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I cannot thank my editor DrBisensual enough. Without her encouragement I would not be submitting this work. I made a lot of mistakes and I may have run her teacher’s pen out of red ink.

I do not condone the building or use of devices described in this story. Use of any electricity on a person can cause mental or physical problems. The hazards described are true every other aspect is pure imagination. Everyone in this story is at least 20 years old.


In most stories it is best and easiest to begin at the beginning. After a divorce, I had taken a job supervising a shift of cold call sales people. I was the old man of the group in my late 50’s, including me the average age was about 24 of the twenty people on my shift in the office fourteen were female and the other six where trying to get into the panties of the fourteen. My job was primarily to keep them in their own cubicle and keep the phones in working order.

One day, I was replacing a handset on a phone that was having problems. As I worked in the small space of Lysa’s cube, I inadvertently brushed against her arm. She jumped and made a strangled sound of pain. Looking at her, I noted a small amount of blood on the long sleeve of her blouse. She refused to show me the arm. After a bit of discussion and repairing the phone, she asked me to meet her at a restaurant after work, so she could explain.

Her choice of location was interesting. It was Italian with large deep high backed booths lining a wide hallway of a room. Wine bottles covered in wax hold candles, providing dim light in each booth. After ordering our meal, I ask to see the arm, she put a finger to her lips to quiet me. The waitress stepped up and places some bread and our salad. I wait and as soon as we are alone Lysa begs

“No, no, no.” She quietly pleaded. “It is not like that.” She then explained as she rolled up her sleeve showing burns on her right arm.

“Cigarette burns?”

“No, electrical burns.” She opens her purse and places a small black box with wires connecting it to what looks like a kid’s headband. Picking up the box I see that it is an old flash attachment for a camera, and in the ‘headband’ are foil contacts.

I leaned back in my seat, “Wow. Why?” her answer was long and detailed, I could see the fear and honesty in her face. It boiled down to the fact that she has an unusual fetish. She only has satisfying orgasms when she gets shocked just as the orgasm hits. The problem was the device she chose. When you turn on an old flash unit it makes a high pitch noise as it builds a charge. The “charge” is in a capacitor that releases a large current at high voltage. This girl was risking death every time she connected the flash unit to her body. She explained that she was having problems the batteries where to strong. However, if she used weaker batteries the unit did not charge at all. Maybe I can explain the problem to you. She had removed the flash tube and ran the wires to her headband. But the circuit was designed to only fire the electrical charge when there was enough current and voltage to operate the Xenon flash bulb. There was no way to control the amount of current sent to the skin. The only reason it did not kill her was that both contacts were on the same arm and no current was passing through the heart.

“Ok, I can help, but first you need to take better care of your burns and that one is infected.” She stopped me by putting a hand on my arm and a finger to lip as the waitress delivered our meals.

As we dined Lysa vowed to get some antibiotic salve and visit her doctor. Then asked, “What else do have in mind to help me?”

My reply surprised her, “We can make a safer shocker. Do you know of an electronics hobby store?”

“Vonak’s?” She asked.

“They will do, go in and ask for a small transformer like in a hand held radio, Six on-off-on single pole switches, one momentary switch (push=on release=off), six female connectors, six leads with male connector to alligator clip at least a yard long, a 9v battery connector and battery and a plastic box to hold it all.” She dug a pad and pen out of her purse and we made sure the list was on paper.

“So, what does all this stuff do?” She asked. I answered her question with a question, “What do you know about electricity?”

“With some wire, a bulb, batteries and tape, I can make a flashlight that only turns off when the batteries go dead or I take it apart.”

“Do you understand why your device burned you?” Looking me in the eye she answered, “Not a clue.”

“Would it surprise you if I said, electricity is loose electrons being pushed or pulled from atom to atom?”

“No. I believe you, but what is it pushed or pulled?”

“Pulled, but it is easier to explain as pushed. Honestly, at the speed of the electron it does not make much difference.” I explained.

“Why do I care how this stuff works?” Leaning forward looking her in the eye, I said, “because not knowing it could kill you. What do you think is more dangerous Amps or Volts?”

“Volts!” She smiled knowingly.

