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Along the Shore – Part 3: Rainfall

He stood there shivering in the middle of my living room. His white shirt was completely see-through, revealing his toned body that I had previously witnessed. It was hard to tell the difference between the water that was dripping from his drenched hair and tears that were coming out of his hazel eyes. His head was down, creating a small puddle on my wood floor while he tried to wipe away the tear and rain mixture from his face. I was unsure of what to say to him so I walked to the bathroom and grabbed a towel for him to sit on the couch. I gestured him to the couch and he cautiously sat on the soft emerald towel. We sat there for a few minutes; unable to speak we both took in the situation at hand.

“I don’t even know what I’m doing here,” he whispered softly. He began to rise of the couch my I quickly put my hand on his shoulder and eased him back down.

“No it’s good that you came”, I say. ” If you don’t mind me asking, what happened with you two?”

The tears started well up in his eyes but he tried to choke them back to explain his story. “It just started as a little thing,” he said. “I forgot to turn up the windows in Ryan’s car when I got back home and the rain came…obviously.” He smirked after saying this, as if he was rebuffing his own forgetfulness.

“Ryan came home during the downpour and lost it,” he said quickly. It was clear that he was trying to forget the memory. “The rest is a blur to me, I just had to leave him.” He really had erased the confrontation with the man.

I listened to his recollection, trying to stave off my own desires. The thunder seemed to die down and for a while the only sound was steady rain that tapped on my home. I looked into his pale green eyes and tried to find the right words for the situation.

“I’m sorry for everything that happened to you…I’ve been through a vaguely similar situation canlı bahis şirketleri with my partner,” I said softly. “Former partner I should say.” I confessed my own pain and he seemed slightly taken aback.

“Do you mind elaborating?” he asked. I looked over to the wall across the room to the picture of Mark and I. It was when we first bought the cottage; we were standing in front of the shore, arm in arm. We were happy back then and it made the troubles that we were experiencing even bitterer. I walked over to the picture, took it off the wall and stared at it for a few moments. I then walked back to the couch, still reminiscing about the days when I truly loved him.

“We were together for quite awhile,” I said. “We made it through med school and his residency…. I followed him everywhere he went.” I could start to feel the pain that these memories presented and it began to boil inside.

“I thought we were happy, perfect if you will.” The bitterness began to show in my tone. “And then he fucked a younger guy from his hospital and I had the fortune of watching it. Blow by blow. Fuck by fuck” I threw the picture into the corner of the room and I heard the glass break. He shuddered at the violent action and the room grew silent once again.

We sat there in silence for a few minutes before he broke the tension. “Jesus, I thought I was going through shit until I heard your….” He caught himself but I knew what he was going to say. I could only smile at the way the night was turning out to be. We let out one truth after another; each one growing with more pain and shock than the previous one. For a moment I felt as though I was living through “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

“Obviously we’ve been through some rough shit,” he said quickly. He moved closer after saying this. “We need to help each other through this. We need to heal.” And with that he placed his hand canlı kaçak iddaa on my groin and started rubbing my cock through my jeans. I got harder with each stroke of his hand until my outline of my cock shone through the denim fabric.

We began to kiss, slow at first and as we both began to touch each other the faster we got. His sweet tongue played in my mouth and I could taste a hint of red wine. I felt the enormity of his cock through his jeans. I took off his soaked shirt and began to kiss his toned body. His chest had a little spurt of soft blond hairs that felt so smooth against my cheek. I kissed his chest, moving lower and lower until I reached the top of his pants. I slowly unzipped his pants so that his large cock fell out. I grasped it with my hand and stared at it. I began to lick to top of it, teasing him. I let out a soft moan and I soon enveloped his thick tool in my mouth and began to go up and down. I changed my rhythm every so often to make him want it more. I began to taste the sweet pre cum that was oozing from him and soon I was going faster and faster. However he soon eased my mouth and began to kiss me again with deep passion.

He smiled and muttered, “my turn.” He stripped all of my cloths off and then began to blow my cock with smooth precision. He was clearly skilled and I soon was begging him to go faster. I grasped the hair softly and he began to follow the rhythm that I wanted. He took my balls and caressed them with his smooth tongue, making me moan in ecstasy.

He soon eased off and I took his hand and lead him to my bedroom. I laid him down on the soft cream-colored comforter and we continued to touch each other’s body and make out.

“I want you to fuck me,” he whispered to me. “Pound my sweet hole until I scream for you to stop.” I then began to lick his tight pink hole until he began to open up slightly. He began to moan louder and begged canlı kaçak bahis me to keep going. I felt like I rimmed him for ages until I finally grabbed the lube from my drawer and began to open his tight hole even more.

I rubbed his pink hole with my lubed finger and then pushed it in. He began to tighten up but I came up and kissed him softly and whispered him to relax. I began to move slowly in and out until I felt he was ready to take another finger and repeated the process. I increased my speed and he moaned with each push of my fingers. I asked him if was ready to take my cock and he nodded his head in agreement.

I lubed up my cock and soon entered inside him. I moved slowly at first, building up the ecstasy of the moment and soon I increased my speed to a nice, passionate pace. He moaned with each thrust and after a bit I started pounding his hole with great force. He got louder with push and I groaned with passion. I pulled out and then put me on my back and started to ride me. He placed his hands above my shoulders and began to ride me like a professional. We fucked with passion for nearly hour when I felt that I was going to burst. I told him that I was going to cum but he kept on going until I released inside of him. He moaned sweetly and slowly got off my cock. He turned around and my cum dripped slowly from his freshly fucked hole. I wiped my finger across it and tasted it. I took another swipe and he slowly licked it off and then we kissed once again. I laid him back down and then began to blow his large cock. I worked his cock up down until he yelled that he was going to burst. I kept going, feeling his seed shoot into the back of my throat. I swallowed and also kept working his cock until it went flaccid and took in all of his sweetness.

We exchanged tongues for a few minutes afterwards. He asked if he could used the bathroom to cleanup and I let him do so. I took a towel from the small closet and wiped up the remains of our encounter. He came out a few minutes later and laid back on the bed. I joined him and we lay next to each other underneath the covers. He laid his head on my chest and I soon fell into my dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32