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I was the first to arrive at the new project site on Douglas and Simms. My pick up truck was loaded down with all the equipment and gear we’d need to get started on the demolitions. With coffee in hand, I dropped the gate of the truck and wiped off a spot to plant my ass upon while I waited for Juan and the rest of my crew to show up. I was sipping my coffee, swinging my legs and enjoying the last few minutes of peace and quiet in my day.

My boots were worn out and nasty looking but comfortable as hell and my flannel shirt would be coming off by 7:30 in this miserable July heat. I looked at the old white Victorian and thanked God for small favors. At least we’d be working on the north end of the house where it doesn’t get as much sun as the other sides. I was tired of getting burnt and having my skin peel. Not attractive to the femmes, no ma’am.

I got up and canvassed the house. Mr. Burton’s black Mercedes was parked in the garage and the red Saab convertible, Mrs. Burton’s I presumed, was parked in the driveway. There were no tools hanging on the walls, no workbenches to maneuver around and no toys to step over. Everything was impeccably clean and tidy in the garage.

I was happy to be working for the “Moneys” as we so fondly referred to the wealthier folks in the town. I knew it’d be a bitch of a project but nothing we couldn’t handle. At least I’d get paid and paid well for a good job.

Loud hollering erupted from the kitchen and wound its way to the front door. Mr. Burton blasted through the entrance and knocked over the potted plants that guarded the door in his haste to grab his newspaper and run. Magically, the garage door opened and the Mercedes came to life with blinks and chirps. He didn’t see me until he nearly crashed into my truck.

“Hey Gracie, fix the squeak on the pocket doors in the library for me, will ya? If I have to go into that fucking house again, I’ll beat her ass,” he said as he waved me away. I returned the wave to a dust cloud hovering where Mr. Burton used to be.

I stood there in the driveway with a cup of cooling coffee wondering who the hell pissed in his Wheaties when I heard the screen door open. Flashes of reds, pinks and golds swirled about the entrance door. As I approached, grunting noises and long scraping sounds were becoming louder. Flying out from the entrance came books and picture frames and open suitcases full of clothing. I guessed I was about to meet the Wheaties pisser.

She was wearing a fiery silk robe with golden japanese characters and pink lotus flowers. Apparently, she didn’t believe in modesty at 6:30 in the morning because her robe flew open as she chucked the last of Mr. Burton’s shit out the door. I was stunned to see her pale skin and pink nipples leaping high into the air but I wasn’t upset by the spectacle, to say the least. As her long red hair landed in her face, she turned to me and growled, “who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you staring at?”

Like a dumbass, I stuck out my hand and introduced myself, “I’m Gracie Hernandez and my crew and I are remodeling your kitchen and deck today.” I smiled, trying to put on my best “customer service glow”.

She just glared at me for the longest time as my hand slowly dropped to my side. Finally, she closed her robe and tied it shut. “You have got to be kidding me. You? You are going to be working on my house today?” she stammered.

“Yes ma’am. Actually, we’ll be here for about two weeks,” I said. “I hope you don’t mind.” I knew that was the worst thing to say to a furious woman but I tend to keep a mental script for such occasions.

She turned and slammed the door in my face. ======

Juan, Mickey, Kevin and Sam showed up 15 minutes late and I had to bitch them out again but we eventually got equipment unloaded and set up for demolition. As they were preparing the exterior, I knocked on the front door to enquire about the preparations being done on the inside. The red head opened the door and glared at me.

“May I take a look inside your kitchen for a minute?” I asked sweetly. “I have to see if your personal belongings will be safe or if they need to be removed.”

She stepped aside hesitantly and lead me to the kitchen. My tool belt clinked and clanked as I watched her curvy hips churn in the faded Levi’s she was wearing. Her robe had been replaced with a green tank top that exposed her blue bra straps and hugged her womanly body. Devious thoughts ran through my mind until I noticed that the kitchen had not been packed and cleared. “Ma’am,” I said. “We’re going to be knocking down this wall today and it was expected that everything would be cleared from the cabinets and windows.”

She brushed her hair from the side of her face and fixed her eyes on mine. “I am not doing any such thing!” she said defiantly. “And, for your information, my name isn’t Ma’am, it’s Maggie.”

