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04 – The special skills

So far the triumph was hers. By now she had built a self confidence she never thought would be possible considering how she felt when she entered the beloved Alden & Vasquez Fitness centre this very morning.

Anne had had – and passed – her first and most important test; – to Jean and herself. This wonderful morning she had been able to clarify tree of the most important things of her life. First of all she had stated once and for all that the real life experience of pleasure- giving in fact was just as exciting as her fantasies had spelled out to her, surely even much more. It had been a mind- blowing, soul- shattering experience topping anything she felt she had ever been involved in up until now. The second was that she had left absolutely no doubt about her talents. Mary was still lying like a ragged doll on the couch beside Jean, only slowly recovering from the ministrations she had been through, and even Ms. Vasquez was growing slightly tense in her initially soft and gracious movements after about ten minutes of merciless tongue treatment from her devoted student. Finally she felt that Jean was more than impressed by her performance. And that was the most important thing – at the end of the day – knowing that that was the way to get to the heart of the woman she loved most of all.

Jean had given her some tissues to clean up a bit after her performance with Mary. That in fact was about all the time she was given to prepare for her next lesson. But that was all she needed too. Pamela Vasquez looked good enough to eat, and her totally shaved pussy was glistening wet and ready as Anne moved forward in between the soft, tanned legs. The lady had an elegancy about her that was underlining her overwhelming femininity, making her appear like a cool, self- confident beauty, a woman well used to being served and pleasured. Her entire body was glowing from fitness and excellent care, muscles spilling discretely in her belly and tights as she moved to welcome her student to her task.

Her pussy was like warm butter, opening up like a rose as she started to work her tongue up and down the full length of the slit, licking the inner lips out to each side. Pam closed her eyes for a moment to enjoy the talented caresses, then raised her torso a little and got up on her elbows to meet Anne’s eyes. Anne almost felt a sudden need to smile as she looked into Pam’s face, observing the slightly tensed look of determination to stand the intensity of the lecture without giving in to the pleasure or showing any signs of ‘weakness’ in front of Jean. Anne immediately decided to try to break her resistance as soon as possible. But then again, lecture first… then fun.

Pam and Jean then had another short instruction on how to work her tongue in order to maximise the intensity of pleasure in her case, emphasizing on the differences on a fully shaved pussy compared to those trimmed or not shaved at all.

Ann complied and followed the instructions almost greedily as fingers came down and opened up and laid bare all the delicate folds in front of her. When her tongue swept across the tip of the clit in several quite powerful flicks, she was surprised that she couldn’t notice a single trace of reaction in Pam’s body. She had both her hands wrapped around the woman’s upper thighs, and could not feel even the slightest reaction to her attack. This made Anne even more determined to break that woman’s defences before she even would know what hit her. Did she really think she could fight her? To resist her? Defeat her, just like that? Make her give up?

No way! She wasn’t going to stop until they had to carry her over to the bathroom! And that would be the most enjoyable duel she had fought up until now.

The instructing voice of Jean had faded away somehow, and the two ladies were busy following Anne’s performance as her mouth worked its way deeper and deeper into Pam’s pussy. Obviously the two women had a secret language of their own to find out if she was doing well or not. Only occasionally a few words asked her to switch to a different technique, or adjust the way she was working her tongue at the moment. But mostly there were no voices to mix with the wet sound of licks and occasional moans.

Another ten minutes went by. Pam’s body now started to tense noticeably, revealing the effect of the skilled work, no matter how much she tried to conceal it. Mary had worked herself up on shaking feet, and staggered in the direction of the wardrobe, the towel hanging over her shoulder. Her buttocks quivered deliciously with each step, adding to Anne’s feverish excitement. Although she knew that the last thing on that woman’s mind right now was sex, she was already looking forward for the next time she would have the chance to dive in between those wonderful thighs. But not now. As the door was shut behind her, Anne again returned to the task of breaking this woman’s defences. She was quite annoyed that nothing so far seemed to work very much. Obviously, since Jean had not allowed her to go at Pam’s clit for a few minutes, that could be some of the reason, but still she casino siteleri felt she should be doing better. Consequently she decided to try a way of her own. Jean after all never actually had discouraged that. She tried to stiffen her tongue as much as possible, then drove it as far as she could into the silky pussy channel in several quick thrusts. She then immediately returned to the clit and flicked it powerfully from side to side. Then into the depths again. It took her just a few repeats of this technique to discover that by relaxing her muscles a certain way at what she thought was full penetration, she was able to go still quite a bit further in, like some kind of a second push! She used the next minute to perfect this technique, then started another massive attack on Pam’s defences.

