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I’d been told there was an alternative women’s health center. While I didn’t mind traditional hospitals, being pregnant for the first time, I wanted to at least explore other natural options.

In preparation for the appointment the next day, I filled out a lengthy intake form. I sat in bed with a clipboard, wearing a simple white cotton tank that clung to free and tender breasts, breasts that were no longer an extra small; I graduated to simply being small and it felt good. Under the tank, there were no other bumps besides my chest, as this was my first and my abdomen was still winning the fight of the bulge.

While filling it out, I noticed myself getting excited, feeling a familiar tingling. There were some interesting questions, beyond the family and medical history. How sensitive are your nipples? How easily do you orgasm? In which position and with what kind of contact do you typically orgasm? Since I loved sex more than ever since becoming pregnant, and had a thing for people in lab coats, I found myself gladly scrawling in the blanks in response. If anything, the intake form increased my anticipation of going to the center.

The next day, showing up in a basic, clinging, striped cotton dress, I got off the train and only needed to walk a few blocks before I saw a discreet sign, Women’s Clinic, on a metal plaque next to a glass door. I rang the buzzer and was called up without much fanfare, arriving in a most unimpressive waiting room. There was little light and it was a bit dingy. The admin was easy to chat with, bringing my intake behind the counter to add to a file, letting me know with a glint in her eye that I’d have Dr. Sells and should be very happy with her.

The rest of the women there were at varying levels of pregnancy or they looked as unassumingly unpregnant as I did. Overall, it was an attractive set. Within a couple minutes, a nurse called my name.

“Allison? Hi, my name is Roxie and I’ll be assisting Dr. Sells today, both prepping you for her and providing additional support as needed.” I nodded. Roxie was a slight light-skinned mixed girl: short natural hair, full lips, gorgeous almond eyes, small chest, and a bubble butt.

Once we arrived at the room, which was spacious and also just as dingy as the waiting room with fluorescent lights and no natural light, she had me sit down on the table while she sat at a computer. It appeared she was scanning the lengthy intake form.

“Okay, we’ll play this a little by ear and let the doctor decide how she’d like to proceed.”

“Isn’t an exam pretty straight forward?” I felt uncomfortable, but also turned on. There was something so erotic about our exchange. I couldn’t stop staring at her lips, shiny with a clear gloss.

Roxie gave a searching look that changed into a more business-like look and she started to explain: “Most women come here because they are fully aware of our services. Once in awhile, someone like your beautiful self is caught unaware. Let me inform you better about us so you can be ready and decide if it’s right for you.” I got a bright smile.

“It’s our belief here that if we create links between pain and eroticism, the birth experience is much easier, and by its nature certainly more pleasurable. In addition, we help women take ownership and better understand their orgasmic response. Lastly, rather than just examining women we actually train their bodies to tolerate pain and to accommodate in a similar way to what they will need for birth and beyond.

“Oh! And I want you to understand that while the staff here can become aroused, our focus is on you and your body. We do not express any desire or act upon it. Rather, we focus on our goals for you, most importantly which is to feel increasingly safe and free to explore the edges of your erotic self as it links to your pregnancy and eventual child birth.”

I must have looked silly, with mouth ajar and not any muscle moving.

Roxie continued, “I know that’s a lot to take in, but will need you to decide whether you’d like to get the process started with treatment.” She flashed another smile, a big warm one this time.

I wanted to do this, I did. Especially if the doctor was half as attractive as the woman sitting down in front of me with the mulberry scrubs. Excitement about the mysterious possibilities blotted out any logistical questions. I was ready and told Roxie as much, who clapped her hands together with enthusiasm, another smile, and the handing over of a waiver, signed with quick nervous strokes.

“So the first thing I’ll need you to do is get undressed from the waist down. I am happy to leave for you to do this.”

“No,” I assured her, “it’s totally fine.”

I peeled my favorite faded black jeans from my still-small waist and over my full hips until they were on the ground.

I then got myself situated on the table, ass sticking to the thin paper underneath me.

“Alright, so we always start our sessions with washing your genitals. If I could have you put your feet in the stirrups, I can get you bahis firmaları started.” I put my legs up and watched as she filled a pan up with soapy water, put on some clear white gloves, and retrieved a cloth. Standing beside me, she asked that I scoot more to the edge of the chair.

