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This story is partly fictional, although the woman by the name of Lynne is real but I have not used her real name and she does indeed run a matchmaking service for lonely, horny lesbians. Although she calls it matchmaking, it is actually prostitution.


Well with Eden, my partner, gone for two months and Sandy, my occasional playmate, not sure that she is going to be able to visit this weekend, I decided that I needed to go out to Panic and see about finding someone else. I had not had sex in two weeks except by myself and I was something of a sex crazed bitch by now.

Being a tall, slender, beautiful woman just past 25, with long silky and shiny brown hair, a good bust, and great legs, I usually do not have much trouble finding other women willing to have sex with me. I am also very submissive but not all women are into that so I usually just take what I can and I am usually pretty well satisfied, but it is always nice to run into a woman, preferably a mature one, who is dominant and has some experience as a domme. It is not by any means a prerequisite for casual sex which is what I am looking for tonight. Eden and Sandy are both adept at satisfying my submissive desires but neither of them will be around for quite some time.

Being Thursday, it was “Women Only” night at Panic which is one of the two gay/lesbian bars in town. That held out prospects for meeting a woman who might not otherwise hang out at the bar, usually a newbie or someone who is deeply closeted, and usually bisexual. Panic is usually a safe haven for such women on Thursday night because Kara and Kelly, the owners, put on extra bouncers to make the place safe and they insure that the dykes, stone butches, and biker chicks do not get out of hand.

I got to the bar about 10:30. Lynne, one of the bouncers, passed me right in because we have known each other for years. Lynne is as tall as me and a body builder which makes her a very formidable woman. She is also about my age. She is, however, a screaming dyke which explains why the two of us have never gotten it on; not that she isn’t attractive, she is, but I go for the femme types. Nevertheless, she has always been very pleasant to me and while I would not call her a friend exactly, she has always seemed to be a genuinely nice person. Which was good, because the bar was practically empty.

I took a seat by the front door and Jenny, one of the waitresses automatically brought me a glass of chardonnay, knowing that is what I like to drink. Lynne sat down next to me sucking on a can of pop and asked me how things were going. I didn’t go into any detail but I explained that I was between lovers at the moment and was disappointed that the bar was so quiet. She told me it was because of a new place called “The Hole” that had opened up in town, taking business away from Panic and “Q” the other gay/lesbian bars in town. I had not heard about the new place but then I have not been out in a long time because with Eden, there was no reason to go prowling and Eden did not like the bar scene.

Lynne looked at me seriously for a moment and then asked, “Hey can you help me out? I got a little jammed up tonight.”

I was not sure what she meant and I told her so.

“Lori is home sick,” she replied. “And now I have to figure out how to service two women at the same time.”

Lori is Lynne’s partner; a cute little femme who I would not mind fucking. She is in her middle twenties but looks like a teenager. I’d love to get her into bed, but she seems totally devoted to Lynne. I was rather surprised that she would be willing to service another woman, probably a stranger, but one never knows.

“It will be worth your while,” she went on. “It pays $500.”

Well that confirmed a rumor that I had heard for some time now. Someone was running a lesbian escort service and now I guess it was Lynne or at least Lynne was somehow involved.

“Lynne,” I started to reply. “I don’t think so. I’m not really into that kinda stuff.”

“Hey,” she answered back. “You fuck Mary Kay and she is one of my clients.”

“Mary Kay is one of your clients?” I asked in disbelief.

“Damn straight she is,” Lynne replied. “And one of my better paying ones and you do her for free.”

“Oh fuck,” was all I could think of to say.

“Look. I’ll let you have April,” she went on. “April is the prettier of the two, nice and clean. You like older women don’t you?”

“Yes but,” I murmured.

“Look. April is good in bed. She will get you off. She loves eating pussy and its not like you would be doing anything illegal.”

“Come again?” I asked bewildered.

“Well you don’t ask for any money,” she came back at me. “She will just give you some when you are done.”

“Sounds like prostitution to me,” I replied disdainfully.

“No it’s not,” she came back. “It’s simply matchmaking and believe me I think the two of you would make a great match. She is dominate, a little kinky but not over the top. I know you like that sort of thing.”

