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A meeting in Leather – Part 7.

#English / #Engels
– A sequel to:

After showering with Mike we got dressed in our Leathers. Mike got dressed quickly, but said that we would have to go to his apartment first for a shirt. Because he could not walk into the Chinese restaurant with only a Leather harness on, he joked.
I put on a cock strap with metal studs. And stuffed it inside a pair off tight pale blue jeans. I put on the worn-out cowboy boots underneath. Mike was watching it with increasing pleasure.
“What are we going to do tonight Mike?”, I asked him. “I think I’ll take you to André’s. Then I can introduce you to the rest of the group. It’s Saturday evening, It is usually pretty busy then, how do you feel about that?”, Mike asked.

“If you think that it is okay, then I would really like to go, Mike! But it seems a bit exciting to me.”, I said. “You can do this. And I will stay with you.”, he replied. That reassured me. Again the words “With a little bluff and sufficient lube…”, shot through my head. As I laughed playfully at Mike.
I put on the Leather chaps over my jeans and put on a short black T-shirt over my harness. “Do not forget your dog-tag necklace, you’ll need that tonight and it makes you look really tough as well.”, he told me. “Wait a minute…” I told Mike. “I’m just going to get Dave’s helmet out of the shed.”, I said.

I took my brother’s helmet out of the shed and locked the doors. Walked with Mike to his bike and said, a little nervously, “I have never ridden on the back of a motorcycle before”. “No problem, I’ll give you some instructions if needed.” he reassured me. We walked out the front door and I sat down behind Mike. The guys in our street were standing outside kicking a football around and looked at us in astonishment. But I did not care about that and greeted them as we passed by.

I grabbed Mike firmly in his side as he opened the gas throttle. Mike drove to his apartment via a long detour. That way he could let me enjoy this first ride on the back of his motor bike for even longer. And I did enjoy it very much. Once outside the village, he grabbed one of my hands and pushed it over his Leather Jeans. And then slowly down into his crotch. There I felt his excitement. The hidden cock inside the cod piece was already quite tense. It was clear that he too was enjoying the bike ride as much as I did. I let both my hands go over his legs and pulled myself closer to him. We were playing with our horniness, whilst driving through the surroundings.

We went to his apartment. In the elevator we made out a little, kissing passionately. Pretty exciting, because you never know where the elevator stops or who gets in. Arriving in his apartment mike grabbed a black Leather backpack and put some stuff in it. He took off his harness and put on a white polo shirt. It enclosed his muscular, tattooed torso and arms tightly. The Leather harness, a clean shirt and underwear, and some sex toys he put in the backpack. He picked up a spare key from the apartment, and his private phone number, and handed it to me. “Here, if you need a place to secretly fuck one of your friends… or to do the dishes again for me sometime…”, he laughed loudly. I could not give him more than a smile and a big kiss at that moment. Mike called the Chinese restaurant and reserved his usual table.

“Let’s go for some Chinese. I am hungry, and we need the energy for tonight, I think,” Mike said with a dirty grin on his face. “What are you planning Mike? You know I do not like surprises!” I told him. “You will see, I’ll tell you nothing at all.” he laughed. He gave me the backpack and we got back on his bike and drove into the center of town. Stopped in front of the local Chinese and went inside.

There we were greeted by Mr. Heou, the owner of the Chinese. He greeted Mike and me with a friendly Ni hao. “Hey, Mikael, who is that with you?” He asked kindly. I took his hand and introduced myself to him, “I’m Robby, sir.”

“Hi Cheng. I’m taking Robby to André’s for the first time tonight,” Mike said. I looked a little surprised at Mike. And imagined that he and Mr. Heou would probably know each other from the Leather sex club. Cheng and Mike grabbed each other’s forearm and greeted each other as if they had known each other for years. “Ah, that’s a shame, because I have to work tonight, but I’ll ask Xi if he’ll go tonight. I will make sure that Xiam will accompany you to your table and take your order.” said Mr. Heou, as he squeezed my shoulder and felt my Leather harness under my T-shirt. “I see you’re ready for it, Robby!”, he continued. I nodded, even though I did not know what to be ready for. Mike said, “He’s more than ready for sure, you’re going to miss something tonight!”

