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With her socked toes resting lightly on my chest, she playfully teases “he’s about to get a whole lot redder!”

“Here, how about a head start~” A sassy and somewhat sadistic play on words from Ariel as she steps on my neck, pinning it to the floor much like Kacie was moments ago, but with only one foot.

“I meant his chest and stomach mainly,” Amber quips at her.

“Well have fun with that then, but he just got done saying we could try whatever we wanted, so why leave anything out when it comes to turning him red?” Ariel replies.

Amber is somehow caught off guard, and doesn’t really say anything back, just shares a look with Ariel for a moment, then with Christie and Cindy, and finally at Kacie.

Ariel continues, “He also told me to “try harder”,” doing the quotes with her fingers to Amber, then looks down at me, “Right?”

I nod my head ‘Yes’ since she’s still holding me down by my neck, and speaking is yet again tricky.

To Amber, “So I have every intention of holding him to his word,” Ariel concludes as she puts most of her 150-pounds worth of weight on my neck with one foot, and with the other standing with her tip toes on the floor, using support from the counter to hold her posture.

I am silenced for sure at this point! All of my focus is on trying to keep my composure! It’s so intense that my eyes have a hard time staying open, but what I’m able to see through my squints is so worth it; Ariel bringing her foot up from the floor, yes, meaning she’s practically full weight on my neck at this point aside from what her lean on the counter offsets, and pulling off her sock! Taking her time with it no less~

It’s merely a tease at this point as she steps back onto the floor with that bare foot, releasing my neck from her hold, allowing me to breathe again as she removes her other sock.

“See, all nice and red,” she points out with one hand as the other tosses her socks down near her shoes, which are now both counter-side by my right hand.

I don’t understand Amber’s sudden stunned silence. Ariel’s aggressive actions are comparable to what she did when she had me remove her boots, and now she’s speechless. It’s like Ariel just stole all her thunder. You can see it in her facial expression. Well, I can anyway, and I know just the thing to set her off again. “You’re not chickening out on us are you?” Yeah, I fire it right back at her.

She shoots me this look like ‘did you really just say that?’ “Most certainly not!” She insists. Yeah, didn’t take much at all. With that, she steps onto my chest and with her toes pressing into the base of my neck, she lets herself slide forward, her feet parting and going down each side, and coming to a stop when her toes reach the floor. Her heels barely touch still, and while I do feel a gripping sensation, it doesn’t nearly have the same effect at cutting off air as Ariel’s move did. In fact, I smile up at her, clueing her in that I’m still ok.

“That’s the spirit,” Ariel says to her, smiling as she encourages her on.

Amber’s reaction to her is simply a squinting smirk full of sass. Ariel laughs back as everything is all in good fun, but gives Amber a good smack on the ass, knocking her forward with a squeal and off my neck, resulting in harder laughing from Ariel and from the rest of the group as well!

“You’re not going to let her get away with that are you?!” Cindy light-heartedly says to Amber, egging her on to retaliate.

Ariel looks at her like ‘I dare you to do something back’, steps onto my chest without a second thought with her back to Amber, but never looking away from her, then braces her hands on her knees, waiting.

What a view for me! Wow! The way she’s positioned, I’m looking straight up where the sun don’t shine!

It doesn’t last long though because Amber does indeed retaliate by smacking her ass back, and it’s loud! Almost echo’s throughout the room!

“AAHHH Ha ha!!” That gets Ariel to stand up straight and take a few baby steps forward on me, which puts her on my stomach. “Ow, bitch~” she says through whimpering laughter, grasping her butt cheek.

Her steps are quick and unplanned on me, making it hard to really brace for them correctly, and forcing me to fold slightly under her weight again. With all the action going on, and Ariel not really calling any attention to the fact that she’s standing on me, it takes me a bit to really savor the feeling of her bare feet on my skin. It’s not until she pauses and rubs out the sting in her bottom that the smoothness of her warm feet starts to set in. A barely audible moan from me snaps her focus back to what she’s standing on. She looks down at her feet, one pressing in a decent amount on my lower abs and the other resting over my diaphragm; she then gauges my facial expressions as she starts to bounce. It’s light at first because of her physical orientation; her body mostly facing my feet while she looks back over her shoulder to my face.

