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This is a work of lesbian fiction, and is only intended for like-minded individuals. I hope you enjoy, please mail me your comments and love.


I opened the envelope with trembling fingers and took out the hand written invitation inside. I knew it was from Mistress Megan, the girl I couldn’t keep from my mind for longer than five minuets these days; I had been anticipating something from her for days. But before I tell you what the invitation was for, maybe I should tell you a little bit about myself, for those of you who don’t already know me.

Now what can I tell you? Maybe I should start with the basics. My name is Josie. I’m just the wrong side of thirty, have a tall figure that curves in just the right places, or at least so I’ve been told. I have long curly chestnut-brown hair and green eyes – so far so good. I’m into keeping fit; the normal stuff like gym three times a week and long runs that turn into walks in the country, but for years I have had a few sexual hang-ups that have … how can I put it? That frustrated me …

For longer than I care to admit, I tried hard to be a good straight girl. Dated nice guys and tried to enjoy ‘normal’ straight sex. I did flirt around with girls on and off and although, by my late twenties, I had decided I was definitely more lesbian than straight, there was till something missing from my life. I finally discovered that I love … no, need, to be controlled and told what to do to really be fulfilled sexually.

I love a beautiful woman to tell me how to dress, how to act, how to pose, in short I love for someone to take over control of my body and then experience the thrill and embarrassment that it brings, did I mention I love to be embarrassed? Told you I have a few … hang-ups!

Please don’t get me wrong; I don’t like to be beaten … spanked yes, but not beaten. I don’t like to be spat on, or pissed on, for that matter, either (yuck!) – I’m still very much a ‘girly’ type girl.

So there I was, a frustrated submissive too shy to find a mistress, but then I met Mistress Megan.

She had invited me round on three separate occasions, a couple of which I’ve written the accounts for, just as I experienced them. I was never to contact her but to await an invitation, just like the one I had just received.

As I held it in trembling fingers, with my pussy tingling, I read that it invited me to attend her apartment the coming Saturday, dressed as a student for my school medical. I frowned and wondered at where this was going. The invitation went on to explain that a nurse would be assisting Doctor Megan and that two of the school governors would be observing. There was an RSVP at the bottom of the card with Mistress Megan’s mobile phone number; I picked up my phone and dialled and she quickly answered;

‘Hi, this is Megan … ‘

‘Mistress … this is Josie, I … ‘

‘Josie! You received the invite to my little party, that’s great. What are you going to wear?’

‘I … err … I haven’t had time to give it much thought, Mistress. Umm, I hope you don’t mind me asking but who will the others be? The, err, nurse and the two governors?’ I heard Megan laugh and I felt a wave of love for her, picturing her beautiful face; I wondered what she was wearing? It was a nice day and …

‘Don’t worry, Josie. They’ll be friends and you’ll like them. Now just be at my place at eight and remember to do everything and anything I ask, all right?’

‘Yes, Mistress,’ I whispered. ‘What are you going to …’

‘I’m going to play with you, tease you and embarrass you. Make you blush a pretty pink, then sexually abuse you – is that what you want?’

There was a few moments of silence but only because I was so nervous to actually speak. ‘Yes Mistress. Please just don’t hurt me.’ I felt so lame asking this and bit my lip as soon as I said it.

‘Trust me, Josie. Now lets talk about how my favourite student should dress.’

Saturday evening waiting outside my apartment for the taxi I was feeling silly. My heart was hammering and, not for the first time, I was cross with myself for getting into a situation like this. I looked back up at my apartment windows and thought about going back up, scrubbing off the make-up and changing into my easy clothes for a night in front of the telly, but then the taxi pulled up.

I watched the houses pass by and tried to ignore the looks the driver was giving me in his mirror. I had a light coat on but my hair in pigtails and so much make-up must have been unusual to say the least. I opened my bag, took out my make-up bag and starred at my reflection in my tiny mirror. Big green eyes, long dark lashes, dark liner and far too much green eye shadow – I did like the red kiss-proof lipstick though. I ran my tongue over my upper lip then glanced guiltily at the driver’s mirror; he wasn’t watching.

The taxi came to a stop and after thrusting a twenty Euro note at the driver I got out on, what felt like, spaghetti legs. I knew the black heals would illegal bahis make me look and feel great when I was with Mistress Megan, but they were such a pain to wear. As the taxi drove away I made my way up to the front door and nervously rang the bell, I was buzzed in and ushered up to Megan’s apartment on the third floor.