“Nope. canlı bahis However it is a bit of a trick question because point zero one amps or more will kill if it passes through the heart of head. If it does not pass through those vital parts it just burns. The information that will interest you is point zero zero one Amps will get your attention in a hurry.”

She nodded knowingly, “you’re talking of pain when you say attention.”


“So what is the difference between Amps and Volts?”

Laughing I gave the garden hose explanation, “Electricity is like the water coming out of a hose. Volts is the pressure pushing the water through. Amps is how much water is coming out or how fast the water can fill a bucket. If the hose is small even at high pressure your bucket will fill slowly, but if you trade for a fire hose even at low pressure your bucket will fill fast. The size of the hose would be called resistance or Olms. I may have over simplified, not that you need it, but the math works out Amps = volts times olms”

“My guess is your toy is pushing close to a full amp at about two thousand volts and last about a quarter of a second. That parts list I gave you will make a device capable of between fifteen thousand and thirty thousand volts that lasts a nano second and never makes more than point zero zero five amps.”

“So it hits me hard but will not burn or kill me?”


“Where did you learn this stuff?”

“My high school offered electronics classes. When some kids where charging capacitors to shock each other the teacher got a bit mad. He made us read how many amps our capacitors stored and showed us how dangerous that was the capacitors that gave the best shocks where close to 1 amp. Then, he taught us how to build a box that when you turn it over shocks the living shit out of you but never harms you. That is what we are making but modified for your fetish.”

We finished our meal with little more discussion of electronics. I did convince her to see a doctor about the burns. I told her to make sure the doctor understood the device would be destroyed. A few days went buy and she requested a half day off on Friday to see a doctor. She met me at the door after work the day of the appointment.

“Doc was pissed.” I replied, “I would have bet he would be.”

“He wants to see me in two weeks for a follow up.”


“I have the parts you listed.”

“Same restaurant about seven?”

“Ok, should I bring the parts?”

“No, we’ll talk more then.”

I’ve talked about Lysa, but never described her. Perfection would fit for this 5’4″ bombshell with jet black hair and an hourglass figure. Her eyes bright blue and always looking into mine when we spoke and way closer to a third my age than half.

She slid into the booth about 2 minutes late with an apology. We ordered the same dishes as our first visit. She showed me how her arms where already looking better. She was dressed on jeans and a dark blue t-shirt advertising a high school team.

As we came closer to finishing the meal I leaned forward and in a stage whisper said, “The time has come, to talk of many things: Of shoes – and ships – and sealing wax – of cabbages and kings.”

She sat and stared as if I had just twisted my nose upside down.

“Oh come on. I’m having doubts about our education system. In the book it read, ‘..The time has come, the walrus said, ‘to talk of many things,” I trailed off. Then truly whispering, “or do you not want to talk of my help building a safer shock toy?”

Ignoring the quote and the insult to her school she answered, “Yes, please!”

I explained how I was going to build the device and what i would need for a work bench then said, “Hmmm, not to sound cheesy but your place or mine?”

“Yours, I have 4 roommates. We share a 5 bedroom house.”

“Wow, ok.” I waved to the waitress to get our bill.

“Allen, would it offend you if i got a new job?”

I looked at her in surprise and asked, “Why?”

“We could be fired for having this meal together. We signed a no fraternization policy. I also have a better paying part time job that offered to double my hours,” She paused looking at me pursing her lips then blurted. “And I think I’d like a higher quality fraternization with you.” I sat silently staring into her eyes. Never breaking eye contact she leaned forward and said, “Close your mouth you are starting to drool.”

The waitress arrived with the bill. I hardly glanced at it and dropped 2 $20s on it. Literally pulling Lysa from her seat we went outside. She pulled away saying, “I’ll be right back.” She crossed the street and went into a mansion of a house. When she came back out she had a large cardboard box the size an office gets paper delivered in.

I made a guess as she approached, “the parts?”

“All of them. I did have to buy a radio kit to get the box.” She replied.

“That might have some parts we can use as well. It might be nice to be able to adjust the voltage. The radio volume control should do that.”

