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My visitors arrived on time and before they started on their tasks I offered them a drink. Bill sat silently at the table while Stan seemed to hover about. I soon realised his purpose when he began to stroke my backside as I prepared their drinks. He told me how nice I looked and mentioned my cleavage letting his fingers trace along the edge of my blouse. My bra showed slightly and both men agreed how much more sexy it made it look. I didn’t protest when Bill stood and joined him – now they played with one tit each.

“All our friends that share our interest would be quite upset and jealous if they knew we were showing you the delights of spanking – I feel quite guilty about keeping you a secret,” commented Stan.

“You actually have a local group – and do you all get together and talk about it?” I was shocked and surprised at his comment.

“Yes, of course, we know a few women locally who indulge with us but sometimes we have to hire a willing girl if we want to enjoy our pastime. It’s not very often we meet someone like you.”

I was disturbed and asked, “Have you discussed me with them?”

“No, of course not – but they would be more nervous of you! They are very careful and wary not to attract any scandal. Have you considered the added excitement of being chastised in front of others?”

I was always amazed on how he asked the most intimate questions making them sound quite normal. When I answered no he sighed and thought it a pity saying how much more intense to excitement was and how it’s a chance to try other things. The thought intrigued me and as we talked and sipped our drinks and they played with my tits I found myself getting aroused imagining strangers witnessing me being spanked.

“So do these other men live around here?” I asked trying to sound mildly curious.

“All very near, yes,” Stan answered.

“It would be embarrassing if I found I knew them,” I observed.

“Why? You only knew us because we come to do your garden. They would expect the same sort of discretion from you. They wouldn’t want to spoil a good thing and let all the neighbourhood know. They just want to enjoy the experience without any hassle – just like you do.”

“You would bring them – I wouldn’t have all sorts of strangers knocking on my door?”

“You sound as if you want to try it. No, they would only come by appointment – like we do – you’re the one that decides. If you told us not to come today we would simply not be here – no pressure.”

He waited a minute then asked, “Would you like to have someone else here? Try out new experiences in confidence without putting yourself at risk?”

Giving what the subject matter was Stan’s sales pitch almost sounded comical. Certain thoughts and ideas intrigued me – memories of reading from their magazines and photographs that caused me to retire to my bedroom to pleasure myself stirred and provoked me.

“What would you feel like now if say; three more men were present – watching and becoming aroused – scared or turned on – or both?” Stan’s voice was slow and deliberate.

My breathing intensified as I answered, “Both!”

“Would you have butterflies in your stomach at the thought of exposing your backside and allowing what should be forbidden acts to take place? What a mixture of exciting feelings you would experience!”

I wanted Stan to be quiet and give me time to think. He sensed my thoughts and for a while we all stood there, each man gently playing with a nipple.

“OK – you can bring someone with you,” I nervously told the man, “If you’re sure you can trust them.”

I meant he could bring them on their next visit and was startled when Stan took out his cell-phone and made a call. I thought I would have had the chance to change my mind – it might not look such a good idea in the fullness of time. Protesting in the strongest manner I told them of my fears.

“Relax! Why wait? Let’s do it now,” Stan whispered to me.

He made the call and told me we would have someone join us shortly. Nervously I rambled on asking questions, “Were they ready and waiting for the call? Are they my neighbours? Had all this been previously arranged? How did he know I was going to agree?” I was so scared and apprehensive the answers didn’t really register. What had I done?

Bill stayed silent as his mate spent the next twenty minutes consoling me. I could tell the anticipation was making them become stimulated and being able to wait no longer for his friends Stan whispered, “Bend over the table Jane.”

I had no sooner moved to the table’s edge when the doorbell rang. My stomach knotted up as Bill guided the newcomers into the room. Four men, late middle aged except one who was probably just reaching forty. They looked neither friendly nor menacing and eyed me up with a look of trepidation but pleasant approval. They reminded me of a distrusting dog being tempted with a juicy steak.

“This is Jane,” announced Stan but no one offered canlı bahis şirketleri their names in return – “Bend over Jane.”

