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Reuben rifled her fingers through her brown hair which had naturally occurring ginger tints and exhaled cigarette smoke into the summer night air. Her head was pounding from the heavy bass from inside the gay club in Soho. It had been a crazy evening so far and she needed some space away from the writhing bodies in the sexually fuelled atmosphere inside. She had just left her friends to go out to the smoking area when she saw something of a vision.

A delightful laugh rang out which had caught her attention and she was further bowled over by a stunning beauty. This vision was around the same height as Reuben but that was as close a comparison as could be made. This girl’s figure took her breath away; she could see the girl’s body was slim and tight through her skin tight black dress that moulded to her breasts and firm ass. The dress cut off six inches above the knee and displayed smooth olive skinned legs on black heels that made Reuben’s mouth water.


Feeling as if she was being watched Emilia looked around for the source and saw an androgynous looking girl who, in sum, was devouring her with her eyes which twisted her stomach with excitement. She continued to observe her predator and noted the toned frame, clothed in tight black jeans and a loose vest top that exposed her sides down her ribs and almost to her hips. Emilia caught herself as she imagined how easy it would be just to slide her hands into the sides of the vest and feel the tight stomach beneath. She shook herself and looked intently into the face of her admirer, she guessed the girl must have been around her own age so maybe 20-22 years old. Her predator’s hair was just above her shoulders that she had layered heavily on one side which added volume to it and had shaved a strip across the other. Her face had high cheekbones and a small button nose. She was hot. That much was obvious, and it was surprising her how much it excited her being checked out by the clearly oblivious girl.


Having mentally undressed the girl, Reuben realised a foreign pair of eyes were staring intently back at her and quickly looked up to meet the stare.

The connection felt electric and the world blurred into the distance; Reuben forgot to breathe while she was lost in the dark intelligent looking eyes that matched her own intensity. And like that, it was over, “Ru!”, Reuben’s friends rowdily came outside and called to her to join them. Snapping her out of her trance to look over to where her name was being called and when she looked back the girl had returned to her conversation.

Feeling slightly irritated the magic moment had ended because of her drunk friends she re-lit her cigarette and sauntered off to her boisterous friends. She made a mental note to find the girl once she wasn’t surrounded by her friends and continued to join the conversation her friends were having. They went back into the club after they had finished their cigarettes and began dancing. Reuben was enjoying herself; buying a few more drinks and dancing with her friends but even then, could not help herself scouting out the area for the dark haired beauty. She was only able to catch glimpses of the sexy stranger who was circled within her friends and was receiving the predatory stares of onlookers. Reuben couldn’t blame them, from what she was able to see from the brief glimpses the girl clearly knew how to dance; swaying her hips and holding handfuls of her luscious hair. Reuben let out a deep breath when she realised again this girl had stopped her breathing. Damn she had it bad. Feeling a little too flustered she decided to go out for another cigarette to cool down.

What was going on?! She was always on her game while she was out and had been unable to focus on anyone other than a girl she had ‘a moment’ with and a few glimpses of. Again, feeling irritated she lit up and inhaled deeply on her cigarette. It was then she heard an accented voice from behind her “You know cigarettes are bad for you?”

Almost scared of turning round Reuben looked back to see who had spoken to her to see the night’s vision smiling at her.

Getting herself together Reuben replied “I can think of a few things that are bad for me not that that will stop me,” and she winked at the girl. Which the girl answered with a blush at the insinuation. Now that she was up close Reuben noted the girl was maybe two or three inches smaller than her own 5’7. Additionally, she could smell the girl’s Paco Rabanne perfume that ignited her lust for her even more so. Their eyes were locked on each other in an intense gaze .

“So then beautiful, you wanna tell me your name?”


“Very nice, guessing you’re maybe Italian? Or Spanish possibly?”

Emilia laughed the laugh that had caught Reuben’s attention to start with, “I might be Italian maybe,” she smiled “And you’re Ru?”

Shocked, Reuben felt her stomach do a somersault hearing Emilia say her name. She was also surprised that the girl even knew her name.

Registering the shock on Reuben’s face, Emilia backed up with “Oh I heard your friends call out your bahis firmaları name,” and she giggled.

This drew a slight smile to Reuben’s face “Didn’t realise you were listening so closely, must have seen something you liked eh. And yeah, it’s Reuben but my friends call me Ru.”

