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Sometimes shit just happens. Maybe it happens for a reason, maybe it’s just the perfect confluence of events. In my case I honestly believe it was just that, the latter. An unseen force guiding me through life, steering me to and through events which shaped my future and ultimately my life.

This is the story of how I went from a normal, pussy chasing asshole to being the property of a well-hung black gentleman.

You can’t make this shit up folks. What follows is a true story. Only names have been changed to protect my old friends and my new man.

At 18 I was gung-ho for my country. After the terror attacks of 9/11, I decided to join the Marines to do something. When they asked me at the recruiting office what I wanted to do, I told them I wanted to be a medic. The Sargent laughed when I answered his question asking me why. I told him I wanted to kill bad guys and save the good guys.

He sent me to the Navy. That’s where, after boot camp I was accepted into Corp School. 5 months later I was doing my practical applications at a Naval Hospital. That stint should have lasted no more than 6 months. Unfortunately for me I was stuck there for almost 2 years. While on liberty, I met a woman who it turned out to be the start of the confluence. We dated for a while and she eventually moved in with me. Let’s call her Kathy.

When I finally got my orders to be attached to the Marines, their Fleet Marine Force (FMF) to be exact it was more training. First, those of us who came over from the Nav. had to learn about weapons and how to use them and how to clean them. Once we completed our initial training we were assigned to a company.

I thought this was great. Now I get to go kick some terrorist ass.

Not to be. I was left marching through swamps and woods with my company. Camping out in the rain for days at a time as we played our war games. As the company medic I had to deal with chiggers and blisters.

Eventually Kathy and I got married. We discussed it decided to make a baby. That’s all it took for me to get orders overseas. The first letter I got from my wife was that we were successful. She was pregnant.

After going through hell for nearly a year, the details of which I won’t bore you with, I was at last coming home. I would home a month before our son would be born. Now I was very excited about becoming a daddy. I spent what little money I didn’t put into Kathy’s allotment on foreign baby clothes and other baby stuff.

Just before jumping off station I received a last letter from Kathy. The essence was, we were done, finished, kaput. Well, she was done with me. Her exact words were, “don’t look for me when you get back. I won’t be there.” I’ll never forget reading that line as long as I live. I say that because that letter nearly killed me. Ripped my guts right out of me.

When I got back to my off-base rental, divorce papers were waiting for me. My car wasn’t. Strange as this may sound, she didn’t take it. The note that accompanied the divorce papers said she had stored it. She gave it to someone I didn’t know to keep for me. The bitch didn’t tell me who or where though.

Besides that, the cunt cleaned out our bank accounts. I came home broke. 6 more months remained on my enlistment and I was as broke as a dead dick dog.

In the divorce papers she asked me to send her things to her parents. Shit. Fuck that. What I couldn’t sell I gave away. What no one wanted I threw away. In the trash with her crap went the divorce papers.

In the crapper went me.

I drank and popped pain pills for a week before a corpsman buddy stopped by. Manny helped me pull my act together and together we went looking for my car. Now that may sound like a fantasy but where we were stationed was a very rural place. We went from one small housing development to another when we spotted my car in someone’s driveway. I knocked on the door and the guy who answered seemed like we were disturbing him.

That’s all I needed was a redneck giving me shit. He told me he had taken the battery out of my car and put it in his truck because his truck battery died. Manny and I jumped into action.

I used my spare key to grab some tools I had in a box in the trunk while Manny was popping the hood of the truck. Old redneck stood by cussing us while we removed my battery from his truck and put it in my car. Like I gave a fuck how he’d get to work the next day.

I have no idea how long that car was idle but she started right off. With a “fuck you too,” to our redneck friend, Manny and I drove off in our respective vehicles. For his help, I gave the newly wed Manny and his wife my exe’s sewing machine and an antique mirrored dresser.

Fuck Kathy. Fuck her lawyer too. I ain’t signing a God damned thing.

I went back to my house and stayed drunk for three more days. Oh yeah, I chased the bourbon with a healthy dose of Vicodin and played every sad song I’d ever heard.

After a month or so I was snapped out of the funk by some other buddies who dragged me to a party güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of sorts. Basically, it was just a bunch of guys and a couple women smoking weed and shootin the shit.