Ant that definitely worked! Pam soon started shaking and gasping, and her hips began meeting her deep tongue trusts until finally her butt lifted completely off of the couch. Jean at first looked totally surprised; then her face brightened up as she eagerly bent forward to find out what actually went on. There was no idea to try asking Pam at this point.

Sweat broke out all over her friend’s body. With one hand she grasped Jean’s hand, while the other went down to press Anne’s head against her. Then she realised what she was doing, and let go of her head again as she tried to resume her effort of withstanding the effect of the massive attack. When Anne’s hand a moment later came up to start to titillate her left nipple with her fingers, Pam grabbed her wrist in an attempt to break the intensity of the feelings it generated, holding her hand away with a tensed grip until she felt the hand slide down again to get hold of her waist.

But there was no way any mortal woman could withstand the intensity of lust that glowed all throughout Pam’s body from the effect of Anne’s new technique. With a strained groan she felt her defences fall as the passion tightened her belly to a glowing knot against the hard working mouth. Jean could hardly believe her eyes when she saw how Pam’s body suddenly stiffened. Her partner squeezed her head back and an intense moment of complete silence followed as Pam’s body started shaking and bending up from the sofa as Anne continued a relentless flicking with her tongue on the pulsing clit. Then she yelled out as the convulsions hit her. She bucked up and down on the couch, completely out of control, as Anne held her hips in a tight grip, gluing her mouth to the woman’s sex, relentlessly continuing and even strengthening her stimulation to show them who was the stronger one in this struggle.

Jean was totally amazed, and the scene unfolding in front of her made her so hot that she found it hard to sit still as Pam’s yells rang in her ears. She saw the concentration in Anne’s eyes as she pressed her face as hard as she could into the spasming pussy, focusing on keeping her tongue in its right flicking position as the body in front of her threw itself totally unpredictably back and forth.

No doubt about it; this girl was not just special, she was a talent beyond anything she ever thought possible, with a technique apparently developed by her own fantasies rather than Jean’s patient instructions. Here and now, on her first day of training, she had already exceeded any reasonable expectations, and now was in the process of devastating even her most experienced instructor in record time. That Mary would yield quite soon was not that surprising. But Pam! That was an entirely different thing.

Now this opened totally new possibilities. First of all for new improvements of her training program, but also – and maybe most important – for improved customer relations and extension of her business. Anne could be the door opener to new circles of potential clients that she knew were within reach if she could just build the right qualities – and the right relations. But she would have to come up with something special. Those women already had their established services, and would not be impressed by just another submissive service girl. And Anne definitely could be that special something. She just had to make sure that she would have conditions good enough to stay with her stable, – at least as long as it took to get in to the big shots. That would be the most important thing for the next weeks – and months.

Pam’s orgasm eventually subsided, and she started to come slowly down again. Anne eased down her slow tongue thrusts, until she carefully pushed it in as far as it would go. In this position she stopped, gently letting go of the grip around the woman’s waist as her pelvic region started to relax and sink back down heavily onto the couch. At this point Ann knew very well how important it was to avoid any over-stimulation, just to be with her lady all the way down, faithfully staying with her to make her feel warm, relaxed and filled, just like Jean had told her. Any careless movement with lips or tongue could trigger worries that she would by accident move too close to the oversensitive clit, disturbing the warm feeling of afterglow, and causing discomfort.