‘Come in, Josie,’ said Megan, holding the door wide for me. ‘Take your coat off and hang it there next to the others will you.’ She smiled at me then whispered, ‘don’t look so scared, enjoy yourself. You know you love this.’ I nodded and took off my coat.

‘Oh, Josie, you look so sexy and slutty. This is going to be such fun.’ I smiled at the girl I loved and felt a little better about being dressed like this. I tugged at the short pleated skirt that just covered my white lacy knickers and gazed self-consciously down my long legs at my feet, safe in their little white socks and black high heals.

‘Here, let me straighten your tie.’ I let Mistress straighten the striped school-tie that I knew to already be straight, her hands gliding over the crisp white blouse and cupping my breasts before she stepped back. ‘Have fun and try and play the part.’ She turned and, drawing me by the hand brought me into her living room.

Music was playing softly and there was the heavy smell of incense and perfume in the air. Drawn curtains had replaced the subdued lighting normally favoured by Megan, with several lamps lit leaving little room for shadows. The three other women glanced over at us as we entered. The two on the couch ceased talking and the girl by the kitchen door halted the glass that had almost made it to her red painted lips.

Megan clapped her hands. ‘Good evening, ladies. Welcome to St. Mary’s school first medical inspection. Just so we know who is who: I am Doctor Megan, assisting me this evening will be the lovely Nurse Helen, and making sure we do things correctly we have Miss Tanya and Miss Lucy from the board of School governors.’ She turned to me. ‘And this of course is our volunteer student, Josie. As you can see, Josie was chosen because she is tall, has long, very sexy legs, his big soft breasts,’ she reached out and squeezed my right breast and I pulled away, trying to stay in character.

‘Please Doctor, what are you doing?’ I tried to feign a shocked expression as I smoothed down my blouse. Doctor Megan ignored my outburst.

‘Our volunteer has a 35’C chest, a nice thin 27′ waist and a very pretty 35′ bottom.’ She slapped my bottom and I jumped forward with a cry. ‘She was also chosen for this evening, with the hope that she should be a willing volunteer.’ Megan frowned at me. ‘She has made several serious infractions at St. Mary’s recently and, quite honestly, is close to being expelled.’ Megan put a finger under my chin and tilted my face up towards her. ‘Josie, if you do completely as you are told, without question, this evening, then your bad records will be wiped clean. However, if you do anything to displease me, you will be expelled from St. Mary’s, and you know you will not find another school to take you.’ She frowned at me again and I felt a thrill at the feeling that my character could refuse her nothing, I nodded my head saying nothing. Then fiddled with the hem of my skirt and blushed furiously because they were all staring at me. Once again I felt exposed in these clothes but determined to stay in the character of a chastised naughty schoolgirl, with no option but to comply with the Doctors requests.

Nurse Helen brought in a tray of drinks and offered each governess a glass of wine and I watched her, immediately feeling a rush as I saw she was both beautiful and blond, and also as subservient as me. Her uniform was as revealing as my school uniform, with white stockings and heals, and an equally short white dress, belted at the waist, that rode up to show tiny white knickers as she bent over with the drinks. I waited, standing in the centre of the room as the drinks were handed out.

Mistress Megan took hers and I watched her as she sipped it and consulted her clipboard and I felt my pussy instantly react. She was wearing a white doctor’s coat and had a stethoscope around her neck that she was idly toying with. I glanced down and noticed she was wearing black stockings and heals that would never be approved of in any doctor’s practice.

‘Right,’ Megan smiled around at us all. ‘Firstly, I think to get things started, we should see if Josie is going to be a good girl and do as she’s told this evening. Josie, if you would please turn around and touch your toes keeping your legs as straight as you can.’

I tried to look sweet and innocent, not having to fake the embarrassment or nerves at all. ‘Oh, Please doctor, I promise to be good, don’t make me do that … please?’

‘Very well. If you’re nervous we’ll start a little easier for you, Josie. But you will have to start doing as you’re told if you don’t want to be expelled. You may start by lifting your skirt and showing us that you are wearing illegal bahis siteleri regulation school knickers please.’

I secretly loved the naughty feeling of having little choice, after all, I didn’t want to be expelled from St. Mary’s so I had to comply. Lifting the hem of my skirt, and looking suitably shamed, I watched all eyes glance to my small, lacy white knickers; Doctor Megan smiled.

