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The Bus entered the Bus stop. All the passengers got down one by one along with Usha, behind her the old man and the Rickshaw puller(of cycle Rickshaw). The time was 6. 30 PM, evening. There was little crowd in Bus stop.
Usha proceeded towards the Telephone Booth which was located in a corner, in a dark place with dim lit area, distant from the crowded place. The old man was following her from a safe distance. She put a coin and dialed to her home. Her mother picked up the phone, she apprised her mother briefly how she came by Bus and she informed her that she will be late for another two hours as she has to purchase some study materials and she will pick up a Rickshaw to reach home. Her mother consented.
She came out and found that a Cycle Rickshaw was parked in a dark area. The old man and the Rickshaw puller was standing there. The old man signaled her to come. She proceeded towards them.
“Where will you go?” asked the old man.
She was alarmed and thought that she would never reveal them her real location. “I will go near to Durga Temple, ” she replied.
“This is Ramu”, he indicated towards the Rickshaw puller, “a very good friend of mine and he would take you to your destination, ” he said.
Now she closely looked at the Rickshaw puller. He looked like twin brother of the old man. He was also wearing a half pant, he was around 57 years, may be 1 or 2 years elder than the old sweeper. His color was more blacker than the oldman, a replica of Negro. His dirty teeth were only glazing in the darkness. He was not wearing any shirt, he was only wearing a torn Ganzi (Banyan). His sweat ridden body was glistening in the darkness. He had two very muscular hands. He was smoking Biri (Indian cigarette made of Tendu leaves).
The hard nicotine smoke was directly coming towards her. The old man said “Beti! My name is Raman, I stay behind the Bus stop just few meters away from here… Ramu is also staying there, ” he said.
Usha knew well that there was a slum area existed exactly in the back side of the Bus stop. She had seen the area from distance and would always close her nostrils with handkerchief as the foul smell of the slum would spread up to main Road.


“If you don’t mind… May I request you one thing Beti? Ramu would drop me near my house… then he would drop you at your destination… with your permission, ” he requested.
Usha protested “How can it be possible! We cannot sit together… people will be watching and thinking differently”.
“No Beti…don’t worry, we will not go through main gate… I know a secret gate for existence in the back side… rarely used by anybody and that way will be very short cut to reach your destination.. Please Beti, ” he pleaded. Usha was completely hypnotized by the old man as well as by the atmosphere, the fear of darkness and amongst the strange unknown people had no effect on her rather she was more confident now.
Ramu dusts the bright yellow seat of his Rickshaw with a Towel. She consented and silently hopped on the seat of cycle Rickshaw. Raman, the old sweeper also sat beside her. Ramu started paddling the cycle Rickshaw and directed his way towards back side of the Bus stop. The ride began.
The time was 6. 30 PM, evening. It was a full moon night, everything was visible except the area covered by small trees and bush which were appeared to be dark patch from the distance. The area near Back exist Gate was completely deserted and not a single soul was there. They moved out from the Bus stop area. The Rickshaw trundled in to narrow road.
Raman said ‘’stop… Ramu… let us smoke”.
The Rickshaw came to a halt and Ramu picked out two Biries (A thin cigarette filled with tobacco flake wrapped in Tendu leaf tied with a string) from his half pant pocket offered one to Raman. They started smoking, the hard nicotine smoke of Biri was coming out from the mouth of Raman like smoke from chimney and was directly hitting the face of Usha. Usha felt suffocated and wanted to cough but somehow she controlled herself and remained silent.
Now the Rickshaw was moving through a narrow muddy unleveled Road, strewn with uneven pebbles and fragments of rough stones. Both the sides of the Road were covered with thick bushes and tall grases. She was sitting on the back of the rickety vehicle. The Rickshaw was plying on narrow dirty road which was strewn with up to one feet ditches, bed of pebbles, a gravel road, metal road consisting large stones and sometimes fragments of stones skipping up hitting under the Rickshaw and dust thrown up which caused severe vibration.
The Rickshaw got so jolted that Usha clinged forcefully to Raman with her two hands fearing she will fell down and in the process her two boobs were pressed against the chest of Raman.
Raman barked “Hey Ramu! Be careful… be slow’’. Suddenly he asked “Beti! Did you enjoy in the Bus?” By saying this he cupped her two boobs.


Usha silently replied “yes’’.
“Sorry Beti! I had no idea that you were a virgin and it was your first time… you must have experienced too much pain… I am extremely sorry”, he said.
In a husky voice, Usha replied “it was very painful and still it gives me pain inside” it was a blunt lie she knew.
Now Raman was very friendly and sympathetic and he was very apologetic “Sorry Beti! I had no idea that you were a young girl of 18 yrs studying in college, you must belong to a high & Rich class and were a virgin… since I was completely drunk and out of sense, I could not differentiate anything and I must have thrust my big cock in to your tiny pussy making you bleed for which still you are feeling pain, ” said Raman and started kissing on her lips.
He forced her tongue inside the mouth of Usha and probed his tongue in the upper portion of cavity of Usha. He was cupping the boobs of Usha and sucking the tongue of Usha. Usha felt the taste of hard nicotine of Biri and her saliva in mouth mixed with that hard nicotine taste. She gulped the saliva. When Raman was doing all these, he got his erectiion, which was slowly rising in to an angry cobra.
There was a curve road ahead, Ramu wiped his brow and pulled at the metal brake above the front wheel, made a U turn. Every pedal required physical effort. When there was a up on the road, Ramu hopped off the Rickshaw and pulled it by hand on a bumpy stretch. He pedaled his way through. He was sweating profusely although a sweet cool breeze was blowing.
Suddenly a strong foul stink smell welcomed her nostrils. They were approaching slum area. They were winding their way on bumpy dirt roads through narrow uneven surfaced road surrounded by slum area.
Raman said, “Beti! Cover your face with your Dupatta so that nobody could recognize you”.
A 10 feet wide drain, which was the main drain and it was carrying all the drain waters of the city towards a nearby dry River. The smell of the drain hit her.
It was the end area of the city. Some 20 numbers of cramped cottages or we may call these dilapidated mud huts, Roof with torn pieces of plastics, sc****s of wood, gunny sacks, metal or some sort of waste materials with shacks made of cardboard and tin sheets were located on both sides of the Drain. A narrow road was passing nearby and heaps of garbage falling beside it where naked c***dren were running and playing. The heavy drain smell of dirty stagnate sewage water was spreading entire area coming from clogged drain. Flies and mosquitoes were flying everywhere.
Usha covered her nostrils with Dupatta. Dim lit of lamps were visible from some houses. Some of the women in torn clothes and in half naked manner were cooking outside with firewood and smoke was rising from everywhere. Usha’s eyes got burnt sensation and tears were coming out from her eyes. The few persons appeared in the road were completely drunk. Nobody paid any attention to them.