She canlı casino managed this as expertly as everything else, and Pam sank all the way back to lay almost like dead on the couch, her breasts rising and falling with her hard breathing, her hand gently resting on Anne’s head, playing with her dark curls. Anne let her hands caress Pam’s skin lovingly, sliding all so gently over her hips, thighs and belly, all the way up to her breasts – avoiding the nipples – and back down again.

Now Jean suddenly discovered that she hadn’t been breathing for a long time, and let the air out of her lungs with a long, trembling hiss. She still found it hard to believe what she had just seen. She decided to wait another minute before interrupting the loving embrace. She knew just too well how terrible it was to have the moment of afterglow cut short.

When she finally asked Anne to sit up for a review of the lecture, it was almost a painful moment for both of the two lovers. Anne reluctantly had to loosen her lips from the wonderful, warm folds and gently pull her tongue the long slide out of the silky, wet embrace it was resting in, while Pam felt a chilling emptiness as the wonderful tool of pleasure left her.

Pam was given her towel and Anne some more napkins to clean up. They smiled warmly at each other as they worked themselves back up, Pam jokingly making a gesture to indicate that she admitted defeat. She covered her body with her robe, crossed her shaking legs around the fresh towel and reached for the coffee can at the table. It was clear to Anne that even though she had failed utterly in her attempt to survive Anne’s attack, and probably could have felt she had made a fool of herself in front of Jean, she now didn’t appear to be shameful or humiliated at all. A little shy maybe, compared to the relaxed confidence she had shown until now. Anne realised before Jean managed to say so, that this was first of all because it was so clear to everybody that she was someone special. Someone really special! A champ by whom it was no shame to be defeated!

When she finally managed to pour herself and Anne new coffee from the can, she had to laugh herself about the way her hands were shaking when she drank.

“Now there’s another wreck,” she continued, smiling over at Mary, who came out of the wardrobe again all fixed up and dressed to leave. Smiling a little sheepishly, she let herself fall down into the opposite chair for a final cup of coffee before she left for home. Still visibly exhausted she leaned back with her cup, and with a broad smile told them that she really hoped that her husband didn’t want anything from her this evening. “Last week I was so sore I nearly screamed when he screwed me” she laughed, nearly spilling some of the coffee on her knee.

“Well, that’s your problem, my dear”, Jean replied, sharing her laugh. Then she straightened herself slightly and got serious again;

“Now, dear Anne” she started, looking down at her student who still was on her haunches on the floor in front of Pam, looking trustfully from one to the next; “As I told you, we think you have exceeded any reasonable expectations, and what we have seen today really have made me think about exactly how to proceed from here.” It seems that we actually should learn from you rather than what we’ve been planning so far.” The other two ladies nodded in unison, Pam now in full control of her breathing.

“The technique you’re using is something I’ve never seen, and I don’t even know if it’s possible to train others to the same level, or if it’s some kind of anatomic thing that gives you special advantages.” Jean paused and looked directly at Anne; “Would you like to share it with us?”

Anne suddenly felt the eyes glowing at her, and again the familiar mixture of nervousness and doubt crept through her body. “Sure I can” she hurried to reply”. “Why not?” She had already started to look at this as something she could use to increase the enjoyment of her favourite lovemaking for her partner as well as herself, but suddenly realised that this actually also was something that had a value as a new way of improving customers relations for Jean’s business. Had she just done something stupid? Should she maybe keep her secret? Maybe try to press some additional benefits from the partnership with Jean?

But then again; for what? She certainly didn’t have the determination and not even the interest to try to push this situation. Even if she maybe gave away an important thing now, she had a strong feeling that this in fact was more of a physical thing for her, and something that probably couldn’t be learned as an improved technique by others. And in that case, it really didn’t matter if she told them or not, did it?

“Excellent” Jean exclaimed happily, bending over to grab the bottle of champagne still standing in the cooler at the table. “No more coffee, girls! Time to celebrate a new and very promising partner for our business!”

The cork popped, glasses were filled, and the women chatted lightly for a while, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere, the scent of flowers and leather, kaçak casino the classical music and the feeling of sexual satisfaction. Even though Anne and Jean hadn’t had any release of their tensions, they felt relived somehow anyway. To Anne it was a part of the whole joyous concept of providing such intense pleasure to these wonderful ladies, while as Jean knew to herself that she had something coming for her after the session.

