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I was soaking in a tub of bath salts and hot water, trying to calm the excited feelings about the coming night. I have never been to an all female sex party so big and was both eager and apprehensive about it. Madeline, Brea’s mother, had invited her friends Jaquline and Yvonne whom I’ve never met but who she highly recommended. She also invited her friend Heather and her daughter, Jenna, who I’ve never met either, but Jenna was a nineteen year old college girl so she should be fun.

There will be four teens and four mature women at this Friday night party and thinking about it made my pussy juice up with excitement. That’s why I was soaking in that tub instead of taking a shower, I needed to relax and let my pussy dry out a little. I stuck a soapy finger in my asshole to make sure it was nice and clean. I also managed to bathe my pussy inside and out real good and not get turned on. It all depends on what you think about while you’re doing it, I guess. There will be plenty of time for getting turned on later tonight, I was thinking.

Shelly picked me up right on time. We dressed in casual dresses so we wouldn’t make our parents wonder where we were going. They couldn’t see the sexy underwear we wore underneath though.

Shelly parked in the driveway behind Madeline’s car since we were the first ones to arrive. Our good friend Brea looked so sweet in her mini dress when she let us in and led the way to the living room.

Madeline carried in a tray of hors d’oeuvres and sandwiches and set them on the coffee table. She made drinks for us who are under twenty one with lemon/lime soda and Grenadine. She didn’t want us to feel left out.

The doorbell rang and Madeline let in a shapely blond mature woman followed by a blonde young woman. Madeline introduced them as Heather and Jenna. Madeline and Heather had a lot to talk about and went into the kitchen to fix their drinks. Jenna sat with Brea, Shelly and I. We talked about interests and such till we finally got around to sex.

“Are you into girls or is this something new for you,” I asked Jenna.

Jenna laughed. “Oh, I’ve experimented with girls at college. My mother asked me the same thing and threw her arms around me when I told her I liked girls. You know, she was really struggling with inviting me here tonight. She expected me to refuse, or worse, throw a fit about it. When I gladly agreed to come tonight, she was so relieved, she kissed me on the lips like a girlfriend would. She then apologized but I found it so enjoyable, even though she was my mother, I kissed her on her lips right back again.”

“Yeah, I forget sometimes that Mom is my mother when we are having sex with someone in the same room and I’ll touch her in a sexual way,” Brea confided. “It shocks me at first but I find it enjoyable at the same time, which surprises me even more.”

The telephone began ringing and Madeline hurried in to answer it. She gave someone directions to her house and hung up.

“That was Jaquline. They should be here in fifteen or twenty minutes.”

Heather followed Madeline in and they took seats around the spacious living room. The food was delicious but I was eager to get started.

“Come on, let’s play a game,” I suggested. “I need a blindfold and a volunteer.”

Everyone looked around the room at everyone else but no one spoke up.

“Come on, Brea, you go first.”

Brea brought me a black scarf which I tied around her head to cover her eyes.

“Now, people can touch you anywhere they want to and do whatever they want to and you have to guess who it is. You must stand still and keep your arms at your side. You’re not allowed to move your hands, arms or feet. Only one person at a time can touch you, and when you guess right, they have to take your place and be blindfolded. Okay?”

Everyone circled around Brea who was standing in the middle of the living room, blindfolded. Jenna came up and put her hands on Brea’s breasts, giving them a few tender squeezes. Shelly put a hand on the inside of Brea’s leg at her knee and slid it slowly upward to cup her pussy in her hand. I walked up and pulled her panties down, giving her pussy a kiss as I did. Heather went behind Brea and knelt behind her. She pulled her butt cheeks apart and stuck her tongue right int her puckered butt hole.

“Shelly,” Brea guessed.

“No, you’re wrong,” I told her.

Madeline walked up and caressed her butt through her skirt, circling it a few times, then ended with a sound swat on her butt cheeks.

“My mother!” Brea correctly guessed as everyone laughed.

Madeline traded places with Brea and I tied the blind fold. Madeline was wearing a long dress that clung to her when she moved. Heather walked up and lifted the ankle length skirt high enough to expose her stockinged legs and red lacy panties. Brea walked up and pulled the zipper on her dress down and helped bahis firmaları her shed the dress. Jenna walked behind Madeline and squeezed her butt cheeks, kneading them like bread dough.

