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(A story for Barb)

The house lights went down, the stage lights went up, and the crowd roared. The band filed back onto stage for the encore and picked up their instruments. The crowd continued to cheer while the lead singer looked around with a feigned expression of surprise. The final encore had happened like this every night for the past two months.

The crowd surged toward the stage, packing everyone even tighter than they were before. It was a warm night, and the concert had been magnificent. It was a fitting farewell tour for a band that had excited fans for nearly three decades.

About forty feet back from the stage, standing in the crowd, was a woman in her early thirties. She was far enough back to be out of the stage lights, but close enough to see every facial expression the musicians made. She wore a loose-fitting peasant’s blouse, a denim skirt that came to about mid-thigh, and sandals. Her black hair glistened in the darkness.

She had lost track of her friends earlier in the evening, figuring she would meet up with them again at the car. She hadn’t been lonely, though, wandering from group to group and being welcomed wherever she went. Everyone was partying, and she had joined right in. After several glasses of wine, a few tokes of a joint, and a couple of lines of good coke, she was higher than she remembered being in a long time. She also was having more fun than she had had in a long time.

Several guys had tried out their lines on her, but she wasn’t interested in any of them. Men were too hard, it seemed to her. The guys she had dated all needed too much attention. Lately she had started thinking that maybe she should try girls, instead. She figured that they had to be easier than the men she had seen recently.

The crowd grew quiet, and the band started playing their signature song. It began softly, with some low cymbal work. The bass player slowly laid down the rhythm. The song was from the psychedelic era of the late 60’s and early 70’s. The crowd started to sway to the music, and soon everyone was rocking back and forth in unison.

As the organ and the guitars joined in, the volume and speed of the music was gathering, building slowly. The woman was swaying with the crowd, her eyes closed and her face turned upward. The music was taking her back in time, to a more carefree era when she was younger and hadn’t experienced the disappointments of the last few years. Back then, it had still seemed like everyone was good and anything was possible.

At first she didn’t notice the hands on her hips, the crowd being packed so closely together. She slowly realized that someone behind her was resting their hands on her hips, holding her as she moved back and forth to the music. They were large, and felt like a man’s hands. Far from upsetting her, it made her feel warm and secure. It fit perfectly with the mood created by the music, the crowd, and the drug-induced buzz she had.

As the music increased in intensity, they danced in place together. He had pulled her closer, so she could feel his warm body against her back. She decided she wouldn’t look around, letting this be an anonymous encounter on a wonderful night. She tried to envision his body from what she felt. He was slim and muscular. She thought he was wearing a tanktop. She glided her hands over his arms. They were lean and strong. The skin on his hands was slightly rough, but not unpleasantly bahis firmaları so.

Without breaking the dance, he slowly moved his hands under the hem of her blouse. His fingers sill held her hips, touching the denim of her skirt. She felt his thumbs rub against the bare skin on the top of her hips. She began to move her hips more, swinging them back and forth in time to the music. His hold on her tightened so that his hands wouldn’t slip off. All the time she kept her eyes closed.

His hands slowly moved upward underneath her peasant’s blouse. When she realized that he was touching the bare skin over her rib cage, her eyes popped open and she stopped moving. He stopped and stood perfectly still, as well.

A man she had never seen had his hands just inches from her breasts. She looked around at the people near her, expecting to see them staring back at her. Instead, there was a knot of humanity, each person involved in their own dream, seeing no one else, hearing only the music. She felt his hands around her again – they were warm, and their touch was gentle.

She closed her eyes again, savoring the moment. Then she slowly started moving to the music again, tacitly accepting the man into her dream. He picked up the dance again, too, and soon their bodies were moving together again.

She felt a tingle in her breasts. She now yearned for the man’s hands to cover her breasts, to play with her nipples. She pressed backward against the man, rubbing against his front with her firm ass. She thought she felt the beginnings of an erection, and it excited her even more.

As she had hoped, this encouraged the man and he resumed moving his hands toward her breasts. He was teasing her, “accidentally” rubbing against the bottom of her breast, then moving away. Each time he came closer and closer to her nipples. She finally couldn’t stand it and grabbed his hands through her blouse and roughly planted them on her breasts. He began to rub her nipples with the palm of his hand, making small circular motions in time to the music. Her nipples quickly grew stiff and hard. Her breathing quickened. She could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck.

Now her pussy was tingling, and she could definitely feel his erection pressing against her. Keeping her left hand over his, her right hand dropped to her side and slipped behind her, feeling the man’s lean body. He was not a tall man, and his erect cock lined up perfectly for her ass to rub against. She moved her hand down and felt his right leg below his shorts. He was wearing light, loose fitting shorts, like athletic shorts. His thigh was lean and hard, just like the rest of him. She moved her hand up, under the leg of his shorts. She reached toward his crotch, expecting to feel his hard cock underneath his underwear. She found his cock, but there was no secondary covering of underwear. She was holding his bare cock in her hand.

Lust was overcoming her.

She was holding a man’s cock in her hand, a man she had never even seen, let alone met! He was still rubbing her hard nipples, and they were swaying to the music in the middle of a crowd of people she didn’t know. She was rubbing her ass against his cock, making it big and hard.