The Rickshaw reached at the end of the slum area. Raman directed Ramu to move right side and after going two minutes, they reached a very big open space further down the slum. They were quite away from the slum. This was the place where Municipality was dumping all the garbage of the city. Huge quantity of waste was dumped on open land. The site spread out an area of half KM with s**ttered bushes. In the moonlit, Usha could see the small mountains were lying s**ttered here and there which were huge piles of garbage.
Then she could see the dumps of garbage everywhere. The dumped waste emanated foul odor mixed with stink smells of human excreta because all the slum dwellers defecated in the open. The Rickshaw was stopped near a big mound of Garbage where nobody could see them.
Usha got panicked and in alarming tone said, “Where are we? Why we have come to this place? Please take me to my destination… I want to leave this place immediately. ”
Raman held both the hands of Usha very softly and pleaded with request in a very mild and soft voice, “Beti! Don’t be panicked… believe me… we will not do any harm to you… I assure you… I know you are a very Rich class girl belonging to very high society and we are the most neglected creature created by God.. A stinky worm of the Drain… Due to blessings of God, we have met you by chance and I know and I am sure that we will never meet under this type of circumstances again and if we meet also, you may not recognize us… so before your departure, I wish that let us make this evening more memorable. I will cherish this memory for ever in my life”.

Usha remained silent and to avoid the circumstances she said “you see… You have already fucked me in the Bus… I still feel the extreme pain inside my pussy… maybe I am bleeding there and I can’t take more”.
“No Beti! You misunderstood me… I am not going to fuck you… I know your condition… actually on the way while kissing you, touching your Boobs and tasting your saliva… my cock has grown hard rock and I want to relieve it.. If you suck my cock… I will get relieved… it will take maximum half an hour… then we would leave from this place, and please note that Ramu will be the silent spectator… so don’t feel shy before him”.
She was feeling suffocated and nauseated by the foul smell emanating in and around from the heaps of garbage just near her. The unbearable thing was that there was a pile of human excrement everywhere as the slum dwellers were using this area for open defecation.
But suddenly something madness happened to her, an erotic sense covered her mind and she felt that she was one of the slum dwellers. She silently consented.


“Ramu… bring the plastic sheet and place here”, shouted Raman.
Ramu brought a piece of plastic sheet and unfolded it, it was a 10 feet long and 4 feet width long plastic meant to protect the cycle Rickshaw from Sun and Rain. Ramu spread the plastic sheet near the mound of garbage. Raman signed Usha to sit there. Then Ramu brought a bottle of country made wine, a full plastic water bottle and two disposal plastic containers meant to drink water. Raman and Ramu were sitting, facing with each other with a gap between them. Usha was sitting in the right side of Raman. Ramu prepared the drinks and placed the two drinks in between the gap. They cheered for Usha and started drinking.
After finishing the half of the contents, Raman suggested “Beti… come and sit on my lap while I am taking drinks”.
Usha silently came and sat on the lap of Raman. In the second round of drinks, both of them were feeling intoxicated. Raman stood up and pulled up Usha’s kameez and undid her bra. He grabbed her boobs and started sucking on her nipples and surprisingly Usha spontaneously grabbed his hardness through his half pant. She knelt down, unzipped the fly, quickly pulled his half pant down to his knees. Then he yanked her salwar and panties down, removed all of her dress, he was also stark naked. Now Usha became complete naked like Eve. They both were like Adam & Eve. Raman made Usha to sit on his lap again.
The Third Round of Drinks had already started. The hard cock was flapping around the ass cheeks of Usha. Raman was taking drinks in his left hand and in his right hand he was cupping the boobs of Usha and started sucking on her puffy pointed nipples. In between drinks, Raman kissed and bit the soft rosy lips of Usha and put his tongue inside the mouth of Usha and sucked her tongue. Usha also got the slight taste of hard cheap wine in form of mixed saliva.

Both of them were highly intoxicated and drunk. Raman ordered Ramu to be naked also. Although in the moonlit, the dick of Ramu was not clearly visible but Usha visualized the shape and observed that it was bigger than Raman.
Suddenly Raman said “Beti! That poor man Ramu wants to fuck you but I cannot allow him… at least… Let that poor man touch your boobs and fondle”.
Usha agreed.
Hearing this Ramu came closer to Usha and knelt down before Usha. A very foul smell of sweat ridden body came to her nostrils. Ramu started cupping her boobs and rubbing the nipples with his dirty fingers. Meanwhile, Raman was sucking the tongue of Usha. While fondling boobs, Ramu at once started sucking on the nipples in alternative.


Usha felt the hot tongue and wet saliva of Ramu on her nipples. Ramu was quite drunk and was in high sexual tension, suddenly he bit the nipples hard. ‘’Ouchhhhhhhhhh’ cried Usha and pulled away Ramu.
In the process, her hand accidentally touched the dangling cock of Ramu. Usha had not seen the cock as her face was glued with the face of Raman who was sucking her tongue.
Out of impulse, Usha caught hold of the cock of Ramu. ohh… Goddddddd, she was surprised that it was big and thicker than Raman. She fondled the cock and gripped in her palm.
“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh” cried Ramu in excitement. Raman turned away his face and saw what was happening and smiled. He ordered Ramu for 4th Round of drinks.
Now Raman said “Beti! Can you fulfill another request”.
“What’s that?” asked Usha.
“Just share a small quantity of wine from us… you can chew peppermint after wards so that smell will not come” requested Raman.
“No… Never… will never” she protested. ‘’
“Only two spoons from each… Please” cajoled Raman.
With much persuasion from both she agreed. She opened her mouth and Raman intentionally poured half of the contents in her mouth which went through her throat. Her throat felt a hard burning sensation. Now Ramu came with the wine. ‘’Beti! Ramu’s share is pending’ said Raman. Without waiting for her reply, Raman forcibly opened her mouth and Ramu poured the half of the contents in to her mouth. She started coughing. After few seconds, she felt that her head was reeling and she was under the influence of wine.
Raman was now sitting and stretching his two legs straight and wide. Ramu picked up Usha and made her lie flat on the stomach so her mouth would suck erected cock of Raman. Usha took hold of his throbbing cock, she inhaled the cock, a stench odor was coming out from it as the foreskin had not been washed for quite a long time developing a starch like white substance, her nose was pressing in to his pubic hairs from where a stale sweat smell was coming. Her tongue swirled around his cock and started licking the head.
She was sucking the velvet knob of Raman’s hard cock in that position. Raman moaned quietly as she took rest of it in her mouth and softly sucked. Simultaneously, she was jerking his cock. Her naked wider butts were protruding outside. Ramu then knelt before ass of Usha and bent her two legs from knee and making her like a doggy. Ramu knelt down behind her, explored the cunt hole and put his tongue inside. She tasted very good. She almost cried out of pleasure.