The huffs of air escaping my lips almost match the force Ariel bounces with. As she continues, her feet adjust slightly, being placed next to each other at an angle across my stomach, her toes pointed güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri towards my right thigh as she takes hold of Elizabeth for support. The bounces turn to hops, and are spaced out more as she braces for each one. It’s not killing me by any means, but it does make my back arch again and also involuntarily brace for impact, and Elizabeth’s feet happen to be in the right spot to grab onto. I try to keep my grip loose on her foot, but with her smiling down at me, I know the she knows that I have no shame about liking the feel of it, or them, as my hand’s placement shifts with each bounce Ariel does.

Amber notices the arch in my posture and soon steps back on to my chest to keep me flat on the floor. Bracing the counter, she starts her own bouncing assault a bit off key from Ariel’s hops. I can almost feel my body start to flop about as the girls start to synchronize their movements to the point that one takes off as the other lands, and vice versa.

I look over at Kacie, Christie and Cindy, and can tell Kacie seems somewhat intimidated by the taller ladies jumping about and is almost backed up into Christie as they both watch. However, being a taller lady herself, Cindy isn’t fazed in the least. She walks up to my head, and presses it sideways with her right foot, keeping that foot there without stepping up full weight. Conveniently, this puts my mouth right up against the pretty toes of her left foot. I love the position I’m put in, but don’t think too much of it since my focus is still on Ariel and Amber’s jumping frenzy… until those toes rise up and wedge themselves between my lips.

Remember when Christie smothered me with her foot earlier and how I melted under Cindy and Amber? Well the same thing happens just now when Cindy does that with her toes – I melt again, and turn soft under Amber and Ariel~ What started out as a moan quickly turns into soft groans as their hopping and bouncing frenzy continues as I am no longer keeping myself firm under them, but instead letting them jump on a completely limp body.

“Whoa! That’s different,” Ariel says noticing the change.

“Again?!” says Amber, recalling the same mushy feeling from earlier.

Cindy laughs from knowing what Amber means.

“Again?” Ariel asks, “did you kill him earlier too?”

“Of course not silly, he’s just mushy…again,” Amber clarifies.

“Really,” Ariel replies seemingly amused. She then starts working her tip toes into my stomach like she’s kneading dough. When my stomach doesn’t tense up under her, she is clearly impressed saying “Oh my God, this feels… Wow!”

“Right!” Cindy agrees.

Since Ariel and Amber aren’t jumping at the moment, my moans start to get a bit more noticeable.

“Hmmm, sounds like somebody’s enjoying himself down there,” Ariel says acknowledging my noises. I then feel her feet shift to allow her amazing toes to slip under my waistband, kneading my lower abs with her toes, and at times resting on her soft soles with her heels pressing up against the base of my ribs. The melting sensation didn’t completely take my breath away, but this certainly did!

The natural reaction of trying to breathe in through my mouth kicks in, parting my lips and letting Cindy’s toes slip in. As they hang on the corner of my mouth, my lips wrap around them and involuntarily suck in on them. My eyes had closed when my body went limp, but noticing that Cindy is not pulling her toes back, my eyes open up again to be sure that I’m not dreaming this – that she is, in fact, allowing her feet to remain where they are. Since her right foot is holding my head to the side, it’s blocking my view of seeing her facial reactions, yet giving me a lovely view of her sole. Totally worth it~

My attention is split between these amazing ladies tenderly squishing my body and the beauty that has her toes invading my mouth. I don’t get far into savoring Cindy’s toes before I look past her foot and see Christie eyeing me intently, nibbling her lower lip. I lock eyes with her as I continue sucking and the most envious smile forms on her pretty face. It’s seriously the sexiest thing ever. Apparently it is a tease for her, and she decides to do something about it. She walks over to Ariel and whispers something to her and Elizabeth.

Shortly afterwards I hear Ariel speak up. “Oh yeah! No problem,” as she turns sideways on my stomach.

Then something incredible happens! I feel someone’s toes press against my bits and work their way up and around my manhood! Cindy still has my head turned and eyes covered enough to prevent me from being able to see who’s doing what, but when I’m reminded that Elizabeth’s foot is under my hand by the simple fact that she pulls it free, I quickly figure it can only be Christie working my sausage around to where it lies flat against my abs. My body stiffens up from that treatment, and I hear them giggling softly between each other.