She explained, “You can look at this part of the experience in a couple different ways. In one, it’s a job to be done. In another, you can let yourself start to cultivate your erotic energy, treating it a bit like a spa.”

With that, she soaped up her hand and let some of the water drip onto my pussy and migrate down my slit. It was so warm and delicious. Next she placed an empty pan below my buttocks, sat between my legs, and placed the whole cloth over my whole pussy, rested it there momentarily, then swiping it down but not quite reaching my ass.

“You have beautiful full lips. Let me spread them a little.” She used a gloved finger to gingerly fan my skin out, then drenched the whole area.

With that, I groaned. “That’s right, let out any noise that makes sense, and please let me know if anything hurts.”

“Okay,” I agreed. I wanted so badly to feel the pressure of her fingers on my clit, but she seemed dead set on touching everywhere but there.

She held my labia open. “Now I will clean out your vagina with my fingers.” She deftly used two fingers and slid them in my slick pussy. She then spread them and then curled them toward herself while pulling them out. I was squirming at this point. And staring at her. A beautiful woman was taking such good care of my cunt. Before I was ready for her to get up, Roxie removed her fingers, gave me an apologetic smile, removed her gloves, and placed a fresh one on.

“If you could let me adjust the stirrups for a second, that would be great. To clean out the anus, a bigger leg angle is best. It looks like, from your intake, you enjoy anal stimulation.”

“Yes,” I mumbled, embarrassed but excited.

“Give it another try.” I re-placed my legs– they were much higher and I felt exposed. This time, however, instead of using her fingers, she had what looked like a large syringe.

“I’m going to slide the nozzle in your sphincter, then we can wash out your rectal cavity with the water here.” She slid the smooth nozzle inside my tight hole and then I felt the strange sensation of my ass filling up not with an object, but with water. I wanted her to stop–I felt plenty full–but she continued to press the water in.

“Just a little more. I understand you may experience some pressure in your rectum. Just relax into it and you can push it out in just a little while.” I closed my eyes.

The nozzle slid back out of my sphincter. “Okay, now it’s time to release.” I didn’t even think about potential mess, because I wanted it out so badly. The water squirted out of my asshole fast and at a heavy flow. When it slowed down, Roxie encouraged me to push a little more while she pressed on my belly.

She caught my eye. “This is just the beginning, to be honest with you. I warm you up and the doctor stretches your limits.”

I nodded and held inside both fear and delicious anticipation.

She took off the gloves and placed the tool in the sink, and flashed me another smile. “Dr. Sells will be joining us momentarily, so how about you remove the rest of your clothes.” I obliged and placed a towel over my super tender breasts.

A hard knock came at the door and in came the click clack of heels and apparently Dr. Sells. She was gorgeous: long thick black hair, suntanned golden skin, striking blue green eyes, and rather than wearing scrubs like Roxie, she donned a tailored skin tight black dress that showed off her extreme curves with patterned leather spike heels.

She swooped over to me, “Dr. Sells. And you are…Allison?” I smiled a goofy smile and said yes. “Pleasure. So…let me take a look at you.”

Her demeanor was much less ginger. She pulled the top towel off me and placed it over her shoulder. “Those look like some breasts that are reaching their capacity!” I nodded.

She grabbed a pair of gloves from the wall, scooted over in a stool beside me, and placed a hand on my chest, using pressure on my whole breast and then using a finger at a time to push into varying spots. “From your wincing, it looks like you are experiencing your fair share of discomfort.”

“Roxie, here’s our plan. We utilize clitoral stimulation digitally and then introduce tolerance to breast pain.” Roxie jumped into action.

“This is the thing, Allison: the amount of strain and pain in the breasts only increases once the baby begins suckling. What we’re looking to do, to start, is create a link between breast pain and erotic pleasure. The best way we know how to do this is through stimulation of your genitals. From your intake, it looks like you prefer fingers and enjoy light contact?” I nod. “Any questions or concerns?” I shake my head. It doesn’t exactly feel like I could object, that she was using a formality.

Roxie wheeled over a metal cart kaçak iddaa that included all kinds of instruments. In noticing my attention, Dr. Sells quickly blanketed the tools with the towel over her shoulder. “Let’s just keep our attention on sensations,” she said tersely.

My cheeks burned and I looked straight ahead.

