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Special Author’s note:

I want to thank all of the readers who enjoyed the story about April and Destiny sharing April’s special birthday in Sapphic Delights: Birthday Party Favors. Acting on numerous request by readers for more I have decided to write another chapter in this glorious saga. This story will be a response to one certain reader’s request for April and Destiny making it with April’s mom. I want to thank the person for a good story line and I hope it will live up to all the readers’ expectations. Thanks again for your support, and now the next chapter.



It has been almost fourteen months since April and Destiny shared their special night of April’s birthday and since then April and Destiny have become exclusive lovers. They have managed to keep their secret well hidden from the family at least so April thought, but a mom’s intuition is sometimes hard to fool, especially if the mom is close to her daughter and in tune to her moods.

April’s mom whose name is Desiree(pronounced “Dez-er-Ray”) is no stranger to lesbian love herself. In college, she experimented, but for her all it was experimentation. She did have a number of lovers but eventually she outgrew it and settled down when she met April’s father.

Desiree was 23(Two months short of her 24th birthday) when she had April and quite a knock out. She stood about 5’11” with bright auburn red hair that was long and frizzy. She was a little on the bigger side, not fat just large framed, weighed about 145-150 pounds and measured 38DD-28-37 with long well toned legs and a furry red snatch.

To best describe Desiree, picture Peg Bundy from the 1980’s television show Married with Children™. Desiree was the embodiment of the character, from the looks, to personality, and especially the sex drive.

Desiree’s marriage had deteriorated to one of convenience. She still has feelings for April’s father and they still love each other but the sex had been replaced by a ” really good night’s sleep.”

As a result, Desiree feels the longing to rekindle her experimentation days and has resulted in satisfying herself by dildo’s and a secret “Lonely Housewives Club”, a group of neighborhood women whose husbands are workaholics or long term business travelers and the ladies satisfy each other twice a week with special “get togethers” consisting of lingerie and sex toy parties where there is good hot lesbian sex.

Desiree sees the signs of lesbian tendencies in April, the way she and Destiny interact, the way they look at each other when they think no one is looking and the fact that there are two girls, two bedrooms but only one looks like it has been lived in.

Even though Desiree knows about April and Destiny, she decides not to say a word as not to embarrass April but deep down April feels her mom knows but is not certain. Destiny also suspects Desiree knows but neither of them can prove it so they eventually decide not to let it bother them.

Anyhow, like I said earlier, it has been fourteen months since the special night and Desiree has come down to visit like she has done for the past about once every three months

It is a Saturday in mid March when Desiree comes to visit and April is home alone while Destiny is at the library working on a paper. Desiree’s visit is a surprise seeing that it is her 45th birthday and she plans to celebrate it with April and Destiny with a “Girls’ night of Fun.”

Desiree arrives around 10;30 Saturday morning just 20 minutes after Destiny has left for the library and an hour after she and April had finished good hot lesbian sex. She is dressed in a short yellow sundress with blue polka dots. The dress is about as short as a mini skirt and barely covers her firm round ass and the neckline on the dress is a low u-shaped and is low enough so anyone with a set of eyes could get a healthy glimpse of her massive cleavage.

Underneath the dress Desiree is wearing only a sexy dark blue thong with a matching garter and nude colored thigh high stockings(no bra at all). She is also wearing a pair of brown sandals.

As Desiree knocks on the door April is taken by surprise not expecting anyone. She is dressed only in a pair of leopard spot thong panties and is smoking a cigarette watching television.

Throwing on the first thing she could find, a black sleeveless waist length see through lace robe, she hurriedly bundles it up, not buttoning it to securely and goes to answer the door.

“Who canlı bahis şirketleri is it,” April calls out making sure it’ s safe to open the door.

“It’s mom April honey”, Desiree replies.

April is relaxed and lets the robe fall open then peers through the peep hole and is satisfied.

“Mom,” April exclaims as she opens the door, throwing her arms around her mom and gives her a big hug. “Come in,” and with that she invites her mom in.

April then notices the burning cigarette in the ash tray and hurriedly tries to put it out before her mom finds out but she is not successful.

Desiree just smiles and says “Don’t worry hun I won’t tell your dad.”

April blushes and then lights another one and Desiree adds “Well aren’t you going to offer your ole ma one.”

April hands Desiree the pack and says “I never knew you smoked,”

Desiree replies coyly “Well I guess that makes two of us, but we all need our little secrets, don’t we?”

With that nothing more was said about the fact and Desiree and April enjoy a good visit.

Without knowing it April’s robe becomes is opened enough where Desiree can see April’s breasts and slips open. Desiree just smiles and says nothing but in her mind she says “My baby is growing up.”

April is getting warm in robe and not thinking decides to take it off and tosses it in the chair.

Desiree smiles at April and says with a smile “I see you are getting comfortable with your body.”

Just then April blushes when she realizes she is practically naked in front of her mom.

Desiree says “Don’t be ashamed hun. You have a beautiful body and you should be proud of it. Hell I’m proud of mine.”

