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I climbed the stairs and walked down the hall while still trying to decide if I wanted to see. I mean, who was I kidding? I did. I definitely did, but though I wanted to watch everything, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be seen by her. Not yet. We had planned this as a twofold experience. First, the thrill of getting her to fuck my husband with me right in the house and all of their coworkers downstairs enjoying a party. I’m sure the excitement of such a risky rendezvous would make her cum almost instantly. The thought of it definitely made me heat to the core. The other tentative plan for tonight was for my husband to “reveal” the relationship. He had been dating her for three months now, and he was ready. More than ready. He wanted me to move into the roll of fluffer, that is, to be intimately involved to enhance their arousal. I don’t mind. I would actually love it, but I so enjoy the game we have already.

Right now, I play the role of the clueless wife. He plays the role of the loving husband who just. can’t. help. himself. Then there’s her. To her credit, she plays her role very well, mostly because she doesn’t know she’s playing it. She’s a good girl… except with him. She would swear that she would never, ever have an affair… except she is. She rationalizes that they are too good together for this to be wrong. It was just bad luck that he got married before he met her.

Ha! Right.

I bet she is riddled with shallow-guilt over some of the things they do together. I’m sure she gushes to her bestie, “Did you know he fucked me on her birthday? He practically attacked me, he was so desperate. He said he sent her for a pedicure to give us some time. Does that make me a bad person?”

I remember that day. I worked my husband up like only I know how and told him that if he went to fuck bahis firmaları her, I would suck him clean when he got home. He was out and back with a drenched dick before I finished my wine. What a yummy birthday. Afterward, he licked my pussy until I exploded, then slowly pushed into my ass while he told me how amazing she smelled and how wet she already was when he took her panties off. He said she was ecstatic to hear it was my birthday, when he was there with her. She came twice. God, I wish I could have been there. Maybe he’s right. Maybe it will be amazing to take a more active role.

Coming back to myself, I take a few more steps and hear her panting. She’s trying to be quiet, but not very hard. I soak in the passionate sounds and my mind drifts again.

His work friends all know they’re fucking too. I can see it in the way they’re looking at me tonight when they don’t think I’m paying attention. I’ve started more than a couple of conversations tonight just to receive sympathetic smiles and eyes that never quite meet mine. Like, they all feel badly that no one has told me, but they don’t want to be the one either. Like I really can’t see his hand groping her ass and sneak up her chest every chance he gets. Like he isn’t doing it all for me. To drive me insane. No. I’m not done with this game yet… but he is. So what choice do I have?

Her soft panting has heightened into broken whimpers. I hear her breath catch and a deep moan start.

Finally, I reach the doorway to see my husband still in full throes with his dick pumping into her from behind. He has her bent over one of my favorite chairs, her fingers are clenching the side arms and his are grasping her hips. She remains fixed with her head down, her hair covering her face, but him… he sees me. He looks over for just two seconds kaçak iddaa before turning back to her and unloading inside her with one deep push. He doesn’t turn back to me. Instead, he bends to envelop her in his arms and kisses her bare back. With his dick is still inside her, he delivers several sporadic thrusts of lingering enjoyment while I watch silently. I feel dismissed. Stunned.

What just happened? Did I take too long? Maybe this is a punishment, or a new kind of mind game. Or maybe, maybe he changed his mind and doesn’t want to share her with me yet.

Daggers to my heart. Pussy on fire. I had been waiting so long. Two weeks! He had been teasing me and keeping me on edge for two weeks with the promise of release tonight.

My brain races. Maybe he planned this all along: an act of betrayal to drive me over the edge. It is working. He knows me so well.

Adrenaline shoots through me. My heart is beating furiously as I turn back down the dim hallway. I need release. It’s been too long, and seeing him with her like that… I feel bound and trapped in this house right now. He just dismissed me! This wasn’t the plan. I’ve gone from reluctance to indignation at his duplicity! He dismissed me and gave her everything. His embrace, his kisses, his tenderness, and his cum. The scene replays painfully in my mind causing a deep guttural lurch and igniting my entire body.

I am out of breath as I duck into the bathroom and lean back against the closed door. My fingers trace up my stomach and find my breasts. My nipples are hypersensitive and tight. I let my fingernails brush over them lightly and suck in a sharp breath. I move weakly over to sit on the closed seat and let one hand lower to slip under my thong; the one I wore for him. Despite my hesitations, I really had been excited to finally kaçak bahis be included. To heighten the excitement and pleasure. To taste her. To taste them. The last time we fucked, he told me how much he wanted me to be there with my mouth open just as he pulled out of her. But I wasn’t there, and he didn’t pull out.

I am getting so close to release. Delightfully, only seconds away. Electricity starts to concentrate into a bright, deep explosion when the door opens abruptly, breaking my concentration. My head snaps up to see my husband standing in the doorway gauging the scene.

Hot tears instantly begin to form in my eyes at the sight of him. I feel pain and betrayal and excitement and lust and just… wanting. So much wanting. He steps forward and drops to his knees. His eyes lock with mine and they search until they find understanding. Without a word, he bends his head down and places his lips on my inner thigh. Yes! Jesus, yes! He reaches up and grabs both of my wrists to bring them down to my sides where he imprisons them tightly in his grip. He kisses further up my thigh, then his tongue dances on my skin and his teeth deliver tiny nips to my flesh that make me jump. He slowly savors these last moments of torture he is causing by making me wait even longer, and it was torture. Sweet, sweet torture. I can feel his warm breath floating a single inch away from my sex. “I love you,” he whispers, and finally devours me.

We re-enter the crowded great room together and move pointedly to the bar. My body is fully connected and I feel glorious. I walk hand-in-hand with my husband, my love. Fully refreshed, I feel powerful again. I’m finally ready for the next step, I just hope that she is. My darling husband hands me his phone with a hundred texts between them and a video of tonight’s tryst. With a confident smile on my face and his phone in my hand, I stride up to her and say, “I think it’s time for us to get to know each other a little better.” My hand entwines with hers and I lead her, gobsmacked, back upstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32