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This is a long chapter, but it’s also the last in the series. Enjoy!

That night Angie slept between her mother and Jack, her mom’s long time lover. She was receiving sexual stimulation to that beautiful young body of hers almost all night. When Jack tired her mom continued to touch her and please her. Angie had lost count of the number of orgasms she had received.

Betty wouldn’t do much more than rub and lick Angie’s body keeping her in a sexual high. But Jack did everything he could think of to her sexy hot physique. He drove her wild hour after hour after hour by either eating her or fucking her or simply touching all those parts a woman has that stimulates her sexually. And, Jack was quite talented. Angie had never cum so many times in her life. Angie tried to keep up with this older experienced man but finally just laid back and enjoyed what he did to her body and mind. Around 3AM they all fell asleep.

At 11AM the next day, Betty woke her daughter. Angie was sore as she got out of bed. Her pussy felt used big time. God for an old guy, Jack had some fucking staying power. She smiled as she remembered how his cock stayed hard and fucked her longer than she could remember. How many orgasms did she have last night, she had no idea.

As the three of them sat down to eat, they talked about Angie and her marriage and her problem. She finally agreed to not say anything to her lover Bud about how she felt for him. Nor, would she talk with her husband when he got home about Bud and what she wanted to do. She would wait and see how it was with Frank after they had made love a few times. Angie still didn’t know for sure if she was going to leave Frank for Bud. But she would still consider it if things didn’t work out with Frank.

Betty told her to see how she felt after everything was back to normal for a few weeks with her husband. If she had her husband Frank in bed with her loving her like she knew he would do after not seeing her for 3 months, everyone felt Angie would see that Frank was her life partner not Bud. Bud would be just a fling, an affair that was over when her husband came home.

When Frank left again to work the oilrigs again 3 months from now, that’s when Angie would know what to do. But while Frank was with her they would be a loving caring married couple. She said she agreed but she still wanted to spend one last night with Bud. She felt she owed him an explanation since she wasn’t going to see him after tonight. They all agreed. And as Angie began to get ready to go to Bud’s house, Frank and Betty left to go dinner and the stores.

It was now only 3 days before Frank was due home. Angie knew this night was going to be the next to last, maybe the last night she and Bud would ever be able to be together. She was hoping she could bring herself to tell him. She wanted to be fair as she could be but she also wanted him to make love to her all night. She knew she would make love to him for as long as she could do it. “Oh God” she said to herself, “This is going to be so hard. I’m not sure if I can go 3 months without his cock in me.”

She called him and told him she was at her mom’s beach house and he said he would pick her up in about an hour. She went into the bathroom and finished dressing for her night with Bud.

Angie’s mom and her long time lover Jack were already out to dinner and she asked Angie to have a drink with them before Angie left with Bud. Angie planned to spend the night there. Betty said that they would be back by 7PM, about 2 hours from now. Angie told her they would wait for them before they went out.

What none of them knew was Frank was landing at the Houston airport at 4 PM that same day. He was home three days early and would get into his car and drive home. He would be there within the hour.

As Frank came into the house he dropped all his baggage in the hallway. He had a lot of gifts for his lovely young wife Angie too. He yelled but no one was home. He couldn’t wait to see her. He was sure Angie was either at her mom’s house or the beach house.

When he called her mom’s house Angie’s father Tom answered and said neither Angie nor her mother was home. He said they were both at the beach house. He told Frank that they both have been spending a great deal of time down at the beach this last month or two. Then he said, “Hey! I have a great idea! Why don’t you and I drive down and surprise them. We can have dinner and you’ll get to see Angie 2 days sooner.”

Frank said, “Great idea let me get a shower and clean up and if you want, swing by and pick me up in an hour.”

Angie’s dad said, “Great see you then. Oh better take a change of clothes and a bathing suit if you plan to stay over.”

They said good bye and Frank ran up to shower and shave. About an hour later he was picked up and the two men drove to the beach about an hour away. As they drove Frank chatted about what he had been doing for the past three months and asked how Angie was. Tom said, “Well she has been bets10 spend a huge amount of time with her mom. They have become like girlfriends. And it’s good that they are she has been so lonely Frank.”

Frank smiled and said, “Well good. It gives Angie something to do and someone to do it with. I’m glad they are so close.”