Of bahis firmaları course she knew. I think everyone knows about my former mistress, Astrid. All of a sudden a little domme—sub play with an older woman began to sound attractive.

“Are you sure she is not over the top?” I asked.

“Lori says she is fantastic and as far as I know she has not hurt Lori in any way,” she responded persuasively.

“And where am I supposed to meet this April? Is she coming here?” I asked curiously.

“Hell no she would never be caught dead in this place,” Lynne responded. “She has a room over at the Cornhusker Hotel. She will be waiting for us in the bar in about 20 minutes. I will take you over an introduce the two of you.”

“At least it is not one of those no tell motels,” I remarked snidely.

“No way,” Lynne responded. “April is first class all the way and if she likes you and if you do the things she wants you to do she will probably give you a big tip.”

“And what am I supposed to do with the $500 match making fee, assuming if I go through with this and actually get it?”

“You stop by tomorrow night and give me $400,” she answered.

“You want me to spread my legs for a hundred bucks while you get four hundred for doing nothing? No fucking way!” I replied.

“Okay. Okay, Okay,” she pleaded. “You give me $250 and keep the rest for yourself and if you do more than just spread you legs, I am sure she will give you a really nice tip. She is one of Lori’s favorite clients and Lori always gets a nice tip.”

I sat there pondering my options. It was a slow night which meant that I might not score and would wind up going home and using my vibrator which means I need to stop at the store on the way home to get some more batteries. I was so fucking horny it would be a 12 battery night all by myself. Or I could take Lynne up on her offer and get the real thing along with some extra spending cash and engage in something that was almost certainly illegal. Actually I don’t really need the money. I have a great paying job and a huge inheritance from my grandparents but the thought of actually doing it with a woman and getting paid for it intrigued me, The fact that I had not kissed another woman or licked a pussy in weeks tipped the scales for me and I told her I would do it.

“I’m not exactly dressed for the Cornhusker,” I said. Considering I was in a pair of tight faded and torn jeans, and a tight back tank top with no bra.

“Don’t worry. Let me call her cell and tell her to meet us at the McDonalds down the block,” she replied. Which is precisely what she did.

She told me to get in my car. Park in the public garage attached to the hotel and meet her at McDonalds. Well fifteen minutes later I found myself sitting at a table with Lynne in the fast food joint sipping on a Sprite waiting for someone named April to show up. The place was busy so no one paid any attention to us; just two friends out for the evening.

A rather tall and very well dressed woman entered looked over at Lynne and then went to the counter to get something to drink. She looked to be in her mid to late 40s just my height, and probably wears the same sizes that I do. She had good legs, a tight and firm ass, a small waist, and broad shoulders. The light grey suit she was wearing was expensive, probably by Ralph Lauren, and her large breasts strained at the white silk blouse she was wearing. She had thick, wavy, shoulder length dark red hair, and when she turned to walk over to out table I notice that she had an attractive face that was probably quite beautiful in her day, but was now a little wrinkled. Her eyes were light grey, hazel I guess, and her lips were lusciously red but she was wearing a frown.

She sat down next to Lynne and across from me and asked, “Where is Lori?”

“Lori is home sick,” Lynne explained. “I am sure you will like Julia.”

She looked me up and down, making me feel like a piece of meat which sparked my submissive side. “Is she any good?” she asked. “Because I won’t pay if she is not.”

“Julia has a thing for mature women and she is quite good, and submissive” Lynne responded.

“She is a older than usual,” the woman observed. “Very different from what I am use to, but she could be interesting. Does she follow orders?”

“She will do anything you ask of her,” Lynne responded.

“Does she like toys?” the woman asked.

I was getting annoyed being the one talked about so I chimed in, “I love toys.”

“On the giving or receiving end?” the woman shot back at me.

“Either,” I smiled back.

“What about pain?” she asked. “Can you handle a little pain?”

“Yes,” I replied with a quivering voice. “If it is not too severe.”

She leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “Can you handle my hand in your cunt or your ass?”

I looked down at her hands. They were not too large. “Sure, if you take your rings off.” She was wearing a wedding band and an engagement right with a good sized rock kaçak iddaa on it.

