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Justin sat nervously on the plush first class seating. He looked out of the carriage window as the rolling English countryside passed by. Although he was now 18 years of age, this was his first experience of train travel. His step-mother, Lady Agatha Smyth sat closely by his side, dressed in a formal, but feminine travel outfit, whilst his step-sister, 20 year old Clarissa, sat opposite, dressed in a lovely knee-length summer frock.

Justin had been instructed to wear his best suit. A bespoke two-piece in finest grey worsted, with short trousers and matching long socks. He felt sure that he should be wearing long trousers at his age, but his mummy would have none of it.

His reverie was interrupted as he felt his mothers soft cool hand rest gently on his naked thigh.

“Doesn’t he look handsome today Clarissa? I’m quite sure that Penelope’s daughter will be captivated!”

“Oh yes mummy, and I’m so looking forward to seeing Sophie again.”

Agatha leaned towards him and planted a big kiss on Justin’s cheek, leaving a rather obvious smear of her blood red lipstick.

Taking a small lace handkerchief from her handbag, she began to dab his cheek.

“Do hold still darling. Sophie mustn’t think you have been kissing other girls, must she?”

Justin blushed under the intense attention from his mother and sister. Looking down, he could see his sister’s shiny brown high heeled sandals, supporting delicate ankles and delightfully curvaceous calves, sheathed in the almost imperceptible sheen of fine skin-tone nylon. He felt an inconvenient stirring in his underpants.

“May I go to the lavatory, mummy?” asked Justin.

“No darling, we only have another five stops and you can go in the station when we arrive.”

“But Mummy…”

Placing her hand on his bare thigh again, lightly stroking: “Show me what a big boy you are, Justin, and control yourself.”

Glancing down at her son’s groin, she could see the tell tale signs of a very naughty erection beneath the fine fabric of his short trousers and gave a knowing smile to her daughter.

Clarissa took this as a cue to cross her legs and smooth her nylon stockings. How she enjoyed teasing her young brother.

Poor Justin. His sexual awakening had begun late, by normal standards. Long warning lectures from his mother had instilled a deep sense of fear and shame regarding his genitals, the female form, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and above all, erections and masturbation.

The maid had been instructed to closely observe and report any forbidden activity. Secretions, on sheets, tissues, under garments or pyjamas, however slight, were noted, reported, then discussed with and ‘corrected’ by his pretty mummy.

At the next stop, an attractive lady in her fifties entered their compartment with three small items of luggage.

“Get up and help the lady, Justin!”

Justin stood immediately. “Yes mummy. May I help you with your packages, Miss?”

“Well, how charming. Yes, you may. Could you reach up and put them on the luggage rack for me?” said the newcomer, as she carefully arranged herself in a corner seat.

As Justin stretched upwards to stow her belongings, the imposing lady addressed his stepmother. “Such a well mannered, handsome young man. A rarity in this day and age!”

“Why thank you. I will admit that it has been a struggle since his father was confined to the sanatorium”, replied his mummy, “But we have endeavored to guide Justin’s development; particularly in relation to his gentlemanly manners.”

As Justin completed his task, the woman beckoned towards him. Opening her handbag, she took out a sixpenny piece and held it in her outstretched soft leather gloved hand. “There we are Justin. Every good deed should be rewarded!”

As he reached forward to take the proffered coin, she took hold of his hand and drew him down to her face. He was soon aware of her expensive, exotic scent as she gave him the most erotic, soft kiss on his trembling lips.

Poor Justin was both aroused by the sensuality of this moment and embarrassed by the unexpected intimacy with such a feminine creature. Blushing deeply, he returned to his seat.

“You are so fortunate my dear, to have such a shy, obedient, good looking boy to accompany you!”

“You are too kind, really. He can be very naughty at times though, can’t you Justin?”

Still blushing furiously, he managed to stammer, “Yes mummy. Sorry.”

“I see you have been shopping. Do tell us all about your acquisitions!”

With that invitation, the three females began a long and detailed discussion of female apparel. Justin, tried his best to appear uninterested, but could not help his fascination as they talked about fully fashioned güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri nylon stockings, lacy slips, foundation wear and above all, knickers. At one stage, his mummy asked him to turn his head as the two mature women raised their skirts to compare the shade and texture of their nylons.

