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******All characters are 18 years old or older. Just a heads up though. There is some ass to mouth action at the end of the story. So if you do not like that, this may not be the story for you. I welcome comments (even if anonymous), feedback, and story requests******

Jacob’s dad and mom were gone for the weekend. He had hoped that it would turn into a weekend that he would never forget but so far it had only succeeded in being a major disappointment. It was now 2 AM on Saturday night and the only thing he had done all weekend was play with his 360.

That’s not completely true, earlier this day he had beaten off to a picture of his sister, Heather. The girl was put together. She had a deep tan to go with long brown hair and green eyes. She had a slim hourglass shape to her with legs that were taut yet curvy. Despite the fact that her ass looked like two Christmas hams, you could bounce quarters off of it.

While her entire body had sexy written all over it, it was her breasts that drew all the attention. Like her mom, she had some of the biggest natural tits a fit girl could possibly have. Jacob knew the girl shopped at special stores for her bras. The 34-DD’s that she wore 8th grade were no longer useful to her. Her tits looked like mutant cantaloupes, sitting high on her chest. They were shaped much like Katie Price’s tits, before she had the reduction, only with a few more cup sizes added on.

Just as Jacob was about to locate the picture of Heather at the beach again, he heard a car pull up in the driveway. He heard a girl stumble out of it. He realized that his sister was home, and from the sound of it was drunk off her curvaceous ass. Heather struggled with her keys but eventually Jacob heard her burst through the front door. He could hear her mumbling to herself as she stumbled about.

Jacob switched the lights off in his room and opened the door up a crack to spy on his sister. She made her way down the hallway where Jacob could see her. She appeared to be too inebriated to comprehend what was going on. The girl was obviously horny as hell. She was drunkenly rubbing her pussy over her clothes as she muttered something about needing cock.

She continued down the hallway, using the walls like bumpers down a bowling lane. She opened her bedroom door and began to undress while neglecting to close the door. She took her top off, nearly toppling herself over in the process. She unhinged her bra but kept her back aimed at Jacob’s spying eyes. She lifted her hands and began molesting her own chest, moaning with delight. Jacob began touching himself, wishing his sister would turn around so he could finally see those melons he had jacked off to so many times.

Finally she turned, and Jacob saw Heather’s enormous chest. Her young age kept her monstrous boobs suspended high on her chest. They had to weight 10 pounds apiece and her nipples along had to be three inches in diameter. Heather massaged her tits as she lifted them to her mouth. She drunkenly tried to suck on her own nipples but lacked the coordination to suck on them for an extended period of time.

Eventually she turned back around and slid her skintight jeans off, bringing her panties along for the ride. She feverishly fingered herself as Jacob started stroking his cock. She bent over at the waist as her tits came back into view while bouncing off her chin. She reached behind her and lightly fingered her asshole.

“OHHH. I just want someone to eat my ass!” she complained loudly.

Jacob could hardly believe it. His sister’s tits were marvelous, and her shaved, taut, dripping pussy was delightful; but she had an ass to die for. It was as tan as the rest of her, as it, like her chest, sat suspended by her age. Her butthole was tiny and looked to be virgin. bahis firmaları This girl put Playboy Playmates to shame.

When she stood back up, the rush of blood to her head must have been too much because she fell face first onto her bed. She passed out, but Jacob could still see his sister’s legs spread wide open. His sister’s delicious asshole was calling him. He knew there was no denying it; it had to be done. She would never remember any of it anyway, and besides she had said she wanted someone to eat her ass out. He stood up quietly and walked into her room.

She moaned in her slumber, “Yeah….lick it good. Then fuck it!”

Jacob hesitated, thinking he might have woken her up. He regained his confidence and dimmed the lights. He crawled up on Heather’s queen size bed and positioned his face a few inches above her bum. It was luscious, but it was obvious she had the drunk sweats. Her ass was glistening with dew, as Jacob brought his face down and took it all in.

Jacob took his tongue and gently placed it at the base of his sister’s ass. She sighed excitedly, still unconscious. He lightly traced Heather’s juicy ass crack with the tip of his tongue, as his sister shivered with delight. He took his hands and firmly grabbed both of her cheeks. They were incredibly firm for how sizeable they were. They only word that seemed appropriate to Jacob was succulent.