Quick as anything Emilia replied “Well Reuben, I noticed you saw something you liked judging by the looks you were sending me from inside” and flicked her head back in the direction of the club. She moved a little closer and added in a quieter voice “I don’t think what I want with you is very friendly Reuben,” and winked.

Reuben felt her jaw tighten as she fought for control over her body, this girl wanted her, and she wanted her back. Her mind flew back to imagining Emilia’s tight lithe body swaying. Emilia looked at Reuben intently, watching her reactions closely and interpreted them as encouraging so she pushed her luck a little further. She took a step closer, leaning into Reuben’s ear and whispered “If you’d like, you could dance with me and imagine what you want to do with me a little closer.” With that she reached her hand down, tracing her fingers down Reuben’s arm into her hand and led her back into the club.

Reuben’s blood was on fire; Emilia whispering in her ear sent shivers down her spine and then the delicate fingers running down her arm left tingling traces of the path they’d taken. On top of it all, the proposition to dance up close and fantasize about what she wanted to do to the brunette left her stunned and horny. Now walking back into the club holding Emilia’s soft olive skinned hand and following closely behind Reuben watched a mesmerising show. Emilia’s ass was swaying seductively in front of her that made her want to grab a hold and sink her fingers into her hips. Reuben was aware of the jealous stares daggered her way for having being chosen by the beauty.

Emilia lifted her arm that was holding Reuben’s hand over her head to wrap around her waist bringing their bodies tightly together. She could feel her ass sensuously grinding into Reuben’s jeans. Leaving Reuben’s hand wrapped around her waist she brought her hand back up to reach into Reuben’s hair.

Reuben was on a hazy cloud nine; the music was thumping, she had a buzz from the alcohol, it was dark except for the strobe lights and this gorgeous girl was sexily swaying and grinding herself against her own body, as well as, pulling her hair closer. She could not help her hands from roaming over Emilia’s torso and down her hips and a little over her thighs. Her head was also painfully close to the beauty, breathing in the smell of her hair and perfume, it was intoxicating. She brought her lips to Emilia’s neck and nibbled the soft flesh beneath her ear. Emilia’s body responded to the touch by grinding her ass harder into Reuben.

Emilia couldn’t handle the building sexual tension and spun round wrapping her arms around Reuben’s neck pulling her into a deep kiss.Their soft lips came together and Emilia could feel the electric spark again running through her body and making her pussy throb. Breathlessly she pulled away “Let’s get out of here.” Not waiting for a response she led Reuben out of the club. Reuben barely had chance to spot her friends, and grinned at them when they realised what was happening. They knew she’d be having a good night and cheered after her like the drunken students they were.

Once outside, Reuben struggled to keep her hands off Emilia, she pushed her back into a wall and pulled her face into another heady kiss. Emilia used this opportunity to move her hands through the sides of Reuben’s vest and drag her nails down the toned tummy and running her fingers along the waistband of her CK boxers. Reuben could have fucked her right there, right then, but, she had a firm idea of where they would end up and how she’d get this beauty to scream for her. Reluctantly backing up and breathing hard she took out her phone to call a taxi to take them to her flat. Leading Emilia, she held her hand and walked towards the taxi pick up point.

Emilia loved the authoritative aura Reuben gave off around her; taking what she wanted, and tonight, that was her. Raking her fingers down Reuben’s toned stomach had made her mind race; imagining how the strength could be used later. She enjoyed playing games but ultimately she wanted to be dominated. She wanted to drive Reuben mad with desire for her, that was partly why she had danced so provocatively in the club to get Reuben’s attention and then to make her want her above anything else she had desired. She too had ideas about what she wanted to happen tonight and unconscious smile spread across her face. They were soon in the back of a taxi and Reuben was giving the driver directions to her flat. Emilia just listened to Reuben’s voice that was lower than her own and laced with a husky lust. It excited her knowing she had gotten under Reuben’s skin and had filled her with desire. Suddenly the nerve endings in her thigh jolted her from her daydream as she felt a warm hand make its way under her dress and rub her thigh up and down; each time getting kaçak iddaa closer to her soaking lace panties. It was driving her mad feeling the hand get so close to where she needed it to reach and hearing Reuben’s lustful voice continue a conversation with the driver who was totally oblivious to the goings on in the backseat. She knew she was wet, she was throbbing and aching for the release. She needed Reuben’s touch.