“Well okay, Maggie.” I put my measuring tape back in my pouch and glared back at her. “I’ll have to add time and bahis firmaları labor to the work order and, of course, that will mean overtime for us, but we are going to have this wall down and secure by the end of the day. Catch my drift?”

With her hands on her hips, she snapped her head so that her braid landed on her back. I mimicked her except for the fact that my short dark hair doesn’t move at all. I don’t like to be fucked with and she was starting to get on my nerves. I could tell she felt the same way.

I rapped on the window and asked Mickey to get me the contract and blueprints. Moments later, I found the pages with her signature. “This is your signature? This is our contract? These are the work orders? Yes or no,” I said as I tapped the paperwork.

“Yes, but…” she sputtered as I enjoyed watching her squirm. She was looking for a way to fuck up my day and I wasn’t letting her get my goat. We argued over details in the contract and minutiae on the blueprints. Finally she shouted, “Just get the hell off my property! I want you out of here in 10 minutes!”

I gathered up the blueprints and contracts and strutted for the door. As we passed the livingroom, I stopped, pointed to the far corner and casually mentioned that my recliner and entertainment center were going to look fabulous in MY new house.

I had cleared the door when she screamed out, “Fuck you, Dyke!” I wanted to scream back, “see you in court”. Unfortunately, my quick response was cut short. My hammer got caught on the door frame, pulling me off balance and I landed face first in the evergreen shrubs. My short little legs poked out from the tops of the bushes and I could hear her giggles turn to out right “in your face” howls of laughter.

“Wanna give me a hand?” I squeaked. It’s so hard to be graceful when your ass is over your head.

She took her time coming down the steps and actually paused to watch me try to untangle myself from the bushes. My boot was caught on something and I couldn’t get upright. My face had turned red and my breakfast was threatening a return visit. Maggie unhooked my boot and offered me her hand to help me back up.

“Are you alright?” she asked through muffled giggles. Her hands tried to hide her face but I knew she was trying very hard not to burst out again.

I tried to look distinguished as I straightened my t-shirt. “Oh hell yeah. It happens to me all the time.” And then she all out lost it. I mean it. She was laughing so hard she squeezed her knees together. “I could have DIED and you’re yukking it up. That’s cute, Maggie, really cute. Hardee haaar har”.

I smoothed my hair and found my scattered tools. Mickey came around to see what the fuss was all about. He rushed over to Maggie to try to console her. That dumb fucker thought she was crying. When she finally came to her senses, she told him what happened and soon they were both in fits of laughter.

I could tell it was going to be one of those days. =====

By noon, the kitchen had been cleared and the windows removed. My crew and I sat under a tree having lunch and laughing about the mornings events. Maggie came out with a tray of beers and a smile a mile wide.

“I just want to apologize for the way things went this morning,” she said. “Here’s a peace offering.” The tray was set on my cooler. The boys grabbed their beers and my eyes caught hers. I’d never seen such a lovely shade of green. I smiled and thanked her. She was still bent over the cooler and I suspect that she knew her cleavage was a beautiful sight to behold. Thankfully, the boys were distracted by the free cold ones and the view was all mine.

It was definitely turning into a strange couple of weeks.

The days passed quickly as the work progressed. The wall was reconstructed and the kitchen and deck were coming along as scheduled. Mr. Burton had collected his belongings and was staying with “a friend” during the remodeling process.

I’d arrive to work at least a half hour before the crew and Maggie took to making me a good strong cup of coffee every morning. I grew to like her company very much. She wasn’t a brainless chatterbox or an annoying egoist. We talked of the places we’d seen and the issues in our lives. We’d both graduated in the same year. I went on to take over the family business and she went on to grad school. She asked me a lot of questions about my lesbianism, as if she already knew the answers.

Friday came and since we were ahead of schedule, I let the boys pack up and leave early. Naturally, in their haste, they left shit everywhere. Tools, materials, and loose ends were found lying about the site. I spent 15 minutes just picking up nails and screws with my monster magnet.

As I was loading the last of the gear on my truck, Maggie came out with a couple of beers in hand and asked me what my plans were for the night. I took one and shrugged my shoulders, “Not much, Mag, I’m probably going to go home and shower up before I go to Rosie’s bar.”

