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‘WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SUCH A FUCKING BITCH?’ Billy’s face was red with anger.

‘FUCK OFF BILLY.’ Janice was fuming; she hated the way Billy spoke to her.

‘ALL YOU EVER FUCKING DO IS NAG ME AND SPEND MY MONEY AND WHAT DO I GET IN RETURN? FUCK ALL. YOU’RE JUST A SELFISH, SELF-CENTRED BITCH.’ Billy wanted to grab her and get what he wanted right there but that had never been his style. Instead he gave her a swift back-hander right across her face. His wedding ring had caught her lip ad he saw a little droplet of blood begin to form. He had long since stopped feeling guilty about slapping Janice around; hell, she deserved it. Instead he felt satisfied that he had inflicted a little control over the bitch he had married.

Tears formed in Janice’s eyes. ‘Oh no please Billy. Please don’t hit me.’ Janice was sad. It never used to be like this. They used to be young and in love. Billy used to treat her like a princess; he used to wine her and dine her and buy her nice things. They used to make love for hours in the most sensual manner imaginable. What had happened? Now all they did was argue and she always ended up with bruises. And when it came to sex there was no love there anymore; she just lay back and think of England whilst Billy got his rocks off.

That was what annoyed Billy most of all; the lack of any kind of spark from Janice in the bedroom. Months ago he had began to lose interest; sure it felt nice to cum in a woman, even and unreceptive wet fish, but he wanted more. He wanted Janice to get into it; to give him something rather than just laying there with obvious disinterest; another one of her chores. Nothing could have been less sexy to Billy than their sex life. He tried to spice things up for himself by begging her to let him fuck her ass; she always refused. That was what tonight’s argument was about. Billy was sick of her constant refusal; there was no arguing with her.

‘DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME WHAT TO DO YOU FUCKING DRIED UP BITCH.’ He took another swing at her; this time his ring grazed her left cheek. Janice fell back and screamed as the pain coursed through her head. ‘MAYBE I SHOULD GO AND FIND SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO GIVE ME SOME PLEASURE.’

‘WHY DON’T YOU JUST DO THAT? GO AND FIND ONE OF YOUR WHORES. PAYING FOR IT IS THE ONLY WAY A MAN LIKE YOU WILL EVER GET WHAT YOU WANT.’ Janice had long since given up worrying what the neighbours thought about their daily screaming matches. She noticed long ago that they stopped talking to her and Billy and no longer made any kind of eye contact.

Billy walked up to her and landed a punch in her belly. Janice was bent double with pain; the blow had been unexpected. Tears were streaming down her cut and bruised face now. She cowered away from him as he moved in again. Billy stopped and said, ‘Fuck you. You’re just a fat ugly bitch. I don’t know why I put up with you.’ With that he turned around and walk out of the house. Janice released her emotions and started sobbing loudly. The fact that she did this almost every day made her sobs even stronger; she was so very sad; she was beginning to hate that fucker Billy.

Billy did what he always did after one of his arguments with Janice; he went to the pub. He was in a constant state of anger and frustration. He did wonder how his life got like this. Every day he güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri would find something to argue with Janice about, he would end up hitting her and then running to a pub to drown his sorrows. All this usually happened before 11 am. He would spend the day drinking himself into oblivion before staggering home and collapsing on the coach for the night. It was a shitty life and he blamed Janice for it.

He arrived at the pub and saw his usual drinking buddies already at the bar already halfway through their first pints. They all spent the next hour drinking and moaning about anything and everything. Billy especially moaned about Janice. None of his buddies really understood why as she always seemed the perfect wife to them. Billy obviously never talked in any detail about his sexual frustrations at Janice being a wet fish.

Back at home Janice had pulled herself together and freshened herself up. Her feelings of sadness and given way to intense feelings of anger keenly focussed on Billy and the way he treated her. She could not shake the feelings. She quickly realised that she did not want to shake the feelings; she wanted to embrace them; she wanted to exact sweet revenge; get him back for being such an abusive shit.