Sitting there on the floor with her glass and looking up at the tree impressive ladies chatting, Ann had a feeling of happiness she didn’t think was possible. This was more than she had been able to imagine in her wildest dreams. Here she was, sitting right between them, and she had just been pleasing two of them with her tongue, making them yell out in sheer ecstasy and letting her know and feel beyond any doubt how they had enjoyed it. She was so hot herself she thought she could burst, intensely enjoying the sweet tickling this feeling filing of significance generated in her entire body. She only wished that Jean would spread her legs and finally invite her into her embrace as well, so she could loose her selves in the sweetness of her fantastic body too, the one body and soul that was the ultimate goal of her life!

But she managed to control her feelings and listen carefully. And when Jean finally put her empty glass down, she knew that she had made up her mind about how to move on.

“Okay ladies, Mary and Anne have to be off in a few minutes, so I thought it’s time to plan for the next few days. My wish would be that we’d have a new, full training session at Wednesday evening. Then we will focus on the next step in the ordinary program.” She turned to Anne again; “Then we will show actually how well a woman’s butt is designed to fit on a girls face, and how much pleasure can be given by the right techniques in that position. It sounds quite weird, but you’ll be surprised to see really how natural this actually will come.”

The meaning of this hardly had time to sink in with Anne before Jean continued; “And I was wondering if you would be a dear and come up here still tomorrow afternoon. I would like you to show me all details about your special technique, and try to find out if it can be taught to the other girls at all. If that would be suitable for you, of course!”

The words made the thoughts race through Anne’s head, but she knew she would do anything for that woman, and immediately agreed, even though she hadn’t planned for another trip all the way up to the institute that soon. Butt designed for a girls face?!? Did that really mean what she thought it did? Was she actually saying that they were going to sit on her face? Her heart almost stopped before it started racing again. Her hand shaking so she almost spilled some of the champagne. How would that be? Wouldn’t she be totally smothered? She took a few deep breaths and looked up to ask. Meeting Jean’s eyes though, she decided to leave it. The thought had actually lit a new and even more intense fire inside her, and she was confident that anything they were doing would be done for pleasure and learning, and not to harm her in any way. Still she knew she was going to wonder a lot about how they actually planned to do those lectures! And for tomorrow’s meeting she wondered just exactly how she was supposed to show somebody the details of her tongue technique. How about working on a piece of wet clay, she thought to herself, smiling shyly at the ridiculous view that would make.

The ladies rose and everybody hugged each other goodbye. Pam collected the things from the table and went for the kitchen. Jean threw them a kiss, grinned and hurried for the door; “I’m expecting Deb over to my office any minute now, and I can feel I’m going to need her help quite bad the next few hours!” –

Anne would have loved to be the one in Deb’s place. Still she knew that that girl was nothing more than a very advanced assistant to her, not a real competitor in her struggle to finally win Jean’s heart. Instead she hurried over to the wardrobe to finally get her shower, still so worked up she hardly was able to find soaps and towels…..

After an extraordinary boring bus ride up to Mayo the next day, Anne again found herself sitting opposite to Jean in her office at the institute. The night had been more or less sleepless. Not so much for this new meeting today, but mainly because of the lectures she was scheduled to endure next Wednesday night. Her fantasies had mostly been focused on the kind of service that she had been doing under Jean’s careful tutelage until now. But the very thought of a voluptuous woman like Mary or Pam – or Jean for that matter – actually letting her entire butt sink down over her face to enjoy oral pleasure, that was almost more than she could even contemplate. This had awoken incredibly strong submissive feelings inside her that she hadn’t even been aware of. It was an outrageous act, no doubt about that, but Jean had made it sound just like another day of training, and had managed to make her think first of all of the erotic aspects of it, and not so much of the ‘normal’ reaction one would be expected to have to such a thing. She realised she was burning hot inside out, and there was no doubt about it; she was looking forward to this lecture more than anything else in her life! Really; more than anything!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32