She kaçak iddaa smiled and asked where it was since she was new to our town. I told her that Rosie’s wasn’t in town. It was a lesbian night club near the airport. “Do you think you could stand a little company tonight?” she asked.

I took a long swig of beer from the bottle and pondered my answer. “Where’s Mr. Burton, Maggie?” She looked me dead in the eye and told me with a tilt of her beautiful head that he was with his new girlfriend in Cancun. I took another gulp and finished off the bottle.

“Do you dance, Maggie?”

She smiled and said, “I can do whatever I want.” My head spun at the infinite possibilities of spending an evening with this devilish woman. Something about her told me I was in for a strange evening.

I stood up and took a step forward into her personal zone and smiled, “Well now, that does expand our options doesn’t? When should I pick you up?”

She squeezed up closer to me and placed her beer on the rail of my truck behind me. “If you come inside and give me a minute to shower and change, I’ll be ready in 20 minutes. Then we could go back to your place and go from there.”

There must’ve been something in that beer because I went against every voice in my head and said, “whatever you want.”

I helped her finish her beer as we discussed the kinds of music we liked to dance to. Then as she smiled, she reached down, entwined her delicate hand in my calloused one and led me back to the house. We walked upstairs slowly and my heart began to pound.

She was looking so luscious in her summer dress and sandals. Her ankles were as delicate as her hands and the long legs that hung down from her dress were a thrilling sight to behold. She moved with carefree conviction and a gentle kind of sway that reminds one of palm trees in Paradise.

The urge to caress her juicy bottom was almost too much to bear. I wanted to scoop her up and eat her right there on the stairs.

We turned the corner at the top of the stairs and made our way down the hall to the master suite. The doors were open and the early evening shadows were dancing through the curtains. She led me in and closed the doors behind us. I stood in the center of the room watching her body move toward me. Her breasts were unencumbered by a bra and jiggled heavily with every deep breath.

As she stood before me, she reached up and wound her hand around my neck. Her sweet lips brushed mine and soon they were melting away any resistance I may have thought I had. I fell into the kisses. My chest tingled and grew light. Her scent was the color of rich red orchids and my head grew dizzy with desire for her.

My arms met just over her backside and pulled her closer to me. We moved together, not leaving the spot in which we stood. My lips read her face as she nibbled on the cleft of my jawline and neck. The arms that held me studied my shoulders and sides.

Her dress was gathered up and pulled gently over her head as she stepped from her sandals. My dirty t-shirt was removed exposing my bra and tan lines. The buckle of my belt came undone as did the button of my jeans. We continued to undress as we worked our way to the expansive shower room.

In there, the water was adjusted and my remaining clothes were stripped away. I was tenderly pushed in first and scrubbed clean from top to bottom. I turned around and faced my lovely wet beauty. She washed my hair and slowly and caressingly massaged me to a light orgasm by tweaking my nipples and clit simultaneously.

The water ran down the sides of her heavenly breasts and the cleft in between. My hands were soaping her up, not for the need to clean her but for the need to touch her everywhere. She was not a Barbie doll or porn star. She was a real woman the way God had intended. Her skin was tight and soft. My hands pressed lightly into the flesh of her sides and rump. The young breasts were meant to give pleasure on sight alone.

And this remarkable woman was taking me to heights of passion that were long ago forgotten.

How we made it to the bed, I’ll never remember but it matters not. We nibbled and sucked at each other’s bodies until the sexual needs became too great to hold off. My lips started to travel across the landscape of her body. No area was left uncovered by kisses. But it was the moisture collecting on my fingers told me it was time to pay serious attention to the boiling furnace between her thighs.

I parted her knees and kissed her seam. Even then, I could smell the heavy fragrance of her pussy. My tongue reached out and parted the sticky lips slowly and deliberately. Up and down I went, until I slowly hit the object of desire. Her clit was strong and full. I licked it in circular motions trying to strengthen it for the sucking that was to follow. I nibbled at it and batted it back and forth, up and down.