Tom told him about the time she had been spending down at the beach and they always seemed to spend the night, sometimes two or three nights. He said, “I almost feel like a bachelor again!”

They both laughed. Frank rested his head on the headrest and closed his eyes while Angie’s dad Tom drove them to the beach house. It had been a long 3 months but he felt Angie was OK and had found a way to handle her loneliness while he was away.

Angie waited for Bud to arrive at her mom’s beach house. She was dressed in a summer dress with small straps holding it up over her beautiful round full breasts. She never wore a bra and didn’t need one. Tonight she decided not to wear any panties either. She was going to sink her pussy on that big cock of Bud’s and take him like she had never done before. She was so hot and so worried this would be their last night together. The minutes ticked by and as she looked into the mirror, she smiled and knew she looked good. And she was very ready.

Angie’s mom Betty and her long time lover Jack were just finishing dinner when they talked about the chance that Betty might get to suck and fuck Bud before the end of the night. Jack had already had her daughter and Betty was wet thinking about the young stud’s big cock pumping away and filling her with his hot cum. Both of them were horny as teenagers at a drive in! She said, “I would love to see how Angie’s lover feels inside me Jack and while I was doing him maybe Angie would do you again. Wouldn’t that be nice seeing each other being fucked by these young people?”

He laughed and told her, “ Well if it doesn’t happen Betty, you’ll always have me. While I love to see you being fucked baby, I want to have you too. One time with a guy is OK as long as I’m there. But no more than one time. I don’t wish to share you more than that with anyone, well maybe your husband. Do you think he ever realized that you and I have been together for all these years?”

Betty smiled and took his hand. She said, “ No I don’t believe he has ever imagined me with anyone but him. While I love him he really doesn’t care about sex any longer. He might fuck me once a month might.”

Jack shook his head and aid, “God once a month! Does he know what he is missing?”

She sighed and said, “No and he doesn’t even care to find out. I think he has been satisfied with the once a month situation for 10 years now. That’s why I love getting up with you Jack as often as I can. I need your cock bad baby all the time!”

Jack smiled and said, “Well maybe Bud and I could work together and you would have two cocks pleasing you. How’s that sound?”

She moaned and told him, “Don’t give me that idea! I’m already so wet I’m leaking. Here feel.”

She took his hand and moved it to her knee under her dress. As her thighs parted Jack moved his hand to her pussy and felt the wet sloppy lips. He inserted two fingers and they went right into her hole. She moaned and smiled as she ran he hand under the table and over his big soft cock just starting to grow. He bent in and kissed her. Then he said, “Come on let’s go home if the kids are there we’ll have a drink or two and see what develops. But know that you will be filled by me too tonight baby!”

She kissed him and said, “Oh Jack I want your big cock in me so bad.”

They paid the bill and drove towards the store before heading house about 20 minuets away.

As Frank and Tom dove over the bridge into the beach town he said, “Seems I can’t get away from the water Tom! Hey look there’s Betty!”

Tom looked quickly but they were passed the building. Tom asked, “Where? I don’t see her.”

Frank said, “I was sure it was her. She was getting into a green SUV.”

Tom said, “Na, I have a blue one.”

Frank said, “Well maybe she was getting a ride. If you turn here and we can go back and see.”

Tom made the turn and drove back. They pulled up and drove slow passing the cars outside the restaurant. They didn’t see her. Frank said, “Look there it goes, I think I see the green SUV pulling out the other exit.”

Frank turned to see the SUV turn and drive pass then on the road. He was pretty sure it was his wife Betty but whom the hell was the guy driving? He floored the car and drove after them. He said, “Did you see who the man was with her? I didn’t recognize him.”

Frank said, “No sorry Tom I didn’t get a good look at him.”

Tom didn’t say anything he just drove and passed a few cars until he was one car behind them. “Maybe it’s one of your neighbors down by your beach house that’s the way they’re going Frank said.”

Tom said, “Well that’s where we’re heading to so we’ll bets10 giriş see.”

As they drove both men could see the woman bend down and go below the seat and the back window. Then just the top of her head appeared and it started to bob up and down. Tom said, “Well who ever she is, she looks like she sucks a cock.”

Frank laughed and said, “That can’t be Betty. She hates to give me a blow job!”