He began to play with her ass and eventually mouthed every square inch of her scandalous behind while carefully avoiding her asshole with his mouth. She was climbing an unconscious hill of ecstasy, as her unknown lover teased her by never giving her what she really needed. He licked up and down her crack, stopping just short of her perfect butthole. She couldn’t take it. Every time his tongue approached her yearning asshole, she would thrust it towards him, trying in vain to make him lick her asshole.

Finally, she felt him pull back and separate her generous cheeks with his hands. He bent down and lightly breathed on her over-heating butthole. She quieted down, knowing the release was coming. Jacob dipped his tongue ever so slightly into her yearning asshole as she cried with liberation.

He outlined his tongue around her circle before plunging it forcefully on his sister’s red-hot asshole. Heather went crazy as her unknown lover lapped at her asshole. She was sent into a pulsating, drunken orgasm simply from her brother’s tongue skillfully playing with her asshole. Her intoxicated screams sounded like the horniest porn star being pleasured beyond her what she imagined to be possible.

Once her screams died down, Jacob continued to eat her asshole as Heather drifted back to drunken slumber. Jacob decided it was time to roll her over and see those legendary tits. He flipped her over and saw her tits jiggle with excitement. He undressed himself and then buried his face in her cleavage. They were much less firm than her ass but it was glorious.

He sucked on her nipples and tried to fit as much of them in his mouth as he could. After a few minutes of playing with his sister’s watermelonesque breasts he decided it was time for a boobjob. He slid his rock-hard, 9 inch cock between her tits and pushed them together. They were so large that they completely enveloped his usually dominating member. As he slid back and forth, Heather began moaning again. Apparently deriving pleasure from a cock sliding between her mountainous tits.

She moaned without opening her eyes, “Cum on my face! I’m slut, I want it on my face!”

Jacob could not resist, he had all night to play with her, so why not cum on her face now. He built himself up and then positioned his cock over her face. He unleashed a feverish amount of jizz on his sister’s face. The first pulse strung kaçak iddaa from her forehead to her chin. After feeling the cum splattering on her face, Heather began to breathe heavily. Jacob continued to drench his sister’s face with his seed as she begged for it.

After he was dry, Heather started drifting back off to a drunken slumber, this time with a cum soaked face. Jacob wanted to get hard again, so he climbed off her and laid head to toe beside her. He rolled her on top on him in the 69 position. Her slid her down so her legs dangled off the bed while her crotch was square on his face. Heather’s glazed face was passed out on his now limp cock.

Jacob reached around his sister’s waist with both hands and spread her legs further apart. He dived in, licking her clit, which sent his sister into another drunken frenzy. His cock began to stiffen underneath his sister’s cheek when he starting eating her ass again. Heather woke up in a drunken stupor with the cock thickening beneath her cum soaked face. She consciously acknowledged the talented tongue pleasuring her genitals and her ass.

Her drunken mind was too horny to anything but attempt to bury this cock in her mouth despite having no idea whose it was. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen but that did not stop her from sliding it all the way down her throat. She gagged hard as the cock cut off her air supply. She did not care. She brought both hands up and massaged the man’s balls while choking on this throbbing cock.

The man beneath had moved his tongue from her ass to her clit now and was doing a wonderful job. Eventually she tasted cum and realized that someone had already blown a massive load on her face. The thought of being such a slut sent her over the edge as she climaxed once again. This time her climax was aided by the tongue-lashing her clit was taking and the self-choking act she was pulling on this cock. As she came, her throat pulsated rapidly around Jacob’s 9-inch cock, which was now touching the base of her neck.

After she finished cumming, she unhinged her lips from the base Jacob’s cock and slid the four inches of dick that was buried down her throat out. She had covered this massive cock in drool as she gagged her way to an orgasm. She laid back down as her head was spinning from the booze and lack of air. Jacob shimmed his way from out underneath her and walked behind his sister.

She was passed out again but Jacob was not done. He took his rigid cock and slid it between her sweaty ass cheeks. She subconsciously realized what was coming and moaned with delight. He continued to dry hump her ass as she geared up for the ass pounding coming her way.