Reuben was enjoying taking back control. All night she had felt Emilia was playing her and it had knocked her off her game. Now in the back of a dark taxi she had pounced on the opportunity to play with Emilia. Stroking the inside of her thigh, Reuben had felt the dark haired girl jump at her touch and the little gasps when she moved further up her leg. She marvelled at the smoothness of Emilia’s legs and couldn’t help but wonder what else was smooth. How she was able to focus on directions was a mystery to her when her mind was focussed entirely on feeling Emilia’s hot skin and what was hidden under her dress. Reuben recognised their surroundings and realised they were close to her flat, never stopping the rhythmic journey up and down Emilia’s thigh, she slowly reached up her thigh and grazed the lace of her panties, drawing a sharp intake of breath from Emilia.

The taxi parked, the lights turned on and the hand was removed. Emilia gathered herself together and got out. Reuben quickly followed after paying the driver and led her to her door.

The flat was small but well maintained; the bedroom overlapped with the living room so there was a double bed, chest of drawers, a sofa and a large desk that had a TV and speakers. There was also small kitchen and even tinier bathroom. With such a compact space it would be hard to become messy.

Standing in the bedroom/living room they shared another kiss. Pulling away Reuben asked Emilia to fetch a bottle wine from the fridge as she needed to nip to the bathroom.

So Emilia did as asked, Reuben put some low music on and rustled around her drawers and then disappeared into the bathroom. She knew Emilia would be after something in particular tonight and she planned on exceeding those expectations.

She reappeared to find Emilia sipping a glass of wine, swaying her hips to the low music and looking at the photos she had taken as a hobby. Every time she saw Emilia it became her new favourite image of the girl. Now in the gentle light of her flat and moving sensuously to the music she could see the silhouette of Emilia’s tight body and long dark hair swaying gently. She struggled to suppress a grin as she thought of what was in store for them that night. Moving swiftly and quietly she came up behind the beauty and grinded herself into Emilia’s ass and wrapped her arms around the smaller girl.

Emilia had been gazing at the photos that had clearly been taken by Reuben. There were quite a few micro shots but there were also a couple of risque photos of a model in various states of undress. Reuben clearly had a certain way of looking at the world and it made her wonder how Reuben had devoured her with her eyes the first time they’d seen each other. Heat warmed her stomach and pussy at the memory and jumped at Reuben’s touch. She hadn’t realised she was no longer alone.

Her body warmed all over at the touch of Reuben and renewed the aching she had felt in the taxi ride; she wanted more of those fingers on her body. Emilia felt Reuben’s arms wrap around her stomach and hips. She could feel her head being nudged to the side and lifted her hair up and out of the way of the insistent head determined to reach her neck. Tingles spread across her neck as a trace of a hot wet tongue made a pathway from her collarbone following her jugular and up to her ear. And the nibbling of her ear that gave her goosebumps. A sigh escaped her lips and melted into Reuben’s taller frame. It was then she noted a foreign bulge pressed into her ass and a small smile curved her lips as she recognised why Reuben had disappeared.

A revived sense of desire filled her being and she ground herself back into Reuben offering her neck even further. She loved giving herself and being dominated by a person who wanted, even needed her. It gave her a different sense of power and she revelled in it.

Spinning herself around Emilia was met with intense dark eyes, she held the stare as she pushed Reuben slowly back onto her sofa. Knowing the effect her dancing had on the taller girl she intended to make this a night to be remembered. She straddled Reuben and trapped her in a hypnotic dance, Reuben moved to grab the rocking hips that were grinding into her strapon but Emilia quickly got a hold of Reuben’s hands and held them above her head against the sofa. “No touching,” she smiled as she winked.

Reuben let out an exasperated groan, this girl was too much. It was mind numbingly erotic watching the dark haired beauty sway on her lap, her hair flowing over her chest to her breasts, her tight black dress riding up her thighs showing glimpses of her soaked white lace panties and looking into her lustful eyes. Reuben kaçak bahis was fighting an internal struggle; she didn’t want to to do anything that would stop the stunning girl from doing as she was, but, at the same time, she desperately wanted to grind the girl harder into the strapon, to put a little more pressure onto her clit which was being lightly teased throughout the erotic dance. Emilia smirked, she knew what she was doing and was immensely enjoying the power play dynamic they had. Just when Reuben thought she was in control of their encounter Emilia would flip the situation and throw things into the air again.

