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We make a smooth coast up my driveway and stop just short of the garage door. I turn the car off and turn to see your cute profile as you grin while looking down at your petite hands.

“Thanks again for the ride, I really loved getting dinner with you.” Your voice is soft yet confident and I can tell that this was not the end of the night.

“Any time Kim, I had a lot of fun. I swear I’m gonna be sore tomorrow from laughing so much? And you definitely picked a great restaurant, way better than the one I chose last week.”

“Oh wow I was so nervous you wouldn’t like it! I discovered it on a whim a few weeks ago. I just love finding a good hole in the wall.” You glance down at your phone. “I guess it’s getting kind of late…” you finally look over and stare at me with large expecting dark brown eyes. Your lips curl into the slightest smile. “…but I don’t really want to drive home just yet.” With full view of your stunning tan face my mind slows down for a second as all I can do is admire your sheer beauty. What an incredible Asian beauty. I take in your straight brown hair as it drapes over your shoulders and complimenting your light brown skin, your thin long eyebrows as they raise above your widening eyes that make you look like you’re almost begging me.

“Let’s just go inside then.” Your lips explode into a huge smile showing your perfect white teeth. I lean over and our lips make contact for the first time. I take a slow deep inhale of your fruity shampoo as my hands find their way around your head and we kiss long and slow, our tongues making gentle forays into each other as a whole night’s worth of tension releases, revealing a new form of tension as I felt my dick beginning to perk up at this new type of activity. I start to withdraw my head and you hold on for a moment before reluctantly letting go, your lips appear to reach out for one last second of contact before you admit defeat and draw back, tilting your head down yet staring again with yearning eyes.

“Thank you.” The servitude in your voice shocks me. When we agreed to the second date you said you wanted to pick the restaurant and once we were there you did not hesitate to order our meals. It felt nice to lay back and let you take control, but suddenly after one kiss it sounded like I was talking to shy young college freshmen instead of the confident grad student that you are.

We make our way inside. I hold the door open for you as you walk in and immediately follow you. I take a quick glance at your small but round ass outlined in your tight jeans. My arms grab your shoulders, spinning you around and quickly connecting our mouths for a second, deep passionate kiss. You squeeze me close and start grinding against my hips as one hand firmly presses against your lower back. With the other hand my fingers smoothly massage the back of your scalp as I cup your head. We tumble through the living room before falling on the couch.

“I love feeling you squeeze me” you whisper in my ear and send a shiver down the back of my neck, prickling my skin “I want you to control me.”

I pull my head back and probe your eyes, seeking your true intention behind such a sexy statement. “Oh, do you like being controlled? Do you like to serve your partner?” I tease. You look back with sincere submission and nod. I pull you back canlı bahis towards me and gently but firmly breathe into your ear “Then keep grinding your soft pussy against my hard, thick cock. I want to feel your wetness through your jeans.” You gasp and pause at the sudden vulgarity, we have never spoken in that way in front of each other. Then your movements became even faster and harder as our kissing intensified again. “Mm yess, good girl. Just like I ordered.” You start making soft moans with every thrust and I feel the bumps on your skin rise as my hot breath exhales against your neck and I start gently biting your earlobe.

After several minutes I slow you down and start feeling my way up your thigh. “Let’s see how good you did.” I reach your crotch and started rubbing your pussy through your jeans. Your moaning intensifies but I abruptly stop. “Hmm, it definitely feels warm, but I don’t think it’s wet enough.”

“I’m sorry, I am so hot right now. These jeans are thick.”

“I know they are. But you said you wanted me to control you right?” You nod. “And that means you must do as I say, does it not?” You pause and look at me for a second with wide eyes and some playful disappointment.

“Yes, yes it does.”

“Yes it does, master.” I quickly correct.

Now your face changes to one of surprise before the words truly sink in. A slight smile forms before you look down. “Yes, master.”

I take your hand and guide you down to the bulge in my jeans. You inhale sharply as I rub your small hand up and down on my huge, rock hard cock. You reach up towards my belt and start to remove it when I stop you. “No, no, no” I tease. “You have to wait until I give you permission.” You sigh and look slightly disappointed but I take both your hands and bring them around your back before squeezing you with my forearms and we start passionately kissing again. Your hips start their slow methodical grind on my hard dick and I help force your body downward while pinning your hands behind your back.

You suddenly pull back a bit and whisper in my ear “Master, I am sorry. I have been holding it since we came in but I need a bathroom break.” I stop and look at you sternly.


“But I have to pee!”

“I said no, you will just have to hold it.” Some fear crept across your face but I go back to kissing your neck and the moaning shortly follows. We continue kissing and grinding with your hands pinned behind your back when you pull back again.

“Master, I really, really have to go.” There is definite concern on your face now as you plead with me. “I am going to piss my pants right here.”

“If you have an accident, you will be punished.”

“Please, please, pleeease” I can feel you start to squirm but I squeeze you tighter and force you down even harder. My hard cock grinds against your crotch as your body straddles mine.

“You know the rules. You must obey me no matter what. Unless you don’t want me to control you anymore. So, do you want to be controlled? Because if you do, you must stay on me right now. I forbid you to leave this spot to use the bathroom.”

“But I’m gonna piss on you!!”

“If you do, then you will be punished.” I am stern but there is a coy smile on my face. Suddenly, I see realization dawn on your face.

“I… I don’t know…” You look bahis siteleri a little worried, so I swoop in for another passionate kiss before I whisper in your ear.