They both laughed a little. Tom didn’t say a word he just stayed behind the SUV.

As the two men followed the car with Betty, and her lover of many years, Bud rapped on the door of the beach house and Angie jumped up almost running to the door to answer it. She opened it and Bud handed her a big bunch of flowers. She smiled and she jumped into his arms. He picked her up and kissed her long and hard taking his tongue deep into her mouth. When they broke the embrace he said, “God Angie! You feel so good baby! I have missed you so much! You look fantastic! How are you? It seems like a year since I held you in my arms baby!”

Angie smiled and as he still held her up off the floor kissed him again. Then as he lowered her to the floor she said, “I have missed you too Bud. Come over here and sit down.”

She held his hand and they walked over to the sofa. He sat and she knelt on the floor in front of him. She held both his hands and kissed them. She said, “Bud I think you know I love you. But tonight we have to talk before we do anything else.”

He reached for her and she let him hold her face with his hands and they kissed again, much more gentle this time. She said, “Look before we have dinner or drinks with my mom, I have to talk with you about something very important. So please let me talk.”

Bud looked concerned and asked, “What is it babe?”

Angie kissed his hands again as tears started to form in her eyes. She said, “Bud! I’m married and my husband will be home in two days!”

She waited for his reaction and he looked surprised. He said, “Married! God Angie why? Why are you telling me this are we breaking up?”

She looked in his eyes and saw the hurt she was doing to him. She said, “Wait. I’m married but my husband is an oil rigger. So, he’s home for 3 months and away for 3 months. He’s coming home. I’m telling you all this to be up front with you now. I know I show have told you before but we just got so involved so quickly. I know. I know that’s no excuse. But God Bud, I do love you. And I still want to be with you. It’s . . . it’s just that I think I still love my husband too. Now that he’s coming home, I’m not sure what I feel. I want to see if I do still love him, I owe him that. If I do and we stay together I’ll tell you. Oh god baby I don’t know what to do.”

She was really crying now and laid her head on his legs as she knelt in front of him. He stroked her hair and said, “Well Angie, you have really got us both in a mess here, because I love you too. And I don’t want to give you up either.”

She looked up into his face and said, “I want to be with you all the time Bud I really do. It’s just that I have to work out my feelings here and spend time with Frank to see how I feel. So we won’t be getting together as often or as long over the next 3 months. I can’t hide my feelings for you and I can’t stand not seeing you. I have to keep seeing you if you still want to see me.”

He said, “I do Angie but I want to know where we’re going here.”

She said, “I know you do Bud but I don’t know at this point. I have to be honest with you. I just don’t know. OH God Bud. I don’t know what to do or what I want. I have to have some time.”

He said, “OK as long as you tell me as soon as you can. Don’t, please don’t let me hanging out here.”

She smiled a little and moved up and kissed him. He held her and pulled her up to him. She moved and sat on his lap as they embraced. He kissed her gently and she slowly sucked his tongue as they held each other. She had one arm around his neck and the other on his upper arm. He could feel her body quiver as he kissed her. She was shaking as he moved his arm and his hand softly cupped her right full breast. She moaned softly as she felt him squeeze it. She licked his lips with her tongue and felt the strap to her sundress fall off her shoulder. She slid her arm out of it and let her breast fell free. Bud kissed down her neck and over the full firm breast of this beautiful young woman. She held his head as Bud started to suck her nipple. She licked his ear and kissed his neck as he sucked her breast. He heard her moan and sign as she felt his mouth loving her right tit. She said, “Oh Bud I do love you baby! I love you so much. Make love to me. Make me forget everything else but our bodies pleasing each other. Please baby make love to me.”

As the SUV turned into the parking lot next to the beach house and the woman sat up again, she wiped her mouth. Tom said, “It sure as hell looks like Betty, I wonder who the fuck that man is?”

It was Frank bets10 güvenilir mi who didn’t say anything this time. He was going to get out of the car when Tom grabbed his arm. He said, “No! Wait! Let’s see for sure if it is my wife and let’s see where they go.”

Frank sat there watching as Betty got out of the SUV and adjust her blouse covering her big breasts. She walked around and put her arm around the man and they walked arm in arm into the beach house. The door closed and Tom said, “I’ll be a son-of-a-bitch! Betty is having an affair!”