The doorbell rang and Brea welcomed Jaquline and Yvonne into the room, explaining what was going on. Jaquline walked up and pulled Madeline’s panties down slowly to her ankles. I walked up and knelt before her to give her pussy a loving kiss.Yvonne walked up and stood close to Madeline, putting her hands on her hips and started grindind her pussy against hers.

“Ah, Yvonne,” Madeline guessed correctly and gave the woman a kiss with her blindfold still on. “I’d know that perfume anywhere,” she explained.

We sat around and talked, drank, and nibbled on the food, about the same as at any party, except I noticed Madeline going upstairs with Jenna. Not too much later I saw Brea take Heather by the hand and lead her away upstairs. That left Shelly and I talking with Jaquline and Yvonne. I liked Yvonne a lot. She was witty, funny, and very interesting to talk to. I noticed Shelly getting on well with Jaquline. Yvonne pulled me into an embrace and whispered in my ear.

“Do you suppose there’s another bedroom upstairs?”

“I think so, If not there’s always the bathroom,” I said only half way joking. I was as hot for Yvonne as she was for me. We kissed tentatively, stroking breasts and butt cheeks then we were locked into an embrace and kissing passionately.

I took her hand and led her upstairs. We passed Madeline’s room where the door was slightly ajar. We peeked in to see Madeline and Jenna doing a sixty- nine and moaning blissfully together.

Brea’s door was shut so we didn’t go in.. I opened the next door and found an empty bedroom.

We went in and got on the bed. I looked into Yvonne’s pretty eyes and submitted myself to the lovely woman. Yes, she was old enough to be my mother, but she knew what a girl needed and wanted. We took our time and kissed a lot, but she soon began to cross our legs. My dress was pushed up by her thigh between my legs and my leg was pressed into her crotch. We started to hump the leg thrust intimately between our thighs, pressed hotly against our pussies. This mature but very sexy woman had a lot of experience. She could teach me a lot about loving another woman, and I was a very willing young pupil.

I realized what Madeline meant about Yvonne’s perfume. It wasn’t strong, like some perfumes that burn your nose, it was subtle but undeniable and very pleasant. I put my hands on her breasts and caressed them gently. How perfect they seemed, not too small, not too large, just right. I started to unbutton her blouse so I could see them. She lifted up to let me take her blouse off her. She was wearing no bra, I had the lovely orbs in full view. She had beautiful breasts with half-inch long nipples.

Yvonne laid down and put her leg back between my legs. We kissed while I caressed her breasts in awe, wondering how she could be my mother’s age and still be so sexy. I felt her hand under my skirt caressing my thigh with her fingernails. Her hand bypassed my pussy and slid over my abdomen and tummy. I whimpered as she pulled me up and helped me take my dress off. She rolled on top of me between my legs and began to hump my pussy the way Shelly and I do each other. Her hands were on both my breasts, caressing them ever so lightly in my brassiere. I tweaked her hard nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

I felt her hands go under my back to unhook my bra so I lifted up to help her. She pulled my bra away and slowly lowered her head to lightly flick her tongue across my nipples, first one, then the other. She started sucking my nipples gently and adoringly, causing an involuntary moan from me. She squeezed my breasts with each hand and pulled them higher to meet her waiting mouth.

I was so excited and wet I wanted to play with myself, so I slid my hand beneath my panties where my pussy was gushing its juices of sexual arousal. My hand felt good in my throbbing love box but my panties were in my way. I raised my hips to take them off, struggling with them a little. Yvonne took over and slid my panties down my legs for me. She held them up to her nose to inhale my womanly scent. I reached for the zipper of her skirt and pulled it down, letting the skirt slide down to reveal her white sheer bikini panties.

Yvonne took the skirt off and rolled on top of me again, placing her smooth leg against my naked pussy which was wet with my juices. I rubbed my pussy on her thigh, coating it with love dew. I slid my hand down the seat of her panties to caress her smooth, round butt cheeks. I started pushing her panties down, wanting her to take them off. I slid my hand down the front of her panties to feel her pussy, sucking on her nipple as I did so. She put her hands on my head, gently guiding my hungry mouth on kaçak iddaa her perfect breasts. I inserted a finger into her flooded pussy to give her pleasure.

