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Friday I had a busy morning at work but the afternoon slowed down considerably. I was getting bored so I threw some porn on the computer to pass the time. While surfing I found some good strapon vids as well as some called Cum Eating Cuckolds. While I myself would never suck a dick or eat some one else’s cum it was hot none the less. Every scene had the guys eating cum either the bull’s that was fucking his wife or his own that he was allowed to spew on his wife’s feet or tits. A few hours of these videos playing at my desk got me all hot and incredibly horny. I had to wait till most everyone left so I could walk out of the building with my hardon and not have it be noticed.

I made it to my SUV and got inside. I couldn’t take, I just had to release my cock from my pants. I slipped my pants off and let them drop to the floor. I grabbed them and folded them onto the seat next to me, I wiped my now wet leaking dick and stuck my prize in to my mouth as I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home.

I have a couple of ways home from the office, one is through traffic but a shorter quicker route. The other is through a fairly secluded area with wooded lots lining the road for the most part. I took this route. Once into this sparsely populated area I pull my car over, get out and removed the rest of my clothes, even socks and shoes I’m completely naked. This adds to my excitement and reach around spread my ass cheeks and rub my ass hole poking my finger in and out slightly. I’m so delirious with sexual tension that if anyone would happen by I would jack off right in front of them. Luckily no one was around to test my resolve so back in the car I went and started back up the road to my house. I passed a few cars and stroked my penis as I passed a couple walking on the secluded road. There is just something that gets me hot being bahis firmaları naked while others are just going about their business fully clothed just feet away.

I pull into my drive way and my wife is in the garage with the door open. She is sitting on a chair having a drink and had mine waiting for me as I pulled in. She looked at me and saw I must be naked cause she said to me don’t put anything on just come here as you are. We are also on a pretty secluded street so I jumped out of the vehicle and made my way up the driveway about 30 feet fully naked out in the bright sunshine to my wife. Before I could sit down she handed me my drink and said have some. I took a big swig of rum and diet as my hard cock pointed straight at her leaking precum. I leaned into her and gave her a kiss as my dick wiped itself on her arm. She said ooh look at what you did and she put her arm to her mouth and licked it clean. I sat down and she asked what brought this naked driving on. I just replied it was a slow afternoon and I needed to pass the time this afternoon with some porn.

Well I want to go out for dinner tonight and I have an idea for you. Go grab some shorts and a shirt so we can leave shortly. I do as I’m told and return to the garage. I sit down and we finish our drinks. She says lets go but you have to be naked as we drive, worked up as I am I have no problem with it. I take my clothes off and she says hand them here, I give her my clothes feel completely vulnerable at her mercy. I ask where are we going, all she would say is you’ll see as she grabs my clothes and heads to the car. I put our empty glasses on the work bench as she turns on the car hits the head lights then blows the horn as I’m completely on display in the spot light with a raging hard on. I hurriedly head to the car and get in as she is laughing uncontrollably. She looks at me and kaçak iddaa says “what, you like being an exhibitionist!” She is right I do get off on it.

My cock is bobbing up and down in agreement. I grab it and stroke it a little as she pulls out of the driveway and into the street. We go about a half a mile and says that was great. I reply yeah that was fun. She stops the car and says get out and do it again. Get out and get into the head lights naked. Jack off some and just imagine there is a group of girls stareing at you. I get out and do as she says. It feels great with a slight breeze blowing on my naked skin as I stroke my cock. She doesn’t blow the horn but put the vehicle in reverse and backs away slowly there tending to leave me there to fend for myself. I chase after her and she stops, lets me in the car again she is laughing. We head back down the road a short distance and she tells me she wants me to jack off while we are driving and shoot a load all over my self. Who am I to argue so I start stroking faster and soon feel my cum about to boil over.

I arch my backside off of the seat and my cock is in full view of the windshield. I shoot a the first couple of spurts all of the way to my face the third to the top of my chest the rest are each smaller and closer to their source till there are just dribbles of sperm at the spot where my cock head reaches my belly. I settle back down back in the seat and bring my fingers to my mouth to lick them off. My wife says that is all I can have. She wants me to rub the two big globe of cum into my face and the rest I’m to rub into my chest and belly. I do as I’m told till one last drop is leaking out of my now shrunken cock. She says you can go ahead and eat that. Then get dressed, we are almost to the bar where we are going to have dinner and drinks. I get dressed and she says you look good with kaçak bahis dried cum on your face. Actually you can’t tell at all but just the thought of having all of that rubbed in cum all over me is a hot.

We get out of the car and head into the bar and settle into our table. We see a couple of our friends and my wife asks them to sit with us. I get a peck on my cum covered cheek from the woman and shake the guys hand, again with my dried on cum covered hand. My wife just gave me a sly smile as she watched. We ate dinner and chatted for awhile after with a series of drinks. When we were leaving there again there were hugs and kisses all around.

We got to car and my wife wanted to drive again. She pulled out of the bars parking lot and said strip them clothes off again. I disrobed as I was told as she drove not through the secluded way but right through town. I wasn’t seen by anyone but the fact there was a chance of it kept me hard, that and my stoking of dick I should say kept me hard. My wife and I were talking dirty and reminding each other I was still covered with dried sperm. We finally made it home which made me extremely happy because there was no telling if she would stop again and make me get out. We pulled into the garage and got out of the car I told her do not close the garage door. I had her bend over, hike her skirt up and lean on the car. I proceeded to fuck her right there in the garage with the door open. Her fully clothed and me totally naked. I pounded her pussy as hard as I could as she bucked just as hard back into me. I shot my cum into her and was exhausted and drained as I collapsed onto her. She said wait a minute buster you have to clean me up and let me cum. I sat on the floor and she waddled her pelvis over my face and yanked my face into her now draining pussy. She ground my head into her until she was shuddering with a her own organism. She climbed off of me and closed the garage door. As we made our way into the house she says don’t clean up at all, I want you to sleep with all of that cum all over you.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32