He looked at Frank and Frank said, “Sorry Tom, I’m really sorry man.”

Tom said, “God! I would have never believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes My wife sucking some guy’s cock as he drove!! Betty is having a fucking affair! God dam it! I wonder how fucking long this has been going on? And, I wonder where Angie is?”

Frank didn’t say anything but looked around and saw what he was sure was Angie’s Jeep at the rear of the house. He said, “She must be inside too there’s her car.”

Tom said, “Let’s wait a few minutes and see what happens.”

When Betty and Jack entered the house they heard sounds of passion and sexual grunting coming from the living room. Frank put his finger to his mouth and said, “ Let’s be quiet and see what they’re doing around the corner.”

They saw Angie, Betty’s daughter, bouncing up and down on Bud, her lover’s big hard cock was moving in and out of her tight cunt. She was panting and moaning and everyone knew she was in the throws of a huge orgasm. Angie cried out at its peak, “OH YES! OH FUCK YES BUD! OHHHHHHH! YESSSSS! BUDDDDDDDD!!!!FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!”

Frank smiled and held Betty tight as they both watched this beautiful young woman receiving the fucking they all knew she loved and wanted. It was making Frank’s cock hard and Betty’s pussy wet. Bud was so excited as he watched Angie driving her body hard on his cock that he began to cum. Pumping his cum load up into Angie as she threw her head back and cried out with a sound of pure rapture, Bud moaned as he thrust up into her. She pumped and thrust up and down on his cock as his cum mixed with her own.

Frank reached around and under Betty’s arms cupping her big tits as she lay back against his chest. He squeezed them and played with them as they watched her daughter being fucked hard and fast.

Betty reached around and began to rub Frank’s swelling dick. She turned and kissed him. He grunted in her mouth when she squeezed his cock shaft tighter. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and fucked her with it. She reached up with the other hand and wrapped it around his neck. When the broke the embrace, they saw Angie collapsed into Bud’s body. He was still slowly pumping up into and out of her stretched and hairless cunt. Frank and Betty could see the cum leaking out her pussy as Bud’s big cock was slowly deflating.

Jack said, “Come on let’s surprise them and see what happens.”

They walked in and almost yelled, “We back!”

Angie jumped! Bud looked up quickly and then smiled as they saw her mom and Jack walk into the room. Angie tried to cover up but Betty said, “Oh hell girl don’t worry about it. We all have seen you nude before.”

Angie blushed and slid off of Bud’s lap letting his soft cock slid completely out of her pussy with a pop. Cum ran down her leg as she slipped her sundress back on. Bud stood and Betty watched as his cock moving as he lifted each leg to put his jeans back on. He looked at her and saw her smile at him. He smiled back and they all walked into the kitchen.

Sitting there Jack said, “You guys sure looked like you were having fun. God both of you were really into it!”

Angie blushed again and Betty laughed saying, “It’s OK Angie it’s OK. We know you and Bud have been fucking each other for a long time.”

Angie’s face deepened with her redness. Betty said, “You sure are one lucky girl having a man as good looking as Bud here.”

Now Bud blushed a little as he saw Angie’s mom look into his eyes and then down at his body and cock. He said, “Well I think I’m the lucky one having Angie with me and loving me.”

Jack said, “Yep, you sure are Bud. Angie is one beautiful woman.”

Bud said, “Well Betty is too Jack. She and Angie look like sisters not mother and daughter.”

Frank said, “You know you’re right Bud. They do look like sisters. Stand up you two and let me see.”

Betty stood knowing what Jack was planning. She took her daughter’s hand and pulled her up next to her. Angie stood there as the two men looked at their bodies. She wasn’t sure if she liked it or not. But she felt a small tingling between her thighs as she saw Jack look at her breasts and lick his lips. He said, “Yep, you two look great. Would it be to much to ask you ladies to let us see you naked and then we would know for sure if you truly do look like sisters?”

Bud chimed in saying, “Yea! How about it Angie? Come on let’s see.”

Angie said, “No way! You guys are animals right mom?”

But when she looked Betty had her top off already and was undoing her shorts as her big breasts swung free. She said, “MOM!!! Don’t get undressed for these guys! They just want to see us nude again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32