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I hear footsteps on the floor coming towards me. I wriggle and twist slightly against the shackles that are holding me in place on my queen size bed. My breath quickens with each step I hear and I start to feel more and more aroused. My sexy captor is finally coming back.

“Mia,” I hear them say. “did you miss me?”

I moan in response as I arch my back up trying to get as close as I can to the tall blonde standing there in a tiny bra and thong set, in her right hand my new feather duster, in her left a riding crop I’ve not seen before.

“Stacey.” I breathe at my best friend. My eyes travel to what she’s brought back to me. I wonder what exactly is going to happen, and I’m shocked to find out just how turned I am at the thought.

I lay there on the bed with my eyes glued to Stacey. I’m completely nude and tied to the bed frame while she’s prancing around in leather lingerie, how is any of this fair? She takes a couple of steps towards me and I gasp in anticipation. She holds up the riding crop like she’s about to strike me with it and I recoil as best I can while being held down by both wrists and ankles. She doesn’t strike me with it however, she just lets it trail over my body so I can feel the smooth leather tip. The feather duster takes the same path before she sets both down beside me on the bed. Goosebumps erupt in their path and I shiver slightly as I relax and uncoil.

“Mia, we’ve been friends for a long time.” She says to me. I nod in agreement. She continues, “For years I’ve wanted to get my hands on your hot little body like this. I won’t hurt you, but I will show you pleasure you’ve only dreamt of until now.”

I have no verbal response to this. There just doesn’t seem to be any words to describe this new experience with, none other than my long time best female friend. My body knows how to respond though. My nipples are so erect that they ache longing for a touch. My pussy is dripping creating a huge wet spot on the hot pink sheet below me. Making eye contact with Stacey again I thrust up towards her.

Standing at the foot of the bed she slowly moves one knee up onto it than the other, standing on her knees between my spread legs. She lowers her head towards my waiting pussy and I think “This is it!” I am mistaken however. She doesn’t dive her tongue into my waiting hole or grab my clit in her mouth and start sucking it like I want her to. She takes a breath and blows against my wetness causing me to call out. She’s enjoying the control she has over me. I feel like it’s payback for all the times I apparently drove her wild over the years without ever knowing it.

She shimmies up the bed until she can put a leg on each side of me, straddling me. Lowering her head once more she gently, so I can barely feel it, licks her way from my navel to my breasts. Stopping her licking here she gets just millimetres from my right nipple. I raise up as best I can to try to poke her full luscious lips with it but she pulls back just enough so we keep our distance. She blows on it making it ache even harder than before moving to the left and repeating her actions. Moving upwards with her tongue between my breasts and up over my neck Stacey stops once again this time at my right ear. She gently blows in it too, keeping her pattern however this time she doesn’t move to the other side but starts to nibble on my ear lobe.

The way her body is angled on mine I can feel parts of her soft smooth skin and the tiny leather against my body. One of her breasts is against me and I can feel her hard nipple straining against the leather begging to come out. I don’t know how she can have so much self control.

Moving from my ear she straightens her position over me. Looking down into my eyes she brings her lips to mine and they meet for the first time tonight. Sparks seem to fly between us and I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to experience another woman in this way. I know she can feel the heat between us too. It seems as if she’s starting to loose some of her control as her tongue forces it’s way into my mouth and she lets out a small moan in answer to my louder one. She lowers her body so it’s fully touching me. Her leather encased breasts against mine, her pussy rubbing gently over mine giving me a delightful feeling of cool leather against hot flesh. Our tongues touch and caress each other as they dart canlı bahis in out of each others mouths. I long to wrap my arms and legs around Stacey and hold her tight, but I’m bound and I can’t.

Regaining some of her control Stacy lifts herself off of me breaking our kiss. “Mia, I can see why you drive Pete crazy.” She says to me while reaching over and giving my nipple a flick with her finger.

“Oh Stacey.” I moan in a rough, breathless voice in response.

Stacey gets up and stands beside the bed. Grinning at me with a twinkle in her eye she reaches for the duster. Running it all over my body I get goosebumps. I close my eyes and enjoy the light, feathery touch. Since my eyes are closed I don’t see Stacey moving the duster to her left hand and picking up the riding crop in her right. My eyes pop open, startled when I hear the smack of the leather end against my stomach and feel the sting. Immediately the duster takes it’s place with it’s soft fluffy touch. The conflicting sensations are almost to much for me. I close my eyes once more and put my head back.

Stacey continues lashing me with the crop then soothing me with the feathers. Moving to my breasts she clips my nipple with the crop. The sensation I feel is like nothing I’ve experienced before. It hurts, but it feels so good too. I cry out, loudly at first then let it fade to a whimper and finally a moan as I feel the softness of the feathers. Getting lost in the soft feeling on my right breast and nipple I gasp in shock as once again I feel the sharp sting from the crop on my left nipple. Just as before, the feathers move in and start to soothe it.