That was the ecstatic moment for Usha, being drunk, she was continuously sucking the cock of Raman and at the same time she felt the hot tongue of Ramu inside her pussy hole. Ramu felt the velvet passage through his tongue, the inner pussy wall was wet and Ramu was licking the wetness, he was feeling sensation as his nose and lower face was being brushed with silky pubic hairs of Usha. His cock was getting very hard. On the other hand Raman was feeling hot soft lips of Usha on his cock inside her warm moist mouth.
She had completely taken the cock in her mouth and her teeth were sometimes scratching his bulbous knob. His cock was as hard as rock. Raman was gliding his cock over her lips, pressing against them, urging casino siteleri her lips to part so that he can slide it inside mouth. His balls were slapping against her chin. He was pumping his swelling cock harder and harder holding her face tightly.
Usha kept saying “Faster… faster… I want your sperm! Pump it out” as she was in ecstasy because of hot tongue of Ramu which was probing deep inside her pussy hole in and out.
With every stroke, Raman’s cock went deeper and deeper down her throat. He was moaning and cried out “Ohhhhhhh… I am coming now… Beti… I am going to feed you my sweet juice… suckkk… Beti… suckkk’’ and pushing her head down as far as it could go.
His cock was bathed with saliva of Usha and saliva was dripping out from the cock. He pulled her hair, He cried with ecstasy “AAaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” and reached the height, his cock spurted stream of sperms… spraying and hitting her cavity area. Such a huge amount of sperm was oozing out that part of it escaped from corner of her mouth and falling in her naked boobs.
She sucked his juice even harder so that his sperm flowed more rapidly in to her mouth. Raman pressed the head of Usha forcefully for some moment till the last drop came out. She held it in her mouth, savoring the feel and taste. She closed her eyes and let it just trickle slowly down her throat. Usha gulped down every single drops of Raman
Now the lava inside Usha was melted and she reached her orgasm, she squirted over the face of Ramu, the pussy juice gushed out from inside and splashed on the face and inside the mouth of Ramu.
The feeling was most heavenly to Usha. Raman was fully satisfied and withdrew her cock from Usha’s mouth, while withdrawing, he winked at Ramu.
Ramu understood the sign. Raman picked out the wine bottle and prepared 3 numbers of drinks and said “Beti! This is the last contents of the Bottle… let us finish quickly” saying this he handed over two drinks to Ramu and gulped himself of his share. Ramu also finished his share at once.
Ramu said to Usha “Here takes yours share which is very little in quantity. But actually it was the same quantity they had taken.


“No… No… I can’t take more… I am already drunk… God knows how will I reach my home”.
“Nothing will happen… it will be over within 10 minutes.. Feel it like a cold drinks… You will be fit to go and your mom will never know… don’t worry”. She protested feebly. Before she decides anything Ramu forcefully opened her mouth and poured the drinks in her throat. She felt a very hard burning sensation in her throat and the liquid entered in to her stomach. After sometimes she felt that everything was moving around her and her head was reeling heavily.
Now Ramu bent down and shoved her big cock inside the mouth of Usha. Usha was drunk and she started sucking the cock of Ramu. After sucking for few minutes, Ramu ordered Usha to kneel down like a doggy. Usha in her drunken stage could not understand what was going on so simply she followed the order of Ramu. Ramu parted the ass cheeks of Usha and found the ass hole.
He spat a heavy quantity of spit and spread it in and around area of Usha’s virgin ass hole. His cock was already bathed with Usha’s saliva and it was slippery. Before Usha could understand anything, Usha felt the bulbous big round head of Ramu’s cock touched her virgin ass hole. Ramu forcefully pushed the cock inside. ‘’Puccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhh’’ a slippery sound was heard and it tore the opening of ass hole and entered deep in to the ass hole.
Usha felt a sudden entry of enermous cock in her small virgin ass hole and felt it deep inside her ass hole. She felt an intense unbearable pain coming from internal area. “Nooooooooo… please… leave me’’ she screamed which was heard quite a long distance.
Raman, who was sitting beside jumped in to that side to see what happened. ” Something wrong’’ Raman thought shaking his head “I have to get back as early as possible’’. By the time Raman was coming, Ramu was pumping hard more than two/three times in a hard way. The tears came out from the eyes of Usha. The intoxication was slowly influencing her mind but she understood what was happening. She could not resist as the influence of Alcohol was still prevailing in her mind.
“You OK?’’ Raman asked and she nodded.
She was still crying and said to Raman ‘’Make him stop… please make him stop ‘’.
Raman slapped hard to Ramu “you Bastard! Don’t you know she is a tender young girl… it is her first time… you should have been gentle and soft to her”.
“Sorry! Raman… I will be now more careful” saying this he withdrew his cock. But the damage has already been done and the passage of ass hole had been ruptured and widened.
He apologized to Usha ‘’sorry… Beti… I am extremely sorry ‘’.
Usha replied ‘’It’s OK’.


Then Ramu kissed her on the lips and inserted his tongue inside the mouth of Usha. Usha felt the unscrabbed tongue of the Rickshaw puller emitting a strong stink smell, most probably he had not brushed his teeth for a week and her tongue felt the starch layer on his tongue. She was sucking his tongue to taste this and swallowed the saliva of Ramu mixed with that substance.
Then Ramu lowered his mouth and started to nibble his tweaked nipples. The hot tongue of Ramu on her nipples spread a sensation throughout her body. The hangover of drunkenness got mixed up with her erotic sensation and the feeling of pain in her ass hole slowly reduced and vanished. She glanced towards Ramu and gave him an inviting smile.
She raised her ass in the air; Ramu moved behind her and kissed her back and ass cheeks. It was smooth, clean and her perfume smelled nice. Her white wider rounded butt was shinning in moonlit. Ramu moved towards her ass hole. He touched her each cheek, spread her ass and started licking her ass hole. As he reached around to finger her, she pressed her ass hard back against the finger and moaned. She stretched out, sticking her by ass up in the air, inviting him and spread her ass cheek wide.
Ramu chewed across her ample butt, admiring the almost heart shaped outline of Usha’s big ass. She was moaning and pressing her butt back against his lips as Ramu kissed her there. He cupped her nice firm little boobs while he kissed the back of Usha’s neck
Then Ramu spat well his cock and knelt behind her and put his cock in the valley at the top of Usha’s bum. He inserted his cock very carefully in a slow manner. He pressed his prick slowly which slid loosely up against the small of her back right above the crack of her big ass. The Rickshaw puller was pumping now slowly and after some times Usha felt that her pain has been subsided and she was enjoying the fuck.
She grasped and immediately pressed her butt against Ramu, trapping his cock between them “Ohhh… God’’ she groaned. She twisted her head sideways so that she could kiss the side of her cheek as he held behind her firm behind. She was writhing and pressing her bums against him. Ramu was pumping continuously in slow manner. It was such an erotic pleasure that Usha uttered a cry “Ramu… don’t be slow… Fuck… Me harder… harder”. She groaned.
He pulled her buttock cheeks wide apart exposing the small little orifice of her anus nestled there in the crack of her ass. He slid his dick head until it rested quietly against the tight shut opening of her ass. He pushed firmly but slowly, trying to poke his cock in her rectum. The soft, spongy elastic ring of her anal opening widened a little but without lubrication, he could not fit his cock in to Usha’s ass hole. Ramu put the saliva in more quantity to bath his cock. Then he pushed and it slid in a smooth way more deeper in to the orfice. Usha moaned wantonly and squeezed his cock hard with her rectum muscles. It was almost like she was trying to squeeze the cum out of his prick
Ramu was now pumping in a hard & violent manner. She felt her pussy juice was gushing out… she cried in ecstasy “ohhhhhhhhhh… fuckkkkkkk me Rammu… fuckkkkkkkkkk… aaaaahhhhhhhhh”.


