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When Kyle first saw his girlfriend taking it from Alexander that night, he felt tears forming in his eyes. But he didn’t have time to cry before Alexander started barking orders at him, and having his way with the couple. Kyle and Allison went home that night, sneaking so that the mess on their faces wouldn’t be noticed, and they each had only enough energy left to clean up and say good night to one another before falling into a slumber; a dreamless one for Kyle and a restless one for Allison. The next morning there was a wedge between them. It wasn’t that they were angry or cold toward one another. They just weren’t sure exactly what to say. They had new identities now, and it would take some time before they could settle into them.

This was Saturday morning, and for the rest of the weekend they maintained their distance while treating one another with the utmost respect. On Sunday night, Kyle made the two hour drive back to his college. When he was only five minutes out the door, Allison sent a brief text message. She had hardly set down her phone when it gave an angry buzz from the desk. She sent another message, and put the phone to sleep, catching the reflection of her smirk on the dark screen. She packed her bag – enough clothes for one night – and headed out the door. That night, Kyle could only guess why his texts and phone calls remained unanswered.

Allison maintained her long distance relationship with Kyle, while spending her leisure time with Alexander.

“Do you love him?” he had asked her once.

“Of course I do,” she’d responded.

“And do you love me?” he asked, heart pounding.

“Alexander, you’re a monster, and only a monster could love you. I don’t think I’m a monster. Not yet. But, you’re a sexy monster.” And she climbed on top of him and rode his cock until he was about to cum. Then, she finished him off with her mouth and swallowed everything while he held her head down against him.

They talked about her boyfriend, Kyle, often.

“Kyle was so cute today,” she had said once while talking with Alexander on the phone. “I had him buy a chastity cage, and he’s had it on for a week now. Well, I told him I would be going over there, to your apartment, tomorrow. He asked if I would let him cum, and you know what I told him?”

“What?” Alexander said.

“That it would be your decision,” she said.

Alexander was quiet at this, thinking, and after a minute he spoke.

“I will let him cum, then, but under several conditions. See, I want Kyle to know that he is less your boyfriend, and more our pet. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“I would,” she responded. Her pupils dilated and her breaths shortened.

“Good. Now here are my conditions. You can relate them to him. The first, everything that comes out of his dick ends up in his mouth, then in his stomach. Have him wear a condom and drink it out when he finishes. The second, he has to watch the whole thing. We can Skype him. And the third and most important condition, before any of this happens I need a written paper from him describing his position in the relationship. I want to make sure he knows that he is nothing more than an animal to me, and I suspect that he is not much more to you, either.”

“Alexander, you’re right. The worst part is, he loves it. He loves the whole thing! How can I go on respecting a man who wants another man to take control of his partner? I love him, yes, but I can’t respect him.”

“Give him the assignment, Allison. Make sure he proclaims his devotion bahis firmaları to you and his subservience to me. We will chain him by his own masochism.” And at that he hung up. That night Allison paced and paced back and forth in her dorm room. Her roommate dismissed it as test anxiety, and went on texting her Greg. Allison was deliberating how she would phrase the text message to her boyfriend. She’d prefer a phone call, if only there were some way of finding privacy at this God-damned college! But a text it must be. She began:

“Kyle, you can cum tomorrow night. But you have to drink it. Alexander said so. And – and I know you’re gonna like this – you get to watch the whole thing on Skype. But there is one more thing. And I know it isn’t gonna be easy, because I know it can be hard to write about how you feel and what you think, especially when it’s things like this, but Alexander wants you to write a ‘paper’ where you show your place in in this relationship. He said he wants to see your devotion to me and your subservience to him. If you really wanna cum you better write it really well and truthfully, or else I’m gonna fuck Alexander and you aren’t going to be any part of it. Kyle…when I fuck him I forget you exist. I forget I have a boyfriend. I forget about our entire history together and I envision a future with Alexander. But when it’s all finished, that’s when I remember who I really love. I don’t wanna talk between now and then, just email me the paper before noon tomorrow.” Send.