I anxiously obeyed and as though it was a signal to start the men removed their coats and jackets and moved to various positions to take up a vantage point. When Stan lifted my skirt to uncover my dainty underwear and seamed stockings several gasps where audible. A polite comment was made about how sexy and alluring I looked then the first slap made contact with my arse cheeks – they were wasting no time. I yelled and jumped as the second then the third quickly followed on. A tormenting delay ensued and my bum tensed and relaxed in anticipation before a whole series of smacks landed on alternate cheeks.

I felt vulnerable and slightly scared with so many men in the house, especially when I saw the guy on my left slowly unzip his fly and place his hand inside his pants! I yelled and squealed as more blows reined across my buttocks then, hearing a shuffle glanced up to find both Stan and Bill standing by the side of me. Another hand stroked my arse – they were making way for someone else to have a turn! More blows, harder blows made me squirm until that familiar burning sensation began to envelope my posterior.

When I heard the comment, “What a lovely arse she’s got!” my favourite word “lewd” sprang to mind. I was being a lewd woman letting these men use me for their sexual gratification – I was starting to get aroused.

The sound of belts made me shiver a little then I heard Stan’s voice, “Take her knickers off!”

Two of the men moved to my rear to watch as my bottom was uncovered and I surprised myself to find that I dutifully moved my legs to assist without being asked. Now I was bent over my kitchen table showing my naked arse to six men – four whose names I didn’t even know and had never spoken a word to.

The belt I had heard wasn’t the only one to be removed. With hardly a second separating each slap I was thrashed, first on my right buttock then on my left. The comments told me two men where both busy exercising their arms and wrists. While at first the blows where moderate they suddenly became more intense. I screamed and attempted to straighten up but found myself pinned down by the arms from a man in front of me. It had now taken on a different form – a more menacing form. I began to cry, both in fear and pain and out of the corner of my eye through my tears I saw pairs of trousers being flung onto a chair – the men were getting undressed!

The man holding me was relieved of his duty and he stood in front of me while he too divested himself of his lower garments. His semi-hard cock was inches from my face and I saw his hand pull back the foreskin then slowly make the movements of a man masturbating. My eyes darted around to see others and I realised that the louder I screamed and cried out the more excited they became. It changed now and one very hard blow every three or four seconds replaced the constant pounding. Rough fingers had found my clit and as the blows fell I involuntarily moved and wriggled against them.

Then something different made contact with my burning arse cheeks – something that carried a sting and caused me to flinch and struggle and scream for mercy. Three more times the implement of torture cut into my tender cheeks. My arse was rotating, rising and sinking in an effort to escape the punishing pain but all was in vain.

When a particular hard blow made me cry out and yell I heard a voice firmly instruct me, “Suck it.!” I opened my eyes to find that “it” was a very hard cock being held in front of my face.

It became clear that unless I sucked on the said penis I would suffer the consequences and my arse would feel the maximum effect of the lash. I accepted the dick into my mouth and though the blows never stopped it was only when I hesitated did they land with a full force.

I was rewarded with my body being freed on the promise that if I was a good obedient girl they wouldn’t restrain me. For several minutes I sucked away and my sobs subsided; now I was being a good girl and held the cock myself. Different fingers busied themselves between my legs and the stinging pain was once again turning into a hot glow. The lash was still applied with moderate force and my bottom still squirmed and rose into the air opening up my anus. By trying to picture what the men could see I was starting to feel damp with the juices of sexual stimulation.

I pressed harder against the fingers tickling my clit and my sobbing and crying turned to moans and sighs. Sucking harder I sensed that the man was about to climax – and so did everyone else. I was quickly pulled away and a chair was placed under me – being forcibly sat down my head was turned upward and the cock was again offered to my mouth – they all wanted to watch him ejaculate into my mouth!