Just then Desiree did something that took April by surprise; Desiree pulled off her dress exposing her sumptuous breasts and then slid off her panties and had a seat back on the sofa.

April was surprised, not by the fact that her mom was setting naked in front of her but by the fact that this didn’t make her feel awkward like she thought it might have. Strangely enough it seemed natural to her.

Desiree realizing that her bold move might have taken April by shock said in a loving voice ” I’m not making you uncomfortable or anything am I?”

“No, not at all,” April exclaimed. “Quite the contrary, I find it strangely intriguing.”

“My, my, my little girl has grown up,” Desiree said with a smile putting her hand on April’s wrist and softly stroked it. That is when Desiree first notices the bracelet on April’s wrist. She had seen it before but never really paid close attention to it until now.

“May I look at it,” Desiree said as she ran her fingers over it.

April blushed and softly said “Okay.”

Desiree examines the bracelet and said “This is nice hon, where did you get it?”

“Destiny gave it to me the night you and dad took us out on my 21st birthday,” April replied shyly.

“I noticed there is an inscription on the back,” Desiree said looking at it. What does it say, that is if you don’t mind me asking” Desiree asked softly.

April turns the bracelet over and lets her mom read the inscription.

” To my beloved soul mate and bestest friend, Love always Destiny.” Desiree read aloud.

“You and Destiny are very close aren’t you,” Desiree said softly smiling.

April blushed and pulled her arm away and could not look her mom in the eye because she knew that her mom had found out about her and Destiny.

Desiree did not judge but softly said “Don’t be ashamed sweetie. You and Destiny are part of something very beautiful.”

“Tell me, do you love Destiny,” Desiree said softly putting her hand on April’s.

“Yes,” April softly replied.

“And she loves you,” Desiree added.

Again Aprils response was a soft “Yes”

“Then that is all that matters,” Desiree replies. “It doesn’t matter whether you are a man and a woman or two women, just that you love and cherish each other.”

“Oh we do,” April exclaimed finally feeling the freedom to tell her mom all about her and Destiny. She then showed Desiree the necklace and begins to recount the night that she and Destiny made love.

Oddly enough it wasn’t awkward or anything, but instead it was like she was telling the story to her best friend. Desiree found herself getting strangely aroused as she listened and tried to imagine her little girl with another woman.

Desiree’s hands moved over her breast as April went into the details canlı kaçak iddaa of that night. Soon she found her hand down on her snatch as her legs parted and softly began fingering herself.

April had finished her account and Desiree came to her senses and blushed from embarrassment of being caught wanking by her daughter. Oddly enough April was not put out at all by it but was strangely turned on by the fact her mom found her having sex with another woman arousing.

“So my story got ya pretty hot huh,” April smugly said to Desiree.

“Hot does not begin to describe how I felt,” Desiree replied. “I imagined myself there in the room with you then began to fantasize that I was Destiny.”

“Oh,” April said as she perked up. “I never knew you found me attractive.”

“Oh yes baby,” Desiree replied putting her hand softly on April’s face. ” You have grown into such a sensual young woman and I must confess I have wondered what it would be like to share your bed.”

“Tell me, how does it feel when Destiny kisses you and begins to caress you? ” Desiree said breathlessly.

“I’m sorry but I can’t tell you that,” April said softly and then sees the disappointment in Desiree’s eyes. “Just telling you would not do it justice, To really experience it, I will have to show you.”

April moved her head over to Desiree’s and their lips touched for the first time. There was a spark of Chemistry almost like when April and Destiny had first kissed but this was different.

April and Desiree’s kisses were soft and gentle at first, almost touching but not quite and soon they had graduated to deep tongue probing French kisses.

“Mmmmmm yes April,” Desiree moaned as April softly began to suck on her sumptuous breast. “Let mommy nurse her little baby girl.”

April continued to suck on Desiree’s breasts then moved her way down Desiree’s torso until she reached her pubic region. Desiree’s legs instinctively parted, allowing full access to her nicely trimmed pussy.

April dove in with her tongue and began licking her mother out, sucking on her clit and using her tongue like a little cock.

“Oh god yes baby girl,” Desiree moaned. “Make mommy cum in your mouth.”

April licked and sucked on Desiree’s pussy for a good ten to fifteen minutes and inserted two fingers as she finger fucked her. It wouldn’t be long until Desiree would cum. April could taste her sweet nectar as it slowly trickled from her pussy and deep inside, Desiree could feel her orgasm build to its climax.

“Oh yeah baby,” Desiree crooned as she flooded April’s mouth with her sweet cream.

April then pinned her mother down on the couch so that she was lying down and climbed on top of her. April positioned her pussy so that her clit was next to Desiree’s. April then begins to pussy fuck Desiree for a good five to ten minutes until they both cum in unison, their juices mixing together.

After April makes Desiree cream all over the place, April gets out her dildo’s. The first one they use is the sixteen inch double ended flexible dildo. Lubing it up with lotion they both get into the doggie style position on the floor and insert the cock into their pussies.