I hear more whispering from Christie, followed by Elizabeth stepping on to my stomach with Ariel, matching her foot placement, only slightly lower so that it was Ariel’s left foot first near the base of my ribs, then Elizabeth’s güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri left foot on the middle of my gut, Ariel’s right foot next to that on my lower abs and pinning my manhood, and lastly Elizabeth’s right foot pressing into my bits with her toes as her foot rests on my thigh~

Once the silent ‘holy shit’ feeling passes, I notice I’m not really suffering under their combined weight like I was before. I soon realize it’s because Ariel is actually leaning back against the counter, so not all of her weight is being applied. I am feeling all of Elizabeth’s weight though, however, I can also tell she’s leaning against Ariel ever so slightly. With my manhood now a part of the fun even while still being covered up with my pants, my body starts to tense up again, for obvious reasons!

Cindy frees my head from its sideways hold, allowing me to look up again, and seeing her and Amber smiling down at me as Cindy keeps her toes in my mouth is almost too much. I’m not sure what comes over me, but I lightly grip Cindy’s foot with both hands and suck harder on her amazing toes. The reaction I get out of her is nothing short of incredibly sexy and adorable – getting a soft whimper out of her as she leans into Amber’s shoulder, attempting to muffle the sounds.

Christie comes around behind her, hugging her as she passes by with Kacie following close behind. She leans back against the counter facing Cindy and starts gently playing with my face, neck, and shoulder with her toes, one foot at a time. Kacie starts doing the same thing but from above my head, and honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better view! It’s what dreams are made of for sure!

Looking up at Christie, and remembering how she was looking at me moments before, I know exactly what she wants as her soft toes grab at my cheek. I want to grant her wish, but Cindy won’t stop raping my mouth with her foot. The intense sucking I’m doing on her toes only fuels her desire to keep me going on them, and it’s to the point now where even though I have a hold of her foot, I couldn’t remove it from my mouth if I tried.

Cindy has me at her mercy now… well, sort of. My arms are starting to ache from being held up, so I decide to rest them by laying them back on the floor. Since Christie isn’t standing on anything at the moment, she easily steps onto my forearm on her side, and starts massaging the palm of my hand with her beautiful toes. I imagine if Cindy’s legs hadn’t been quivering from my attention to her foot, she would be doing the same thing to my other arm. However, for the time being, I bring my arm up over my head towards Kacie, look up at her as I tap her on the leg to get her attention and let her know she can step on my arm like Christie is by pointing to what she’s doing, and then lay it down behind her feet. Sure enough, she takes me up on that almost instantly.

I start to wonder who has control of who as Cindy seems to lose the feeling in her legs altogether, requiring Amber’s help to keep her standing. My hands are completely occupied and therefore can’t do anything to prevent her from sinking down. For a second, Amber and I share a look towards one another, and when she sees that I really can’t change anything from my end, she taps Cindy on the cheek to break her from her trance.

“I’m fine,” Cindy whispers softly.

“Then stand up you bag of bricks,” Amber jokes, trying to keep her own posture fairly straight as Cindy hangs on her.

“But this feels so good. You have no idea,” Cindy coos.

“I’m about to drop you,” Amber replies a bit more sternly.

Cindy’s response is about as carefree as they get; she pulls herself up to kiss Amber on the neck, then lets herself fall back onto the floor, freeing her foot from my mouth and quite honestly startles everyone, including myself! Good thing the floor’s carpeted!

“What happened?” I hear Ariel ask.

“What did you do,” Amber asks me, “suck the life out of her?”

“Yeah, like I could do anything about it,” I smart back at her with my arms being pinned still by Christie and Kacie.

Cindy chimes back in with sweet giggling, tapping the side of my head with her foot that had just freed itself from my mouth.

“See? She’s fine,” I add.

“Keep it up, Mister.” Amber says forcing her socked toes down on my neck. “That tongue of yours is going to get you into some serious trouble!”

Her toes legitimately choke me this time, preventing me from responding right away as I have to cough a bit to clear my throat. Turning my head off to the side, I do my best to power through the force of her toes, telling her “My tongue is having a great time, thank you very mu…!!” That’s all I’m able to say before she forces her toes down again, cutting me off.

“Hmmm, I bet.” Turning her attention to Cindy, “you alright buttercup?”

Cindy giggles some more, but doesn’t really say anything.

“She’s good, right?” Amber asks Christie.

“She’s fine. He just got to her in record time,” Christie replies with laughter in her voice, amused by her friends overall reactions.

Amber steps off me, allowing me to breathe güvenilir bahis şirketleri deep and really clear my throat this time, as she takes a few steps over to Cindy. “Are you broken?” She asks, leaning over and tapping the lady’s cheek again.

