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My month of research in Lexington flew by. Paul and I fucked almost everyday while I was there. It had been the most sex I had ever had. I filmed a lot of it and made sure my husband Steve got a text as soon as we were finished. To my huge surprise, he was gobbling up my new video content like it was candy. Each time I would text him a video of Paul ravaging my tiny body, Steve would text us back with positive encouragement. I did not understand why, but I was not complaining one bit.

The day I was scheduled to fly home, Paul said he wanted to send me home with a special message for Steve. Paul had me shave all of my pussy hair off. He then fucked me hard and poured a ton of his warm cum inside me. He kept my hips elevated so that it did not drip out. He reached over to the nightstand and got one of the markers doctors use for marking patients for surgery. Paul began to write something above my pussy. It took him a bit to get it all written. When he finished, I bent my body so I could see it. It said, “Steve, my big Black cock has fucked this pussy raw, I left my cum deep inside for you.” Then there was an arrow from the message down to my pussy. I giggled and told him he was a little shit.

I got dressed, kissed Paul goodbye, and went to the airport. After the two-hour flight to DFW, I drove home to Steve. He was waiting in the driveway as I pulled in. He looked like a little puppy, extremely excited to see me. As soon as I got out of the car, he threw his arms around me and stuck his tongue deep inside my mouth. His hands cupped my ass as he picked me up and held me in a passionate embrace. I asked him why he was so horny. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house. He told me to sit down on the couch, that he would explain.

Steve started by saying, when he got the first video, he was very mad. So mad, that he wanted to come a shoot both of us. However, he could not get the vision of Paul’s cock filling my pussy out of his mind. So, he watched it again, assuming it would reinforce his rage. Instead, Steve told me that he found himself getting hard. He tried to deny it at first, assuming it was an involuntary body response. However, as he watched it again and again, his heart raced, and he felt a wave of overwhelming emotions. He told me that all he wanted to do afterwards was to fuck me as soon as Paul was finished with me. It was as if he wanted to reclaim me.

I sat and listened in awe. Most of my research had been about things people did to their bodies. I had not gotten deeply into cheating and cuckolding. However, it seemed as thought I was going to be part of my güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri own research. I encouraged Steve to tell me more. He said that he actually began to look forward to getting the text. Each time he would watch them repeatedly and jerk off to them. As time passed, he began edging to them many times so that the sexual frustration was too much to handle, then he would cum. Steve said that over the last week, he had been edging continuously and then denying himself an orgasm. He said he would look at the video and think that Paul was superior and that only Paul could cum inside me. My mind was racing. I wanted to record this. I wanted to get every word. The researcher in me was coming out.

I asked Steve when he had cum last. He said that it had been a week and he was about to burst. I grabbed his hand and told him I wanted him to fuck me hard. I too was horny beyond belief and needed his cock inside me. We ran to the bedroom and threw our clothes off. Steve’s cock was standing tall and hard as stone. As I turned towards him, he saw the writing on my body. He got down on he knees and began to read. “Holy FUCK that’s hot!”, flew out of his mouth. A split second later, Steve tongue was attacking my pussy. I fell onto the bed and his mouth followed my body down. His hands had a death grip on my butt cheeks. His face was deep within my loins, working my wet pussy feverishly. Steve has always had amazing oral abilities and as usual was able to set my clit off, resulting in a strong orgasm.

As I came, I grabbed the back of his head and pushed it deep into me. I nearly smothered him to death. The thought of Steve’s tongue inside of my freshly fucked pussy was making me unbelievably horny. Once I came down a bit, I pulled his body onto of mine and told him that I wanted him to fuck me hard. I wanted him to punish me for my cheating on him with Paul. I wanted him to take back what was his. My comments made his whole body get tight. His muscles flexed. I could feel the heat from his hard cock rising from his groin. I looked into his eyes and asked him what he was waiting for. Take me damn it!

My husbands cock slipped into me as if it were a hot knife through butter. His balls slapped my ass as his cock was fully engulfed by my wet hole. As he began to thrust his hips, my pussy made wet suction noises. It was loud. Steve was looking wide eyed, directly at me. I looked up at him and told him that Paul fucked me only a few hours ago and that all my wetness was his warm cum deep inside me. Steve let out a guttural moan, then whispered, “fuck yes.” His hips began güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to thrust wildly as he pushed my body deep into the mattress. I liked how this felt. I whispered to him and asked him if he liked getting sloppy seconds. Did he enjoy knowing another mans cum was all over his cock.

