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I am an 18-year-old student who went to her house with my Thai mum. Kan is an extremely busty Thai girl in her 30’s.


God how I love going over to Kan’s house (my mum’s best friend). I don’t know what I love more, seeing her gorgeous 36D tits in her usually revealing clothes, or her nice thick, luscious Thai chubby ass. She’s a nice naughty Thai whore when I went over to her house. From walking in on me taking a piss by ‘accident’ to leaving her dirty laundry out in the open, which then enabled me to take a whiff and wank a river of cum into her bras.


We had arrived at her quite of a big house and she was wearing a nice see-through blue dress and I could see her brilliant tan bra through it, and it even had ‘shiny stains’ on both of the bra cups which had looked like it had seeped through the inside of her bra cup, and I clearly remember the amazingly large amount I cum I surprisingly produced on the inside of her bra cups, which I’m pretty sure could fill up and entire water bottle. She greeted us and gave us a long full chest hug (Thai tradition) and I could feel her breasts slide up and squish on my chest, which gave me a sudden ‘jolt’ down under, which then pressed upon her thigh, which I found incredibly hot, and she didn’t even let go until a few seconds later when she gave me ‘that’ smile. She then let us in and started preparing some food for us and her husband, which was the cue for me to excuse myself and go poking around in her laundry (one time, I even brought an opaque water bottle filled with my cum and poured it on one her sexy red bras), when my mum suddenly got a notification that our house has just lost power.

“I’ve got to go back to the house to make sure everything is all right. Do you wanna stay the night here?” said my mum.

“Yeah, sure, I would love to,” as I eyed Kan’s beautiful chest. (I was even imagining what she would look like without her bra and panties, with her legs spread open for me on her bed.)


So my mum had to leave and I was left alone with just Kan and her husband, which I’m pretty sure looks like doesn’t even last long or is enjoyable. We then had a lovely dinner when her husband got called into the office, which then left us two by ourselves. 🙂 I then asked her if there was anything we could do for entertainment, and she suggested that we could play some COD on her husbands PlayStation, so she went to go get it in the bottom cabinet and as she bent over, I could see her beautiful black lace panties and I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri could see some of her pubic hair poke out the side a bit, which did get me quite excited.

We then killed a few hours playing some 1v1s on COD and after her getting a bit annoyed and slapping my lap gently after killing her almost every time, we both went to take a shower and she took a shower first and then I snuck into her bedroom (the only bathroom in the house was adjoining to the master bedroom) and brought a fresh bottle of my cum. I poured almost all of it into her already cum-smelling wet bra. It looked so hot when I poured some of my previously made cum all in and over her bra cups and some on her bed where her ass is normally when she sleeps. I then heard her get out of the shower so I whipped out my phone and opened the bathroom door ever so slightly, but I was a little too late and she was already wearing her towel so I put her bra back where it was originally, with the river of all my cum just floating around in her bra. Even though it was completely soaked already, so when she wears it, fresh cum will come out and squeeze onto those 36Ds and soak her breasts, like a sponge. I quickly then got out of her room and started walking back towards it and asking her if she’s finished showering, (like I haven’t been in her room). She called out from her bedroom, “You can go take a shower now if you want,” She then opened her bedroom door, still covered with her towel, still covered with water on her chest that I could see, which got me a bit excited. I went into the bathroom, and undressed, my dick half hard from the events that had happened tonight.

I started the shower but to my surprise it so hot that I yelled ‘Shit, that is so fucking hot!’. Kan then ran quickly, bursting into the bathroom, loosely grabbing her towel, but it slipped right out of her hand, where I then see her hot, wet, thick Thai body for the first time, for only half a second. I could see her big tits paired with her big black areolas and her pussy with her pubic hair shaved in a nice wide ‘landing strip’. The experience was so short and I was just standing there as Kan adjusted the shower to make it cold. She quickly grabbed her towel and asked me if I was ok, to which I replied “Yes.”

I just ended up quickly running some water down my body and getting out of the shower where I then just put my head against the door so I could hear better on the other side, and sure enough, she was putting her bra on, and I could hear güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the loudest ‘SHCLEP’ as she put her bra on and I could just imagine all of my cum just going all over those big tits. I then started imagining what she would look like with all of the cum squeezing out onto those tits. I came quite quickly into my water bottle (I always cum lots and lots at a time). I then quickly got dressed and poured some massage oil into my pants.

