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Tim had been interested in Sandra for a long time, and felt that she was equally into him as well. She always had some comment on his Twitter posts that seemed ‘a little more than friends’. They had been going back and forth like this for what felt like ages to Tim. There had been many times that they private messaged each other back and forth late into the night. Tim always tried to comfort Sandra when she was feeling her worst.

Tim had even gotten up enough courage to ask Sandra out for dinner but they lived a few hours away from each other and due to Sandra’s physical needs was unable to even meet Tim halfway. Tim expressed to her that he didn’t mind making the drive himself but she was ashamed and wouldn’t let him do that just for her. Tim didn’t know what to do. He was really falling for this girl and had to meet her face to face.

Tim came up with a plan and told Sandra that he had an interview in her hometown the following weekend and would love to meet up once he was there. Sandra thought this would be a great idea but warned him if she wasn’t feeling well she may cancel last minute. He told her that it was fine but his heart sank and knew his chances were 50/50.

On the day Tim was supposed to make the 3 hour drive he was extremely nervous and messaged Sandra he was on his way asking her how she was feeling. She said she was doing pretty well today and she was excited to finally get to meet him face to face. Sandra told him she arranged for them to have an early dinner and there just happened to be her favorite movie playing after that if he wouldn’t mind going to ‘Grease.’

Of course Tim would have done anything to get on Sandra’s side at this point and happily obliged. Plus he noticed the performance was not until 8pm. Maybe he could convince Sandra he should stay at her place so he didn’t have to take such a long drive home in the dark night. Tim was worried she would say no due to her Christian background but it was worth a shot at least.

Tim pulled up to what he thought had to be her house and looked in the window. He was nervous and hoped her expectations of him were met. As of yet they had only seen silly photo’s of each other and he had always made sure to take care in each photo canlı bahis he posted on Twitter. As he was daydreaming and getting up enough courage to get out of the car he heard a knock on the passenger window. Tim looked up to see Sandra waving at him. She was more beautiful than he expected. Her long brunette hair laid loose around her shoulders and matched her deep brown eyes perfectly.

‘Are you going to let me in?’ Sandra asked smiling trough the window.

‘Oh… uh… Yeah.’

He unlocked her door and she plopped into the seat next to him crushing the flowers that he had brought for her. When she heard the noise she sat up and pulled the mangled flowers out from underneath her.

‘Are these for me?’ she said sweetly as she did her best to fluff up each flower.

‘They were..’ Tim said smiling back at her.

‘Now tell me where we are going. I don’t know anything about this city.’ he told her.

Sandra directed him to a restaurant she sometimes takes her family when they come into town. The two chat as if they were best friends and had met 100 times before on their way to the restaurant. By the time they pulled in Tim was beaming and looked over at Sandra who was now having a coughing fit.

‘Are you okay?’ he asked her genuinely worried.

‘Yeah. I just need to take my pills.’

They sat in the car for 10 minutes until Sandra was back to her old cheery self again. The entered the restaurant and Sandra ordered 3 of her favorite dishes for them to split. Tim was surprised that Sandra had asked for a wine list. He had assumed due to her Christian values she didn’t drink. The food came and the conversation flowed as easily as the wine. After dinner, dessert and two full bottles of wine it was time for them to head to the theater.

The two had a great time watching and singing along to ‘Grease.’ and stumbled onto the street laughing still buzzed from the wine at dinner. When Tim pulled in front of Sandra’s house again his heart sank. They had had such a wonderful evening and he couldn’t believe how fast it had all gone.

‘Why don’t you stay? I have a spare couch you can sleep on, and I really don’t think you should make the long drive home intoxicated.’ she told him.

‘I bahis siteleri guess… If I wont be intruding.’ he told her as calmly as possible but his heart was racing.

Once inside Sandra tells Tim to make himself at home and goes into the kitchen to grab them some beers. She plops down on the couch next to him and flips something stupid on the television and they begin chatting again until the topic slides to Tims interview that day.

‘I have to tell you something.’ Tim tells her and looks a little sheepish.

‘What is it?’

‘Well I didn’t really have an interview today. I just really wanted to see you and knew you wouldn’t let me drive all the way here just to see you but I don’t want to start our relationship off with a lie. If you hate me I will leave.’ he tells her.

‘You did that just for me?’ Sandra asked looking deep into Tim’s crystal blue eyes.

All Tim could do is nod his head yes.

Sandra leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek and smiled. Tim couldn’t tell what that sly smile meant but he liked it. He watched as she took a swig of her cold beer and set it aside on the coffee table. Getting on her knees in front of him she began unzipping his pants.

‘You don’t have to do that.’ he said not wanting her to stop. He could already feel himself getting hard.

‘Shh.’ she said and held her slim finger to her lips.

She wrapped her fingers around his penis and pulled it out of his boxers. After a moment of examining it she gave it a quick peck, and then slid the head of his penis into her mouth. Sandra’s mouth was still cold from the beer she just drank and felt amazing. Tim knew he would not last long. Sandra licked and sucked his entire cock. Tim instinctively put his hand lightly on the back of her head feeling each thrust she made.

Tims legs quivered and he knew he was about cum. ‘I’m going to cum. Faster.’ he instructed her. Sandra looked up at him with those big brown eyes and sucked him faster and faster until finally she felt his warm cum filling her mouth as Tim let out a low moan and laid back onto the couch.

‘You taste good,’ Sandra told him standing up ‘not like I expected.’

‘You have never done that before?’ Tim asked her.

‘No. bahis şirketleri Was it okay?’ she asked blushing.

‘Hell yes. Now its my turn.’ Tim said taking her hand and leading her into the bedroom.

Tim turned Sandra around unzipped her sundress and let it fall to the ground leaving Sandra standing in just her plain white panties. He examined every inch of her amazing body She was definitely the girl of his dreams. Tim could tell she was a little self conscious and tore his eyes away while he quickly undressed placing each item on a chair next to her dresser.

Tim laid Sandra down on the bed softly letting her knees dangle over the edge. He slipped her panties off and let them drop to the floor. Sandra had the perfect amount of body hair. Just a light tuft of soft fur. Tim sat on the floor between her legs and pulled her ass just a little closer to him. She giggled as he did so. She had pTimably never had a man touch her like that before. Tim pushed her legs further apart and immediately identified her tiny pink clit. It was begging for some attention.

Tim spread her lips and slowly licked the inside of Sandra’s pussy. Sandra’s legs jerked and she let out a soft moan as he did so. Tim took his time carefully licking and sucking each part of her dripping pussy. After he was confident he had gotten a taste of all of her he slid his tongue deep inside her which sent another shock through her body. He fucked Sandra with his tongue and could feel her warm juices gushing onto his face. It was time for the big finale. He was going to make her cum long and hard. He pushed on her button with his thumb and rolled it around while he continued to fuck her with his tongue. Sandra screamed out in ecstasy as she soaked Tims face and her bed.

‘Fuck me. I want you inside me.’ Sandra finally managed to get out in between deep breaths.

Tim knew he would not be able to last long inside Sandra but needed to feel her. He stood up and slid his rock hard cock easily into her slippery pussy. Tim glided his cock in and out of her slowly at first but his strokes quickly became harder and deeper with each thrust. They are now entangled with each other rolling around the bed wildly. After another minute Tim pulls her ass closer to him allowing him more access to her warm tight pussy. The feeling is too great and he can do nothing to stop himself. Sandra hears his loud moan and feels cum splashing against the walls of her vagina.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32