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Jane woke slowly in the morning. Before opening her eyes she tensed and stretched out the muscles in her legs, feeling the stiffness in her knees and the tension in her glutes. She loved this familiar feeling of post_sex muscle strain; love how it reminded her of her experiences the night before.

She and Emma had moved onto her bed in the night and, as she stretched, she could feel the weight of Emma’s arm across her breasts, her hand gently cupping the lower breast as they lay on their sides. Jane gently moulded her body against Emma’s, enjoying another new sensation in this togetherness. Emma’s arm didn’t provide the same sense of strength of strength and protection as a man’s, but at the same time, the smooth skin of Emma’s breasts and stomach was much softer on her naked back than a man’s hairy chest.

She could feel Emma beginning to stir behind her. She reached her arm up to raise Emma’s hand to her lips; as she kissed the fingertips individually, she felt Emma’s nose and lips against the back of her neck. She thrilled to feel the warmth of Emma’s breath as she whispered good morning. Jane rolled over to face her.

“Good morning,” she replied, smiling as she ran her hand over the swell of Emma’s hips under the duvet.

Seeing Jane’s smile, the look of trepidation vanished from Emma’s face. She began to gently stroke Jane’s naked back; “No regrets about last night then?” “None,” laughed Jane, she leaned forward and kissed Emma gently on the forehead. “But now it’s getting late, so I am off to have a shower.”

With that, she hopped out of bed and padded down the hall to the bathroom. After she turned on the water she watched her naked reflection in the mirror. Observing her hands as they moved over her body she thought about Emma’s hands and lips touching and caressing her in the same places. By the time her reflection was lost in steam, she was a world away. Standing under the hot stream of water, she lathered herself gently, caressing her body and delicately touching herself. She was so bahis firmaları involved in the rhythm of her body that she did not hear the bathroom door open and shut. She gasped in surprise when the shower curtain was pulled back, but she was delighted to see Emma standing there.

“Sorry, I scared you,” Emma seemed suddenly hesitant as if thrown by Jane’s reaction.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jane hurriedly tried to preserve the moment, “would you care to join me?”

Without speaking, Emma stepped into the shower and under the hot stream of water. She threw her head back to let the water wash over her hair and face. Jane stood back and admired the sight of the water running over Emma’s shoulders, down her breasts and back. She was aroused again; she suddenly felt overcome by the desire to reach out for Emma, to hold her again, to hear her scream and feel her hands as she had the night before. Just when Jane reached the point that she could no longer bear it and was about to reach out, Emma looked her in the eyes and stepped towards her. Jane was still covered in suds as Emma put her hands over Jane’s breasts.

“Can I help you wash your back?” she asked with a mischievous smile. Without waiting for a response, Emma ran her hands down to Jane’s hips and turned her around so she was facing the back wall. Jane felt the coolness of fresh shower gel being squeezed onto her back. She felt the warm tingle as Emma began to lather.

“You’re getting all slippy,” said Emma with a giggle.

She lathered the back of Jane’s body from neck to ankles, occasionally reaching a hand around to fondle a breast or pinch a nipple. A couple of times, she even stuck her finger in Jane’s bellybutton. Whenever Jane laughingly tried to turn around, Emma would pivot her back to face the wall and speak firmly. “I’m not done with you yet young lady.”

With that comment Emma slid one hand down Jane’s ass and without warning simultaneously thrust her index and middle fingers into Jane’s anus and vagina. Jane gasped kaçak iddaa at the suddenness of the action. As Emma gently moved her fingers back and forth she slid her other hand around to Jane’s stomach and down to her clitoris. One moment Jane had been giggling as Emma tickled her, now her knees were going weak with the approaching orgasm. When Emma began to nibble on her neck and collar bone Jane lost all ability to concentrate.

She braced herself against the wall with her hands and leaned her head back against Emma’s shoulder. The sensation of being stimulated in three places at once was fabulous, she wondered how Emma was able to provide each part of her with the right pressure and speed at once. As her clit began to vibrate she contracted her pelvic muscles to better feel Emma’s finger inside her.

Knowing how Jane was feeling and that she was ready, Emma slipped her finger out of Jane’s ass so that she could thrust three fingers into her vagina. Rather than thrusting in and out, Jane could feel Emma’s fingers pulsing against the soft flesh inside of her. It felt as if they were drumming out a rhythm inside of her. Without warning Jane came explosively, she felt the juice squirt out of her as she cried out.

Emma slipped her fingers out of Jane’s body and gently moved her friend under the stream of water. As Jane regained herself and looked up she saw Emma, demurely sucking her fingers. “You still taste as good this morning, you know. I’ll let you finish up in here.”

With that Emma stepped out of the shower and was out of the bathroom again before Jane could respond. Her knees were still weak from that finger fuck and she wondered whether she would be able to stand much longer, given the tingling sensation that ran down her legs to her toes. After climaxing so quickly she cooled off again just as quickly and rinsed herself off.

Getting out of the shower, she grabbed a towel and began to dry herself off. As she was drying her hair she became keenly aware of her body’s desire for more. Enjoying kaçak bahis the feeling of her own body she dropped the towel and slid her hands down to the task which Emma had interrupted earlier.

Parting her lips with her left hand she slid the first two fingers of her right hand along the stretch between her clit and vagina. She loved the warm, moist feeling of her own desire. She leaned back against the wall and lost herself in the rhythm of her breathing, moving her fingers forward and back as she inhaled and exhaled. She reduced the length of her strokes as she became more aroused, until she was concentrating solely on her clitoris, feeling it vibrate under her fingers.

Soon it was only one finger rubbing small circular strokes, faster and faster until her finger was cramping and her forearm was taught with the exertion, but she knew to keep going and enjoy the sensations; it would all be worth it when she came.

Her breathing became shallower, to the point where she was holding her breath, concentrating on the feeling that was creeping down her legs. Just when she was on the verge of collapse, she came. Her breath released in a long shudder and she could feel her toes tingling. She sank to the floor, smiling as her breathing returned to normal and the spots disappeared from her vision.

For a few minutes she casually ran her fingers through her bush and bathed them in her cum, debating whether or not to keep going. She decided against giving herself a few more, and, having wrapped herself in the towel, she headed down the hall to her room.

She and Emma each had their own rooms, but often, if they were up late talking, Jane would sleep on the spare bed in Emma’s room, as had happened the previous night. Reaching her own room and seeing the still_made bed jolted Jane back to reality and the potential enormity of what had happened.

Would Emma expect this from now on? Were they meant to be a couple now? Oh God, what would she say to her boyfriend?

Thinking of Peter, a sly smile crossed Jane’s face, she was going to enjoy making love to him that morning, knowing what she would be concealing from him. As she got dressed, she consciously didn’t put on underwear, looking forward to her morning meeting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32