“Roxie, I’ll call you back in if I need you, thank you.” Roxie smiled at me, squeezed my shoulder and headed out.

“Let’s see what we’ve got here.” She sat between my legs. “Very large clitoris,” she noted as she examined it with gloved fingers, moving it up and down, placing pressure, and peeling back the hood. “Good healthy pink color. Very receptive to touch.” Her fingers moved down the fold between inner and outer lips, then she used two fingers from each hand to push my vagina open. “You have some elasticity for sure. That won’t be enough, but it’s a good start.”

She went and retrieved a speculum. “Let’s check you out.” She slid the cold metal inside me and quickly started expanding the thing.

“You know your vagina is still dirty…Roxie isn’t always the most thorough,” she stated while grabbing a bladder hanging from a metal rack with a tube attached. “This should do the trick.”

While keeping the speculum inserted, the doctor sprayed a stream of water directly against my cervix. It was very hot and it burned.

“Can you handle it?” she looked up.

“Yes,” I obliged, shut up again by her tone.

“Please know that while we will always wash you, I fully expect you to take proper care of your vagina. This is unacceptable.” Again, my cheeks burned.

She removed the speculum and then replaced the nozzle. The water filled up my cavity before starting to release the hot water. With her other hand, she touched my clit, batting it back and forth slowly. “That sure is a nice clit.” I sheepishly smiled and then leaned my head back as well as arching my pelvis toward her hand.

She abruptly removed her hand from my button. “Nope. Feel free to make noises, but you will not direct the action here by moving. You stay still unless I direct you to do otherwise.” For someone with such a congenial face, I found myself actually a bit scared of her, or at least scared about disappointing her.

I nodded. “While we’re at it, I’d like you to respond to me with actual words. And to address me as doctor. “Now…would you like me to play with your clit again?”

I could hardly produce the words: “Yes, doctor.”

“Good girl.” It was the first time I felt any break from her coldness, when she said those two words. And she started touching me. With attention and slowly back and forth side to side, this time taking my clit between her index and middle finger so that her hand was cupping the base of my vulva, all the while water trickling out of my pussy.

I managed to stifle my impulse to move, but let out low and deep moans. “There you go,” she responded.

Once the water bag was empty, the doctor pressed on my stomach to release the remainder of the water, removed the nozzle, her other hand also leaving my clit. All I could think about was getting more of her touch, and being able to touch her breasts.

“Now that that’s taken care of!” she exclaimed, removing her gloves and letting me get a look at the curve of her buttocks. I got distracted in my reverie until Roxie came back.

“Roxie, you did not complete cleaning out the patient’s vagina…”

“Yes, doctor, I’m sorry doctor,” Roxie uttered in an anxious but defeated monotone. Roxie turned to me, touching my stirruped knee this time. “I’m really okay. This is something I have agreed to as part of my job. Instead of having total aversion, I encourage you to let it arouse you.”

With that, Roxie removed every item of clothes, ceremoniously but relatively quickly. Her skin was smooth, nippes dark and erect, butt absolutely perfectly round with a shelf. Without any asking, she got on her knees while the doctor retrieved a very large cylindrical object.

As the doctor approached with heavy steps and fresh gloves, Roxie’s beautiful lips parted. She stared in the doctor’s eyes while the hard rubber tool disappeared down her throat. She remained completely still for many seconds, until Dr. Sells quickly and entirely removed it.

“Two more,” Dr. Sells said. “Yes, doctor,” said Roxie with tears in her eyes. Mouth open, the dildo slid back again into her wet mouth. It must have realistically been 10 inches…This time after only a couple seconds, Roxie started heaving but Dr. Sells simply kept the dildo in place. Tears started sliding down her face and her body involuntarily wriggled. Out it came and Roxie let drain from her mouth an incredible amount of stringy, thick spit.

“That’s good. Now’s your last time,” and she shoved the dildo in her mouth with force and this time pumped it in and out, inspiring Roxie’s gag reflex. All the while, Roxie’s eyes were fixed on her doctor. Unceremoniously, the dildo came out, Roxie stood up and re-robed, and the doctor removed and re-applied kaçak bahis new gloves.

“Thank you for being patient with me, Allison. Let me see if this had any impact on your arousal levels.” It had, it did, I know that. I was mesmerized by the scene. She stood next to me, peeled back my towel, spread my slit with two fingers, and explored the opening. “Yes. Good girl.” I got even wetter hearing that. Then she started fondling me, distractedly while directing Roxie.