As Amber checks on her, Kacie takes advantage of the opportunity to get on my bare chest, doing so by stepping over my head. Man this girls soles are to die for~ I barely get a chance to admire them as I’m distracted yet again by Amber. I look over just in time to see her put her foot on Cindy’s chest… at least I think it’s her chest, as her leg is partially blocking my view from being bent up.

“Hey! Don’t step on me! That’s what he’s here for!” Cindy says finally perking up and snapping out of whatever trance I got her into.

“I got you to talk, didn’t I?” Amber teases, keeping her foot in place. “Besides, I’ve seen Christie do this to you before, so don’t act like you don’t like it down there.”

“Whoa! Hey wait just a minute!” Ariel exclaims. “Why don’t I know of this little detail?!” she asks Christie.

Not going to lie, it catches me off guard too! As much as I love my current position, I’m sure I’d love to see Cindy get walked on too, especially by Christie because… YUM!!

“Because you tend to get a bit rough dear, and she’s not as durable as he is,” Christie explains. “Speaking of which, this is the nicest I’ve seen you be with anyone when doing this.”

“I’m pacing myself with him,” Ariel replies in her own defense, “and I’ve also never walked on another chick since guys have always been less than impressive and couldn’t handle much, so I didn’t bother trying with a woman. I’d be gentle with her.”

“Pacing herself?” I ask.

“Shoosh darling,” Christie sweetly replies, silencing me with her beautiful foot over my mouth, melting me instantly yet again.

Ariel pushes Elizabeth along with her as they both step off of my stomach and waist, allowing me to really get a good breath in past Christie’s heavenly scent that’s partially blocking my nose and letting my abs relax normally again. Elizabeth stays put though as Ariel stands next to Amber, looking down at Cindy. “How about it? Just a quicky?” Ariel asks.

“But… it’s what HE’S here for,” Cindy says trying to reemphasize her point.

“Go on sweetheart, he’ll still be down here when she’s done,” encourages Christie.

With a heavy sigh, “Fine,” Cindy accepts.

“No need to be so modest,” Amber teases.

As much as I want to see this, Christie’s foot has too much of an effect on me and remains my primary focus. However, a slight distraction still looms over me in the form of Cindy’s legs and feet which are both laying over me and pressing against the side of my head as she’s not physically clear of me and makes no attempt to change her orientation.

I hear a soft groan come from her followed by a few quick pops. I look over as much as Christie’s foot will allow my head to turn, just in time to see Amber stepping off to the other side of Cindy. I guess I’m not the only one who has tension in their back.

Ariel positions herself across from Amber at around Cindy’s waist level, taking each other’s hands for support, and placing her foot softly on her friend’s stomach. “Ready hun?”

“Go for it,” Cindy confirms, repositioning Ariel’s foot on her at the last second.

I can tell Ariel was telling the truth about having never stepped on another female before as she is noticeably concerned for Cindy’s well-being, taking everything slow whereas with me she practically jumped on without a second thought. I feel Cindy’s toes grip the side my face near my eye as Ariel applies more weight. With my arm now free, I reach for her foot and attempt to relax her by massaging it softly around her toes and also the arch. I have no idea if what I’m doing is helping her since Ariel is taking her time getting on.

Moments later, I see Ariel struggle somewhat to find a spot to place her other foot as I imagine she didn’t really think it all the way through with her first foot placement.

“How you doing down there?” she asks Cindy.

A huge change in attitude for her that I notice compared to what I’m used to so far.

“I’m alright, but you need to relax hun,” Cindy replies trying to coach her along. It’s something that tells me she definitely knows what she’s doing, and even though I’ve never seen it happen, it confirms she’s been in this position before.

“Well it’s new territory for me, and plus I don’t know what to do with these obstacles,” Ariel says referring to Cindy’s chest.

With a bit of strained laughter, Cindy tells her “just step between them for starters,” guiding her foot.

Now with a bit of direction and getting past the hard part, Ariel starts shifting her weight around more confidently, all while keeping a consistent eye on her friends reactions. Again, a complete 180 in attitude compared to squishing me. It serves as a real eye opener for me to see how differently someone else handles a part of something I’ve become accustomed to. Ariel is one of six ladies who have stood on me today, and being the only one on Cindy at the moment, I hear her start to have difficulties handling the weight in the same manner as I do handling all of them. Cindy’s not protesting anything Ariel’s doing though, seemingly working over her abs and parts of her chest. I only wish I could see her face as she endures Ariel’s experimentation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32