One of the ladies caught my eye. Her name is Susan. For the purpose of this story I’ll call her Sue to save me some typing.

Sue, I learned came down from somewhere in Illinois. Her sole reason for coming to a military town was to meet guys. Now some call those types “dependoppoptami”. That’s because they’re looking to be the dependent wives of service men. Typical of those women, they tend to become extremely large. So large as a matter of fact, that there’s a story going around that one of them trying to turn her husband on, dropped her panties to her feet. Unfortunately for him, even with her panties pooled at her feet, her pussy was still in them. No shit. Can you imagine the snail trail she leaves behind her as she trundles naked from the shower to the refrigerator? Enough yeast in that nasty pussy to make a loaf of bread.

Man, fuck this sandwich I have going right now.

Hence the name dependoppoptamus.

Now the black service guys loved them some fat white bitches. I am not making this stuff up. I know because several guys I knew told me how after I went overseas, Kathy could be seen with different soul brothers. Back then I was pretty much color blind. Now, however, I can see the allure. But I digress.

They told me that Kathy had gotten fat and was entertaining the troops, the black troops.

Back to Sue. We hit it off very well and pretty fast. She knew I was short timing it and it was okay with her for both of us to get the hell out of this military town to some place a tad more civilized.

She and I smoked plenty of dope together. We sang together. We fucked like rabbits too. When my time was up, I mustered out one August morning and she and I split for the left coast.

One stop in Illinois to meet the folks was followed by a nice drive to San Francisco baby. The city by the bay. Baghdad by the sea. Back then it was still expensive. I mean rent for a one-bedroom apartment cost dollar, dollar bills man. You could make it rain for the landlords and it wasn’t enough.

Sue got one job, I got two. Working my ass off and going to school trying to play catch-up after four years in the service.

It was a little more than two years later when Sue and I got married on Mount Tamalpais in Marin County. We spent little on the occasion and had a two-day honeymoon because we both had to get back to work.

I won’t tell you how, but I discovered cocaine. Where you been all my life girl? Sue stayed with grass. Me, I “powdered” my nose frequently.

I also tried some other things just to be able to stay awake and study, wink, wink. But that’s not really germane to this saga. I mention it so that the reader might understand how my life went from super patriot to the gentle spirit I’ve become.

Eventually Sue tired of my being gone all the time. Here I was, working toward a future. Going after a much-needed college education on the GI Bill and working two jobs to pay the exorbitant rent.

My wife of only one year began going out with her girlfriends from work. Yeah. Uh huh.

San Francisco is a diverse city. I think it also has the largest gay community this side of Provincetown Cape Cod. If you didn’t already know that, you should get out more. Leave the comfy confines of your parents’ basement, put down your I phone, go outside and familiarize yourself with the world around you.

Now I must be truthful here. I did find some of those gay bois kind of cute in a swishy sort of way. I can state with authority that they are lots of fun to party with. The dick grabbing and ass grabbing aside, the drugs were plentiful and those guys are great fun.

I guess I should say “us guys” but that would spoil the ending.

One night after working at both jobs, I got home to find a black man, a very large black man, cock deep in my wife Sue.

Girlfriends from work my ass.

She was so into her fuck that she didn’t notice me. Not until I went to the closet to get my clothes did she do anything other than throw her pussy at her lover. Had she any class she might have stopped fucking, jumped up and tried to apologize. You know, say shit like “this isn’t what you think” or some other weak assed garbage.

Not Sue. No way. Instead her very large black man jumped up. With his very large black cock standing very tall and very proud, he asked me if there was going to be a problem.

It was me who apologized for interrupting them. Did I say he was very large?

He told me to get the fuck out which I did as quickly as I could. I left with Sue’s laughter ringing in my ears, yelling something about me being a little pink dicked asshole or something to that effect.

Two wives, both of whom went black. Now I don’t confess to be the sharpest knife in the block but even my coked-up self could see a pattern forming here.

I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri drove down 101 near the airport and checked into a cheap motel. If you think I jacked off to the lingering image of Sue’s legs wrapped around his very large black torso, you’d be correct. So fuck you. It was sexy as hell. A couple rails and a nice, slow masturbation did little to ease my bruised ego.