In her mind’s eye, she was envisioning one sex act after another. First she saw herself with her lips wrapped around him, his cock fucking her mouth until cum dripped down her chin. Then she kaçak iddaa saw his cock spouting cum on her breasts, her face, her tummy, and her pussy, covering her with so much cum that it dripped off of her in big, gooey globs. She imagined his cock ramming into her hot pussy, then into her ass. She saw herself lying naked, with a dozen anonymous cocks over her, fucking her, rubbing against her, cumming on her. She saw herself with a cock in her ass, another one in her pussy, one in her mouth, and another one in each of her hands. At the same time, there were others masturbating all around her, and they all came at once, drenching her in gallons of cum. Cum was dripping from her ass and her pussy, she was swallowing more cum while other cocks sprayed her face and her breasts and her tummy with cum. As soon as one hard cock was spent, another one replaced it. She was drowning in cum.

The men never had faces in these visions. She saw just her own naked body and dozens of hard, anonymous cocks.

His shorts fit loose enough that she could lift the leg up and over his cock, freeing it to receive her full attention. She was actively stroking the man’s cock now, and could feel the slippery wetness of his precum on the tip. His cock was long, thick, and hard as a rock. She had never felt such a large, perfect sexual organ. She wanted so badly to turn around and suck it into her mouth, but she knew she would see his face, and she didn’t want that.

The man dropped his right hand from her breasts. He slid it down her side and up under her skirt. He stroked her trembling ass briefly, then went straight between her legs to her pussy. She was wearing just a thong under her skirt. He stroked her pussy from back to front, starting hear her ass and slowly moving forward over her wet entrance, up her slit, slowing when he was near her clit, then reversing course and doing the whole thing backwards. Her thong was soaked with her juices. He fingered her pussy from outside her underwear, working the wet, silky material into her hole, going deeper and deeper until the material was so deep and wet it was hard to tell it was even there. She was trembling with desire, and the images of sexual depravity had started again. Her head was hanging down, and sweat was dripping from her brow. She was no longer stroking his cock, but holding it tightly, as if it could keep her from falling.

The band was nearing the end of the introduction to the long song, and the volume had grown to a roar. No one could hear, and as he pumped his fingers in and out of her wet pussy, she let out a low, animal-like moan. Not even he could hear it.

She let out another moan a few minutes later, this one from frustration, as his hand moved away from her pussy for a few seconds. It returned, and she waited for his caresses to continue.

Instead, she felt the hard, cold edge of a steel blade press against her ass. For the second time, her eyes snapped open and she stopped moving. There was a short tug at the back of her thong, and the part that ran between her legs dropped to the front, hanging straight down from the waistband.

She closed her eyes, and again her mind started playing extreme sexual images over and over. She was lying flat, face down, naked. Ropes stretched her arms out to the sides. A cold, hard knife blade was pressed against the back of her neck. A hard cock was slamming into her ass. The sharp blade of the knife kaçak bahis pressed a little harder into her skin every time he pumped his dick into her ass. She could feel the pain and the pleasure every time it pulled out and slid back in. She was aware of it filling up her insides. She could hear voices, the voices of more men lined up to fuck her ass. The first man pulled out, and with a groan shot hot cum all over her ass. The next man took his place, first scooping up the last man’s cum and rubbing it on his cock for lubrication. His cock slid into her ass easier than the first man’s. The knife blade still pressed against her back.

A second tug at her thong brought her back. This one was at the back of the waistband. Her underwear fell to the ground. She imagined she felt the click of his knife as he put it away, and his hand returned to her wet crotch. His middle two fingers easily slid deep inside her, slowing fucking her pussy. She could feel her juices running down her legs, she was so wet.

The band had started into the high-energy vocal part of the song. The stage lights were spinning and changing color, and the dance of the crowd had changed from a synchronized swaying motion to bedlam.

She reached between her legs with her left hand and grabbed his cock. She guided it to her pussy without hesitation and pushed back against it, sinking the entire eight inches into her hot cunt in a single stroke. She reached around and grabbed his hips and pulled him close to her for a few seconds, just holding his cock deep inside her. They slowly started to fuck, not with full strokes, but just bumping harder together in time to the music. His was the biggest cock she had ever had inside her, and he was deep as she could get him. She grinned as the thought crossed her mind that she could fall in love with a man like this.

The strokes became longer, and soon his full eight inch cock was slamming in and out of her. She imagined another cock in her mouth, and a third in her ass. She was very near to cumming. As the music grew in intensity and speed, so did their fucking. No one was watching them. By now, it wouldn’t have mattered if anyone was.

Quite suddenly, the band was silent and the stadium was dark. She was shaking with a mind-blowing orgasm, her body jerking as each wave of orgasm racked her. He was still fucking her, his cock pistoning in and out of her at the speed of sound. It made her orgasm go on for what seemed like forever.

Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, she felt his cock swell and explode, pumping blast after blast of hot cum deep into her pussy. He thrust hard into her with each contraction, nearly lifting her off the ground as the thick white cum flowed into her. She could feel every blast, deep inside.

When he finished cumming, they stood together, trembling and sweating in the warm summer night. She could feel his cum dripping down her legs.

The stage lights had started to come up again, the band playing the third “movement” of the song. The music was slow and tantalizing, and the crowd was starting to mill about. By mutual unspoken agreement, it was time to separate before people around them started to notice. The man pulled his still hard cock from the woman’s pussy and tucked it back into his shorts. She felt a quick kiss on the back of her neck, and she grabbed his hand and squeezed it. The man was then gone, moving off into the crowd.

She resisted the temptation to look around and watch him go. She walked in the direction of her friend’s car, enjoying the feeling of the man’s cum dripping down her legs, becoming sticky as it dried.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32