Kyle felt his phone vibrate and pulled it out of his pocket. Here would be his answer. After a week he’d know whether tonight would be his night of release. A week of confined erections waking him in the night, a week of his balls being tugged away from his body. He had the key, and he could let himself out any time he so desired, but his obedience to Allison prevented him. He felt his dick squeeze against the inside of the cage before he even read the text message. Whichever answer, affirmative or not, would cause him arousal; two different kinds of arousal, but arousal all the same. When he had finished reading his girlfriend’s message, the pain in his groin had grown from dull to sharp. He wondered whether it was possible for his aggressively growing penis to break free from its small plastic cell. She was right, he would be very happy to watch her get fucked. He thought that he would have to leave everything to his imagination, but that would no longer be the case.

But a written assignment? He would do it, of course. It would require introspection. And it would require honesty. If he wrote it poorly then his poor penis would remain in its confine until an unknown point in the future. And because he loved Allison he knew he had to write about his devotion to her. And because he loved humiliation and pain – emotional and physical – and because he recognized his inferiority to Alexander, he knew that he could express his subservience to him. Alexander was better at sex. He already knew that; why else would Allison spend so much time with him if that weren’t the case? He could please her. And where he, Kyle, was out of shape in the mid-section, and physically weak, Alexander was cut and powerful. Kyle, even, had caught himself fantasizing about touching Alexander’s lean body, worshipping him from his knees while Alexander and Allison kissed and made love. Yes, this letter wouldn’t be so hard to write, he had enough to draw on.

The next morning Allison checked her email and, yes, there it was, Kyle’s letter, kaçak iddaa with the subject line reading, “To my Mistress and her Lover.” She opened it and read:

Allison you mean the world to me. And I know that is a cliché, but sometimes the truest things are just that. I love you with all my heart and soul. You understand me to the bottom of my being, and you love me and you accept me for who I am. I am lucky to be able to say that about the woman I am with, because not many men can. And I trust you, Allison. I trust you more than a kitten trusts its mother; and I need you like rain needs gravity. Do you love me too? I think so. I don’t think you would do for a man you don’t love what you have done for me. I think you love me as much as I love you.

Alexander, I have the utmost respect for you. Respect so great that it has become subservience. When you speak, I will obey you. I recognize your superiority; I recognized it the first time I saw you. I offer to you my girlfriend whom I love dearly – and only so long as she is willing – so that you can please her beyond my own ability to please her. You should look down on me, grind me into the ground without mercy, so that Allison sees your whole masculine dominance and so that she may believe she is making love to something far beyond a normal gentleman. I thank you dearly, Alexander, sir, for giving me the opportunity for release while I watch tonight’s spectacle.

Ah, the mix of emotions that email caused for Allison! The first half made her chest tight and her eyes moist, and the second half filled her with revulsion at Kyle. She read it and she felt she wanted nothing to do with him, what she really wanted was athletic Alexander; but that was the point, wasn’t it? That was exactly why Kyle had written it, to lower himself in her eyes. And he had succeeded. Now she had one desire, and that was to make love to Alexander and make Kyle suffer for writing what he had written. Well, the time had come to do just that. She packed her bag and headed out the door.

Some hours later, Kyle’s arousal was preventing him from getting a word written in a short story he had started, when the familiar jingle of a Skype call sounded through his speakers, startling him. When he answered he saw a shirtless Alexander sitting at his desk, and in the background Allison was sitting on the end of his bed facing the computer.

“Hello Kyle,” Alexander said.

“Hello Alexander,” Kyle said.

“Sir! You call him Sir!” Allison shouted.

“That’s right, Kyle. If you want us to let you out of your little cage tonight you’d better show some respect,” Kyle said.

“I’m sorry Sir, I won’t make that mistake again,” Kyle said.