She slid her panties off to grant me more access to her lovely pussy. She laid down on her back and I knelt between her legs to get a good look at her. Her pussy was bare except for a small strip of hair above her slit, her lips swollen and red with desire. She was so beautiful I almost fainted as I laid down full length on top of her. We worked our pussies and breasts together, drinking in the wonderful feeling of our naked bodies together.

She gently rolled me over on my back and knelt between my legs. She inserted one, then two fingers into my sopping wet love hole. It was wonderful to have this beautiful, sexy, mature woman kneeling between my legs, sliding two fingers in and out, in and out, of my throbbing pussy. I put my finger on my clit to rub the little pink bump. I fucked her soft hand for all I was worth, enjoying the feeling of it so much. Her eyes kept going from my pussy to my face to watch the expression on my face and our fingers working together in my love box. My moans were getting higher and louder as I climbed to the top of Mount Orgasm. The orgasm was so good I stiffened my legs and curled my toes as I exploded with orgasmic release, moaning loudly as I came.

Yvonne removed her fingers and put them to my mouth for a taste of myself. I took one finger into my mouth and licked it clean. She put the other finger in her mouth and licked that one clean.

I pushed her back on the bed and knelt between her legs again, this time to get a taste of the pretty woman’s lovely pussy. I licked her clit, then tasted. I gave her another quick lick, then tasted again. I put my tongue deep between her butterfly lips and scooped more of her nectar to taste it.

Having satisfied myself with her wonderful taste, I buried my mouth between her pussy lips and licked her with great pleasure. I ran the tip of my tongue up and down the sides of her hood, then flattened my tongue to lick across her clit, which she was enjoying immensely. Judging buy her moans, I knew her orgasm was close. I inserted two fingers into her love canal suddenly which caused her to reach an orgasm almost immediately. I laid still with her legs clamped tightly around my head, moving my tongue lazily and swallowing the excess love juices in her pussy. I felt her legs begin to loosen their grip.

I was startled by a sound smack of someone’s hand on my naked butt cheek. I raised up to see Shelly and Jaquline standing naked before me.

“Shelly! Damn, you scared the shit out of me!”

“I tapped on the door and said ‘Hi,’ sorry if you didn’t hear me,” she said. “We were wondering if you two would like to make it a foursome.”

I looked at Yvonne who nodded her head ‘yes,’ then looked at Shelly and Jaquline smiling sweetly.

“Sure, why not,” I replied.

I got up and gave the tall, dark haired woman named Jaquline a hug and we began kissing right away. I could see Shelly and Yvonne get together on the bed in the corner of my eye but I was too busy to pay much attention to them.

Jaquline and I were kissing, exploring each other with our tongue while our hands explored our naked bodies from our head to our thighs. Her pussy hair was short and full sized in shape, but my fingers discovered that her pussy lips were shaved smooth. Her perfume smelled good, too.

I led her to the other side of the bed next to Shelly and Yvonne and laid down beside them. I looked at Shelly who was sucking on Yvonne’s perfect breasts and smiled at her. She was loving Yvonne’s beautiful breasts.

Jaquline laid down on top of me. She kissed and licked my nipples and breasts, then began to work her way slowly downward. She didn’t hurry and by the time she got down to my pussy, I was wet and eager for her. I played with her nipples until I could no longer reach them, then laid back to enjoy her love making.

She began by kissing my pussy all over with just her lips, no tongue yet. Her fingers pried open my puffy lips to expose my clit and butterfly lips. She gently kissed every inch of my sopping wet pussy she could find, saving my clit for last which she kissed over and over again. Her numerous kisses on my clit brought me close to orgasm but no brass ring yet.

I was watching her face between my legs and she would look up at me from time to time. I really enjoyed her eye contact as she made sweet love to my pussy. She was looking into my eyes when her tongue became active against my clit. She knew exactly what to do with her tongue, and when she pulled back her head to use just the tip of it, I could watch her tongue working in the folds of my pussy causing my lips to move around. I swooned with passion, the scene was so erotic.

