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To set the scene. We are both in our 70’s and we are both big men and I only have a single bed. Tim and I have only met recently and this will be his second visit. We have been messaging a lot and are getting to know each other’s likes quite well.


It is a rather wet and blustery winter’s day and I am sitting here expecting my friend to arrive. It has been too long since we were last together and my mind keeps thinking about his beautiful sensuous kisses, the way his tongue teases my nipples. I wonder if he realizes just how much that turns me on. I shall have to devise a game for us to play and make sure he loses and then as victor I can claim a prize of 20 minutes oral pleasure on my nipples. Hmm, that raises all sorts of interesting speculations, firstly about what games we could play and secondly, a list of prizes or forfeits. It is all rather nice stuff to contemplate in the future and perhaps I could suggest to Tim that he think along similar lines.

Well I got quite distracted there, I was thinking about his sensuous tongue. He kisses beautifully, I wonder how his tongue will feel as he slides it around my ass cheeks and up and down that sensitive crevice. We must definitely begin today’s frivolities with a communal shower, which brings my mind to water sports. I am not sure at this stage just how dedicated he is to this concept, I am hoping he can take me in his mouth and suck me gently as I pee but that would not be to everyone’s taste and it may be he just likes the feeling of hot pee on his tummy and genitals or likes to turn and have me warming up his bottom. Whichever he likes will be fine with me.

In return, how far will I go? An interesting question, I think with Tim the sky will be the limit, whatever he wants I shall happily oblige – actually oblige sounds like I am doing him a favour, no, whatever he wants will excite and please me! That’s better, that states my feelings!

After the golden showers we can turn on the water and then the delicious feeling of washing each other. Feeling a warm slippery hand rubbing around my genitals, stroking up and down my ass, a finger inserted and cleaning out my ring in anticipation of the tongue bahis firmaları which will be exploring there later.

I have not mentioned kissing, there will be a lot of kissing at all stages during the shower.

Getting out and helping each other to get dry and then heading for the bedroom

In the bedroom, the heater has been on so it is nice and warm. The bed has a protective sheet on, there are spare hand towels and paper towels and of course the toys, lube and other accoutrements are all on display.

We stand and embrace and kiss, and kiss, and kiss and then, being incredibly selfish I push Tim onto the bed sitting, so I can stand in front of him and he can take my cock deeply into his warm, sweet mouth.

Oh Tim, you suck me so beautifully. The only problem is that, immediately you begin to suck me I have this incredible need to have your cock deeply down my throat. I must learn to pace myself!

“Move properly on to the bed Tim” and when you do I drop to my knees on the floor and reach out and gently pinching a nipple with one hand I take your very large and very lickable sack in the other and place your cock between my lips.

Ahh yes. Lovely, lovely.

I pause and lean up and you lean towards me and we kiss.

“Roll over and kneel” and once you do I get on the bed behind you and begin to lick the skin around your bottom, slow swipes with my tongue, intended to excite you as each time I get slower and closer to the target until my tongue is running up and down you crack. I begin to tease your hole and begin to push my tongue into you. It is a tight little spot so I do not get very far but evidently you are enjoying it.

I raise up and rub my semi erect cock up and down the slippery wet crack. I wish I it were firmer so I could fuck you but perhaps another day.

“Move over” I say and come and lie beside you with my head on your chest and your arm around my neck. We chat for a while and as we do we are both playing with each other’s nipples. All I have to do is lift my head a short distance and I am licking and sucking yours.

You shift in the bed, (damn this small single bed, I would give ANYTHING for a nice big kaçak iddaa bed where we could move around easily but we have to make do with what we have here) and lean down and kiss me, I reach up and caress your face and neck. Oh so sweet. Then your lips trail down and find a nipple. I stroke the back of your head as you proceed to excite, tantalise, tease and arouse me. You suck, you nip, and meanwhile your other hand is paying attention to my other nipple so it doesn’t get lonely. I am stroking your head, your shoulders and back, I like the feel of your skin.

Then you begin to lick lower and your lips begin to move down my tummy, you blow a cheeky cherry on the way which makes me grin and then you have captured my cock. It is semi erect and I wish it could stay that way longer as I love the sensation of my soft cock being rolled around your warm mouth, gently bitten, licked and sucked but no, up it goes and then you are loving me so sweetly. VERY slowly, so very gently, so gently that I almost cannot feel you. It is so arousing. Your warm soft hand is caressing my balls, I spread my legs and raise my knees to give you better access and you dribble onto your fingers and I feel them all sweet and slippery sliding up and down my ass and then you DON’T insert a finger, and I really wish you would.

“Roll over” you direct me “and kneel over me.” I do and suddenly in am in a sweet 69 position but as I go to lean forward you tell me to wait and you begin to slick around my balls and then further up my crack and then your strong tongue is pushing against my hole which is very inclined to allow you in. “Oh Tim, that is so nice.” Regrettably, neither of us has tongue muscles which can handle prolonged exercise like this and at last you stop, move me slightly and I find my cock is deep in your mouth and at last I can attend to your very neglected on in return.

You have a most suckable cock, it seems to fit my throat perfectly. Last time we were together I lay with my head over the end of the bed so you could fuck my throat and I have to tell you that felt wonderful. The bed is really too low as you have to bend your knees which I know, can be a bit tiring.

You remove my cock from kaçak bahis your exquisite mouth and ask me to pass a vibrator, lube and towel which I happily do.

I feel you fumbling around as I suck away on your cock and then I feel the dildo pressed against my ring, oops, too high and I hastily tell you, “YES, that’s the spot!!” and you gently slip it in and go back to sucking me. You move your hand holding the dildo in time to your mouth. WOW!

Oh I SAY Sir!! Oh that is delightful.

You are deep throating me exquisitely and the motion and friction of the dildo is in perfect harmony with your mouth. The total erotic pleasure is glorious. The friction as the dildo slides in and out, the pressure against my prostate and the incredible feeling of your hot, wet mouth is just so intense.

I become greedy, because of our big tummies I cannot do proper justice to your beautiful cock so I clamber off, clean myself of the lube etc. and put the dildo safely out of the way and ask you to sit at the end of the bed and then lie back. I toss a pillow on the floor and kneel between your legs, raising them so they rest on my shoulders. My turn for a tube of lube and a slender soft vibrator.

I lift your legs higher and gently explore your anus with a well lubed finger, very softly stroking and very gently just pressing in a little. Then I lean forward and take you in my mouth. I have already discovered you like light tapping on your anus so I begin to do this as I deep throat you. My other hand is also gently masturbating you as I suck.

I feel you getting harder and harder and I hear you say you are going to cum in my mouth. Oh Jeez, can I manage, I really so want to. YES and I continue and am shortly rewarded with a sudden rush of sweetness in my mouth. “Oh Tim” I am so glad.

I hold you in my mouth as you quietly come back to earth and then reach for the handy towel and I am sorry Tim, spit out your Cum. I am not at the swallowing stage YET although, as I write this I am getting a fine erection s who knows.

I come and lie beside you, your head resting on my arm, gently stroking your chest and we chat quietly. We have no time pressure today so it is fine for us to just lie and chatter.

Finally we both start getting a bit stiff and chilled and we take turns in the bathroom to clean up and then dress.

A refreshing beverage and then you are on your way to your “other” life

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32