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I hold her close, arms clenched tightly, never wishing to let go. We both know these are our last few moments together and no by fault of our own. Life just dealt cards that made our world incompatible, but the feelings, desires, and experiences we shared with one another will remain forever. As I pull away, I see the pain in her gorgeous doe like eyes. They’d always shone just right and been one of the things that attracted me most to her. She’s smiling through the feelings she’s experiencing and all I want to do is to take it all away.

A tear ekes out of her left eye and begins making it down her soft cheerful cheek. My heart twinges knowing it’s to mourn the loss of me. I rest my palm just under her cheek and brush it aside with my thumb. I keep my hand there and continue to rub. My mind takes over every ounce of my being. It coerces me to lean in and press my lips onto her own.

She returns the kiss softly at first. Her lips as sweet and soft as the ripest strawberry. I feel her lips shudder, holding back everything she wants to let out… I pull back just an inch to whisper… “I know… but… “. I pause looking for the right words to make it all go away but I can’t seem to muster anything. I close my eyes, hiding my own pain not wanting to show her my moment of weakness.

I feel her move her hands up. They creep behind my neck, and before I can understand what she’s doing, she pulls in tightly. Her lips press against my own once more with renewed vigor. Within seconds passion stirs and the thoughts of what must be done drift away for another moment. This is not a time for sadness, but a sendoff for the desires we shared. I feel her lips part and her tongue and my own begin touching, sending jolts through our bodies.

Her hands brush through my hair, tugging and grasping at my feathery golden tufts. Unbeknownst to me, my hands move with a mind of their own, sliding over her smooth shoulders and down to her lower back. Something stirs within me, and I pull her tighter into me. Instantly, I can feel her desire grow tenfold. Her kissing becoming more insatiable. Eventually, she stops and pushes me away. I am utterly confused, but she drops to her knees and tugs at my belt and I know exactly what she wants.

She undoes the clasp and I see the determination in her eyes. She tugs and pries at my grey trousers. Within seconds she is reaching within, and I release a moan as she wraps her cool nimble fingers around my hardening member. She pulls it out, looks up at me, and smiles devilishly. She moves in slowly, parting her tender lips just slightly enough to allow her tongue out just enough. She lifts my cock straight up and moves her mouth toward it. Tilting her head ever so slightly and squeezing tightly at the base which releases a tiny droplet at the bulbous tip, she licks softly from base to head. Oh god, it feels amazing as lean my head back and let out a small moan. With the tip of her tongue, she laps the droplet off, and pulls it into her mouth.

She savors it for a moment, smiles, then opens and pulls me in to her hot awaiting mouth. She descends slowly, going as far as she can, bahis firmaları then further and gags slightly. I take her hair in my hand and pull her head back as she sucks and slurps her way to the top. The feeling of ecstasy fills my inner desire, and I know what I want. I press her down once more, deeper this time, and devil inside her eyes screams for more. I push until I can no more, then pull back with just as much force. I begin bobbing her head onto me, guttural primal moans entice her further.

I bring my second hand to her midnight curls grasp and begin using all that she has offered me. My hips thrusting to meet her descents, going further than ever thought imaginable. I see her move her hand underneath her dress and know. I pull her off me and gaze at her with my emerald eyes. She continues rubbing, catching her breath but not allowing her needs to escape this moment. With a commanding voice, I tell her she is to be a good girl and not to cum until I say so. She nods subserviently, and I pull her onto me once more.

I can feel her mouth tempting and encouraging me with every thrust. Fuck, it feels so amazing. Within minutes, I can feel the pressure building to the momentous occasion. Her hand tugging and squeezing just perfectly, coaxing me to release. She senses I am close, and I notice the drops on the floor between her legs. The final moment upon me, I pull out just enough to remain in her mouth as I feel myself cum hard into her selfish mouth. She sucks hard, stroking and using the saliva to smoothen her motion. I scream hard to any and all that will listen. Oh god…

The stars whiz by and in my stupor I look down. Her hand still hidden, twirling underneath, she looks at me mouth agape and brimming with my intoxicating elixir. She closes, and swallows like the good girl she is. God, she is a seductress of the best kind. Instantly, I am ready once more, but I know what I want. I pull her up and push her onto the table behind her. It threatens to teeter, but I catch it in time. Seeing the look of shock, I use it and grab her sensuous legs and push her further onto the surface.

Spread and secure now, I can now see the fabric underneath soaked and pulled slightly to the side. I step out from my clothes leaving them on the floor and move toward her. I grab the sides and remove them, dragging my fingers along her skin as I do so. I move to my knees, just as she had done, and the smell is intoxicating. The sweetness fills the air and the glistening between her folds gives away her anticipation. I press on her stomach, pushing her back, and giving me full access to my lust filled want. Legs on either side, I lean in and lick with the center most point of my tongue. From bottom to top, I lick deep and smoothly, savoring every flavor giving way to me.

I stop at her perfect little clit and flick my tongue over it, sending a shock of pleasure coursing through her body. I begin lapping away, kissing in moments between, and twirling my tongue around her most sensitive point. Knowing her thighs will soon be clutching me in place, I bring my hand in. I slide a single finger in, and she is unbelievably kaçak iddaa hot tight, and literally dripping. I continue licking away as a I curve my finger upward, beginning to massage her inner point and causing her to release sweet sounds of passion.