She just smiled back at me.

“Okay. I’m on the 11th floor, Suite B. Wait here for 15 minutes and then join me,” she ordered and then left.

Lynne turned to me and said, “Look. Do what she wants. She is one of my best clients. Lori likes her a lot and she says that April really gets her off real good.”

I gave her a quizzeled look and asked, “How can you pimp out your partner?”

“Lori is not the only girl I have working for me and the money is good, and Lori has certain submissive desires that I just can’t seem to satisfy but April does. Now go give April a good time.”

I walked slowly down the street toward the hotel feeling a little nervous, no a lot nervous. The woman was attractive enough, and god knows I was horny enough, but she also seemed somehow dangerous. In a way I liked that but it did scare me. As I approached the hotel I realized that I needed to look confident. So I raised my head, straightened up, and squared my shoulders.

I walked purposefully through the lobby just like I belonged there, took the elevator to the 11th floor and knocked on the door to Suite B. April opened it and invited me in. She had removed her suit jacket and her rings. Then she offered me a glass of wine which I accepted.

Despite it’s stupid name, the Cornhusker is the premier hotel in town and the large suite was opulently decorated in Victorian style antique reproduction furnishings. The living room was dimly lit by hidden lights in the ceiling, one of which cast a nice soft glow on the sofa that faced the big picture window overlooking the lights of the city.

April invited me to sit next to her on the sofa which I did and she moved close so that our bodies were touching. As she sipped her wine, her hand reached out and stroked my hair and she told me how beautiful it was.

She leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips. Then her tongue forced my lips apart and it slid into my mouth. Well forced it probably not the right word because I was more than willing to let her tongue inside where our tongues played erotically together. I was beginning to really like this. Not only was she a good kisser but she smelled good too.

She was sitting to my left and had her arm around me. Her hand dropped from my hair only to land on my right breast. She began rubbing it gently causing to nipple to harden. She noticed this and rubbed it between her fingers. She stopped kissing me for a minute and said, “Oh so round and so firm, and a wonderful size. Ah the beauties of youth. I usually go for much younger girls but you are still young enough to be my daughter. I would like you to call me Mommy. Would you do that for me Dear?”

“Yes Mommy,” I quickly replied finding the idea to be strangely erotic.

“That’s good little one,” she responded.

Then she took my hand and placed it inside of her blouse and left bra cup. I gently rubbed her full, firm breast as she returned to kissing me. I was pretty sure this woman had a tuck job done and probably a little silicone added because her breast was too firm and too round for someone her age. I really didn’t care. Her nipple got hard and she moaned softly as my thumb stroked it. She returned to kissing me for several minutes while our hands rubbed each others breasts.

“Has my little baby been with many women?” she asked.

“Yes Mommy I have,” I answered in a fake little girl voice which seemed to work because she smiled warmly at me.

“How long have you been working for Lynne?” she asked.

“I don’t really work for Lynne, Mommy. This is actually my first time.”

“Oh how delightful. My little girl is a virgin prostitute. Does that disgust you or excite you?”

“A little of both, Mommy,” I squeaked.

“Good. Would you stand up for me?” she asked.

“Sure Mommy. What do you want me to do to?” I asked coyly.

“Do I have to Mommy? I’m too old now to be naked in front of you,” I pleaded, playing along with the game.

“Yes Dear if you want to get paid and if you want to avoid being punished severely,” she responded harshly with a keen interest in the new dynamic of the role play that was developing between us.

I paused and removed my hand from inside of her bra and stood in front of her.

“I want you to take your clothes off,” she ordered.

“Yes Mommy,” I replied in a soft girlish voice with my eyes focused on the floor as if I was in shame, which in fact I was.

I felt rather strange. It was an unusual situation. There was nothing romantic about it. I was going to get paid to do whatever this woman told me to do. When I realized that my heart started pounding and my pussy began to leak. I had found the ultimate submission. I was selling myself to a stranger and someone else would be getting a piece of the action. How humiliating; how utterly and delightfully humiliating for me and it turned me on intensely. So I pulled my tank over the top of my head and dropped kaçak bahis it onto a side chair.

“Stop,” she ordered. “I want you to cup your lovely breasts in each of your hands.”