‘Josie, those are not regulation knickers are they?’ I shook my head. ‘Well because of that we shall have no more insubordination. Do as you were first told and turn around … now!’

I tried to look like I was about to cry, then nodded and turned my back to the three women. With knees together, I slowly bent over, enjoying the feeling of everyone’s eyes on me as I felt my skirt rise up and my bottom put on show.

‘Feet a little further apart please Josie, that’s much better, good girl.’ I did as I was told and felt a hand glide over my bottom. ‘Nurse Helen, please lower Josie’s knickers to her knees … thank you … ‘ I felt my knickers being pulled down and lifted a little to help the pretty nurse; then felt my legs being pulled apart to support my knickers.

‘Please spread the cheeks of her bottom apart for us, Nurse.’

I rose up quickly and twisted round. ‘No … please Doctor, everyone will see me … will see my … ‘

‘Josie bend down or there will be consequences. This a medical examination, and of course you’re being examined! Everyone here is meant to see every part of you, now do as you’re told.’ Snapped Doctor Megan, so I did as she asked, trying to look as reluctant as possible as I pushed my bottom out and held onto my ankles.

‘Good. Now continue please Nurse … thank you.’

I felt cool hands squeeze my bottom and my cheeks were gently parted, stretching my anus slightly … a wet finger tickled the entrance slipping in a little before being withdrawn as the Doctor spoke.

‘ … and open her pussy please nurse.’ I gripped my ankles trying not to collapse as I felt Nurse Helens fingers gently unfolding the lips of my vagina, spreading me, opening me; I felt so rude as I heard whispers of excitement from the two governesses. I was held wide open like this for almost a minuet and I heard the click of a camera several times.

‘Open her anus, nurse.’ After a moment something metallic was pressed against my ass, it slid in, making me gasp, then expanded, opening my anus wide. It felt really strange but I tried to hold still while the ladies examined me, after a few moments and several camera clicks it was gently removed.

‘I think we need to make a small lubrication test please, nurse. If you could spank her softly, like this.’ I felt a light pat on my left cheek and I swayed slightly. It was followed by several more light slaps as, both, Doctor Megan and the nurse, gave my bottom a pink blush, I knew I was getting wet, my pussy must be glistening. After a moment a chair was placed in front of me to help support my weight, I leant on it gratefully as the spanking continued. ‘Now lets see.’ I felt a finger, enter my pussy and I pushed back inviting the invasion – I was rewarded with another slap. ‘Be good, Josie … yes, she’s lubricating well. Stand up and turn around please.’

I did as I was told and blushed as I looked at my fully clothed audience. My knickers fell around my ankles, but when I made to pull them up I was told to leave them where they were.

‘Take the hem of your skirt and left it again please, Josie. Do as you are told. I think the governesses would appreciate seeing how well you lubricated.’ I lifted my skirt, blushing as I did so. Both, totally embarrassed by the experience, but also tremendously excited at the same time. I stood looking at the two governesses as they stared at my pussy, freshly shaven this afternoon to leave just a thin stripe of pubic hair. They were both holding hands and had their legs crossed beneath long black skirts.

‘Spread your legs as far as you knickers allow, please … good girl. Nurse, as Josie has her hands full with the skirt, please reach from behind her and spread her pussy for us … that’s right. Please wet the middle finger of each hand and take your samples to the governesses, Nurse.’

I swayed a little as I felt first one and then the next of the nurse’s fingers slide in, and then out, of my wet vagina, then a pang of frustration as it ended and she walked over to offer wet fingers to the two women on the couch. Megan used this opportunity to step in front of me and kiss me, forcing her tongue past my lips. As she broke away she whispered, ‘I love you, you little slut.’ I nodded, swaying, still holding my skirt up, knickers around my ankles and pussy juice dribbling down the inside of my leg.

‘Don’t make me do this Mistress. It’s wrong to make me show myself to these ladies.’ I tried to look like I was going to cry.

‘She smiled. ‘Address me as Doctor.’

‘Please, Doctor,’ I corrected myself.

‘Nurse stand behind Josie. canlı bahis siteleri Unbutton her blouse and prepare her breasts for the next examination.’