Usha moaned wantonly and squeezed his cock hard with her rectum muscles. It was almost like she was trying to squeeze the cum out of his prick. His cock could not hold back any longer as now he reached the height of his pleasure and could not control himself and cried “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and ejaculated heavy quantity of hot liquid deep inside the hole and clinged on the naked back side of Usha for some minutes.
Usha felt a long hot spurt off semen shot out spraying inside her ass hole. She screamed in pleasure and went rigid with him as another squirt of cum fulfilled, then three or four more hard spurts pumped in to her, filled her up with hot creamy cum. Ramu felt a warm slack wetness coated his balls and the insides of his thighs, dropping over and he knew that he had filled Usha’s sweet ass with cum until it had overflowed and leaked out around his squeezed cock.

Usha was panting and groaning in to his mouth as orgasm went through her. His cock pulled out and he laid with it resting half hard and throbbing against Usha’s thigh. Her hand curled around it and she milked the last of his cum out lovingly as they kissed.
The atmosphere became very calm and quite except the hard breathing sound of Ramu and Usha. A complete tranquility prevailed over the atmosphere.
Suddenly a footstep was heard nearby and a silhouetted figure appeared near to them, a ghostly figure with bare body and half torn cloth in his loins, just like Ape-man Tarzen. He stroked the matchstick on naked body of Ramu & Usha. The darkness was gone for a second by flashing the naked body of Usha under Ramu. Usha got scared but Ramu whispered her to be calm and quite.
“Who is it?” barked Raman.
“I am Haria’’ replied the person. Haria was a Beggar of Bus stop and was living in the slum where both Raman & Ramu were living.
“What are you doing here?” threatened Raman.
“What you people are doing here?” he threatened back. “I have been watching you two for the last one hour.. You have brought a beautiful young girl… She is not from slum… where did you find her? A fair beautiful girl… I have witnessed everything…you two have fucked her”.
“So. What !either you leave this place immediately or we two will beat you black and blue” threatened Ramu.
“OK… Beat me… now I will scream, call all the people of slum… let them come and see with their own eyes what you two are doing here” he replied.


Usha could not understand what was happening around her. A third half naked person was talking with them. She was heavily drunk. The drops of semen were falling down from her ass hole.
Raman & Ramu both were alarmed and apprehended the imminent danger. Raman asked in a soft tone “Haria… What do you want?”
Without any hesitation Haria replied ‘’ I also want to fuck this beautiful girl… this is my life time chance”.
Ramu & Raman discussed something in low tone between them self and then Raman said “you see… We have both fucked her… she is a very young & tender girl belonging to a high society… her pusy is sore and bleeding if you fuck again in her pussy hole and if something bad happens to her then everybody will be in soup.. Police will come and arrest everybody”.
Haria understood the circumstances but he was very much sex starved and did not want to lose this golden opportunity. With a compromising voice he said “OK… but I can fuck her in ass hole… Just I want to relieve myself’’.
Both of them agreed to this proposal. Usha was listening to all the conversation and she shivered “Ohhh… Godd! Again in my ass hole” she thought. In the darkness she could not see properly the half naked person but she noticed the big dangling cock.
Haria was a 60 yrs old beggar. Whole day he will be begging in Bus stop, would consume left out foods of the people. He was a very dirty person; he was unable to remember when he took his bath last time. He had big nails both in hands and in his feet which were black due to accumulation of all dirty things. He had long disheveled without oiled hairs never combed in his life time with full of dandruffs. His face was full of rugged long moustache and beard. His entire body was full of skin infected patches due to bacteria. He was toothless in some part of his cavity and the remaining teeth were decadent due to gum disease.. The pyorrhea smell from his mouth could be felt from the distance.
He said to both of them “you two go away from here… Sit at a distance and wait for me… I will finish within minutes”. Hearing this, both of them left and sat in a distance. Usha could not see them clearly.
Haria was now completely naked and he sat beside Usha. Suddenly Usha felt a nauseate feeling and she was going to vomit as the stench smell of very hard body odor similar to smell of a Caracas hit her nostrils. Haria’s sweated body was emitting another hard smell. She felt the very rough palms of Haria on her entire naked body. His fingers touched the pussy and he felt the bushy hairs around it. Haria were very thrilled to touch there.
Then he inserted her dirty finger inside the pussy hole. Usha moaned“AAaaaahhhhhhh”.
Haria in his other hand was cupping the boobs of Usha and started squeezing. Usha could feel the scratching of his dirty long nails on her boobs. After doing this for some moments, Haria bent down and started kissing Usha in her cheeks and in her lips.


Usha could feel his moustache and beards over her face and felt the dirtiest smell she never had in her life. The pyorrhea smell of Haria was so dominant that Usha felt her breathing as the same as if the breathing of Haria had been entered in to her body.
Without delay, Haria suddenly parted the lips of Usha in his lips and probed deeply inside the mouth of Usha. Usha was yet to recover from her intoxication as the last drink was making its effect on her body and mind. Now she could understand that this Haria is a beggar in Bus stop and she has seen him often in road side begging. In her drunken stage, a bizarre sexual desire overpowered her and she became very horny. Haria started sucking the tongue of Usha and there was a exchange of saliva. She also responded by sucking his tongue. She felt the bizarre taste of Haria’s saliva in her mouth and gulped all the saliva which was full of bacteria. Sometimes Haria was biting sharply her soft petals of lips.
She was embracing him and felt the patches of bacteria infected parts in his body. Spontaneously her hand came down and touched the cock of Haria and she started fondling and massaging it which was very longer and thicker cock than Ramu and Raman. It was like a hot iron rod meant to burn the palm of Usha.
Haria moaned “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh”. As his lips were glued to the lips of Usha, his lips parted and a heavy quantity of saliva dripped inside the mouth of Usha. Then Haria stood up and knelt before the mouth of Usha and ordered her to suck his cock.
Usha gripped the big cock which was full of patches and dry wounds. She stretched the foreskin downwards and felt the velvet head of the cock. A very strong pungent odor spread the atmosphere.
Without caring all these, Usha put the dick in her mouth. Suddenly she felt a starch substances has accumulated the entire bulbous head of the dick and the lower part of the foreskin. The unbearable stench was coming from there. Without any delay, Usha started to clean those with her tongue and gulped entire things. Now Haria was fucking her mouth in and out. After fucking for sometimes, aria got up and instructed Usha to kneel like a Doggy.
Usha obeyed his order. aria parted the ass cheeks and found the ass hole and with a sudden force, he pumped the entire cock in to the ass hole. Just like a sound of uncork a bottle, his cock slipped deep and reached at the end of ass hole very easily. Little did he know that inside of Usha’s ass hole was full of Ramu’s semen. He shoved his cock forward, feeling the widening ring of her rectum open and accepted the knob of his cock head.
Slowly her ass hole stretched and accommodated the invading cock as it slid slowly in to the hot interior of her ass. He could feel the tight ring of her rubber like butt hole slap over his glans, then tightened slightly as his saliva coated cock sank in to Usha’s butt. He reached down, caressing and rubbing his hands over Usha’s broad ass before gripping her hips and holding her steady as he shoved his throbbing canlı casino cock deep in to her ass. He started pumping in a violent manner and at the same time he was squeezing the boobs of Usha under her arm pits and kissing her cheeks from side.