My body starts to tremble and my breathing increases. All of my nerve endings are now on high alert, unsure of what sensations they will receive next. I expect her to keep alternating between my nipples, so when Stacey moves back to my right breast I’m not as shocked. The feeling is even more powerful than before and I moan even louder as my body really starts to shake. I’m at her mercy and she knows it.

I feel the riding crop move down my stomach towards my dripping wet pussy. “Oh God yes.” I moan happy for some attention to finally be on my pussy. With a slight flick of her wrist she manages to land the tip of the crop right on my clit. I scream out loud as my body shakes harder and harder and I have my first orgasm of the night. As I wriggle on the bed, pulling against my restraints Stacey keeps the feather duster roaming over my body. I begin to calm and open up my eyes. She stops touching me and says “Mia, you’re so beautiful while you orgasm, this won’t be the last of the night, I promise.”

I stare up at her, breathless wondering what else she has planned for me.

Smiling wickedly at me Stacey questions, “Is it getting warm in here Mia?” With my nod she reaches around her back and unhooks the leather bra she is wearing. Letting the straps fall down her arms and eventually to the floor she stands before me topless. I gasp at the sight. We’ve seen each other naked lots of times. I’ve just never thought of my best friend like this before. “Mmmmm that’s better.” Stacey moans as she runs her hands down her breasts and gives each of her nipples a tug. “Still a little warm though.” she adds. With that her hands move down her body and to the waist of her thong. Sliding it down her body and carefully stepping out of it she casts it aside too.

Standing before me completely naked I take her all in. A low growl begins to form in my throat and before I can stop the words, out they come. “Stacey! Come here! I want you! Untie me so I can feel you!”

Stacey laughs. “Oh Mia, you aren’t going to be freed just yet. I’m not quite done with you while you’re all tied up.” She moves back over to me though and straddles me once more. This time I can feel the heat and the moisture coming off her pussy as her bare skin touches my stomach. Looking down at me she states “You have been a good girl though, so I will let you feel me.” With that Stacey leans over me yet again placing her body over mine. I feel her hard nipples digging into my flesh as I’m sure mine are to her. She grinds her body over mine as she leans her head forward and kisses me. Her right hand moves to my nipple and gives it a good squeeze. I moan into her mouth and the kiss deepens.

As quickly as the kiss started Stacey breaks it. bahis siteleri She glides her hands down over my body kissing her way lower and lower. My moans get louder and louder as she nears my pussy and my pelvis thrusts towards her. “I want you so bad.” I whisper. She doesn’t keep me in suspense much longer. Soon I feel her soft wet tongue slide down to my clit where she takes her time slowly licking it. I call out, loudly “Yessss.” I can feel her grin, still so happy with my reactions and pleased with herself for getting me in this position. She places her lips around my clit and begins to suck on it.

“Ohhhhh.” I moan getting lost in the moment. My body starts to tremble once more and my breathing quickens. Feeling this Stacey crawls back up my body to lay on top of me. Looking into my eyes she licks her lips and then kisses me hard, her tongue in my mouth so I can taste myself on her. What an erotic feeling. When the kiss breaks Stacey moves back down to my pussy taking her previous position again.

I lay there panting and moaning. My eyes are closed and all my nerve endings and senses seem to be in over drive. I can feel her lips around my clit, her tongue moving in the perfect way to make me pull against my restraints. “I can’t take this anymore!” I scream.

Stacey knows what she’s doing. Keeping her mouth to my clit she brings up a hand and slips a finger inside me, then another and finally a third. Thrusting deep inside me with her fingers while sucking and licking on my clit makes me scream louder and louder. This just encourages her more and she picks up her pace. “STACEY! OH GOD!” I scream between loud moans as my body is shaken with the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had.

Looking up at me she smiles. “Did you like that?” she unnecessarily asks.

I nod my head “You made me feel amazing. I never would have dreamed being with another woman would have been so good.”

Stacey moves to my right ankle, then the left removing my shackles. She rubs my feet, ankles and lower legs to help with the blood flow before moving up and doing the same to my bound wrists. Helping me move my arms back beside my body she snuggles in beside me.

“I’m glad you trusted me enough to let me introduce you to a new world.”

“Me too.” I agree.

We lay there kissing and touching each other for a while. My movements, despite what just happened between us are timid at first. After all, this is the first time I’ve laid naked in a bed with another woman, and certainly never, ever after something like that has happened.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m starving after watching your sexy self enjoy all that.” Stacey purrs in my ear after what seems like an eternity of just laying there enjoying each other. “Let’s see what you’ve got to eat in the kitchen since I’ve already had the dessert the bedroom has to offer.” She suggests as she climbs out of bed and extends a hand to me. I take it and get up shakily. After a few stretches to get all the blood flowing properly again I’m ready to move and follow Stacey’s firm naked ass into the kitchen.