‘No, Doctor. Please. Why should I be treated like this.’ Still holding my skirt up I waited as Nurse Helen reached from behind me and started to unbutton my blouse. She began kissing my neck as she did so and my breasts felt as if they were trying to push out past my bra and blouse in anticipation of release. When my blouse was pulled to the sides, I felt her hands slip into my left bra cup, lifting my breast before folding down the bra-cup for support the now exposed breast. She repeated the manoeuvre on my right breast then after a little arranging of breasts, bra and blouse, began pinching and pulling my nipples in an effort to make them as erect as possible.

‘I think our young student here is getting far too excited,’ said Doctor Megan and I groaned inwardly as Nurse Helen withdrew her hands. ‘If you can fetch some more drinks please nurse. And get a glass for both yourself and our student here.

Nurse Helen disappeared to the kitchen with a small curtsy and a ‘Yes, Doctor,’ and I was left standing alone in the middle of the room, tottering in my high-heals in a state of undress.

‘Hands above your head please, Josie.’ I stretched my hands up as high as I could and felt my breasts rise as well. Doctor Megan made a few more arrangements to my bra and blouse then roughly fondled my breasts, kneading them and pinching them. After a while she moved on and began to slap the sides of each breast in turn, harder and harder. Being larger breasts they jiggled and jumped with each slap, much to the delight of everyone watching. I saw that the governesses had a hand in each others knickers, their skirts now pulled up over their laps.

I bit my lip and stifled a cry as Doctor Megan started to include my nipples in the slapping. When she was finished both breasts were flushed and sore, but she pinched my nipples again until she was satisfied then indicated I could drop my arms.

As she turned to change the music, one of the governesses smiled at me and said, ‘are you enjoying school at St. Mary’s, Josie?’

The governess that had spoken was the larger of the two. She was a little older than me and had a pretty face and friendly blue eyes. ‘What, I’m sorry?’ the question sounded so strange. There I was a moment before with my hands in the air having my tits slapped and now I was being asked if I was enjoying an imaginary school. I tried to gather my wits and jump back into the character of the schoolgirl. ‘Ermm, yes, Miss, I like St Mary’s a lot.’ I smiled, hoping that answer would be all right.

‘And what infraction did you commit to be so close to expulsion,’ asked the second governess.

I glanced across at Megan who had just rejoined us, soft music once more filling the room.

‘Josie was caught licking another girls bottom, weren’t you Josie.’ I blushed, then Megan came up next to me and pinching my right nipple, twisted it, then pulled it painfully.

‘Oww!’ I bit my lip as Megan frowned at me. ‘Sorry Doctor.’ I pushed my chest out for her.

‘Tell Miss Lucy what I caught you doing.’ She held my left nipple now, pinching gently, building the pressure until I gasped out my answer.

‘I was licking my friend’s ass, Miss … owww. She made me do it … honestly.’ My nipples were now as hard and erect and throbbing as they had ever been, but Doctor Megan continued to pinch and pull at them. I wanted to rub them and make the pain go away but knew I just had to let her do as she wished. As Nurse Helen came in, Doctor Megan grabbed me by my pigtail and dragged me around to the table.

‘Nurse Helen. Get on the table please. I think we should let the governesses see what Josie was doing.’ Nurse Helen dutifully climbed up onto the table without a word and knelt down with her bottom pointing into the air. Doctor Megan let go of my pigtail and, without ceremony, pulled Nurse Helens knickers down past her knees and off over her shoes. ‘Spread your legs a little more please nurse … that’s good, yes.’ My pigtail was grabbed again and I was pulled towards Nurse Helen’s offered bottom. ‘Now show us what you were caught doing Josie, you may kneel on this chair.’

I did as I was told and began to kiss all over Nurse Helen’s bottom, slowly closing in on the dark divide between her soft white cheeks.

Whack! Pain erupted on my bottom. ‘Lick her ass, Josie, I didn’t say kiss it, do as you’re told.’ With my bottom stinging I placed my hands on Nurse Helen’s cheeks, my red nail varnish contrasting nicely with her white skin, and spread her apart, I then dipped down and began to lick eagerly at her puckered anus. I felt it constrict under my tongue then loosen a little as I pressed harder, feeling it welcome my efforts; her taste was musky and nice. I licked lower, lapping at her pussy to find a little moisture, but was quickly rewarded with another slap, followed by several more as I was told to lick her anus only.

‘Get up both of you.’ I stood and helped Nurse Helen to stand at the same time. We stood, both flushed and dishevelled in front of the other three women. ‘Kiss each other until I tell you to stop,’ said Doctor Megan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32