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A quiet afternoon out
This was definitely the place, Lyndsay checked the delicate watch on her left wrist, it was still 2 minutes to go before the designated time. She felt her breath slow. The punishment she longed for would not be brought to bear from the start, she would not be disciplined for a lack of punctuality.

She had been sent here to meet a man she had never met. The only instructions she had received were time, location and make sure she was wearing a maxi dress. So here she was sat at a table outside a still relatively quiet city centre pub suitably attired. Her hair was pulled back in a casual style, just a hint of makeup to emphasise her natural beauty and over-sized sunglasses pushed up into her hair. She knew that although few could carry this look off as effortlessly that she appeared as a typical mother about town, unlike most of the other identikit ladies Lydnsay embraced her inner public slut and was endeavouring to raise it to an art form.

The single glass of red wine, a red zinfandel, sat on the table before her. Occasionally she would raise it to her lips and savour the deep richness of its flavour. Like the wine Lyndsay had allowed herself to develop into who she was rather than become available too early, had matured from through a rose to a full red as it were.

There was a sound behind her and she felt someone moving closer. But it was now noon and the pub tables were starting to fill for the lunchtime rush. A bottle of Red Zinfandel appeared on the table beside her glass, a tall bahis siteleri glass of clear liquid was placed on the table across from it. The man who had brought the drinks slid between her table and the next and took the seat facing her. Gently placing a soft brown leather briefcase, which he had just unslung from his shoulder, on the table. He looked across at her as if appraising her. “You are prettier than in the photos I saw, less sweaty and used of course, but definitely prettier” He exclaimed. She smiled sweetly and nodded at the compliment, this was his time after all.

“I need you to do something for me. Could you just deal with this!” He said to her with an intense gaze and passed across a small parcel from the pocket on his bag. She took it and moved to open it to see inside. “Perhaps somewhere more private” He advised, nodding towards the open door of the pub. Lyndsay secreted the parcel in her own bag and went to the pub toilets. She locked the cubicle door and retrieved the parcel. Inside was a varnished wooden case, inside of which was, nestled amongst blue velvet a bright pink love egg with a long curved tail, making it look not unlike a pink cartoon tadpole. She took it carefully and, using some lubricant also in the case, slid it within her with it’s tail resting on her clitoris. It was lucky that she was wearing a dress and she now understood that instruction. The egg hummed slightly, vibrated once and stopped. Lyndsay took a deep breath and returned outside. To all intents canlı bahis and purposes the epitome of a lady having a pub lunch. Inside she was squirming with thoughts unbidden rushing to her mind, the egg seemed to be a promise for later on.

In her absence this mystery man had ordered them some food, basic pub finger food on a tray with dips and sauces. His mobile phone was sat alongside his glass and her glass had been re-filled from the waiting bottle. He clearly was making no effort to move on somewhere else. Lyndsay raised an eyebrow at him in query as she slid back into her seat. “I thought we could make an afternoon of it just chatting” He explained. Normally the partners she met were wanting to get somewhere private quickly to make best use of the little time they had, it was unusual for someone to be so calm and unrushed. She herself had expected to be on the way for some much required sex. The love egg reassured her that perhaps this wasn’t a lost cause. He indicated the serving plate “It’s actually much better than you would expect” he advised and nonchalantly picked some chicken strips and dipped them in what looked to be a blue cheese sauce.

She leaned forward and chose potato skins which she dipped in salsa, in the act of leaning she knew her dress would hang in such a way that her company would see the bra underneath. “I assume that was intentional, quite flirty and definitely cheeky, I approve” He smiled. Has hand drifted to his phone and touched the screen. She yelped as there was kaçak iddaa a sudden shock in her pussy as the egg and tail vibrated against and within her. She looked at him as he queried her with his eyes. “How?” she stammered. “Controlled by a phone application” he explained. “We are to play a game of give and take, of conversation and reward!”

“Tell me about yourself, leave nothing out. Why are you who you are? What brought you here? What do you like? Why do you like it? I shall share with you and you with me. We shall see what happens!” He continued. As if in emphasis of his words his finger tip moved on the phone and the vibration occurred again, but for longer. Lyndsay thought she would cry out again but bit it down. She picked up her wine glass and sipped gently. And was promptly rewarded again. Her hand shuddered slightly but otherwise no reaction was displayed. They both could sense there was an interesting afternoon in prospect. “Where should I start” Lyndsay asked. “Where ever you would like” came the response.

“I love sex, all sex, all the time. I love being a BBW Swinger Milf Slave Slut. I like Anal Sex, BDSM, Threesomes, Foursomes, Moresomes, Creampies, getting it Bareback. I love Orgasm, Double Penetration, Gangbangs and Orgies!” At each item the egg vibrated, longer each time. Lyndsay felt her body tension up as a pre-cursor to climax. “I just love to fuck” she breathed. The climax hit her like a sledgehammer. Her knickers sodden beneath her as she flooded with her own juices. Her sunglasses flopped down over her eyes luckily, as she felt that she had probably crossed her eyes too. His hand hovered above the phone screen constantly ready to remotely activate her pleasure. This was going to be a very enjoyable afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32