Another first for me, and something I never thought would happen. I’m sitting at my kitchen table, naked, with my best friend after she just had me tied to my very own bed making me feel so amazingly alive having what seems like such an innocent snack of grilled cheese sandwiches.

I can’t take my eyes or my thoughts for that matter off her. “How did you know I would go for that?” I ask her knowing I didn’t even know I would go for that.

She smiles and answers me simply, “I know you better than yourself sometimes Mia. I look past your inhibitions and see you for who you really are and what you really want, even if it’s buried deep, deep down.”

Thinking on this I realize she is right. She did indeed know of my bondage curiosity and when I think back I always did feel pleased whenever she complimented me or her touch lingered. I admit, I have checked her out in the past, and I know she has done the same with me. There was always ample opportunities in our years of friendship – shopping trips where it’s always just easier to share a change room than have to go back and forth getting each others opinions, trying on clothes bought on separate shopping adventures for opinions and at the gym among others. I’ve never been nearly as shy with Stacey as I am with bahis şirketleri most everyone else.

Still feeling the rush of excitement from earlier I turn to my friend and ask “Have anything else to teach me?”

Smiling Stacey leads the way back to my bedroom. As she turns to face me at the foot of the bed I take her by surprise and push her backwards so she’s the one on her back this time. “Mia!” she says, clearly startled by sudden aggressiveness. I laugh and quickly climb up above her. My hands on either side of her head, a leg on either side of her body I’m not touching her, just occupying the space above her. I look down at her and she licks her lips as her gaze travels to my swinging breasts just inches above her head. She moves her head upwards just enough to take one of my hard nipples in her mouth and catches me slightly off guard. I fall slightly so now my elbows are propping me up. She takes advantage of this new position to bury her face in my breasts and lick and suck them and my nipples until I roll off of her.

Laying beside Stacey I let my hands roam freely over her body taking in her soft smooth skin. I start at the base of her throat and slowly move them down over her breasts. Cupping them and gently squeezing them before working up the nerve to pinch her nipple. She lets out a small sequel of delight as my fingers close around her firm nipple and push together. Feeling encouraged, I move down towards her stomach and slowly, almost teasingly head toward her pussy. My hand nears the little patch of hair covering her pussy but then moves back upward. I’m a little hesitant, having never touched a pussy that wasn’t my own before. I know Stacey knows this so she encourages me by moaning “Mia, yes! Touch me!” while thrusting herself up at me.

Finally, instead of stopping just above the small patch of curls I let my fingers graze them. Stacey lets out a long moan but stays still. She knows I have to do this on my own. Luckily for her my nervousness has diminished greatly so I let my index finger follow the path of curls down until I feel her clit. Once I make contact I can feel my own juices start to flow more aggressively and I give into instinct and throw myself into the moment. My finger keeps moving until I am able to put it inside her. Stacey’s pussy feels like mine inside but turns me on so much more than my own. Without giving it much of a thought I turn myself in the bed so my face is level with her pussy. Stopping for just the briefest of moments I look at her and then I give into the urge gripping me. I move my mouth to her glistening pussy and begin to lick her.

Stacey cries out and reaches for me. I feel her guiding the lower half of my body up onto her. I move easily under her command as I keep licking her pussy. I stop when I feel her tongue lick and circle my clit and that’s when it dawns on me – she’s manoeuvred us into a 69 position and I don’t just like it, I think it’s down right amazing.

Moving my head back down I spread her pussy wide with the fingers of one hand to expose her clit which I start to suck and lick once again. Using the fingers of my other hand I insert them into her, slowly at first but then increasing my rhythm as she sucks, licks and fingers my dripping pussy. We are both thrusting, licking, sucking and fingering each other so hard that it takes no time at all for us both to be shaking, moaning and calling each others name out as we get nearer and nearer to our orgasms.



The sounds are muffled since our faces are still burred in each other. The vibrations our voices and moans cause just add to the sensations we are feeling. In a matter of seconds both of our bodies are rocked with simultaneous orgasms. The room is full of moaning and name calling, the bed shaking and rocking as our bodies spasm in ecstasy. With a final cry from each of us we become still. We lay there for a few seconds quietly, breathless with our hearts pounding.

“Stacey?” I call out into the quiet.

“Yes?” she responds.

“Thanks for introducing me to this new world.” I tell my best friend, and now, best female lover.

She giggles and responds, “No, trust me Mia, thank you.”

Without much convincing we agree it was a good idea all around. One we will have to repeat for sure. “What should I tell Pete?” I ask about my boyfriend.

With a wicked glint in her eye Stacey responds in a way that makes my heart pound in anticipation and puts a wide smile on my face. “We could show him, not tell him.”

Hmmmm, she might just be on to something there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32