“Grabe the

dildo, please.” She pressed on my clit hard and would not let go. She just smirked. “This patient is ready for your stimulation, Roxie, now aren’t you, Allison?”

“Yes, doctor,” I panted. Roxie stood with a large shiny metal dildo in her hands, gloves on. Her touch was feather light, first grazing slowly over my clit and then picking up speed. I was yelping, it felt so good. Next she used the other hand and held the tool at my opening. No need for lube at that point. As she continued to flick over my clit, she methodically pushed every inch inside me. The tool stretched and pushed me open. I was moaning continuous moans and caught in the moment watching her hands stroke me, and imagining her beautiful face between my legs. Long, slow, and deep, the dildo pushed inside me and out all the way again. Smooth and rhythmic while her hands explored and teased my sensitive and slick button.

Without any break in action, the doctor stood beside me. “It’s time to introduce some pain.” She grabbed both full breasts in her hands, first cupping lightly and then gradually squeezing harder. “Tell me when it becomes unbearable.”

“Yes, doctor.” The thing was that any pressure on my tits whatsoever was killer but with my clit and pussy being worked, I found the pain enhanced the pleasure. It stung–they stung–my tits, but I lied down silent with mouth agape, looking at my doctor’s cleavage and back at my clit and the fingers on it.

I wanted to stay there forever, but she stopped her squeezing. “Please pause, Roxie.” She stopped. I made a yelp in protest. “The nipples may present more of a challenge. Let’s coordinate your vaginal insertion with my nipple manipulation.” Doctor screwed two clamps to my breasts that connected by a chain. They were cold and extremely tight. I gritted my teeth.

“You can start now.”

Roxie, this time, used her left thumb on my clit, moving up and down, looking entirely focused on my physical response. “We believe in expressing here, Allison, so you make whatever noises you need to manage the sensation.”

With that, the doctor took a finger, hooked it into the metal chain on my chest, and slowly began lifting it toward the ceiling. Simultaneously, the dildo stretched my pussy out, driving deep into my cervix. “Ahhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned.

“Good girl,” Doctor cood while easing up slightly, the dildo also pulling out a little. WIthout much rest, she pulled up again. I worried my nipples would tear, they were being pulled so hard. Stretched past a point I’ve ever seen. The dildo was buried in my hole while my clit was being stroked.

My moan was deep this time and sustained, letting up with my pussy and tits, then rubbing, pulling, and pushing in turn, brief relief and then intense sensation, every time an involuntary sound being released.

“She’s a particularly sexy one, isn’t she?” the doctor asked Roxie. Roxie nodded, I looking for genuine response and found it. “How about I give her a little extra fun?” Roxie didn’t look like she thought it was a good idea, her face like when she was about to take the dildo down her throat. She simply abided and went into a drawer to find a clipboard.

While the nurse was doing so, Dr. Sells walked beside me, placed two fingers at my opening, and grazed them up my slit on either side of my clit. She said, “You make me want to give you some extra special treatment. What I mean is that I’d like to include extra physical contact with me and potentially my nurse. If you’d like to do so, we’ve got a little form here that gives us permission and releases us from liability.”

As Roxie walked toward me with clipboard, Doctor pushed her two fingers inside my cunt, curling them against my g-spot and waiting there while I desperately and quickly signed. I should have read something, protected myself, but I just didn’t care.

“Okay, then!” Doctor said with pep. “Now we can do the add-on I’ve been wanting to. Please get back in between her legs, Nurse.” Now the nurse was back with dildo at my opening and hand just shy of my clit.

The doctor walked to my side. She pulled her dress sleeves off her shoulder, and then slowly continued pulling down until her tits were freed. They had weight, with large and beautiful areolas, and perky light brown nipples. I wanted to touch them, but just stared. She clicked to over my head, her legs apart, then painfully and deliciously leaned her tits into my face. My nose and lips were pressed against her cleavage and I couldn’t hear or breathe well.

Then it started again: My cunt filled and nipples pulled while my clit was rubbed slowly back and forth. I was lost: lost in sensation, buried in tits, stretched beyond what I thought I could bear. This went on for a while, my oxygen limited, my moans quickening but muffled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32