I did as I was told and she smiled at me. “Can you lift your breasts and lick your nipples?”

“I can try Mom,” I replied.

“Well then try!” she ordered in a demanding but pleasant voice.

I am not that big breasted so it was a bit of a stretch but I managed to flick my tongue across each of my nipples a few times.

“How does that make you feel?” she asked.

“Well my panties are wet,” I replied.

“Good. Let’s see just how wet they are. Take your jeans off but leave your panties on.”

I kicked off my sandals, undid the front of my jeans, pushed them down to my ankles, and stepped out of them.

“Stand still!” she ordered. She stood and walked into the bedroom and came back out quickly carrying a vibrator in one hand and a short black leather riding crop in the other.

She told me to spread my legs. She ran the riding crop down my back from the nape of my neck to my ass where she gave me a playful little slap with it.

“Now I am not going to really hurt you with this,” she whispered in my ear standing behind me. “Unless of course you do not do exactly what I tell you to do.”

“Yes Mommy,” I replied in a trembling voice as my submissive side began to take hold of me secretly wanting her to whip me just a little bit.

She walked around in front of me and looked down at my pale blue nylon bikini panties, the front of which had turned a darker shade of blue because of my flowing juices. Her hand reached out to touch the front of my wet panties and the tip of her finger slid along the fabric that was covering my swollen labia. She removed her finger and placed it between her lips.

“Wonderful. You taste wonderful,” she said. “Now remove your panties and hand them to me.”

I did and she raised them to her mouth and sucked my juices from them. Then she stuffed them in my mouth and with the tip of the crop she pushed me back to the dining table at the far end of the room and told me to lay down on it, bend my knees and spread by legs.

I followed her commands and I found her studying my vagina.

“How beautiful,” she said. “Nice full labia and your clit is already swollen and peaking out from under its little hood. And I love the fact that you are completely naked no hair at all, just like a little girl.”

She placed the tip of the black vibrator between my labia and pushed it inside of me, causing me to groan. It was about 10 inches long and two inches in diameter. Only about two thirds of it filled me. She twisted the bottom of it, turning it on to a moderate speed.

“Now I want to watch you fuck yourself with that little toy until it makes you cum,” she proclaimed.

“This was fucking weird,” I thought to myself. “I could be doing this at home by myself.”

But I did what I was told. I took hold of the bottom of the vibrator and began pushing it in and out of my cunt while she stood there and watched. As I started to feel a modest orgasm arising she moved to the side of the table and began pinching my nipples with the thumb and fore finger of each hand. That intensified my desire and forced the orgasm to build more quickly until all of a sudden my toes curled under, my body went rigid, and I screamed as I went over the top. The scream was not very audible because my panties were still stuffed in my mouth.

When I recovered she took the vibrator out of me and licked it. Then she told me to follow her back to the sofa where she sat down and crossed her legs.

“I have been on my feet all day,” she said. “I want my darling little daughter to kneel and massage my toes and feet.”

The submissive in me was liking this a whole lot so I immediately went to my knees and slipped off one of her pumps. Looking up her skirt I realized that she was wearing nude stockings and a white garter belt. The toes of her nude hose were reinforced and I began to gently massage them noticing that her toe nails were painted a lovely shade of bright red and that her toes and feet were perfectly formed, something that really turns me on.

“Mommy, you have beautiful feet,” I proclaimed.

She sighed softly as I gently rubbed her toes and ran a finger down her instep. Then she told me to put her toes in my mouth and suck on them which I eagerly did enthralled by the musky smell and taste of the sweat that had built up in her reinforced toe of her stocking.

She uncrossed her legs and gave me her other foot. I removed the pump, massaged her toes and instep, and then began sucking on her toes while the toes of her other foot rubbed my right nipple. My hand slid up along the inside of her thigh, searching for her sex but her hand stopped me.

“Be patient my Dear,” she said softly but sternly. You will get a chance to service my pussy in a little while.”

Her foot moved down between my legs and I jumped when her toes slid between my labia.

This was one woman who really knows how she wants to be made love to, no worshiped is more like it, and I was absolutely in my element being the little subbie that I am.

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