Soon I was climbing to the peak of my orgasm and the waves of orgasmic kaçak bahis bliss buffeted my body from within. My eyes locked onto her lovely eyes till the waves turned into ripples. Putting my hands to her head, I pulled her up to kiss her mouth and taste my pussy juice on her lips and licked it from her cheeks. She opened her mouth to allow my tongue to enter it and to search for every last drop of my nectar.

As we traded places I watched Shelly going down on Yvonne. Yvonne was enjoying herself immensely.

I laid on top of Jaquline and began by kissing her all over her breasts, holding them in my hands as I did so. Her breasts were slightly larger than Yvonne’s breasts, but they were still firm and beautiful. I laved and sucked on her nipples then began my trek down her stomach. I stuck my tongue in her navel and wiggled it as if her navel were a miniature pussy. I traveled down from there, going across her abdomen from side to side, covering her body with my kisses.

When my tongue entered her sweet pussy her hands took hold of the sides of my head and pulled me into her with just enough pressure to let me know she wanted me there doing that. I licked her lovely pussy with passion, remembering: first there was Shelly, then Maria, then Brea, then Madeline, then Yvonne, and now there is Jaquline. I’m becoming a veteran pussy eater, I thought to myself.

I put to use some of that experience and began loving on Jaquline’s pussy like a champ. I knew how to tease and how to please and I was doing the full job on Jaquline. Her pussy was so sweet and moist, I could have licked it all night. Jaquline, however, started thrusting her hips forward, jamming her pussy into my tongue as her orgasm approached. Her bucking became greater as her orgasm began, then she froze in mid air and let a long, low moan as she came. I cupped her ass cheeks in my hands and twitched my mouth in her pussy as she came down from her orgasmic high and settled down to rest.

I reached over to put my hand on Shelly’s butt cheeks as I heard Yvonne give out a throaty groan, having an intense orgasm. Shelly put her hand on my ass and squeezed my ass cheek in return. I slid two fingers into Shelly’s butt crack and caressed her puckered hole which she dearly loves.

Without anyone saying a word, we swapped partners one more time. Yvonne and Jaquline evolved into a sixty-nine position and loved each other like old friends would be expected to.

After some kissing and breast loving with Shelly, we got into the sixty-nine position. I put my head between my best friend’s legs and lowered my tongue into her waiting, naked pussy. I felt her tongue enter my pussy as her fingers caressed the edges of my moist slit. I worked my tongue on her clit a little, then lapped the lower part of her pussy a while. I like Shelly’s pussy better than them all, I think, though I could be prejudiced.

As Shelly got close to an orgasm, I wet my finger and gently inserted it into her puckered little butt hole. That spurred her on and soon her high pitched moans signaled the arrival of her orgasm. My finger, buried in her butt to the second knuckle, was the first to know of her orgasm as her sphincter muscle clenched and released my finger again and again. One long, high pitched squeal told me Shelly was enjoying a splendid orgasm. I stopped licking her pussy but left my finger where it was as she licked my clit. Every time Shelly licks my pussy I think of the first wonderful night we spent together in the Log Cabin Motel the night of the blizzard. Thinking about that super erotic night made my orgasm speed up and overtook all feeling in my body except for it. I couldn’t straighten my legs because of my position but my toes sure curled as I moaned through the wonderful release Shelly gave me.

As Shelly and I came back to earth, we watched Jaquline and Yvonne make love in the sixty-nine position. Jaquline was on top. We could hear the slurping of mouths, the sticky wet pussy noises, the heavy breathing and the whimpers of passion they made while we were sitting two feet away from them. It was really nice to just sit and watch two people make love like that.

Jaquline was the first to come and ground her pussy down on Yvonne’s mouth, I was afraid she couldn’t breathe. She did just fine though and licked Jaquline’s pussy until she stopped coming. Jaquline soon brought Yvonne to a climax with a skillful tongue in her willing pussy.

We went down stairs, carrying our clothes, and joined the other naked women sitting and talking around the living room. I saw how lovely and sexy Jenna was and sat next to her so we could talk and get to know one another better. We exchanged phone numbers and I told her I wanted to get together with her the next time. She expressed an interest in the same thing. She whispered in my ear that we don’t have to wait until the next party.

The hour getting late, Shelly and I got dressed and kissed each one goodnight. We needed to get home at a decent hour so our parents wouldn’t be worried about us. We waved goodbye to everyone, until next time.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32