It was time to do some soul searching. I checked myself out in the full-length mirror this cheap motel had. My dick might be average for a white dude but it didn’t hold a candle to the cock I’d seen bobbing and weaving on Sue’s lover.

Damn it all.

Sue called me at work the next evening. I tried to be angry but some shit I had up my nose mellowed me out. She never did say she was sorry. It was more like, “it’s about time you figured it out. You’ve been slurping down his fuck sauce for months now.”

But wait. There’s more.

“You think I shaved my pussy for you? Are you really that dense johnnie? Derrick told me he likes his women shaved down there. I did it for him. Not you.”

“And all those evenings out with your girlfriends from work,? I asked.

“Yeah, well about that. Who do you think introduced me to Derrick?”

I did tell her to have Derrick pay for the divorce. “That mother fucker fucks my wife and drinks my liquor Sue. I ain’t buying him a drink for fucking you. He owes me that much.”

In the end, we agreed to disagree and we went our separate ways.

My choices in women were pushing me to my destiny.

It was very difficult for me to fathom another broken marriage. Alone, hurt, confused, I piled my clothes into my car and drove East. I stopped in Las Vegas because, well, it’s Las Vegas. After losing a few dollars I got the hell out of there before they got the rest. I learned in one visit that casino gambling isn’t for me.

Kind of like marriage.

I’ve listened to many a lying mother fucker brag about winning hundreds if not thousands of dollars in Tahoe, Reno, Vegas. Don’t believe that shit. It’s just not gonna happen for you.

I spent a couple days in Albuquerque, NM where I managed to puke up the Peyote I managed to find. That fuckin chili I had for lunch was just as hot coming up as it was going down.

Can’t say I enjoyed the trip either. I mean I was incapacitated for most of that afternoon and evening. Who needs that? It didn’t help the pain I was in and now I had to wash my lunch out of the shirt I’d worn.

Somehow, I wound up in NYC. The big apple, the city that never sleeps. If you can make it there…

Fuck that shit too. It was like being in a concrete canyon. I’d never, not even in boot camp felt so damned crowded. I lasted there about a New York minute. The first time I went into a Madison Ave. bar and had to pay $15.00 for a glass of cheap wine I knew I was in the wrong place. I got the fuck out of there.

Something drew me to a place called Gaithersburg, MD. Found an apartment and got a pretty good job at an Engineering company.

I used to have lunch at the bar in a little restaurant near the office. I did have a drink with lunch but never too many. The bar tender was a petite, cute blonde named April.

Who names a kid April anyway?

I had to work my ass off before she let me fuck her. I dazzled her with bull shit but that didn’t work. So I copped to being fucked over by Sue. That bought me some pity pussy. Besides the ya, ya sisterhood, April would also share weed with me. The weed belonged to her live-in boyfriend. But according to April, they had an open relationship.

Come to think of it, I had two open relationships myself. I just didn’t know it.

Now I am not one for violence. Never was. But I have this live-in boyfriend looming over me. Taking one of his joints, I went to his and April’s apartment one day intent on meeting this guy.

It was not what I had anticipated. He was actually a nice guy and we hit it off immediately. He even joked about me offering to share his own grass with him after fucking his woman.

Who does that?

Now I am introduced to their circle of friends. They were a welcoming group and I fit right in.

Or so it seemed.

My grooming began with this bunch of people.

The crowd was as diverse as a group could be. White, black, straight, gay. Loose women, looser guys. Drugs were abundant. Grass, Angel dust, and coke flowed as smoothly as the Tennessee whiskey we drank. I thought San Fran was wild. This place was the shit.

I managed to hook up with Cindy who eventually moved in with me. But like the other women in our circle, she donated some pussy to the cause. Partners of both sexes were passed around like marijuana joints. Mini-orgies would break out late at night in our liquor and drug fueled get togethers.

It was in our apartment one night with me and Cindy, Tom, Bill, and Norman when I sucked a cock for the first time.

I have no idea what came over me when Bill placed his erection güvenilir bahis şirketleri on my lips. There was no hesitation in me. No resistance what so ever. I will say that the Exstacy may have freed me of my inhibitions.

