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To go with Gallery Anne

I was on a business trip a couple of years back, to Denver, we have friends who live in Wyoming, so being hubby was back at home looking after things,I decided to stay with our friends who moved out there years ago.

Anne and Mick had been good friends, and we played around when they lived in the U.K, we never swopped fully, and some fondling was as far as it went, but I know Mick wanted me, and Anne was just starting to explore her bi side, so what better place to rest up Lol.

They met me at Sky Harbour airport Denver, we travelled on to Denver, where I quickly found the place where I had to go dealt with the business problem Then we visited one of many micro brewerys they have in Denver, and sampled some brews. We then made our way kaçak iddaa to their apartment just outside Denver, and I settled in for the night, they fed me with a typical massive US prime steak, and some refreshing California wine ,which I love They know how to eat in the U.S

I must admit I was getting slightly squiffy, and Mick was making his intentions known ,he kept having little touches on my arm, and also putting it round me and plenty of squeezes, Anne kept smiling, not minding in the least, and said to me “ you know he’s always had the hots for you Wendy Lol “ I acted surprised “ really I never noticed “ I laughed, Mick smiled and said “ yes I think your sex on legs you know I fancy you rotten and so does Anne”

We what could a girl do after such praise, l canlı casino siteleri lent over and kissed him, he immediately jumped on me and started to remove my top, with Anne coming over and undressing me too, in a very short space of time we were all naked, and kissing touching and fucking each other lol, he had a nice thick cock ,which slid in me very easily.

Anne was grabbing my boobs, putting them in her mouth, and biting on my nipples ,mmm I love that, Mick fucked me hard ,from behind ,and I ended up sucking his thick cock, till he came, mmmm more wine lol.

Then he said think you girls want to be alone, he was right so we cuddled and kissed, and held each other, caressing her boobs and her head dropping to my pussy, licking my clit, probing casino şirketleri with her tongue, I then played with her pussy, sticking my fingers in her and finger fucking her hard, her juices running, I lapped them up nectar.

Mick produced a camera and took some shots of us playing, he emailed me the ones I have when I got back, by the end of the evening I was shattered, what with the flight and wine, and sex, so I crawled into a bed,and fell asleep.

During the night though Mick joined me, I awoke to feel his hard cock pushing against my arse, so I turned over and opened my legs, he climbed on top and fucked me again,I must admit I was half asleep lol, he came in me again, but I murmured, you can clean that up now, so he dropped to his knees, and cleaned my pussy out of his cum, licking it clean, I meanwhile fell back asleep.
In the morning after breakfast, they ran me back to the airport, and I was off back to the UK, a brief visit, but promised to return for more of the same, which I did Lol

Hugs Wendy xx

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32