cock to the entrance to her pussy. He began to thrust towards her, only moving enough to wet the head of his penis between her parted lips. Adding some kaçak bahis pressure his head began to enter her wet tunnel. With a satisfying “POP” his thick head glided into her tight pussy. Stacie reached her legs around him and pulled her hips up to meet his thrust. T.J. gasped as his cock penetrated her tight, wet cunt. He began to grind his hips against hers, pressing her clit and rubbing the back of her vagina with the head of his cock. Stacie’s body tensed up as T.J. bit at her nipple gently. His lips moved up to hear ear and he felt goose-bumps form on her as his hot breath whispered over her ear and neck. Stacie started to moan as his thrusts grew faster. Suddenly he stopped and pulled his cock from her. She felt her pussy collapse as his shaft withdrew.

“What . . . ” she was not able to finish her sentence as he placed his well-lubed head between her firm ass-cheeks. She pulled her knees up to her, legs spread wide, welcoming the feeling of his cock entering her backdoor. She pressed into her and his cock soon slid into her virgin ass. She moaned as he began to glide back and forth, her pussy dripping plenty of lubrication onto his shaft. Her eyes widened as she realized that she was going to come again. T.J. reached down with his hand and rubbed her exposed clit. It was all that she could take, her body shuddered as the orgasm racked her body. Her ass squeezed on his shaft as juice pumps from her pussy. The flow of wetness coming from her hole and her ass pumping on his cock was too much.

He groaned as his cock pumped furiously in her ass. She gasped as she felt his cock expand and contracted spraying his steamy load into her ass. He kept thrusting into her, his cock still spewing cum. Her ass filled with his seed and it began to leak out of her virgin opening and dripping down her ass cheeks. With one slow movement he withdrew his cock from her ass. Her tight hole squeezed every drop of semen from his cock as it slid out. He laid down beside her, and reached down to her dripping pussy. He easily slid two fingers into her still pulsing tunnel. Stacie grinned as he licked her cum off of his fingers.

“How long do you think that this storm will last?” “I have not clue” he answered, “but I really don’t care right now. His lips embraced hers in a deep, passionate kiss. “Me neither” she smiled at him as his fingers went for more of her juice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32