Mr. Heou snapped with his fingers and looked in the direction of a beautiful young waiter. He came running and he greeted us. “I am Xiam, I am your waiter tonight”, he said with the most friendly smile. He was about 19 or 20 years old. A perfect swimmers body and this young man had beautiful deep blue eyes. Black hair with some light colored streaks in it. It made him look very butch. Mr. Heou said something to the guy in Chinese and told me that this was his son. “Beauty runs in your family, Mr. Heou …” I said with a grin. Thinking that father and son Heou also loved male-on-male Leather sex. That was apparently exactly the right response. “Xi, a table in the private room for these two beautiful men”, he said strictly. And Xiam led us to a secluded part of the restaurant and took our order.

“Gosh, I’d like to eat some breakfast with that guy… That Xiam is really a nice boy”, I told Mike. “Careful what you wish for Robby.”, he answered and squeezed my leg for a moment. After some small talk, the food was served and we enjoyed it very much. When we had finished eating and drinking, Xiam came with an ice cream for me and a cool glass of alcohol-free beer for Mike. “Here this is for you, Robby, I heard you’re going to the club tonight, maybe I will see you there.”, Xiam said.

“Come and sit down with us for kaçak iddaa a moment, Xi.”, Mike asked. Xiam took place right next to me. I looked deep into his blue eyes. Picked up a spoonful of ice and let it slide seductively over my tongue. Before I worked it inside with some exaggerated swallowing movements. Xiam had a dirty grin on his face. Grabbed my hand and put it under his apron. There I found a half stiff dick hanging out of his pants. He rubbed my hand over his cock and balls. I grabbed the device playfully, and with a few quick movements I rolled his nicely shaped dick head between my fingers. That made Xiam stiffen, he threw his head in his neck and rolled his eyes.

Almost inaudibly he let out a deep sigh of pleasure. I let my fingers slide down his shaft for a time and held his balls for a moment. There I found a nice little ring at the bottom of the base of his balls. Played with it, before I slowly pulled my hand back from under the apron. Straightened the apron, so that the lot was completely covered up again. “Until tonight then, I will see you there …”, said Xiam. “I would like that, at least then there will be someone else I know there.” I answered. “Your first time tonight?” He asked. I answered yes and that gave him a lot of joy. “I’m going to take good care of you, count on that.” he said and winked in the direction of Mike. “If it’s just as good as ‘the food’ here, it will be all right, Xiam, I will see you there.” I replied.

Mr. Heou, came by when we finished our desert. “So?, was every thing satisfactorily, gentlemen?” He asked. “It tasted great,” said Mike. “The food was perfect and the service was really exceptional, Mr. Heou”, I agreed. “Call me Cheng, Robby, I think we’ll meet each other again.” Xi said he was quite impressed by you and hoped to see you tonight.”, Cheng said with a big wink. “You get this food on the house”, he concluded. We thanked him and decided to leave. On the way to the door I gave Xiam a pat on the back and, he nodded kindly.

Outside Mike and I put our Leather Jackets back on and got on the bike. We drove straight to André’s club. Once there, Mike parked in his own parking space and he told me to go in first, and to log in with my access code. He would follow after that. I returned his backpack to Mike and went towards the door with slightly nodding knees.

There were two intimidating Leather-clad bouncers next to the security door who wanted to stop me. I pulled out the dog-tag necklace, and keyed my access code into the lock, 3 7 9 1 5. One of those brick houses still held my shoulder tightly and did not want to let me go. The door unlocked. I looked at the bouncer and then at his hand on my shoulder. Then I looked up at him again. Amazed that I had a code and the door did open, he let me go. And he stammered “Oh, … eh … sorry … I did not know …”.
“It Maybe better if you take your hand away, because I want to go inside”, I said kindly but sternly. But internally I was trembling on my knees. The voice in my head started again, “With a little bluff … Yeah, sure, you little whimp.”.