Due to big cock inside her ass hole, Usha felt the sensation throughout her body. Her pussy became hot and moist, an erotic fever came to her mind and body and she started moaning and sigh. ”Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… more harder…fuckkkkk… Me fuckkkkkkkkk.. Moreeee.. Aaaaahhhhhhh” Usha groaned.
“Relax “he whispered. “ Let your ass hole relax, take me a little at a time”.
He felt her butt resisted, tightened then stretched invitingly as she let go of her sphincter muscles and allowed the thick cock to slide further in to her ass. Usha dropped her head down between her outstretched arms, groaning in pleasure as his cock filled her rectum. “Ohh… God” she said wriggling her ass in a tight little oval as his cock sank in to her greasy hot ass tube. “Aaahhhhh” Usha whimpered. Haria could feel her tremble, shake and wiggle her ass around until his cock was nestled just right deep in her butt hole. Usha clenched her rectum all around his cock and her anal muscles squeezed him.
He pressed his half buried cock further in to her guts. The smooth, hot interior of his ass hole was wonderful. “AAaahhhh… yeahhhh.. your ass is so tight and wonderful’’ he said, his prick slide down further and further in deep hole. Finally, his cock was all the way inside Usha’s slick feeling, smooth anal cavity. He was damn near ready to cream from the sweet, tight sensation of her butt hole as it clasped tightly around his shaft.
He loved the way her fat, soft buttocks pressed hard against the tips of his thighs. His balls slapped against her fat ass. Both of them loved the way their pubic hair scuffed against each other’s flesh. Both of them savored a slow back and forth motion while his cock only moved a couple of inches in and out of Usha’s sensitive rectum. The clasping, over stretched ring of her anus slid slightly in and out around his cock as Usha squeezed and clenched her butt, sending exquisite ripples of pleasure through her ass muscles.

He stabbed his cock deep in to Usha’s ass and held it there as her ass hole walls rippled and clenched against the length of his dick. Usha gasped “Ohhhhhhhhhhh’’. Usha cried out. His cock was full in her ass hole. Usha writhed and swayed her lower belly, arched her back and twisted her head back to one side again so that she and he were trading open mouthed sucking of each other’s tongue while he slid his cock in and out of her butt.
She was in delirium. Haria had never experienced this type of fucking… 3 years before he fucked a woman of slum who was also a Beggar and this was the second fucking after that. He was in frenzy and pumping like a mad man.
He said to Usha “You are a Randi (slut) of mine… repeat what I said to you”
“Yes… yes I am a slut of yours” replied Usha. ‘’Say… you will marry me and you will be my wife.. We will beg together”


“Yesssss.. I will marry you… you will be my husband… ohhhhhhhhh… fuckkkkkkk… me”
“We will both beg together in Bus stop and I will live with you here… in this slum…. I will bear k**s from you… AAaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” replied Usha. “Fuck my sweet ass’’ cried Usha.
Hearing all these, now Haria was out of control, immediately, he withdrew his cock from ass hole and ordered Usha to lie down flat, he made Usha 69 position and started fucking Usha in her mouth simultaneously put his tongue inside the pussy hole of Usha. Usha got the taste of semen of Ramu which was coated in the dick of Haria. Plenty of saliva was dripping out from her mouth due to in and out of cock in her mouth. She also felt the hot tongue of Haria inside the passage of her vagina route.
Haria was simultaneously feeling two types of softness. In one way, his dick was feeling the hot, soft tongue of Usha and his dick was passing through two soft wet lips and hitting in to the soft wall of cavity, occasionally rubbed by teeth which was giving him more sensation and on the other hand his tongue was going through a soft velvet passage of moist pussy wall. Usha could not control any more, the pussy
juice started gushing out from inner hole and fell inside the mouth of Haria. Haria like a thirsty man quenched each drop of pussy juice. At the same time the hot lava of Haria was erupted and the stream of hot lava passed through the throat of Usha and was falling in the stomach of Usha. It stopped till the last drop came out. Both of them remained in that position for quite seconds. Both of them were very tired due to hard fucking, Usha was more tired and unknowingly both of them slept in that manner.
Both were unaware of the fact that another plot has been hatched by Raman and Ramu. While Haria, the Beggar was fucking Usha in her ass hole, both of them silently slipped away from the place by taking away Haria’s tarter loin cloth along with Usha’s salwar, Kameez, Bra, Panty and Books Bag.
In the middle of the slum area, there was a tree and under it, there was a big rock. The slum dwellers used to sit on that rock for passing their times by gossiping, playing cards and sometimes meeting holding for slum dwellers. It was just like a community hall of city for them. Both Ramu & Raman confided their adventure to some of the slum dwellers most of them are Beggars and Sweepers. Some 8 to 9 males of them had gathered and encircled the Rock. All of them sat in a round manner centering the tree and Rock.
A Lantern was arranged. The lighted Lantern was kept in the middle of the Rock. Only the Rock portion was clearly visible due to flickering light of Lantern but nobody could see the existence of human presence around it due to darkness. Everybody was anxiously waiting for their dream celebrity very silently and patiently. The Rickshaw was parked few distances from the Rock where all the cloths of Usha were kept.
A tin with iron wire (used as a Bucket) with full water and a dirty plastic mug with broken handle was kept near the Rock. The atmosphere was very silent.


After 5 minutes of relaxed sleeping, both of them woke up in that position. Usha took out the clock from her mouth and Haria also withdrew his mouth from Usha’s pussy. Both of them stood up. Now usha was completely recovered from intoxication but still hangover was there. Both of them were naked.
Haria loudly called “Raman… Ramu… where are you?”. But there was no reply. His voice was only resounded. Haria told her to wait and went just some feet a way to search them but could not trace out them.
Usha saw her wrist watch. It was 8. 15 PM. Thank God… She thought it was not much time but she was panicked. In a strange place with a strange person who is a Beggar and both of them naked… if somebody see them… then what will happen? How she will go to home without cloths? A lot of question came to her mind. But she thought she was a brave girl… she should not get nervous… till now she has tackled the situation.
Seeing her in a deep thought, Haria said “Don’t worry… let us go near to Slum area… They must be somewhere nearby… I will call their name loudly or I will arrange some cloths for you from some slum woman… have faith on me… I may be a Beggar but this is my moral duty to ensure your security and safe reaching to your home’’ saying this he came and kissed her on her lips. He hold her hands and both of them proceeded towards the way heading towards slum area. Usha was assured of his promise and smiled.
It was moonlit everywhere. The atmosphere was very calm and quite. Tranquility prevailed over the atmosphere. Usha was assured of his promise and smiled. Haria stared at her from very close. Her white teeth were glistening in the darkness. Her small erected boobs were swaying while she was walking. She had a very narrow waist and her wider rounded ass was dancing in rhythm. A sweet breeze was flowing and touching their bodies occasionally disturbing the front lock of hairs of Usha which was falling in the face. The atmosphere was very romantic.
The 60 yrs old dirty Beggar felt as if he was a young man of 25 yrs. He put around his hands in the waist of Usha. Usha did not oppose. “What’s your name and whats yours age?’’ he asked.
“I am Usha, 18 years old’’ she replied.
In the midway, he suddenly stopped and held her face with his two hands… stared in her eyes and said “Usha I love you… I love you… Do you love me? Please reply me’’.
Usha in a very graceful way kissed his lips and replied “yes… Haria… I also love you… love you”. He put his hands in her waist and Usha also put her hands in the waist of Haria. In this position, they walked away like a long lost lovers.
“Did you like my cock?’’ asked Haria.