We took bahis siteleri my car to my place. An old one bedroom farm hand house out in the middle of a bunch of corn fields. It was originally a 3 bedroom but after adding a bathroom it was 1 bedroom and an office. The original “kids” rooms where only 8″ by 5″. I had helped the owner put the bath in the summer before I left town to join the military. It was an empty house when I looked up my old friend and asked if he had a shack I could use. He paid for the materials and I put in the labor to make the house livable. In return I had the house free for a year and for half the cost of an apartment in that area for as long as I wanted. I had a desk and an electronics work bench in the office.

We went in and during a quick tour of the house she put the box on the work bench. Coming back to the office I sorted the parts onto the bench. Plugged in the soldering iron and pulled out my containers of precut wire I prepped my work space. The radio kit box she supplied had holes in it but not where I needed. I offered a trade.

So, I pulled out one from a drawer I had for visits from one of my sister’s kids. I dropped her radio kit in and dug through the box to find a potentiometer. I found 4 and tested each with a volt meter set to read resistance. I added the one with the highest resistance to her parts and dropped the rest back in the drawer before closing it. I assembled her parts. Half an hour later I pulled out my drill press and index. After drilling I traded the bench top drill press for a hot glue gun and attached the transformer to the bottom of the box and attached the switch’s and plug connectors for the leads in the holes I had drilled.

I turned and looked at Lysa and almost laughed. She was sitting wide eyed. I said, “Ready for the smoke test?”

Her response had me laughing, “I do not smoke!”

When i regained control I told her, “A smoke test is turning power on for the first time in any electronics project. About 1 in 5 burn up on the bench when you are not using diagrams and kit parts. Did you see my wire diagrams?”

With a grin, “Nope, no papers of any kind. You think it might burn up?”

“Not really. It is a simple design.” I pulled out my label maker and put a label on that read “positive” and another “negative”. After a moment of thought I made a third “fire”.

Lysa cracked “that looks ominous.”

I just grinned and pulled out my volt meter again setting it to measure voltage then pressed the peak lock button. Now the digital reading would remain on the highest measured until reset. I plugged in the battery and the first 2 leads then connected the leads to the volt meter. The meter was set to 0-25 volts and when I pushed the fire button the meter read .5 volts. Still holding the fire button I twisted potentiometer. The voltage jumped up to 9.2. I let go of the fire button and the volt meter read “error”. I reset the meter and set it to read the highest reading 0 to 500 volts pushed the red button. “9.2” release “error” i set the potentiometer to its lowest setting and reset the volt meter. Pushed the red button “.1v” release “error”

I looked at Lysa. She said, “I take it no smoke is good.”

I reached over to my desk and grabbed a bubble pack envelope. Opening it I dumped out a card covered in EKG contact pads. I pulled one off and stuck it to the inside of my right wrist then a second about 3 inches up the arm.

As I connected leads to the box and the alligator clips clipped to the EKG pads I asked, “Do you know CPR?” Without waiting for an answer I quickly pushed and released the fire button… fucking hell! It felt like I had touched an electric fence.

Lysa said, “Wow, I heard your back popping when you jerked.”

Pealing a contact off of my arm and attaching it to the inside of her elbow. Grabbing her hand I hit the fire button looked her in the eye and let it out again. She gave a sharp chirp of a noise and looked at me with pure lust in her eye

“More?” She asked. Maybe pleaded would describe her tone better.

I pulled a pad and pen from the desk. “Write down the rules for us to go by tonight. I’ll go fix us a snack and drink.” Without waiting for a reply I stood up and left the room.

In the kitchen I put on a tea kettle then made 2 tuna on toast sandwiches. As I pulled out coffee mugs and tea bags she walked into the room and placed a folded paper in the counter.

I set the table. I picked up the paper and moved it to the table.

“Coffee, tea, milk or water?” I asked gesturing for her to sit at the table.

“I’ll try the tea.” She said as she took a seat at my little table in the corner of the kitchen.

I poured hot water in the cups from the boiling pot of water. Dropped a tea bag in my cup and took the other seat at the little table. Lysa chose her tea bag and began dipping it in the hot water. Her actions froze as I picked up the paper. She was watching my hands as I opened the page never looking to my face. I glanced at the paper and quickly back to her face, she was now looking into my eyes. bahis şirketleri


I raised an eyebrow. Getting strait to the point “I have no condoms in the house. Do you have any?”