There I stood inside the Leather bar and nightclub, and felt surprised gazes from every corners of the club go in my direction. I wished I could sink through the floor at that moment. But a little later, Mike also came in. He put his two strong hands on my shoulders. And pushed me further into the club. The mood in the club changed from astonishment, disbelief and even some anger to one of trust and recognition. Mike must have entered the club more often like this with a ‘young guest’. It felt a lot better and my confidence came back with speed. That radiated positively from me. Because I was now greeted friendly by several of the staff and visitors. It was very busy in the club. There was already a lot of dancing, talking, drinking and kissing going on. There were even a few Leather men who had their dicks already hanging out of their pants or chaps, ready for some action.

We walked to the bar. Mike ordered a beer, and I a coke. “Are you not a bit to young for this club?”, the barman asked angrily. “Keep your mouth shut, Peet!, he is much more mature than you ever were around his age.”, Mike said angrily to the bartender. With his arm now firmly around my shoulder. “He is level-3, so do your fucking job and give him something to drink! Man.”. The bartender said horrified, “yes, master, sorry, master Mike, I did not know … you must understand that…”. “I ‘must do’ nothing! Just do your fucking job! And apologize to Robby!”, Mike said in such a tone that a large proportion of the men at the bar could hear it as well. That set the tone.

Mike and I drank something while I looked in amazement around the club. I had been secretly in here before, of course. But with a club full of Boys and Men in Jeans and Leather, the atmosphere was completely different.
My eyes went around the room. And I thought I recognized a few people. One of them was the gym owner. When our eyes met, he walked up to us and greeted us. “So you’ve already taken him here now, Mike?” He said, surprised. “Yes, Robby was ready for it. And in fact, I could not beat him away with a nightstick, even if I wanted to.”, Mike said. “Have fun tonight, Robby!” Said the gym owner to me and walked away again. This was followed by a number of other introductions.

I saw Xiam and told Mike that I was going to greet him. “Stay here in the barn, because we have to go to André’s office first”, Mike said to me. Xiam saw me coming and he greeted me with open arms. I was happy to see him. He had a Leather vest on a Leather pants with a front-to-back zipper. His nipples were pierced and his bleached spiky black hair was full of gel. With his 1.89 meters he was just a bit shorter than me. He had a very nice 6-pack and well-defined pecks. He was really a very nice tough looking Chinese guy. As we held each other, I kissed him full on his mouth. This generated whooping and wolf-whistles from various people in the club. Apparently I was being watched very closely by various men.

With a grin on my face I said to Xiam “Nice that you’re here canlı casino siteleri as well, Xi, I’m glad that there are some more people I already know a little bit.” He replied, “And I hope that by the end of the evening I get to know you a lot better as well.” And winked at me. “I think that should be no problem!”, I said, rubbing my half stiff dick against his. Again, various approving shouts from the club came our way.

So we stood together for a while. And we had involuntarily started to half dance to the sounds of the music, half ridding against each other. Mike interrupted us. “Xi, I’ll take this horny devil away from you, he has to report to André. Can you go and prepare the box?”, Mike asked. And dragged me up the stairs towards the office of master André. In front of the office there were two more of those brick houses guarding the office. It made me nervous. So I walked in somewhat shyly behind Mike into André’s office.

We were not even completely inside or master André started yelling at Mike. About what Mike was thinking, and what such a young dude was doing in his club. That he did not run a kindergarten, and how I got a code to come in here. Master André got a red in the face yelling, and the blood vessels in his neck had started throbbing.
Mike looked at me for a moment and saw that I was still pretty calm under this onslaught. He looked back at master André and began to explain softly that he had taken me under his wings. That I had gotten the old Leathers of Eddy from him and that the access card and the dog-tag chain must have been left inside there. And that André’s tailors must have failed to clean it up properly as he had ordered them to do.

The reproaches went back and forth for a while. André and Mike were somewhat animated arguing with each other. Suddenly I turned around and started walking away. “Where do you think you are going, Boy?” André called in my direction.
I stopped, waited for a moment, and turned back to the desk of master André. “I notice that you have no questions for me at all. And just want to talk about me with Mike, instead of talking with me, sir!” I said a little indignant about the whole situation. Mike tried to stop me but I pushed him away.