“Very much. But it’s very big’’ replied Usha. ’’
“I am very sorry… it must have given you very pain” said Haria.
“Not at all… It was slipped very easily inside my ass hole’’ saying this Usha touched the dangling cock of Haria and surprised to find it big and hard.
Haria said “I know you are getting late and you have to go to your home… but I don’t want to leave you… I want to cherish the memories of each and every seconds of you while you are with me.. I know… we may not meet again’’ he was very emotional.
Usha got carried away by such intense love and emotion. She stopped and dragged the face of Haria and started giving him smooching… started kissing him in all his dirty face. Her tongue touched the tongue of Haria and both started sucking each other’s tongue. Then Just like a baby, the 60 yrs old Beggar started sobbing and hid his face between the cleavage of Usha. Her boobs were wet by the tears of the Beggar.
“Hey! My little baby… Don’t cry… you are crying because your mom is going far away leaving you” she patted the dirty hairs and kissed there. “Don’t cry. Baby… your mom will feed you milk”. Then she lovingly put his mouth in her left side nipple. The Beggar chuckled and started sucking the nipple for a second. ” My… Baby. Are u still hungry?’’ asked Usha.
“Yes Mom” replied the Beggar.
“You are a naughty baby…take this nipple’’ she put his mouth in her right nipple. She felt the warm saliva in both of her nipples. They were approaching near the slum area. From distance they could see the flickering of light.
Suddenly, Haria, the Beggar of 60 years stopped and said ‘Mom I can’t walk… I am facing problem’’.
“What happened Baby?” asked Usha.
“Mom… My big cock has become very hard.. It is dangling between my legs… It has to be loosened or I can’t walk more, ” said Haria.
“Your mom will solve this little problem, ’’ saying this Usha bent down and started sucking the cock and simultaneously masturbating the cock with her two hands, teasing him with swirling motions of her tongue. The Beggar seemed to enjoy it, as he groaned quietly and closed his eyes. Bobbling back and forth, Usha started to take more and more of his cock in to her mouth. H aria used his big hands grabbing the back of her neck and forcing his entire cock down her throat. Usha gagged, but his grip never faltered, keeping her there even as she tried to pull back his cock deep in her throat and her nose in his pubics. Within a second, the Beggar’s dick spurted hot semen inside the mouth of Usha.


The Beggar cried with pleasure “Ohhhhhhhh.. Aaahhhhhhhh” pressing Usha’s head forcefully and emptied his load. Usha drank all the drops of his cum.
“Now can you walk… Baby?” asked Usha.
“Yes Mom” replied the Beggar.
Then Haria with loud voice called ‘’ Ramu… Raman…where are you?”


Then from distance they noticed the gleam of light. Both Usha & Haria proceeded towards the way from where light was coming. She felt her eyes begin to open in the pitch black darkness in the midst of so much stagnation and damp air. They both were clinged together like ancient Adam & Eve. When they approached nearer they could see the shadowy figure of big banyan tree like a giant standing there.
Haria and Ramu noticed two silhouetted figures are approaching towards them. They heard the voice of Haria and Raman replied in a loud voice “Come this way.. We are waiting for you”.
The moon was shining just like before. The moonlight illuminated relatively few things directly. The late evening atmosphere was quiet. Little spots of light appeared throughout the slums. A single narrow road ran straight near the banyan tree towards the slums and ended somewhere there which was not clearly visible. The partial moonlight and the front shade of banyan tree fell upon the Cycle Rickshaw standing nearby. A barely audible sound— shhhhhhhhh… followed by something hush voice… What were the quiet sounds that reached her ears. The rustle sound in the congealed darkness frozened around her. Perhaps some voice was murmuring but it was so fast that even ears used to extreme silence would have had trouble picking it out. For that reason, the quiet echoes did not seem at all unusual or out of place. Voices. Definitely human. Then all sounds stopped for a moment. The silence grew deeper than before. Raman signaled everybody to keep quiet
All the figures sitting in darkness were waiting breathlessly to witness an important event in their live. The approaching figures came closer and closer and they witnessed a marvelous scene. Two lovers were clung with each other by putting each other’s hands in the waist approached. The hearts of the all the spectators got struck. They had never witnessed such type of scene ever in their life.
A very fair young girl of 18 years in full naked with long hairs falling on her backside up to the waist was approaching towards them with Haria. Every body was envious of Haria for his Lucky prize.


The Young girl was so fair that her body was glowing in the darkness. Her face was clearly visible. She was looking like a bollywood heroine to all. Her erected small boobs were throbbing and brown small puffy nipples were clearly visible. Her rounded wider butts were swaying while walking. The black patch of pubic hairs in V shape was clearly visible. Everybody had an erection.
And then even deeper darkness with her eye lids now slightly parted, her pupils shifted to take in her surroundings. The first thing she became conscious of was the black rock standing in front of her and the flickering hazy lantern placed on it. The surroundings were full of darkness. Then she noticed two shadowy figures and the lantern light simply struck on them. She could easily recognize them as Raman and Ramu.
“This way… This way… ’’ called Raman and motioned her to sit upon the Rock.
She was completely unaware of the fact that she was being paraded fully naked in front of the slum dwellers.
Hesitantly, following his instruction, she found herself near the tree, upon the Rock. “Welcome’’ Ramu said. She smiled at both of them. She was still slightly hangover under the influence of alcohol.
She was placed on the raised rock platform so that she could be viewed by entire group of slum dwellers sitting silently around the tree beneath bush. She sat upon the rock and the lantern light was directly falling on her, Haria was standing beside her with his big cock dangling on.
She was sitting with her legs crossed at the ankles. Her legs were dropped. She twisted her torso slightly to her left. Her left hand rests at her side. Her naked white body was flashing like lightning in dark sky. Her rounded boobs with puffy pointed nipples, slim waist, wider butts and the long lock of hairs were falling in front through her left shoulder crossing her naval area. To get more relaxation, she undid her crossed legs and sat with opened legs. Her dark patch between the legs was clearly visible. She was looking like goddesses of Venus.
The silent sighs passed through every spectator hidden in bush around the tree. The crowd squatted down silently.
“We are very sorry to leave you both there because you both were so engrossed in love making that we did not like to disturb you and left you to enjoy fully without any intervention. But unfortunately, both of yours cloths were kept on Rickshaw which were not noticed by us and brought here due to oversight… Don’t worry.. Beti… those are safely kept here on Rickshaw… we are extremely sorry, ” said Raman.
‘’Never mind… it’s OK” replied Usha.
Then Raman started saying kaçak casino “You see Beti! we slum dwellers are most wretched, neglected, downtrodden, poorest and hated human beings on this earth.