She looked away and in a small voice said, “No”

I took a bite of sandwich and looked her in the eyes. She finally realized I was staring at her and smiled saying, “I am on the pill and till now have never had sex without a condom. I trust you more than anyone I know. If you say you are not infected with anything we can go without a condom.”

I was floored. I had never had sex with anyone more than 10 years younger than me. And that was when I was 29. At 57 I was negotiating sex with a 20 year old. A weird thought came to me, ‘Hell, if I had conceived a child at age 18 in January the month of my birthday and that child conceived a grandchild at age 18 near their birthday in October that grandchild would be about 20 In July of the year I turned 57.’ That was one hell of a lightbulb moment.

Turning the paper around I slid it across the table. “You had better be more specific. You might find yourself bent over the corner of my bed with a dry dick tearing up your ass no lube no condom.”

“She pushed the paper back, “You would never do that. You would not fuck anyone if you thought you had a Std. You would not fuck anyone that was impaired in judgment or drunk.”

I interrupted, “oh yes I would. If you told me you wanted to get pass out drunk and wake with a cream pie by me. You might wake up with jiz leaking out in the morning.”

“An exception that proves the rule but I doubt you would and to continue you would need to be Hella mad to do pain sex like a dry dick in a dry ass.” While I knew she was right I was not ready to admit it.

“Amm hmmm… Is that why I’m perving on a girl 37 years younger than I am.”

“Perving? I think I like that. What, wait…? Did you say you are 37?”

I pointed up shaking my head no.

“I see.” She looked pale.

She sat staring into space. I figured that was it, no fun and games. I stood up quietly went to my office and loaded the box, leads and EKG stickers into her box. Returning I set the box in my chair and started putting our plates and cups in the sink.

As I turned from the sink she said, “My mom’s dad is 56.”

I moved her box to the table and sat down. “You ok?”

She smiled, “I am fine. Way better than you think. Just digesting that you are fifteen years older than I thought”

I picked up the paper with her rule on it and opening the cardboard box dropped it in. “I’m guessing here but by your reaction you would like the PG lesson on the use of the box, leads and EKG pads.”

Shaking her head no she said, “I’m still hoping for the triple x wind me up and wear me out version from my new granddaddy.”

“Nope. In fact as of now any form of the word ‘daddy’ is a safe word. If you say ‘daddy’ I’m done and getting dressed, you are getting dressed. No more play until we have talked over the use of the safe word. Even if it was an accident you’re looking at a 4 to 12 hour break in activities.”

“Why do you have more rules than I do?”

“That one should self-explanatory. The wanting it in writing… Let’s just say if you change your mind or for some reason… wait, let me finish… If for some reason I have to defend myself a paper signed by both of us goes a long way. And before you ask my lawyer got her to admit in court she had asked to be tied down and fucked.”

“So I need to revise that page to four lines?”

Not sure what four she had in mind, “Maybe. Maybe you should tell me first.”

With a naughty smile, “Tie me down. Wire me up. Zap me silly and fuck me senseless.”

I picked up my tepid tea. Drank it down then replied, “5 lines. You need add. If for any reason I want to stop I’ll say ‘daddy’.”

With chuckle she said, “I’ve never in my life negotiated to get fucked.” Standing she pointed to her crotch. Her pants visibly wet. “In a way this is better than foreplay.”

I went to the kitchen junk drawer and pulled out another pad and pen. “The sooner we get this in print the sooner we can put all that wetness to work.”

She started writing. It was much more than the 5 lines expected. She was a little more of a lawyer than I expected. The paper read:

“I, Lysa Anne Cranty give myself fully and willingly to Allen Allem for the purpose of mutual sexual satisfaction. I expect to be subjected to several types of bondage. Forms of erotic electrocution. Repeated carnal knowledge (carnal knowledge is to include oral, vaginal and anal) with or without condom at Allen Allem’s discretion. If I find I need to stop I will say the word “Congo”. I further understand I am not to use the word “Daddy” and may be punished in a method chosen by Allen Allem. I understand that bondage and pain play may cause abrasions and bruising. Under no circumstance is Allen Allem to be held liable for these side effects of my submission to these events. This agreement is to go into effect any time I enter the domicile of Allen Allem.” then she put the date and signed it. Then under her signature she wrote, “Understood and agreed to by” and turned the page to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32