She racked her brains trying to devise the perfect revenge. The thing she hated most was the physical abuse. Maybe she should get someone to fuck him up. No, that would not do it; she wanted to fuck him up herself. The other thing she hated was the unloving selfishness with which he approached their sex life. Suddenly she had a plan. She picked up the phone and dialled.

In the pub Jimmy’s phone rang; he answered. ‘Hi. It’s Janice. If you are with Billy then please don’t let him know it is me on the phone.’

Jimmy had a confused look on his face but he played along. ‘Hi. Okay sure. How can I help you today?’

‘I need your help to get back at the wife-beating fucker.’

Jimmy was shocked at what Janice had just said. He flashed a disdainful look at Billy. He was beginning to see Billy in a new light and he did not like what he saw. ‘Go on.’

‘I am sick of him using me as a fucking sex toy with no thought for my pleasure and then slapping me around when I don’t let him fuck my ass. I am sick of having to hide the bruises and scratches on my face every day.’

Jimmy felt himself getting angry. He may have been a bit of a bum himself but he knew that you should never treat women like that. He wanted to grab Billy right then and kick the shit out of him. He managed to stay calm. ‘I here you. Carry on.’

‘Okay. Apart from you and Billy how many of you are at the bar?’


‘Perfect. Simon and Dave?’

‘That’s right.’

‘Right I am going to hang up now. You find a way to tell Simon and Dave what I have told you then in one hour I want you all to come back here with Billy. I will leave the front door open. Once inside I want you to tie him to the chair I will leave in the centre of the lounge and wait for me.’ Janice hung up.

Janice ran back upstairs, grabbed a suitcase and began packing some essentials. There was no going back from what she had planned. She knew she could not stay.

Back in the pub Jimmy waited until Billy left to relieve himself before bringing Simon güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and Dave up to speed. Dave said, ‘That fucker. I’m in.’

‘Me too.’ Simon confirmed.

When Billy returned the boys tried hard to act normal. Simon said, ‘Hey Billy, you have that massive TV don’t you?’

‘What? Yeah sure. Why?’

‘Why don’t we all go round there and watch the match this afternoon. We could grab some beer on the way. It would be better than this shit hole. Cricket and beer and a comfy sofa; perfect. What do you say?’

‘Err, okay sure. Why the fuck not?’ They all downed their drinks and left the pub. They purchased a large amount of beer at the local supermarket before arriving at the house.

‘That’s odd.’ Billy said as he found the door open. However, he did not have long to dwell on that thought as Jimmy pushed him in and they all grabbed him. Billy was dragged into the lounge and deposited on the chair left there by Janice. ‘What the fuck’s going on. What the fuck are you doing? Stop fucking around and let go of me.’ Billy was confused.

The three men ignored Billy and grabbed the bindings that Janice had left next to the chair. They made short work of tying him tightly to it. Billy growled in pain as the ropes were pulled just too tight. Dave grabbed one thick length of rope and forced it into Billy’s mouth and tied it tightly behind his head. Billy was well and truly bound and gagged. He tried to wriggle free but it was useless. There was fear and confusion in his eyes.

Jimmy shouted. ‘OKAY JANICE. HE IS ALL TIED UP.’

Janice was looking at herself in the mirror. She was dressed in a see through negligee and nothing else; everything was on show. There was a slight regret that she had wasted her best years with Billy. Since her youth she had put on quite a few pounds and her tits had begun to make their way south. Despite all that she still thought that she looked at least moderately sexy.

She was getting extremely nervous as she walked down the stairs. Could she really go through with this? She decided that she had to.

She walked into the lounge. ‘Hello boys,’ she purred.

All eyes were on her; examining every inch of her body; especially her big boobs and shaved mound. Billy’s eyes were wide open with confusion, anger and fear. The other boys were wolf whistling and paying her much-needed compliments.