Nobody in this society have neither sympathy on us nor anybody like us. We survive on the mercy of others. This evening is the most auspicious for us as you; the goddesses of beauty, kindness have descended amidst us from heaven to shower upon us your love and kindness. I must say that you are not a human being rather a real goddesses. We know this occasion is the first and last in our lives and once you return to your world, we will not have you again nor you can recognize us again but we will cherish this experience in our memories forever till our last breath”
Usha was carried away by this emotional speech of Raman and tears came to her eyes. Then Raman said once again “Beti! After few moments you will leave from us but before your departure… can you promise to give us small favours? ”
Usha was too much emotional, without thinking further she said “yes… I promise to give you anything… ask”
Then Raman said “Beti! We three have enjoyed you to the full extent… we are very much content and we are considered to be the luckiest guys in this world to have you. Since this will be your last experience with slum people, we request you to favor some of our slum friends who are waiting eagerly… Don’t worry Beti… they would not do any harm to you… Simply they have to touch you and you have to touch them… they will be satisfied by this”.
“Where are they?’’ she asked.
“Come my friends” said Raman looking at darkness around the tree.
The black shadows appeared from the darkness. What had at first appeared to be shades had taken on a clear outline and were approaching near the Rock. Two, three, five then eight, nine. The outline of nine people. One by one they came forward. Everybody was in their torn loin cloth s with bare body. The unbearable stench was coming from their sweating bodies. Most of them probably have not taken bath at all due to scanty of water in slum area. Everybody had erect cocks dangling under their loin cloths. The stench coming from their bodies were unbearable. They continued to gaze her.
They all quietly sat down and relaxed upon the grass circling her. Every one undid the cloths wrapped around their waist. She found nine big hard cocks were throbbing and pointing towards her. She was startled by their strange groan.
Her fear begins to descend over her heart. A different thought rushed through her mind. She was scared.
She felt as if the visions that had presented themselves to her one after another were nothing but shallow dreams. She felt everything now a dream and the thoughts that had been floating in to her head were now joining with reality and seeping in to her eyes. Something rose up from behind her memories.. a sort of self reflection. I… Where am I? And where is this place? She vaguely recalled something… It was back then…inside the Bus… the garbage area… she was drunk… fucked by Ramu and Haria… now the intoxication was going away… ohhhh… God.


But suddenly again the erotic feelings swept over and influenced her mind and body. She forgot who and what she was.
She heard the voice of Raman “Listen… Friends… each will be given only one minute time and not more than that… You have to only touch her body including cupping her boobs and touching her pussy hole, kissing in her cheeks and in her lips.. If she wishes then only she will touch yours…this is the rule’’
One by one they started rushing towards the Rock where upon she was sitting. Some of them would touch her entire body, squeezing her boobs; nibble her nipples, kissing her cheeks, kissing her lips. Some of them will put their tongues in her mouth and suck her tongue and some will lick her pussy hole.
She would take their cocks in one hand, cup their balls in her other hand. She would also jerk their erect cocks and suck in her mouth. it so happened that some of them will ejaculate immediately inside her mouth and she will gulp it down in her throat and some will ejaculate and spray their cum on her face and on her boobs.
The whole process took 10 minutes and virtually Usha was bathed with hot semen throughout her body. The huge quantity of sticky semen were dripping out of her body and falling on the surface of Rock.
After this was over, Raman addressed to all “Listen my friends! Some of you please come forward and volunteer to clean her body’’
They jostled together to come forward with dirty and soiled cloths, dipped in the water and started rubbing and sponged her entire body. Everybody got a chance to clean her body; they carefully cleaned inside her pussy hole. Within few moments, her body dried up. Ramu supplied Usha of her cloths. Everybody made a circle around her. Infront of all, she first put on her bra, then panty, then salwar and lastly kameez.
“Come on… That’s enough… Ramu… take her back ‘’ said Raman.
Now it was the time of farewell. Everybody was grief stricken, Tears rolled down from eyes of Usha. She hopped on to Rickshaw and Ramu started paddling it. The Ride started to its destination. Usha turned back her head to back and waved her hand off to everybody including Raman and Haria. Haria, the beggar of 60 years was standing alone in a broken heart. Usha felt her heart choked as she was leaving her dear lover Haria who had given her the highest pleasure. After some moment all the figures vanished behind.
They were approaching the destination. There was a dark place on the way. Suddenly Ramu stopped and said “Beti… I may not see you again… Can you suck my dick for the last time”.
Usha thought for a moment then said “OK’’.


Ramu parked the Rickshaw in the side of the Road. She knelt down before him, unzipped his half pant and picked out his big dick. By this time it was already rock hard. He started pushing his hard cock through soft lips of Usha which was entering in to the hot mouth of Usha.
Little did they know that, another Rickshaw puller named Raju, a friend of Ramu, who was coming from opposite side in a dunked manner, was watching the entire episode.
“Hey Ramu… where did you get this slut?’’, a voice was heard, very near to them. Both of them startled and found that Raju was shaking his big cock. He came nearer to Usha and said ‘’ Hey… Ramu… say your slut to suck my dick also”.
Ramu got very angry and said “Don’t address her as slut… she belongs to a very good family… She is a college girl… mind it”.
“OK… sorry… but please tell her to suck my cock also” Raju pleaded.
Ramu remained silent. Seeing no other way, Usha knelt down before Raju and started sucking his cock. In other hand, she was jerking the cock of Ramu. Alter natively she was sucking and jerking their cocks one by one. Raju was squeezing her both boobs in a hard manner.

After few moments, both of them moaned and ejaculated their cum inside the mouth of Usha. Usha swallowed the last drop of their cum the heavy quantity of which directly went to her stomach. Raju left with satisfaction and they reached Durga puja mandap. The time was 9. 15 PM. Usha bade farewell to Ramu and got down from Rickshaw. She took another Rickshaw and reached home by 9. 30 PM.
Thank God she was still virgin, she thought.
When she reached home, she found a Taxi in front of the main gate of their house. While she was entering in to the house, her mom Leela came out and said “Usha. I was waiting for you”. “Sorry… Mom… I am little late due to traffic jam in market” Usha replied.
“It’s ok.. but an urgent matter has come up.. in the evening I have got information that your maternal grandfather is very sick and has been hospitalized.. Since your father is in Delhi… i have to go now… I have already booked my ticket in night Bus… you need not worry… our two maids will be in house to assist you and our watchman will guard our house… I will be back as early as possible, ” saying this Leela boarded the Taxi and left in a hurry.
Usha was extremely tired and exhausted. After entering in to her bed Room, she switched off the light and without changing her dress, jumped in to her soft bed and within minutes she was in deep slumber.
—– ——– ————–