“You do know… you know you want to do whatever your master says, and that you will not disobey him. That is the rule.” I let go of your hands and grab your breasts. I can feel your rock hard nipples through your bra. “Listen to your body.”

You try to hold on but the pressure in your lower abdomen is so intense. Your face looks so cute and worried as you scrunch up your nose channeling all your efforts to holding it in. Your legs instinctively try to squeeze together but the effort is futile as your straddle me. I force your body down onto my lap and you let out a little yelp in pain as your bladder spasms. You squirm and make another attempt to leap off of me but I hold firm. “Please, please, please…” the begging continues “I’m seriously about to pee my pants!”

Your face turns red with embarrassment as you realize you are about to lose the battle. Suddenly your body relaxes completely and melts into mine. Your head buries against my chest and I feel the tension release from your body as you give a long exhale. Within seconds I am aware of warmth flowing over my hard dick and balls, running down my thighs, and pooling under my ass. With some whimpers and slight moans, you piss all over my lap for a good 30 seconds. A strong smell of urine engulfs us as we sit in piss soaked pants in a pool of your pee. I whisper in your ear “Yess, relaax… Embrace the pleasure of letting go. All your tension is gone. Your hot piss is soaking my hard dick. My balls are dripping in your pee.” I slide my hand you’re your pants to your crotch again. “Finally wet enough.” I then work my hand down your piss soaked jeans and panties and slide my finger up your pussy. You’re dripping wet, not just from your piss but also from the being so turned on. You’ve never been so thoroughly dominated. I start to rub your clit. You moan and start kissing my neck.

“I’m sorry master” you whisper in my ear “I didn’t mean to piss all over your cock and balls.” Hearing that makes me moan. “I just couldn’t hold it… I was bursting with pee… so I had to let it loose… all over you. Now we’re both covered in my piss.” We both moan together as I rub your clit and your kiss my ear and neck.

“It’s time for your punishment.” You look at me with sexy expectation. I take my shirt off and help you take off yours, then remove your bra exposing your small perky breasts and rock hard nipples. Then I take your head and start directing kisses to my neck and shoulder and down my chest. You kiss me closer and closer to my crotch and I can sense you getting more excited. “You pissed on my jeans and now I have to teach you a lesson.”

I take your head and direct your face to the soaking wet jeans covering my cock. I start grinding your face against my piss soaked jeans and your hand immediately dives between your legs and as you ferociously finger your pussy. I take a moment to undo my belt and before I know it you tear my jeans down. Your open mouth lunges for my stiff cock but I grab your head just in time. You stare up at me with begging eyes but I direct your face down to my piss drenched balls. “First you must suck my dripping wet sack.”

You start gently bahis şirketleri licking my balls with only a slight hesitation as the saltiness of your piss shocks your tongue but you quickly recover. You take my left nut into your mouth and suck your piss off my ball while gently massaging it with your tongue. Then you do the same to the other nut. The whole time you’re rubbing your wet clit. I then guide your face up towards the base of my shaft and you start licking the piss off of my hard cock. Finally, I let you suck my dick deep into your mouth and slide down your throat. I moan with ecstasy as your tongue rubs back on forth on my cock while it stays stuffed in your mouth.

I gently bunch up your hair in my fist and start guiding your head up and down on rock hard dick, feeling your tongue and lips slide down my cock. I slowly push you all the way down and your through throat opens up around the head of my dick, your face pressed against my soaking wet, trimmed pubes. Your nose is filled with the strong scent of your piss as your throat is filled with my cock. I then slowly pull your head all the way back up, lean forward, and gently bite your lower lip after a quick kiss.

I then pull your body up to standing and undo your piss soaked jeans, slide them down along with your piss soaked panties. I face your smooth, shaved pussy, and lean forward to kiss and lick the piss-moistened mound right above your slit. I work my way to the crease of your leg, teasing your slit with my tongue. Then I lean back along the couch and guide you on top of me. You position your piss soaked pussy right over my face as your stare directly at my rock hard dick and we start slow licking each other. I can taste your salty piss as my tongue works slowly over your hard clit. I can feel your lips and tongue slip and slide over the head and shaft of my hard cock. You take me deep into your mouth again as my tongue laps harder and faster against your clit. I pull you closer and move my tongue down your pussy to your tight asshole. I press my tongue in slow circles around your tight brown hole. Then, with my cock deep down your throat, I feel your moaning vibrations as my tongue slides deep into your asshole.

With tension mounting, I return to your clit and press your body tight against my face as my tongue slides faster and faster against your soaking wet pussy. I focus all my attention on your clit and can tell you’re getting close to orgasm as you stop bobbing your head on my cock. You freeze with my dick deep in your mouth and your whole body tenses and starts to shudder. You let out a stifled moan as your body shakes with waves of pleasure emanating up and down your spine, curling your toes. At the same time I feel my own pleasure peak at the thought of you, and my nuts tighten up before cum shoots out my dick and down your throat. I empty my balls and fill your mouth with semen which you swallow down greedily. We both bask in the glorious aftershock of our intense orgasms, me gently kissing and licking your labia while you suck the last of my cum out of my cock before kissing your way down the shaft to my balls.

You climb off of me and we both start at each other in dazed pleasure before bursting out laughing. We climb off the couch together and stare at the piss-soaked stain left behind.

“I’ll toss your clothes in the wash.” I look at you and smile. “You did well for your first time.” You give me a meek smile and we hold each other and kiss passionately. Next time, I think, you’re not the only one who gets to relieve themselves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32