Justin did as he was told, but to his shame and, it must be said, delight, could clearly see the ladies’ reflection in the compartment glass partition.

Suddenly, his sister’s voice piped up: “He’s got a wet spot again, mummy!”

Justin looked down in horror to see the damp patch growing at the front of his short trousers. His shameful arousal had betrayed him again.

“Come along with me, young man!” said his stepmother, who grabbed his arm and maneuvered him out into the corridor. “How dare you embarrass me in front of strangers! Come along to the toilet compartment. We will deal with this immediately!”

Justin was pushed into a vacant cubicle. Lady Smyth sat carefully on the lavatory and without further ado, began to unbutton the offending trousers, then lower Justin’s underpants.

Of course, she was fully aware of the nature of the stains, and without ceremony or further comment, took her lace handkerchief and began mopping the boy’s sticky secretions (referred to as pre-cum, I believe, in modern parlance), from his genitals, under garment and trousers.

On completion, she instructed her stepson to drape himself over her lap and began to spank his firm young buttocks with her beautifully manicured hand.

“Now, Justin, make yourself decent and run along back to our compartment. I expect you to apologise to that lady and your sister”

Shamefacedly and crimson faced, with his stepmother at his rear, Justin managed to squeak: “Sorry Miss. Sorry Clarissa”, before quickly resuming his seat; unable to meet their eyes.

The ladies picked up their conversation as though nothing had occurred, whilst Justin sat in silent contemplation.

At last, the train arrived at their destination; a small wayside halt at Fenton-Magna, where a large black limousine was awaiting their arrival. It took only ten minutes before the car was gliding slowly up the tree-lined driveway to park at the main entrance to Fenton Hall, a fine Georgian house in honey-coloured stone.

The butler emerged to greet the visitors and give instructions to the chauffeur güvenilir bahis şirketleri as to the destination of their luggage. They were shown into a lavishly furnished drawing room, where Lady Fenton was seated, alone, on a formal regency sofa.

Lady Penelope Fenton was now in her early fifties, but as she rose to greet her guests, Justin was unable to avoid observing her fine, voluptuous figure, attired for the occasion by a simple but chic, tailored, figure hugging emerald taffeta silk dress.

She kissed Clarissa and seated her in a large plush armchair.

Lady Fenton then shook Justin’s hand and gestured for him to take a seat on a low stool, to the side of the sofa on which the two matriarchs now settled themselves.

Justin sat in awkward silence as the two women gossiped; mesmerised, as they crossed and re-crossed their shapely nyloned legs. Eventually, Lady Fenton rang a small hand bell, to call for her butler. “Where is Miss Sophie, Tompkins?”

“I believe she is at the stables, madam.”

“Could you fetch her please. Tell her that our special guests have arrived.”

“Yes madam”

Ten minutes later, the drawing room door swung open. ‘The honorable’ Miss Sophie Fenton strode confidently towards the seated ensemble. Her waist length blond hair was tied in a pony tail, kept in place by a fetching, peaked black riding cap. She wore a matching, close fitting black hacking jacket, and of course, the tightest white jodhpurs tucked into shiny black boots. Her lips were painted in bright pink and she carried a leather riding crop.

Clarissa jumped to her feet and kissed Sophie. “How lovely to see you again, Soph!”

“and you Issy! I’ve got two new hunters – a chestnut and a pure black – come on, I’ve got a spare outfit for you at the stables – you can give ‘Black Angel’ a try!” A ‘look’ from her mother, reminded Sophie of her manners. “Oh, sorry, Lady Agatha” as she bent over and ‘air kissed’ Clarissa’s mother.

Without even looking at Justin, she turned on her heel, followed by Clarissa, to the stables.

Lady Agatha turned to her hostess: “My, how she has blossomed since our last visit. I suppose it must be four years!”

“Thank you Agatha. I am so proud of course…she had her picture in ‘Horse and Hound’ in June. I’m afraid she can be rather strong willed – perhaps you will have the chance for a longer chat over dinner!”

The two women laughed. They had hatched plans for their two charges, Sophia and Justin, some ten years ago, following the institutionalisation of Lady Agatha’s ‘unfortunate’ husband. This weekend would see the execution of the next part of their plan to jointly secure his multi-million pound fortune…

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