I was a good girl – I was very accommodating – without being told I willingly opened my mouth and rested canlı kaçak iddaa my hands on his thighs patiently waiting for his stream of white sticky fluid. I caught the full spurt and to the delight of the men I held out my tongue letting them see how it looked before purposely swallowing it. They muttered with satisfaction as they slowly masturbated to the sight. When the cock was reduced to drips I licked and kissed the end then suddenly it was all change again! I was heaved back onto the table, this time on by back with my legs overhanging the edge. My legs where forced apart and trying to see what was about to happen I looked between my legs to see the younger of the men about to penetrate me.

I screeched as I felt him enter me and away he went to commence a very violent and hard fuck. For comfort against the friction of his movements I fastened my legs around his waist and tried to keep the same rhythm. The other men tore open my blouse and pulling up my bra several hands made use of my tits. I waited for the expected cock to be inserted in my mouth – it never came. Curious as to why I looked round but even though each man’s cock waved about in front of my face no one attempted to offer one up for oral sex. I tried to capture one with my lips when they came within reach and even attempted to free my hands from my side to reach for one. I couldn’t though – but I wanted one – I needed one! The fucking caused me to hover on the brink of orgasm but soon it was over with the man shooting his hot spunk inside me. Again I waited for the next man to satisfy himself but it never happened. I felt cheated – why didn’t the rest want me – I cried and moaned looking around and lifted my hips hoping they would take a hint.

Fiercely I was dragged from the table and resumed to my familiar position of bending with arse in air. I thought now that they wanted to fuck me from behind and spread my legs for them opening up my cunt. The sharp stinging crack of the whip told me different – they lashed me again – and again.

“No!” I screamed – but this time not in pain – but because I wanted cock!

After minutes of crying and pleading the sexual glow became amazingly intense and I writhed around moaning like a woman possessed. I knew that in spite of the tears I had a manic smile on my face and made no effort to hide from the men. In my deranged state I reasoned that if they saw how much I wanted to be fucked they would fill every hole.

Someone spoke and I found myself being guided from the room and to the staircase. They were going to take me upstairs to bed and fuck me, I thought! I was happy – I laughed out loud and as they pushed me upstairs I grinned and hissed through my teeth, “Yeah!” They could fuck me in any hole they chose! Walked into the bedroom I was still smiling and looked around at all those lovely hard cocks licking my lips. Something was not right – I was pushed and turned on my belly and to my horror my arms were lifted above my head and I felt a metallic clink – I was being manacled to the bed-head!

“No!” I screamed as my skirt was hauled up, “Not again, no!”

The small whip came down on my arse followed by the slap of a leather belt. Again I yelled and squirmed and cried into the pillow and my bottom rose from the bed when a particularly fierce blow made contact. The pain changed – it still hurt but the stinging became mixed with a more intense pleasurable feeling. Not like before – this was different – this was the true pleasure of pain.

A hand forced its way under my tummy and lifted me so I was on my knees with my head buried into the pillow. Soft fingers played with my anus and something wet and greasy was spread along my crack. The greasy fingers gently pushed at my hole and I screamed as two tried to invade my body.

“Relax!” I heard someone say and when I yelled again the whip and belt came down hard. The shock of the blows made me tense more but then the opposite happens – for a split second it causes one to relax totally. When that happened the fingers went in deeper. By now I was really sobbing and it was as though they were waiting for me to get used to the intruding digits. After a while I began to control my reflex actions and eased my discomfort by spreading my legs wider.

“She’s ready!” a voice announced and the fingers were withdrawn.

What was I ready for, I pondered? Something else poked at my hole – a penis traced its way down my bum crack – I was about to be arse fucked! I let out a long wail as my hole was opened up and my anus felt like it was about to tear apart. The unknown man pushed harder and finally I was well and truly penetrated. The movements started gently then became more urgent – my muscles tightened round his dick and I felt very full. Trying to force myself to relax I cried into the pillow and wished for the pain of the whip to take my mind off my arsehole. It wasn’t long before I felt a gush of hot liquid in my intestine and the man withdrew. A nice feeling canlı kaçak bahis took over as they bathed and soothed my posterior.