“It makes no sense for me to stay here that way. My name is Robby, I would like to be part of this great club to make some nice new friends here. If that is not possible then I’ll be happy to give the access card and the chain back to you. But now I’m thirsty and am going to get something to drink at the bar. Mike do you want something too?”, I asked. Somewhat confused, he replied, “Just do me a whiskey straight.”, he said amazed at my boldness. “Mr. André, can I also bring you a drink while you discuss this with Mike?”, I asked him. “Yes, the same for me too.”, he said with astonishment. I placed the card and the dog-tag chain demonstratively on the desk in front of him and walked out of the office. And closed the door a little too hard behind me.

Descending the stairs towards the bar I let out a sigh. And was already thinking about saying goodbye to this club. Angry and disappointed about the experience of just now. At the bar I ordered the two whiskeys straight, on a serving tray, and a Coke for me. The bartender looked towards the office and got a signal from above that it was alright. “Come on, you apparently have high-ranking friends, because you do not have to pay,” said the bartender. So I quickly put my money away again. And also looked in the direction of the office. But I did not see anyone there. Decided first to just drink my cola, so as to give the men the time to discuss things. But I was already convinced that they would send me away.

I grabbed the tray. And as an accomplished waiter I walked towards the stairs across the busy club, holding the serving tray on one hand above me. The security guard at the bottom of the stairs saw me approaching and released the chain, so that I could walk directly in towards the VIP section. The security guard at the office also opened the door for me. I walked in without hesitation and saw that Mike was fucking master André hard in a sling. As if it were the most normal thing in the world, I walked to the couple and gave Mike the whiskey and asked André where he wanted his glass.

The two stopped fucking and looked at me in amazement. “Are you always this helpful, Robby?”, asked André surprised at my boldness. Mike replied, “This is typical Robby, always willing to help someone else, I’m surprised he has not taken his cock out of his pants just to join in! Really we have to keep this boy here, you hear!”, said Mike to André.

“I have not seen anything that I have not done myself, Mr. André, and you have nothing that I have not had in my mouth either!”, I joked. And the men had to laugh hard about that.

“Okay”, said André. “Mike has convinced me. You are welcome here, but you’re will have to go through the normal initiation procedure! Take that damn access card and chain with you and go have a look around the club. Make sure you prepare your ass and get ready for whatever is to come!”, André said sternly and gestured that he wanted to have the whiskey in his hand now. I gave him the glass and walked out of the office while Mike pushed his dick hard in to the ass of André. As if to celebrate his victory over André.

I walked back to the bar with the empty tray and ordered a Cola-tic. This was the same barman that Mike had so severely yelled at before. From the corner of my eye I saw how this guy dropped a pill in my drink. He thought I had not seen it and put it on the counter in front of me.
“And now one more, without that crap in it,” I barked at him. “I did not ask for those pills from you, jerk!”. One of the security guards rushed toward us on this disturbance. And he said something in the microphone of his earpiece, on which André and Mike quickly came down from the office.

André asked what was going on and I poured the Cola-tic over the bar man. And showed master André and Mike the pill that was left half dissolved in the bottom of the glass. “This faggot found it necessary casino şirketleri to spice up my Cola-tic with this crap. I certainly did not ask for it! If you want to use pills then you just go ahead. That is your own business. But do not give me stuff that I did not ask for myself!”, I screamed very angry. And was about to leave.

André gestured the bartender to come along. And asked me to do the same. The security guard grabbed the bartender in a headlock and pulled him upstairs. As master André, Mike and myself walked back to the office. Actually, I did not want anything more to do with this whole situation. But Mike gave me a sign to walk along anyway.
In the master’s office, the bartender was pushed to his knees, and André asked if he had actually put a pill in my drink without my permission. He also wanted to know what kind of stuff it was. The barman had to admit that he had put Rohypnol in my drink. Then he immediately got punched extremely hard in the face by Mike.

I gestured that Mike had to stop immediately. Mike and André looked at me astonished. “That’s not how you deal with staff!”, I said calmly. “Hang him naked in a sling next to the dance floor this evening. With a sign “-Out of Order-” around his cock that covers his asshole. And because he can not work that way, you can withhold his wages from today. That seems to me to be an appropriate punishment. What you want to do with him afterwards, is your business. I would like to stay outside of that discussion!” I said to André and Mike.