Tom and Cindy were fucking. Tom and Cindy seemed always to be fucking. My attitudes had changed since Kathy dumped me for some big dicked black guy. Having seen Sue enjoying a big black cock it had occurred to me that maybe, just maybe I was missing something.

It had been on my mind.

Yeah, I was high. I, like the others had been drinking, smoking, and snorting for a lot of the evening. But I’m not using that as an excuse you see. All that substance abuse did was lubricate my slide into a “what the hell” frame of mind.

Bill is white. I must tell you that because I don’t want you to think my first time was with a brother.

Bill’s man, Norman is black. His would be my second cock.

I greeted Bill’s placing his hard-on on my lips with open jaws. It just happened I tell you. I’m lying on my bed beside my girlfriend who is fucking a mutual friend and I’m sucking the cock of our gay friend.

Bill guided me through my first blow job. Taking one of my hands, he placed it on his balls. He took my other hand and put that one on his ass.

How did I feel, you ask?

It’s hard to say. I do know that I felt better sucking Bill’s cock for him than I did the morning after.

It started early. The first words I heard the following morning were, “hey cock sucker. Put some coffee on.”

So that was a bit humiliating. I mean everybody was involved in sex the night before. Why was I being singled out?

I put the coffee on.

“Hey cock sucker. Got any coffee mate?”

“Hey cock sucker, this. Hey cock sucker that.”

It was meant good naturedly though. I had sucked a cock so their name calling had the ring of truth. What they didn’t know but would find out soon was that I liked it.

Okay, full disclosure. That I liked having a hard cock in my mouth surprised me too.

Soon Cindy had Tom feeding me his cock when came over to fuck her. I guess that happened three days after Bill initiated me. She liked seeing me with a dick in my mouth. Said it turned her on.

The boner I’d get when swallowing a dick made it clear that it turned me on as well.

So now cock sucking was becoming routine. Once word got out, it seemed I was in demand. Those who weren’t there that first night wanted to see it for themselves. To be 100% certain I was a cock sucker, they insisted I preform for them. Okay, fuck you out there. They wanted me to preform for them and on them.

Our group had never seen a straight boi getting turned out before. I was a novelty to them.

Bill returned for an encore performance and brought Norman with him.

That night would cement my future as a submissive cock sucker. Again, I could blame it on drugs and liquor but I’d be telling you an untruth.

I’d found my niche` so to speak. My cock sucking appealed to a specialized segment of the population.

At the start of Bill’s encore, he insisted that I be naked. I believe his exact words went like this. “A good cock sucker has nothing to hide. Get naked like all cock suckers do and let your friends see how excited you get johnnie.”

Well, maybe it was something like that.

I was on my knees doing my thing on Bill’s hard-on but at the same time I was eyeing Norman who was seated next to Bill and just as naked.

“Look at that mother fucker,” I heard Cindy say to the room.

I didn’t understand what the commotion was all about. I’d merely reached out and took Norman’s big black cock in my right hand and began the process of making it happy to see me.

There were 12 people there and all of them wanted to see if it was true. To see if I really had begun to suck cocks.

Bill sat back on the couch, his arms spread out, enjoying his creation. “I knew johnnie would suck cocks the first time I laid eyes on him.”


“Look at him. He likes it. His little dick is drooling with excitement. Isn’t that right johnnie?”

I pulled myself off his delicious cock and looked around at my audience. “What can I say? I plead insanity. I’m crazy about this shit.”

Laughter exploded as I returned to the task at hand.

Bill finally fucked his load down my throat and I knew where I was headed next.

I looked at Norman, my eyes asking the question.

His warm, welcoming smile said it all. I moved between his knees and looked at what would become my future.

Using my left hand, I hefted his big heavy balls. I liked feeling them churn. I leaned in and kissed them gently. Then with my tongue out I lapped the dark shaft up to the bulbous head.

My aha moment came when I took him in my mouth. The click in my brain was almost audible. The sight of my white hand grasping that large, powerful black cock nearly overwhelmed me.

I was oblivious to the people and the noise around me. Nothing else mattered to me but giving pleasure to Norman’s crotch. A cock so magnificent that I was immediately addicted to it. Black cocks would haunt me in the days to come. Not in a scary way though.

It was more than a desire to suck it. I became obsessed with the idea of being owned by one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32