Her hand runs through my hair once more, grasping it, pulling me to the perfect points and fueling her intensity. The sweetness of her filling me with every lick, I savor it by moaning slightly. I begin to finger her faster, her pelvis thrusting onto my face and driving my actions to become ravenous. I can hear her moaning “more”, and letting out little whimpers here and there knowing she needs this as much as I. I add a second finger and she lets out a low coarse growl deep from within.

I can feel her build up, and her thighs begin to close in. Her grasp on my hair pulls hard, a slight bit of pain edging in, but this only fuels me further.

She is wild now, her moans no longer quiet or whimpered, but rather ferocious and all consuming. My tongue twists and writhes against her, my fingers rubbing the perfect point. I can no longer move, and struggle to breath and her muscles clench around me. She is holding on with every inch of herself, waiting for me to allow this to happen.

I pull myself with every ounce of strength just enough to belt out the words she’s so desperate to hear. Letting them sink in, she climaxes in the most wondrous fashion. She quivers, shudders, and shakes, riding my fingers and face as waves of desire envelop her being. She begins releasing a torrent of the most succulent substance known to man onto me and down my body. I don’t stop. I keep going bring her waves crashing into her mind and body over and over as scream after scream belts out from above.

It seems endless, but I know this is not where it ends just yet. Coming to the end of her orgasm, she finally releases me and I’m able to pull myself away and see this temptress writhing in bliss. I grab her legs and rip her back to reality, flipping her and letting her legs fall to the floor. We are a mess of the most wonderful kind and I know how to end this encounter.

Still catching her breath, I bring my palm down on her right cheek, marking her just slightly followed by a slow caress to ease the pain. I allow my other hand to grab onto her hip and line her up with my wanting cock. I enter her and we moan together. She grabs my hand and thrusts herself back onto me, enveloping deep me into scorching soaking folds. The feelings unify our moans and we immediately understand this is what we need.

I waste no time and immediately begin propelling myself into her relentlessly. Her hands grasp my own as they pull me in with every descent. Our hips find a tempo that is somehow both wild and methodical, and soon we are at the pinnacle of harmony. Our desire courses through us, inflaming every sense in our bodies. She grips me tight, and the sensation is indescribable.

She looks back, and her face is an uncontrollable rage of yearning. She moans matching my own, a symphony of pleasure. Words constantly muttered in an animalistic manner. I move my kaçak bahis hand from her grasp and reach down to her locks. With a handful in tow, I pull bringing her up as she arches her back, and our lips lock. She bites my lip and I feel the stick, using my free hand to bring down a palm on the other side a she moans delightfully. She releases my lips and we stare deeply one another. Objects of desire for one another, we need this. We need finality.

She whispers words, but I cannot hear them. They are not meant for me, but rather for her to finally say. I want to understand but know that time has passed and we are at an end. I rub my hands forcefully up her body, caressing each and every curve one final time, taking in every detail I can through every one of my sense. I grab her breasts, and she closes her doorways, leaning back and revealing her slender neck’s want. I can feel us building, I fuck her with every ounce of strength that I have. I lean in and plant my mouth on her neck, kissing and grazing my teeth along her most vulnerable point.

We know this is coming. Our breathing is rapid, and our sensations heightened. She clutches my hand tightly and brings it to her mouth, biting down as she releases one final scream of desire as I feel the first wave prompt her walls to grip even tighter around me. She has me so close and my body shows no sign of stopping. My lungs burn needing rest but my necessity overrides any of my other needs. I grab her hard, and with my final ounce of willpower, force myself into her one final time.

She rides every wave that hits her, and with her tidal crest reaching her, she slams back onto me. I cum hard deep within. Again, and again, I piston myself as my body moves instinctively. I can feel each and every shot in and the mess we are making consumes us completely. The fireworks going off in our heads is cataclysmic in nature. The feeling is dizzying, and we struggle to remain upright. As we moan into one another, the finale of our symphony as wonderful as the most sought-after orchestral melody. Eventually, the song is over, and we return to the reality from whence we came.

We wallow in the bloom of post orgasmic bliss with one another. Neither wishing for either to move. Our breathing eventually begins to slow and we hold one another tight. Hearts beating in unison, I wish for this moment never to end. But we both know it isn’t meant to be. As I pull free of her, I feel her whimper being held back and the look of painful understanding washes over face. I pick her up, her legs draped over my one arm and her back resting on the other. She wants to look at me but cannot face the coming moment just yet. I take her to her bedroom and place her on the bed gently. She lays back and finally looks at me once more. I see the feeling in her eye and all I wish for is to make her happy forever. I lean in and kiss her softly on her forehead, lingering and letting the final moment wash over me.

It takes every bit of strength and willpower in my soul to pull away, and I almost allow the final sight to break me, but I hold firm knowing it does neither of us any good. I turn away, returning to my disheveled and soaked garments. I proceed to get dressed and make my way out the front door. As I do, I look back and see her stare from afar.

You’ll always be my temptress… always… and never…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32