Janice swallowed down her nerves and said, ‘I think you boys need to get naked.’ Without a word they obeyed and then made their way over to her and practically ripped her negligee off.

She was standing there completely naked with six hands exploring every inch of her body. Simon had two of his fingers inside her wet pussy, playing with her aroused clitoris. Dave had one of her tits in his mouth and Jimmy was kissing her deeply. Janice felt so sexy.

After a few minutes of pleasure Jimmy gently pushed down on her head. She lowered to her knees and took Jimmy’s cock in her mouth. She sucked eagerly whilst she had Dave’s cock in one hand and Simon’s in the other. Billy could not believe what he was seeing. What was she doing? He unsuccessfully struggled against his bindings. He had to stop this.

Every few and seconds Janice swapped which cock was in her mouth and her hands. The güvenilir bahis şirketleri boys were having the time of their lives; getting sucked off by Billy’s wife whilst Billy had to watch helpless.

After a few minutes Dave came hard in Janice’s mouth. He grunted gutturally as he shot his load into her welcoming mouth. Janice showed the boys Dave’s cum in her mouth, using her tongue to swirl it around before she got up, walked over to Billy and spat the entire load all over his face. They boys laughed at Billy whilst Janice resumed her cock-sucking duties.

Within another ten minutes Simon and Jimmy had also cum in Janice’s mouth. All three loads were dripping down Billy’s face.

Janice got onto all fours; exposing her pussy and ass. ‘Right boys. Billy has been begging me for what seems like years to fuck my ass. Well I think he deserves to finally see me lose my anal virginity. I want you boys to be my first three.’ She wiggled her ass invitingly.

Jimmy was the first to respond. Janice braced herself as she felt Jimmy’s cock rub against her rosebud. She was nervous about losing her anal virginity but she wanted Billy to hurt; to see others getting what she had always refused him. Jimmy gently eased his cock deep into her ass. She gasped with the pain but it was manageable. None of these boys were massive.

Jimmy started pounded Janice’s ass. The other two boys masturbated whilst watching her curves wobbly wildly with every one of Jimmy’s pumps. After a short while Dave walked up to Janice and offered his cock up to her mouth. She welcomed it eagerly. For the first time in her life Janice had two cocks inside her at the same time and neither of them were Billy’s.

Over the next hour all three boys took their turns in Janice’s ass and mouth. To her great surprise she managed a huge, earth-shattering orgasm whilst Dave was in her ass and Simon in her mouth. Once they had all finished they all collapse exhausted on the floor; four satisfied, naked, sweaty bodies.

By this stage Billy was utterly hollow. How could Janice have done that to him? He felt completely alone, frustrated, angry and jealous. He knew his marriage was over. He wanted to kill Janice.

After a long time Janice got up and walked over to Billy. ‘Did you enjoy the show dear? No? Well that is what you get for treating me like shit; for beating me. In fact, that reminds me.’ She took a massive swing at him; the back of her had made contact with his face; it hurt like hell. She continued to slap and punch him over and over again. By the time she had finished his nose was bleeding and he had countless scratched and bruises all over his face. For her final blow she lifted her leg and stamped on his balls; the guttural groan emanating from Billy was awful to hear. He was a broken man.

‘Wow. You sure fucked him up.’ Simon smiled at Janice as he said this.

‘He got what he deserved.’

Simon then said, ‘I need to piss.’ The other two boys also needed to.

‘Well boys. I am going upstairs to get dressed and get my cases. I am out of here. Why don’t you piss on Billy? One final goodbye gesture.’ Janice disappeared upstairs. The three boys all stood up, aimed at Billy and pissed all over his face and body. Billy was soaked and the smell of piss was intense.

The boys were all dressed by the time Janice got back downstairs with her cases. ‘Right boys. Which one of you is going to take me home and fuck me like a woman should be fucked?’ All three men put their hands up. Janice laughed and walked out of the house without even one final look at Billy. ‘Well I guess I will be busy then.’

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