Reuben was not accustomed to losing control but this nubile goddess had her transfixed as she pushed her breasts close to her face as she gave her a lap dance she’d never forget. It was sensual and filled her with sexual aggression and need. When she thought she could take no more, she felt the grip on her hands loosen and Emilia snake her way between her legs. Watching her, Emilia went to her knees and began unbuttoning Reuben’s tight black jeans. Reuben lifted up slightly to help pull her them down. Emilia’s eyes widened as she saw for the first time the size of the member; she had felt it through the jeans but wasn’t prepared for its length. It was Reuben’s turn to smirk “Alright there”, Emilia’s eyes shot up and narrowed on Reuben’s “I think so,” she replied, determined to wipe the smirk off her face.

Reuben breathed out deeply as she watched Emilia’s pretty lips take the strapon into her mouth, with her hand she began to rub the cock into Reuben and lathered it with her wet mouth. She looked up at Reuben while she gave head to see the effect it was having on Reuben. She wasn’t disappointed; she could see Reuben shudder every time she took the head deeper into her mouth and rubbed the cock into Reuben’s boxers, she realised the harness must be pushing into her clit. Emilia could feel her own wetness as she watched her lover’s breathing becoming shallower and Reuben’s mouth opening allowing small moans to escape. She thought Reuben looked so sexy laid back against the sofa with her hair tousled and messy from the lap dance she’d given her; grabbing her hair to pull her head back to look her in the eyes while she grinded herself onto Reuben’s lap. Now Reuben’s head rolled between watching the blowjob she was being given and throwing her head back into the sofa as the hilt of the harness ground into her clit.

“Babe, if you carry on, I’m gunna cum,” Reuben managed to stutter between strokes of the strapon. Emilia lifted her head and smiled with a devilish glint in her eye “Is that such a bad thing?” she said with a long lick up the shaft to the head.

“Yeah, that isn’t how I’d planned this,” Reuben chuckled. Leaning forward, she held Emilia’s arms and lifted her back up to her lap. Emilia settled along the shaft rubbing it lightly against her clit. Lifting her hair to give Reuben access to the zip of her dress, Reuben unzipped it from the back allowing it to fall to Emilia’s tight waist. In the sight of Emilia’s 34C lace covered breasts, Reuben dove in to nip and lick the exposed flesh; she marvelled at their emanating warmth and softness. Emilia sighed feeling the firm yet soft muscle work its magic over the tops of her breasts. She was becoming excited, feeling the hard strapon sliding along her pussy; wet from her own mouth and pussy, nudging against her clit, and Reuben’s hands pulling her closer to the warm tongue and nips from her teeth. She arched her back to push her breasts further into Reuben’s wanting mouth. Reuben bit into the hardening nipple still hidden beneath the thin lace bra, receiving a delightful moan from Emilia. Taking it as encouragement she alternated her mouth between each breast whilst undoing the clasp at the back. As it undid Emilia moved to unhook the straps and throw it to the floor. Reuben quickly replaced the lace with her mouth swirling her tongue around the rock hard nipple. Emilia responded by moaning louder and sticking her chest out further.

Holding Emilia close with one hand, Reuben used the other to graze along Emilia’s waist and ribs to under her breast. She then cupped the exposed breast and squeezed it running the palm of her hand over the hardened nipple. Emilia moaned and ground herself harder along the shaft bringing herself closer to orgasming. Her moans became louder, her breath more erratic. She couldn’t believe she was getting herself off essentially to dry humping and having her nipples played with. Her body was on fire, she desperately wanted the orgasm that was building.

Noting the intensity of the girl above her, Reuben redoubled her efforts, she wanted Emilia to cum just from this contact. Her hands went to Emilia’s hips and she rocked her along the shaft that she knew was rubbing her clit as it was grinding the harness into her own too, she grit her teeth as she warded off her own orgasm not wanting to cum yet. Reuben’s mouth alternated between each breast nipping and sucking the nipple causing Emilia to buck harder. Emilia held out as long as she could until she felt as if she’d implode. Shaking, she felt the shockwaves jolt through her from her clit and her sensitive nipples. Crumbling into Reuben she nestled her head into the crook of Reuben’s neck and shuddered as the waves buzzed through her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32