After I went out of the bathroom fully dressed, I saw an amazing view of Kan in her blue see-through dress which I loved. I even saw her completely wet bra and some cum still squeezing and oozing onto her chest and tits, which made me horny again. I tried to act like anything was normal, and we both went into the lounge room to watch some TV, and she saw my ‘water’ bottle and asked if she could take a sip, since it was a bit hot and stuffy at night. I said, “Sure thing, there’s just some special energy drink in it though.”

She then took a sip of some of my ‘energy drink’ and she said, “Mmmm, it tastes delicious,” as she was just guzzling it down like a slut. Some of my cum even spilled out of her mouth, down her chin, and onto her already wet chest. She then asked me to get her some paper towels, so I quickly grabbed them from the kitchen and was about to wipe her free from my cum, but she was already eating it with her fingers from her chest which pretty much confirmed that she is a slut.

I then said, “Maybe you need to get changed,” since she had cum everywhere on her body.

“Good idea, but I will need some help getting changed because my bra sometimes hurts me because it’s too tight,” So then I started getting an idea on all of the things that might happen, which got me even more excited.

Kan took me into her bedroom and being up let me see some cum still oozing out onto her chest, which I’m starting to think that she liked. She then took her thin dress off and I could see her tan bra which was now very moist and wet with some white spots on it. Her chest was completely wet just like she had been bukkaked. Kan told me not to wipe her chest, but just to take her bra off for her. She told me to take it off by pressing against the bra cups and pulling the straps off to take it off, and as I was pressing her bra cup, liters of cum then squeezed onto her tits and chest even more as I took it off. Her tits looked even better covered in my white milky, slimy cum. Kan then pointed to my bulge, and a bit of cum on it güvenilir bahis şirketleri that must’ve fallen on me, which made her feel embarrassed and she offered to change my clothes because of her ‘mistake’ from spilling a bit of cum on my pants. I didn’t decline her offer and she then tugged my pants down, only to quickly meet my bulge up close right near her still cum-covered face. She was quite surprised at what she saw and she asked me if there was anything she could do to ‘repay me for her accident’ while squeezing those big D cup tits with the cum on them. This was when I knew my relationship with my mother’s friend might have improved a bit.

I pulled my wet, oil-covered dick out, and it hit her on her wet tits, and she started stroking it softly in a way I have never felt my girlfriend rub me before. She then asked me if I liked it like that, and I replied that I loved it lots. She then put it right into her mouth and started sucking and shoving in her throat amazingly. I then asked her if I could shove my dick into her tits, and she gave me ‘that’ smile again as she started squeezing her tits together for me to enter between them and I shoved it right in her super soft, wet tits as I was rubbing her rock-hard nipples. She then started moving up and down as my dick was rubbing inside her tits. She did it with such speed that I almost came until she stopped and slid off her wet grey panties, and told me to put it in. I was once again greeted with her landing strip on her pussy and I rubbed my cum-covered, oily dick on her clit and eventually, it slid right in and I could feel her soft, wet walls inside of her. I shoved it in and out so fast that I didn’t even realize that my dick started shooting strong streams of cum right into her pussy, so I then pulled out quickly as my cum was leaking out of her and I covered my dick and put my dick onto her tits as my dick kept shooting out my milky and slimy cum onto her tits as we both started breathing heavily from that amazing quick 10 minutes that we had shared.

An hour later, my mum came back to pick me up after our house had gotten power back and after I was all cleaned and still excited a bit from before, which had left a nice little memory in the back of my mind, as well as some thoughts about her amazing skill at making men happy. Weeks later though, she had invited to her house again, where I was greeted with 3 other guys, who seemed quite eager for some fun. And let’s just say when I left the house to go home, she was covered in a bathtub that was quite full of white, milky cum, which left Kan moaning and groaning.

Extra spoiler**

My family and Kan will be going to a small tourist town in Italy, with a bit of corruption and horny individuals, and let’s just say that I have contacted some people there to make our trip even more ‘interesting’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32