Her sighs were growing more powerful and seductively deep. My tongue worked its way down to her kaçak bahis opening and forced its way through the slippery juice until it was buried. I circled her internally and thrust it in and out so that I could reinforce the feeling building up within her. Her hips moved like a piston as more juice came flooding out from her. I worked my tongue around her potent clit and my lips grabbed onto it as if it were a little penis. I massaged it until it was ready to be fully sucked. My fingers reentered her sweet opening and worked themselves in and out until they found the padded cushion behind her clit.

Soon her hips were snapping in time with my tongue and my fingers. Her moans were filling my ears, coaxing me to do this to perfection. My face was gently caressed by her silky thighs and my hands were lost in the luxury of her beautiful ass. I kept nursing her clit to its fullest capacity and then she screamed in agonizing release. “Oh God, oh please, oh god, a-a-ah,” she moaned and shuddered.

Her legs clamped closed around my head as she let out her final cries. I let go of her and climbed up beside the length of her body as she rode out the final reflexive jerks in my arms. Her chest heaved, rising and falling with great pauses. She was easily the most beautiful woman I’d ever shared a bed with.

I slowly rose up and closed her knees. Her porcelain arms were thrown over her face as she shuddered and sighed happily. The way her breasts shivered with her every breath was more seductive than any porn star could ever hope to be. I knelt in silence watching the evening shadows line her magnificent curves.

“My God, that was great,” she sighed. Her eyes were closed as the smile on her face widened. “Gracie, with a tongue like that how is it possible that you’re still single?”

I dropped down on the bed with a heavy bounce and laughed out loud. My goodness, she certainly was to the point. My hands floated on her tummy and arms as I remained silent.


“What, Maggie?”

“Will you let me do that to you?” I smiled and nodded yes.

“Have you ever been with another woman, Maggie?” I whispered.

“No, I’ve always wanted to but I’ve been married for so long…I’ve often felt like loving a woman would be far more natural and satisfying then loving a man. I’m glad it was you, Gracie”. She reached up and kissed my lips so lovingly, like we had always been together. “Mmmm, you taste me”.

“I wonder why.”

She gently sucked my lip into her mouth and laid on top of me as she slipped her leg between my own. My tongue sought hers and we played with eachothers mouths. She kissed her way to my neck and ears while she sighed and hummed.

Her body moved down on mine as she worked her way to my breasts. When she took one into her mouth, I nearly came from the magical feelings she was generating in my nipple. She lapped at it and sucked it up making me groan in ecstacy. I moved my hands to the back of her head, arranging her long red hair into a loose bun so that I could watch her work me over.

My legs were spread wider by her body as she continued to kiss her way down. Soon, she was kneeling between my legs and asking for a pillow. She propped the pillow under my ass and made sure I was comfortable. My feet were planted next to her thighs as she bent down to give my belly a kiss.

“You have the body of a goddess,” she said.

I busted out laughing, “You have got to be kidding!”

Maggie sat up on her ankles and gave me the sternest of looks. “I said what I meant to say! You are stunningly beautiful.

“Look at your skin, it’s flawless. There’s not an ounce of flab on you. You a have perfect ass and your tits are quite a heavy handful.

“Thanks but I’m not usually the one on the receiving end of such compliments”, I said.

She lowered her head and soon was hovering over my pussy, her mouth only fractions of an inch from my hair. Her beautiful eyes looked straight through me into my soul. Everything I ever wanted was in those green eyes.

Her tongue dropped down and licked my black hair. Back and forth across my pubis ran her tongue until it was near my aching slit. Her tongue tripped over it and went back to open it wider. My eyes never left her face. I watched her tongue motion up down, licking the insides of my lips. She took her time exploring and tasting me. Watching her passion and sensuality was causing me to flood inside. She seemed so relaxed and knowing. She could do no wrong and she knew it.

My clit responded to her caresses like a flower to water. She gave it all the attention it needed and soon it was begging to be sucked long and hard. She knew exactly how to make me come. She thrust one finger, then two, then three into my aching pussy as she sucked my clit mercilessly. The waves of orgasm were carrying my into a sexual euphoria rarely experienced. I cried my release. So powerful and thin I felt at the same time. Like a sheet of crystal. When my clit erupted, I felt the glass within me shatter. The final triumphant tidal wave washed through me and soaked the bed. I drowned in the afterglow.


“Hey, Gracie”, she whispered. “Are you still there?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32