Jacob then rested the head of his cock on the tight circle that was his sister’s asshole. He pushed it in slowly as Jacob listened to the sound of his sister’s ass creak open as it tried to swallow his thick cock. The walls of her ass groaned loudly as Heather began to consciously realize she was getting the anal fucking she had always wanted. Jacob felt his sister’s ass suction wrap itself around his cock as he tried to bury his cock deeper in his sister’s ass.

Eventually, Heather’s ass muscles surrendered and allowed this penetrative force in even deeper. Her brother’s cock was now forcing its 9-inch length all the way down her virgin ass. Once his dick was completely buried within her ever-expanding ass, he pulled it out slowly, assisted by her ass muscles that looked for relief. They both took in the smell of nasty sex as Jacob’s sister licked the cum that Jacob had deposited earlier off her lips.

Now that she was used to his cock in her ass, Jacob began fucking her. He would slide his entire length nearly out of her before thrusting it balls deep inside her ass. He fucked hard so kaçak bahis his balls would slap up against her over-heated pussy whenever the base of his penis reached her stretched asshole.

By this time, Heather began to sober up and was approaching a state that could be deemed as awake. She was loving every second of the ass-fucking she was receiving when it hit her that she had no idea whose dick was planted in her asshole. This thought alone made her even hornier. Finally, she looked back with her cum glazed face.

“JACOB!” she screamed as he rammed his cock back down her virgin ass chute. “Oh my God! FUCK MY ASS HARDER!”

She couldn’t believe how turned on she was from having her brother plow her ass with his massive cock. She could feel herself coming to another climax but wanted to turn it up a notch.

“Jacob, promise me you will cum in my mouth after you get through fucking my ass!” she cried out.

“Fine sis. I’ll blow my load down your throat the moment I pull it out of your slutty ass.”

Heather launched into an orgasmic frenzy after her brother promised to ass to mouth her. Her ass clenched up rhythmically as her body shook with pleasure. Jacob felt himself wanting to cum as his sister’s ass glided up and down his rock-hard shaft. He withheld as Heather’s frenzy came to an end. Jacob pushed his cock as deep as it would go into his sister’s ass.

“You want this cock in your mouth now huh? Come on sis, you are such a fucking slut.”

With that Heather turned around and sat down on the bed with her massive tits bouncing in every direction. She looked up at her brother, smiled, played with her tits and brought her face within an inch of her brother’s throbbing cock. Jacob could feel his sister’s hot breath on his stiff cock as she started fingering her dripping pussy. She opened her mouth as wide as it would go and stuck her tongue out. She used her free hand to grab Jacob’s ass and pulled her brother’s cock ever closer to her cum covered face.

Heather let her brother’s cock, which had been fucking her as not one minute before; break the seal of her mouth. However, with her mouth so wide open, his cock had yet to touch anything but her heavy, hot breath. Heather looked up and made eye contact with Jacob as she continued to envelop his cock with no contact whatsoever.

Jacob stared at his sister’s heaving tits as she was seemingly smiling at him with his cock millimeters away from her tonsils. As soon as Heather felt the cock her bother had just plowed her ass with touch the back of her throat, she crashed her lips around his cock and sucked as hard as she could. She then swallowed his dick again; shoving the tip of her brother’s cock several inches down her throat.

She fingered her self enthusiastically, having her ass to mouth fantasy fulfilled by her brother’s monster cock. Her throat began spasm again as she climaxed for the final time at the realization of swallowing a cock straight out of her ass. This time she was not alone, as her brother unleashed a stream of cum deep within her throat. This made Heather cum even harder as she felt the powerful torrent of cum coat her insides. Jacob’s orgasm was intense as his sister hummed with delight at the thought of finally having any cock cum down her throat, much less one that had just been submerged deep inside her asshole.

After they both came down, Heather felt the cock go flaccid in her mouth as it retreated from her throat. She continued to suck on it only stopping to ask, “Do you mind if I just suck on your dick a little longer?”

“Sure sis. But only if I get to play with those massive tits after.” Jacob said.

Heather responded by moaning and sucking harder. Obviously turned on by the proposition.

Jacob continued as his sister bobbed up and down on his cock, which was coming back to life in response to his sister’s powerful sucking, “I wonder if mom will join us when she gets back.”

Heather responded by moaning and sucking harder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32