Steve’s body began to shake. A soft moan slipped from his mouth. His arms wrapped themselves totally around my body. His body went stiff and his breathing completely stopped. I could feel his rock-hard cock deep inside me. Deeper than I had ever felt him before. Then his tight balls began to pulse against my ass. Within seconds, I could feel my tummy getting warm as it filled with Steve’s cum. After a few seconds he took a deep breath, let out a roar, then pressed his cock so deep inside me that I felt like I was being split in half. Then he unloaded some more cum inside my womb. I had never seen him orgasm like this before. It was almost like a chain of orgasms.

As he finished, he kissed me passionately, then gave me a hug that nearly crushed me. He told me that he loved me so much and I returned the sentiment. He rolled off me and then spooned me for quite a while. As we did, he asked me to tell him about all of my sexual encounters with Paul. He wanted every dirty detail. I told him about the first night, then the next. After about a half hour of stories, I felt Steve’s cock firming up between my butt cheeks. I coyly asked him if he was ready for round two. He said he was ready for round two, three and four. I let out a sexy ooh, really. I spun around and slipped down between his leg and slid my lips around his rigid cock. Steve rolled over onto his back and I mounted him in a 69 position. His cock was hot on my tongue and tasted of cum and my pussy. I love sucking cock and I decided that my husband needed a really good blow job for letting me be slutty. As I expertly worked his manhood, he grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled my pussy down on his amazing tongue. Once again, he worked my clit into a frenzy. This time, however, I was on top of him, with my pussy facing down. I had no control of what was about to happen. Suddenly, Steve’s cum began to slide from inside me. It started as a trickle but then flowed from me in earnest. Steve gobbled it up without complaint. He even stuck his long tongue deep inside me as if to coax out more. Without warning a second load fell from inside me. It surprised Steve as he had assumed, he had gotten it all already.

I was a bit embarrassed about the mess I was making on Steve’s face. He did not seem to be bothered at all. güvenilir bahis şirketleri He was greedily devouring every drop and seemed incredibly happy. It was then I decided to try my theory about sex being 95% mental. I took my lips off his cock and held it tight in my hand. I turned to him and told him that the second rush of cum was not his, it was Paul’s. It had been deep inside my womb, attacking my cervix. Steve’s cock jumped in my hand. His balls pulled tight against his body. I asked Steve if he liked eating another mans cum from my pussy. His cock jumped again and became rock hard. I lowered my pussy back onto his mount and told him to make sure he got it all, then deep throated his cock. Steve’s body stiffened. His back arched upwards if an effort to go deeper down my throat. I grabbed his tight balls and squeezed gently. They responded in a flutter of pulses. In a split second, Steve’s salty cum was flowing across the back of my tongue and directly down my throat. I could feel each warm slippery ribbon as it shot deep inside me. The feeling of his expert tongue and his cum in my throat set me off on another orgasm.

As I came, I ground my vagina as hard as I could onto his face. His nose, deep in my tight ass. At this very moment, he was my human sex toy. I dug my groin deep into his face. His hands furiously tried to pull me back a bit, so that he could get some air. I was having none of it. I was cumming and I was going to ride it till the end. The lack of oxygen and my forcefulness seemed to make his cock continue to produce sperm. My goodness, his cum tasted good. I loved having Steve’s cum inside me. As I began to come down, I grabbed his balls tighter. I pulled my lips back, then danced my tongue across the shaft, right below the head. He squirmed mightily. His cock had become overly sensitive. I held his body down and tortured him a bit. He laughed and begged me to stop. I delayed his release unto he was almost in tears. I wanted him to appreciate my talents. He did. He pulled me back up, so I was next to him. We kissed deeply. The taste of cum and my pussy was strong on both our breaths. It was so very erotic.

We laid together in each other’s arm. I looked at him and reminded him that I was only home for a few days. I had another hospital to go to. It would be the second of five. He asked me where I was going next. I told him that it was Houston. He was happy to hear that as Houston was only a three-hour drive from our home in Dallas. He asked me if I was going to cheat on him again. I was surprised by the question. I shyly asked him if he wanted me too. He smiled broadly and told me that he thought it would be hot if I did. I asked him if he was sure and he replied that he definitely wanted me to be bad, really bad. Three days later, he kissed me good bye, then told me to be his little slut while I was away. He told me to make sure I documented my naughtiness and send it to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32