April and Desiree slowly start to fuck until they build up speed and soon they are going at so hot and heavy that their butts are slapping together. The smell of perfume, cum and sweat fill the air and soon April and Desiree are only in tune with the their actions.

It will not be long until both ladies are ready to explode. Deep inside, Desiree and April could feel their orgasms mounting and without warning they let go like a massive volcano erupting both screaming at the top of their lungs and then fall to their knees on the couch.

“OH god April honey,” Desiree crooned as she kissed April. “That is the best fucking sex I have had in I don’t know how long. Did Destiny teach you those moves?”

“Sure did,” April replied. “These and many more, but now I want you to put on this strap-on dildo and fuck me as I sit in your lap facing you and we closely embrace.”

“I would be honored to baby,” Desiree said putting on the dildo and sitting on the sofa.

April knelt in front of Desiree pretending like she was sucking it. Just when it was good and wet, April put some KY Intense Passion Jelly on the dildo and some on her clit and then slides on the dildo taking it all the way in her waiting pussy.

April begins to ride the dildo long and slow at first then gradually she canlı kaçak bahis builds up speed until she is going at it hot and heavy.

“OH god mommy fuck me, make your little girl cum,” April moaned in passion.

April’s lips meet Desiree’s and soon they are French kissing, their tongues probing each other’s mouths. Their sumptuous breasts are pressed up together melting into each other’s like fine butter on freshly baked pastry.

Like before, Time and space become meaningless and soon they are so into their carnal passions that they don’t pay attention to the back door opening and Destiny walking into the kitchen saying ” Yoo- hoo, anyone home.”

Destiny however does here commotions from the den and goes to investigate.

“Had April started without me,” she wondered to herself then she hears the name Mommy followed by the words “I mean Desiree.”

Destiny’s mouth gapes open as she sees April sitting in her mom’s lap both of them naked and both engaged in hot sex.

It turns Destiny on to see that but she still feels a little “wierded out” at first of the thought of April making it with her mom.

Destiny decides to watch so she strips off her clothes and fingers herself as she watches April and Desiree.

Soon April cums and the passion is subsided.

April then hears “Ah April honey, I don’t think we are alone anymore,” and her attention is directed to the floor where Destiny is spread eagle with the dildo.

Desiree looks at April and then says in a playful naughty voice “I think we should offer her some assistance don’t you?”

“OH Yes, most definitely,” April replied with a grin and with that April lowers her pussy over Destiny’s mouth and gets into the 69 position while Desiree spreads Destiny’s legs and begins to tongue fuck and finger fuck her.

Destiny’s little body writhes in passion as wave after wave of orgasm ripples through her body. Between April and Desiree they have Destiny cumming in a matter of minutes.

Desiree gets a good taste of Destiny’s sweet honey dew nectar and purrs as she said “Mmmmmm she is sweet, much sweeter than I could have imagined. Now I see what you mean.”

April is the next to cum and Destiny drinks it all in, not missing a drop and then gets up and kisses Desiree full on the lips as their tongues probe each other’s mouths.

The three ladies share about another hour of soft sweet lesbian love, fucking each other in every position imaginable then they get dressed and Desiree takes them out for pizza and beer.

After lunch Desiree goes shopping for a new dress she can wear that night, She picks out a black dress that looks more like a nighty then a dress. It has a low cut u shaped neck line that shows off ample amount of cleavage and the skirt barely covers the ass.

Desiree also buys a black long sleeve see through waist length lace sequin jacket, a black leather choker black nail polish black lace thong and black fishnet thigh high stockings with matching garter and 2 in stiletto heels.

The outfit costs about 700 but Desiree says “I’m worth it. After all it’s only Daddy’s money,” then she and April giggle like two school girls.

That evening go to a nice restaurant and then Desiree wants to go to the bars where the college guys hang out so that she can tease them mercilessly and it works.

Every guy in the place makes a run at her but she turns them down sometimes verbally and others by kissing April and Destiny full in the mouth and saying “I’m sorry, I just don’t roll your way.”

The night of partying is wild and soon all three ladies know it is time to go home and this is when April and Destiny give Desiree the birthday present she will remember. It is intense, passionate and romantic and for those of you who have read the first story, well just imagine that passion multiplied times itself.

The next morning Desiree wakes up between April and Destiny and greets them both with a kiss and a quick pussy fuck. They then go out for breakfast and soon it is time for Desiree to leave.

She kisses them good bye and tells them this was the best birthday she ever had.

She smiled at April and with a sultry voice said “If you wanna join my lonely housewives club just let me know I am sure the girls will be more than happy to have you.”

April and Destiny watch Desiree drive off then go in and make hot passionate love for most of the day then hit the books to study. Since Desiree’s visit, April and Destiny are closer. Destiny now goes home with April once every month or so and the three of them rekindle their passions.

Eventually Desiree moves back home with April and the two of them join the housewives club, but that is another story for another time. 🙂

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