Allison was standing behind Kyle now, softly rubbing his chest in circles, taking care to give his nipples soft squeezes when she passed them by.

“Hey Kyle,” Alexander said, “I want you to ditch the clothes.”

Kyle stood up and did as Alexander said, until only the cage remained on his exposed body.

“In a few minutes I’ll let you take that off, too,” Alexander said.

Allison giggled and turned his head and moved her face in. Kyle watched as they kissed, their faces taking up nearly the whole of his computer screen. This wasn’t the sort of kissing that precedes a fuck, either. No, this was the sort that comes before an intimate love making session. Alexander grabbed the bottom of Allison’s shirt and she lifted her thin, toned arms as he lifted the shirt up and off of her body. Next he undid her bra, kaçak bahis unclipping it seamlessly and letting it fall to the ground. Allison stepped toward Alexander and he began sucking her nipples. She looked straight into the camera, right into Kyle’s eyes, as she let out soft moans of pleasure. Alexander stood up and she undid his belt and slipped off his pants, and finally when both of them were in their underwear they made their way to the bed, where Alexander climbed on top of Kyle’s love as she lay on her back.

During all of this, Kyle did nothing but sit and watch. What else could he do? His penis was attempting to get hard, but the cage barred him from the satisfaction of a full erection. It was some time into foreplay before the hot couple on the bed remembered they had an audience.

“You can take your cage off now, Kyle. And don’t forget your responsibility. Go ahead. Jack your weiner!,” Alexander said. And with that, he took off Allison’s black thong and slid his now throbbing dick into her with no resistance. Had they taken the time to look, they would have seen a wet spot on the bed already forming from Allison’s arousal.

At Alexander’s command Kyle had begun furiously pumping his erect penis. Before ten seconds had passed, precum had begun dripping from his dick and coating his hand.

Allison’s eyes widened and she gasped for air as Alexander’s veiny dick slid inside of her. She had not a single thought for her pet boyfriend watching from a hundred miles away. Alexander was sliding in and out of her slowly and forcefully, sometimes pulling away to suck on her nipples and sometimes getting closer and pressing his body fully against hers. As this continued her moans got louder.

And as her moans got louder, Kyle and Alexander each came closer to cumming. Alexander thought of something, then. Through short breaths he said:

“Kyle…if you cum before me I…promise you…you won’t be coming out of that chastity cage…for two months!” And Alexander pressed on, long beyond when Kyle would normally have finished. He knew that his stamina was better than Kyle’s, and he knew the torture that it was causing him. But it was anything but torture to Allison, whose pleasure-contorted face Kyle could see the whole time. It was his whole focus.

And after he heard Alexander grunt hard and Allison cry out he let himself succumb to the climax of his dark pleasure. He felt it throughout his entire body, unable to untwine the emotional from the physical. And then it was over, and he had a condom full of cum – the most cum he had ever produced – hanging from the end of his half-erect penis. And without letting himself think he slid it off and put the end of it in his mouth. Allison and Alexander watched from the end of the bed, amused and revolted, as Kyle tipped up the condom and spilled the salty mess into the back of his throat.

“How was it?” Alexander asked.

“Disgusting,” Kyle said.

“Maybe we should make that a normal thing. You don’t cum unless you are ready to drink it. Just a thought,” Alexander said.

“Anything you require, Sir,” Kyle said.

Allison moved in so that her face was centered on the camera, and the couple in love gazed at high definition images of one another.

“You okay, Kyle?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” he said.

“Okay. Make sure you get yourself back into your cage tonight. Alexander and I are going to go watch a movie. I love you, sweetie,” Allison said. She was smiling.

“I love you too, Allison. Good night,” Kyle said. And he hung up and showered. He cleaned off his cage and squeezed back into it. Then he shut off his light and got under the covers while a hundred miles away a girl leaned her head on an athletic boy’s shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32