André told the security guard that he had to carry it out exactly as master Robby had told. I had to laugh. “Why are you laughing?” André asked. Mike replied that I would never describe myself as a master, but that I could be very strict.

The barman was brought down, the music was stopped and he had to undress on the dance floor. A mobile sling was set up and almost the entire club looked amused at the spectacle. The guy got tied in the sling and he got the ‘Out of Order’ sign tight to his cock with tyraps. At the top of the balcony André gave me a microphone and I had to explain to everyone why he was being punished. And what I wanted them to do with him. I did not have to think about that for long. “This ‘bartender of the month’ could not keep the Rohypnol in his pocket, but he will stay there tonight, but no one, and I mean nobody, plays with him! He will remain unused tonight!”, I said. There was an approving cheer from the club.

“Now it’s your turn Robby, time for your initiation.”, said André. I watched Mike with big, slightly frightened eyes. But he gave me a reassuring nod. “Mike take him to the back so he can prepare.”, said André. “Mr. André, you are speaking about me again, instead of with me. What exactly is the intention, please?”, I asked. “Ah, yes, you’re right, you’re going to show your club brethren that you’re ready to join our brotherhood, you’re going to give a show in the box on stage.” André replied. “Ok, no idea if I’m such a show boater, but I’m going to do my best.”, I promised him.

In the dressing room behind the podium I was told by André that I had to undress completely naked. “No chance!” I said. “My hornyness comes from my Leathers, that is what, and who, I am and want to be.”
“Normally I do not tolerate contradiction, Robby”, said André “But I understand what you mean.”

I was announced by Mike as ‘a horny devil’ that is going into the box today. And came on stage under the guidance of 4 divine almost naked dancers. Cheering and Whooping sounds came from the audience. And the music swelled. I only had the Leather harness, the cockstrap and the Leather chaps on. The dancers and I started dancing erotically. The box turned out to be a big box with various gloryholes. I was put on my spot through the open front and quickly the dicks were pushed into the box from all sides. My task was clear. Show the public that I knew what to do with these cocks.

One by one they got my attention. One was even more beautifully formed than the other. I introduced myself to the boys by first softly and playfully stroking them. Shocked for a moment when even a big black dick from the ceiling landed on my back. But he also received a friendly greeting. Soon every dick got the necessary attention from my tongue and mouth. I jumped back and forth from one to the other. More or less rhythmically in line with the music. The hall was audible impressed by the spectacle. But I had completely blocked them out of my thoughts. I was only concentrating on the beauties that were offered to me via those Gloryholes.

One of those cocks had a nice little piercing ring under his ball sack. And I hoped it would be Xiam. The chance was great, I thought. Because Mike had earlier told him that he had to prepare the box. So this beautiful cock got some extra attention from me.
Soon I was so horny that all the brakes went off with me. I pulled a condom over this pierced cock. Put him against my ass hole and pushed myself over him. While I let the neighbor from across the box disappear in my mouth. With one hand I pulled off the dick next to me, and with the other the black dick from the ceiling.
After about 15 minutes I had them all to a full state of arousal. And almost simultaneously they were ready to cum and I was sprayed with hot sticky man juice from all sides.

I went and crouched in the middle of the box. And wanked me off and came in no time flat. I shot a huge load directly toward the screaming and yelling public with powerful streams of my cum.
After this great orgasm, I was taken out of the box. André told the crowd “Robby, welcome to Leather club André”. And told the audience, that was now cheering loudly, that from now on I was a Level-3 brother. Not knowing exactly what that meant, I thanked the audience with a bow. And was taken back to the dressing room by 2 dancers.

“First take a shower, Robby, then we’ll clean your leathers.” said one of them. I met Xiam in the shower. He was ready to soap me up good. I looked at him quizzically, “Have I just had you in me?”. “Yes, man, you fuck real nice!”, he said in praise.

“Yes, this was dirty and delicious at the same time. I believe I …” I stopped talking, grabbed Xiam and slid my tongue in his mouth. Wondering what the rest of the still young evening would bring. Because I was certainly not ready to leave yet…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32