Next day, Usha woke up late in the morning from her deep slumber. She opened her eyes. Upon waking, she burrowed herself in to the warm soft sheets. She rubbed the remainders of sleep from her eyes and gazed out of the window. Bright sun light was flickering through the window. She was shaken back in to reality. Her eyes opened against her lids when she blinked. She lay on her couch, debating whether or not she should get up. Her muscles felt weak just like her energy. She let out an exasperated sign, groaning as she rolled off the bed. What time was it? How long had she been asleep? It was 10. 00 AM in the post morning.
She woke up from a tired sleep; slowly the fatigue of her body was seeping out of her as the daylight trickled in to replacing her unrest. It relaxed her body. Her heart beats was fast and there was a buzzing in her brain and together they were as panic with jumpleads. Only now her brain was as a flat Battery, the exertion of the last evening being a marathon of her erotic experience harped on her.
And so this day will pass she thought as if she was hangover, not from drink but from the nightmares that was experienced by her. She directed her brain to allow the vision of the last evening to give way to the day, to move from that which she created on a whim to things more fixed and real. She thought she will adjust.
Eventually she got out of bed and stumbled across on the floor as her fatigue had still not left her. A cold sweat washed over her face and chest, heart trying to escape through her throat the first chance it could get. Everything lately, had not been at all easy on her; the experience in slum had shaken her.
She flung herself to Bathroom and threw her all cloths to the corner of Bathroom and stood before the big bathroom mirror. Was it she? She could not recognize herself in the mirror. The petals of the small beautiful flowers had been crashed mercilessly… she was completely destroyed… she got panicked and screamed with tears in her eyes. Luckily… her mom is not in the house.
Her entire body appeared to be devastated. There appeared abrasions, several nail scratches on arms, legs, torso and backside of her body which have left very deep red marks all over her body, scratches deep enough to draw blood, infact there was dry blood in form of lines in several parts of her body. The bruises were clearly visible. The action of last evening had produced Hickey throughout her body.
A dark, almost circular marks left on the skin which was patches of discolored skin (reddish & white) in small red bumps, blisters and tiny red burrows on the skin. Although the areas were not painful but there was inflammation on it, causing irritation and relentless itching. She came to her senses and realized that it is Bacterial infection caused by skin to skin contact with slum dwellers.
Her puffy lips were swollen due to biting which leaves lips blue and purple bruish. There were dried lines of blood around her boobs due to deep nail scratching and her nipples hurt like hell. There were red specks all over her nipples and nipplers were cracked due to hard biting.
Her pink tongue had been turned in to discolored; a whitish coating had developed in tongue, the white patches-cottage cheese like substances on the surfaces of the mouth and tongue causing her tongue


Irritated and soaring throat. She realized all these are due to bacterial infection transmitted to her from all slum dwellers for close contact of mouths and sucking their tongues.
Suddenly she felt that her butt hole has a sensation and pain. She put finger in her ass hole and felt that the muscle around her anus had gone in to spasm and she felt inflammation and intense itching. She sat on the toilet pane and felt that the crack in the ass and the ass hole caused severe pain during / after her bowl movement, she found her stools stained with blood. She became aware of the fact that her inner muscles of the ass hole have been ruptured due to entry of enormous cocks and bleeding.
She got much panicked but slowly she made her mind cool and quiet. She needed to see a Doctor.

Dr. Sunita Gupta, a senior Lady Doctor and Medicine Specialist was very close friend of her Mom and their family Doctor. She made a call through their Telephone and got an immediate appointment with her in after noon.
She had some general knowledge so she called her maids and ordered them for lukewarm water. She cleaned her entire body perfectly by taking bath. She soaked a towel with lukewarm water and applied softly in her entire body. She also rubbed the ice cubes resulting the swell and bruise in her body reduced. She applied some lip curing ointment in her lips.
She reached the Doctor’s clinic in scheduled time. The nurse ushered her to inside. Dr. Sunita was waiting for her. “Good afternoon… Dr. Aunty… , ” she greeted.
“Usha! How r u? How is your Mom? ‘’ asked Dr. Sunita.
Then she asked “what’s the problem? Usha… tell me in details. ”
Usha replied “Dr. Aunty… last evening… I was walking beside the Road… suddenly. I got stumbled and my right foot slipped on the edge of Drain and I fell in the Drain. My entire body was bruised and soaked with drain water even some drops of drain water entered inside my mouth. In the morning, I found the skin of my body infected with swollen patches; even inside my mouth including my tongue is also infected. Then there is another problem, due to my hard stool, may be the internal muscles of my rectum have been ruptured as it is bleeding”
Dr. Sunita examined the patches only on her hands… Thank… God… Dr. has not asked her to remove her dress for a close examination. Dr. Sunita called the attending Nurse and instructed her to get the blood of Usha be tasted and get the report immediately. Usha waited for half an hour. Then Dr. Sunita called her, the Blood Report of Usha was on her clinical Desk.
“Don’t worry.. Usha… the problem is not so serious… yours inside mouth and skin are infected by bacteria of Drain… I am prescribing some anti biotic medicines and Tubes to be applied on your Body… Hope you will get well soon”


The attending Nurse injected her some strong anti biotic medicines. At home, she applied anti-infection tubes on her skin, lips and inside her ass hole. Within 15 days. She regained her health… she recovered her smooth glowing skin, her nipples were healed up and the bleeding got stopped in her internal ass hole.

One day, after four months, Usha was going to college by her car. They were just crossing the road near Bus stop, the Driver suddenly put the brake and the car was halted with jerking due to heavy jammed traffic ahead. Suddenly she noticed three persons very near to her car was talking themselves and smoking Biries beside two Rickshwas. They were Raman, Ramu and Raju. Their eyes met with the eyes of Usha, they all were taken aback, their eyes widened with surprise, their lips were moving to say something but the car suddenly moved forward due to clearance of traffic. Usha smiled.In another incident, in the similar manner, she was going to college and her car halted in front of the Level crossing, waiting for the oncoming train to cross over the road. Suddenly she heard a knock on the left side door window screen. An old dirty beggar with disheveled white hairs & beard was begging and requesting her “Madam… Please… donate some money to this poor beggar… madam… please”.
Usha picked out a Fifty rupee note from her purse, lifted the window screen and gave money to the Beggar.
“Thanks.. Madam.. God bless you’’ the Beggar said and then he stared at her very intently, he was bewildered, struck dumb.. It was Haria. Usha was very much surprised and intended to say something but the words could not come out from her mouth. The Train had crossed the Road and the car moved ahead slowly.
—— ————————–
Usha came back to reality from her reminiscence. She proceeded towards the corridor and stopped near the bed room of her elder brother Aditya. She rapped the door with hard knocking and said in a loud voice
“Bhabhi (Sister in- law)… Wake up… wake up… it is morning… papa is waiting for tea in the Terrace. Mom has already prepared the tea and kept it in kitchen room. She is in Puja Room and I am going to take bath. Please serve the tea to papa immediately”. Then she left for Bathroom.


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