My arse stopped jumping and I lay still, now I wanted to grind my cunt into the mattress. When the men sensed a change in me they stopped – more torment, I thought – but no, now they unfastened me from the manacles and turning me around I felt hands stripping off my clothes. Left in only stockings my hands were once again fastened to the bedpost – but now I could see what was happening. The whip turned out to be smaller than a riding crop with several strands of thin leather about eighteen inches long. I watched it being waved into the air but its next unexpected meeting with my flesh caused me to scream. It had come down between my legs – along the crack of my pussy. I received more but softer lashes and felt the blood swelling my vaginal lips. It felt hot, burning like my arse and I closed my eyes not wanting to see the men’s faces. Why didn’t they just fuck me? I felt a tickle, a tormenting tickle along my cunt. With legs spread wide the implement had no difficulty finding my clitoris. My eyes opened to see – a feather – I laughed with amazement – though it was the laugh of a half crazed woman.

For several minutes my cunt was tortured by the stinging snap of the whip then the light touch of the tickling feather. It became impossible to distinguish between pain and pleasure. My clit swelled and I wanted relief – the relief a penis could bring. I found myself calmer but yet more tormented and gazed around at the still erect cocks.

With a manic smile on my face and lifting my groin I begged, softly at first then louder, more demanding, “Fuck me! Please – fuck me!”

The feather was still doing its work and my hips bucked as I demanded angrily, “Fuck me!” A hand touched my crotch and I yelled when it pressed against the tender and swollen inflamed skin. They began to release me and I kept still, only moving when I was told – I was being a good girl. My arms now at my side I was allowed a minutes rest then a man climbed over me. His dick was plunged into me without ceremony and he rested on his elbows. My cunt smarted and stung when he began to fuck then an incredible feeling rushed through my body. I grinned and laughed and wrapped my legs round his waist and for the next few minutes the bed bounced like it had never bounced before.

Quickly he was replaced by another man and more of the same followed. Others couldn’t wait for my cunt and made use of my mouth. I couldn’t get enough – I wanted six more men – but at the end all present were satisfied. I had an orgasm with the first man but instead of loosing the urge I craved more and climax followed climax. My sore cunt and arse, words I wouldn’t have normally used, seemed to intensify my pleasure. I lay for a while dirty and sticky and the men went downstairs to dress. Eventually I followed and felt peeved that they had neither thanked me nor even gave me their names. I stood with a cover wrapped around me and when the last two were leaving one of them pulled me down in a chair and took out his dick. He had regained his sexual urges and pointed his weapon at my mouth. I shouldn’t have but I did – I opened up and sucked him to climax.

With sperm dripping down my chin he looked down and said goodbye – and hoped we might meet again. Stan and Bill were the last to leave after they checked I was OK. Well physically I was but my mental state was another matter. Stan told me to ring him if I needed to talk and Bill gave me a jar of ointment and kissed me tenderly on my cheek.

“Have a good soak in the bath,” he suggested.

It was almost surreal when I stood at the door with only a bedcover round me and waved goodbye to these apparently nice old men! Given what we had just done how could we all act so normal?

My concern now was to make sure my husband didn’t find anything out of place and make sure he didn’t see me my bottom for a while! Red weals and angry looking blotches would be hard to explain.

My mind was in a whirl for many days after and as winter was coming on Stan and Bill weren’t making frequent visits to do the garden. It took a while to get my head round the events but I had no regrets – just a fascination about how pain could turn into an amazing sexually pleasurable experience. Now I was beginning to understand the people from the magazines – I knew now why something always seemed to be missing with my sex life. I needed more than intercourse and gentle tender loving was not for me. My mind needed time – and so did my bottom!

My husband benefited by my new enthusiasm for sex and for a few weeks life went happily on – then I began to feel restless. My husband was about to go away and wanted me to accompany him – I felt I was missing a chance. Without upsetting him I told him I wasn’t really keen on the other wives from his company and as there were other men going alone he would be able to play golf and drink with the boys without having to worry about me – he would be a free man for a week. When he thought about it the idea appealed to him – and probably he had thoughts of misbehaving if he got the chance. I wouldn’t have minded if he did but I didn’t tell him that!

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