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This is part three in this story, a true (in the main) story from about 1960 or so.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And so friday arrived, all day the tension was building, was it my date with the 20yrs old, or would I succumb yet again to this lady of 60 plus, who seemed to have taken over my mind.

After our two previous encounters I should have known it was no-contest, and that the captivating older lady had me under her spell.

Friday evening I was at that gate as instructed and stepped through to meet her, and was immediately enfolded by her tiny frame, and stooped for the first kiss of the night.

True to her word it was to be an indoor session tonight and she led me to the side of the small field, through another small gate into the garden of a large house.

To one side of the house was a single storey extention which I was led to, then into.

It was a self contained one bedroom flat, quite nicely furnished, but with a conecting door to the main house.

Once inside she whipped off her coat and stood before me in basque and stockings, with blue silk panties to match the basque, whew, she looked fabulouse and I lifted her off her feet to hug and kiss her, it seemed an age before she broke the embrace and said “the bedroom is this way” and led me through.

Tonight starts here I was told, now get those clothes off quick.

Who was I to argue with orders being a good soldier, and as I stripped she was caressing my naked flesh as it appeared and then pushing me back onto the bed.

She quickly removed my shoes and socks then pulled my pants off

leaving me completely bare,.

She stood there gazing at me for what seemed to be ages, is something wrong I asked?, Oh no she said, but this is my first real look at you in all your glory, and now I know for sure my prayers were answered.

This had me blushing, to her amusement, and then she was onto me, her first touch of my cock gave me a hard-on that soon was painful, bahis firmaları but as I looked down it was vanishing into her mouth,,, OOOOOHH, heaven, I was lost again, the magic had started, how could this petite little lady produce such feelings, my head was in turmoil with the sensations she was giving, and try as I might I could not hold it back, and within a couple of minutes I erupted into that fabulouse mouth seeming to be a vast amount which she continued to milk from me until I was too tender to let her carry on,

As I was recovering my breath she worked her way up my body, stopping to nibble my nipples on her way, I pulled her up and kissed her, but she carried on upwards and straddled my chest, and I could see the darker patch on her panties so I knew she was enjoying things and slipped my fingers up the wide fitting pants and felt her lovely vagina, already wet, and slid my fingers in as she moved up further to straddle my face, and at the same time pulling her pants to the side.

The taste and aroma of that perfumed garden was un-believable and so intoxicating, I had to roll her over and remove those pants, then it was me who was gazing…… her vagina was beautiful, and to this day I have never seen its equal, and believe me I have had into three figures of women over all these years.

My face sank into her warmth, those lovely thighs against my cheeks as my tongue and fingers went to work to bring this fabulouse lady to orgasm,(4 times) before she stopped me.

Laying back resting she offered me a drink, and although there was a choice of alcoholic drinks Strangely for me I chose tea, and as we the sat at the table she started to tell me a little about herself, she had been employed by the owners of the main house since her teens, mainly taking care of their disabled son, but now just as a very close friend to the lady of the house who was now widdowed, and a younger local woman now did the nursing work.

What came next was somewhat of a shock kaçak iddaa to me,.

This family had taken her in at the age of 13 when she had fled a care home after repeated sexual abuse, which increased after her reporting it.


The previouse one was a gardener who had since emmigrated.

WOW, how had I become so lucky, what made her pick me?.

She told me that over the years she had mainly left the house only in daytime to do the shopping, but had become something of an expert at reading men, and that she had always kept her preferences on looks, build etc. and although looking in recent years, had found only two that she wanted, and that I was even better than the gardener.

There is no way you will escape until I have tried everything I have had fantasies about, she then told me.

Your wish is my command said I.

I know that very well she told me, that glittering in her eyes appearing again, the first time I had seen it tonight, giving me a strange unsettling feeling.

NOW get on your back on that bed, it took me by surprise, and as I stood she grabbed my now flacid cock, and as before, just like flicking a switch, instant hardon. (OH how I could do with her here now)./

As my back hit the bed she was on me, and in no time at all I was balls deep, that first entry almost blew my mind, she was now gazing down at me, those eyes gleaming again, unreal!!!

Now, remember this is the long one I was told as she set off like a dervish.

The you had better be careful I told her. Do not worry yourself about that, I am in control she told me.

Pausing for a few seconds she removed her basque,I was amazed, those small tits were bigger than I had thought, almost b cup and very little sag, less than many much younger women, the nipples stood proud and I pulled her forwards so I could suck on them, and wishing many other women were of similar kaçak bahis size.

She took me to the very brink several times as she rode me, never had I been treated like this in my life (and never since so well), we were both becoming wet through and I tried to change possitions, but, she would have none of it.

YOU stay where you are until I tell you she told me (I was under her control yet again), you can choose later, perhaps.

This went on for longer than I had ever lasted before in my life, until she leaned forwards and took my face in her hands and told me it was time and she wanted to watch my face as we both came. Then it was like a whirlwind, her vagina was pulsing around me, she was wailing and thrashing and my cock erupted like a volcano, then my brain blew a fuse, even after all these years I still cannot describe it, just unbelievable, my body was having a fit as well as my brain, my balls were pumping as if they would never stop, but finaly did as she collapsed onto me, both of us gasping for breath.

That was the most intense orgasm of my life, never beaten yet.

We both fell asleep I do not know how long for, but I was woken and presented with a nice cup of tea, lovely.

Now that was the best sex I have had in my life, and to be able to look into yourt eyes as we came and see the utter bliss in your eyes was magical she told me, and to be able to look at all of you and touch you anywhere I want is something I thought would never happen for me.

Crimson I think would describe my colour at this time, she laughed and kissed me, then asked if I was embarressed about our age difference, and quite truthfully then I could tell her no, and should she wish then I would take her out for dinner or for a drink, I was proud of her.

As I sat there she stood and hugged me, those lovely breasts rubbing into my face, kissing the top of my head.

Do you have to go back to camp tonight she asked, not until monday morning I told her.

Then you will stay here untill then (orders again?), we have so much more to explore, and reaching down took my instantly hard again cock and led me back to bed.

There is much more to this story if there is any interest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32