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“Hell of a welcoming party,” the figure spoke in a feminine voice, “you summoned me?”

Nadia tried to piece everything together. Who is she? She isn’t an intruder, is she? Welcoming party? “We summoned her?” The thought jumped from her mind to her mouth.

“Well, not you,” the figure answered and pointed at Alene, “she summoned me.” Alene nodded her head.

“Summoned?” Nadia wondered, “what’s going on? Alene?”

“Nadia, I need to tell you something.” Alene started to speak but the figure interrupted, “I guess it will be best if we just start at the beginning,” she took a step forward and Nadia could finally see her. she was slender, about the same height as Nadia. Her hair was brown and she was dressed in tight jeans and an even tighter T-shirt, revealing her boobs to be bigger than Nadia’s.

“My name is Jennifer black, but you can call me Jen. The only reason I’m here is because your friend, Alene raven, used her magic to summon me here.”

“You lying bitch, no way, I’m with her all the time, she never did any summoning! and how do you know about her magic? Have you been spying on us?” Nadia demanded to know, she was furious, how dare this woman enter bahis firmaları her home and act this way.

“She is telling the truth Nadia,” Alene whispered. Nadia was shocked, Alene could see she was speechless so she continued explaining, “you remember a few days ago, we fucked in the tub, you remember storming out, telling me I have to find a solution?” Nadia nodded, “yes.”

“Well I tried to help, to keep us together. I found a spell in the book, it was a summoning spell, it should have summoned a solution to our problem, and it did.”

“A solution? I don’t get it? How is this thief a solution?” Nadia asked, unable to figure things out.

“Well, let me put it in layman terms for you sweet pea, I am here for Alene’s sexual pleasure and I can fill all her sexual needs.” Jen said in a voice that sounded so condescending and arrogant to Nadia’s ears. It was too much for Nadia, she was way over her head in this. She stormed out of the house, unable to understand what’s going on, the only thing she knew was she needed some fresh air.

Nadia set on the sidewalk, the shock was so big she didn’t know what to do. Nadia did the only thing she could do in this situation, she kaçak iddaa started crying, releasing the shock and pain and complexity of those last few weeks.

Going from her old life to life with Alene was great, she loved her, she was safe with her, and Alene used her money to give Nadia everything she ever wanted. At the same time the sex, as good as it was, was too much, she faced huge cocks before but Alene was something beyond huge. She was enormous with her 15-inch pole, and getting stuffed with all her cum was nice and pleasurable but at the same time it scared her like hell. It was just too much for one little girl to take.

After a while she felt a hug from behind, it was her lover of course, it was Alene.

“I love you.” She whispered in her ear.

“I love you too Alene.” She answered.

Alene sat next to Nadia, it was clear she cried as well.

“I know, this is too much, the shock of the last weeks, it’s too much for me too. I don’t want to lose you, I love you!”

“So please explain. Who is this Jen?” Nadia asked.

“You remember storming out of the bathroom?” Nadia nodded “I decided I won’t lose you. It seems my sexual needs are too much for kaçak bahis you alone, so I went to the book and found a solution, I did a spell.”

“Ok,” Nadia said, “what did the spell do?”

“It called Jen, she is perfect for sating my sexual need. She is here to help you deal with all my needs, so we can spend less time having sex and more time just being together.”

“You’ll have to take her under your wing and care for her, you know?” Nadia asked.

“Yea I know, we can do it, she can have the other room in the house, or we can move to something bigger, if you want,” Alene answered “there is one thing…”

Nadia looked worried, “what is it?” she asked suspiciously.

“I will give her a free wish for her services, it’s part of the spell.” Alene answered worriedly.

“We’ll manage,” Nadia said with a smile. She got up and entered the house, Jen was there. she was rather attractive. ‘Maybe this can work, maybe I’ll even enjoy her myself.’ Nadia thought to herself.

“So, Jen, I want to apologize for my actions, please let me start again. I’m Nadia Everlin, Alene’s girlfriend and I find you very attractive. Before we go to bed to see how good you are for Alene, I’d like to ask you one thing.” said Nadia.

“Go for it, Betty boop,” said Jen in a happy and teasing voice, as if only waiting to get in bed.

“What do you think of moving to Bristol?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32