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Welcome reader – to be clear from the start, this story has no sex in it. Instead it focuses on a first meeting between online lovers and the intense build up to that moment. If you are still reading at this point, hopefully you will continue to do so. Oh, and it’s my first story, so please be gentle…enjoy. Snow.


Sitting outside a coffee shop at the arrivals terminal in the airport it all suddenly became very real.

I was here. I was in Chicago.

I fidgeted nervously with the book I had brought with me, carefully placing it on the edge of table. It was our ‘sign’, the way she would recognise me amongst the inevitable crowds.

She had said the book wasn’t necessary, that she’d know who I was without it… but I couldn’t help but doubt.

I wanted there to be no margin for error.

It was my backup, a sort of comfort blanket and, importantly, something to focus on beside the rollercoaster racing through my body. Not content at doing loop-the-loops in the pit of my stomach, every once and a while it would travel up the steep incline to my heart and then back; the perfect platform for the ultimate big dipper.

My foot bounced a hundred miles a minute and I could feel and hear the pounding of my heart throughout my entire body.

‘Get a grip’ I thought to myself, ‘you’re a bloody nervous wreck’.

Taking a deep breath and shaking my long brown hair out over my shoulders I tried my very best to look nonchalant. Picking up my coffee, I leant back in my chair and scanned the open floor; people hugging, happy to see friends, loved ones and what seemed like hundreds of private drivers with signs waiting to pick up holiday transfers and the like.

I couldn’t see her. Or maybe I could. After all, I didn’t know for sure what she looked like.

We’d been speaking to each other every day for two years…never knowing any more than first names and minimal details about our lives. We spoke about our jobs and our days at work, family events and the various trips we had each been on but never enough to identify the other. There was no reason for this, simply that it hadn’t seemed necessary. That sounds odd, I know, but it started out that way, as many online relationships do and it just never changed. It was quite exhilarating in a way, liberating.

It seemed easier to express true feelings, your deepest desires, wants and wishes with an air of anonymity to fall back on. I mean, we we’re never going to meet, right?… We’d said that from the beginning. It would never work. She was an experienced Domme online but that was it, and I didn’t even realise I was a sub, not at first.

All that had changed the last two years. We’d thrived. Gone from strength-to-strength and had grown closer each day. We’d never spoken or seen each other, not even a picture, and yet we knew how the other felt, when they were happy or sad, when something was bothering them or they were distracted, purely from the way we typed, we could hear it in each others ‘voices’.

Our relationship was D/s; she was very much in control and that thrilled me. It thrilled me because I had given myself to her freely, trusted her to take control, to ensure I was safe, comfortable and happy above all else. The most important thing we had in common, the thing that made us work, was that we both found pleasure in pleasing the other, one from a dominant position of power and the other from a submissive desire to be owned and cared for.

It worked perfectly for us, and canlı bahis that’s all that mattered.

I scanned the room again, knowing I’d lost any ‘chill’ factor and suddenly fretted that everybody knew exactly what I was, why I was here and that, at the request of my Mistress, I wasn’t wearing any underwear – a delicious shiver raced through me as I recalled the conversation.

As I continued to wait, I felt the tension and panic start to rise slowly. Glancing at my watch I felt a horrible lurch and roll in the depths of my stomach as the rollercoaster set out on another loop of ‘the circuit’ that left me feeling hollow and weak-at-the-knees at the same time.

I gulped a breath of air and looked around a little more animatedly. She was 30 minutes late. My flight landed nearly 50 minutes ago and she said she’d be here.. well, actually, we agreed that I would wait for her here, we never actually said when, I realised.

A thought came to me then. ‘Was she late? Or was she making me wait?’ The more I thought about it the more convinced I was that she was teasing me; knowing how much anticipation excited me…having said that, she also knew how bad I was at waiting; a catch 22, or rather, some might say, a win-win for me.

I smiled to myself then and, feeling a blush rise in my cheeks, bit my lip to stop from grinning like an idiot.

For some reason the idea that she might be teasing me brought comfort. I wasn’t alone, she was with me in our own special way.

At that, I looked up at the coffee shop sign, triple checking that I was at the right place, rearranged my book for what might have been the hundredth time and reached for my phone. Just at that moment the Arrivals doors opened and another set of passengers and holiday makers made their way through the terminal. The bustle of noise and movement momentarily distracted me but also made me feel a little uncomfortable.

As the terminal quietened with people leaving to continue their journeys I got the strange feeling that somebody was watching me. A small shiver raced up and down my spine forcing my shoulders into a rapid jiggle and making me feel exposed.

Instantly my mind raced through a thousand memories of how and when she’d made me feel this way, that delicious exposure, the vulnerability and the excitement of anticipation.

‘Was it her? Was she here?’

Phone clasped tightly in my hands, my whole body was taut with nerves as my eyes roamed the room. The last groups of passengers had mostly gone their separate ways now but everything just looked the same. Nothing looked different, no new faces but I felt different. She was here, watching me. I knew she was.

Just then, my phone bleeped loudly, jolting me from my reverie. Visibly caught off-guard, I let out a little shriek of surprise as my body jumped and I fought to stop the device from slipping through my fingers.

Calming myself I unlocked my phone to see the notification. A message. From her.

“Don’t look so nervous, pet. Oh and if you leave that coffee any longer it’ll be too cold to drink…” *wicked grin* *kiss*

I gasped.

‘SHE’S HERE. She can SEE ME!!??’

I whipped my head around, lips parted slightly in shock? nerves? excitement? something (!) and felt my breath quicken as I scanned the room again. Quicker this time, my eyes darted from place to place, face to face.

I realised that I was gripping my phone in both hands so tightly that my knuckles were white when a loud ‘BING’ brought my bahis siteleri attention back to the little screen.

“Oh and pet, close your mouth please…we don’t want flies getting in.” *grin*


My whole body turned on the spot as I again looked around the room. I felt silly, sure that anyone watching would think I were crazy; except for her of course… she knew.

She knew exactly what she was doing and she loved it. Loved making me wait, teasing me, building my anticipation. All the more because she knew how excited it made me. I had been right earlier.

Knowing she was near, I started to move away from the table as if to search for her. Just a few small steps but enough to take me out into the crowd as I searched the faces of the people around me. Arms down awkwardly by my sides I felt as though I was tip-toeing, walking on eggshells so as not to disturb the moment.

Eyes wide and lips still parted, I had made my way further out into the crowd. It was here the nerves suddenly returned and I felt as though the ground beneath me disappeared; I’d swum too far out to sea and the rollercoaster seemed now to be making double time.

I needed to get back to solid ground. To my table. The comfort of my book and our meeting place.

Taking a step or two backwards, I felt the panic rising. I made to turn quickly when I bumped into someone.

In my haste to get back to the relative safety of my book perched on the edge of the table I hadn’t been aware of the prickling of my skin, the tightening of my chest or the shallowing of each breath that could mean one thing.

I was about to turn around completely to apologise when two little words, and a voice I knew would be the end of me, stopped me in my tracks.

“Hello pet”

Everything happened in an instant.

I released the breath I had been holding for God-only-knows how long and simultaneously filled my lungs in a rushed intake of breath that left me feeling light-headed and dizzy. The breath hung in my throat like time had stopped as suddenly everything seemed to zero in on me. I felt it all, everything, all at once.

My skin prickled, chest tightened almost painfully and the rollercoaster inside me exploded into a million whizzing parts that raced around every vein in my body and rendering me weak, wobbly and a little nauseous.

The hairs on the back of my neck spiked and my skin prickled as the rush of blood and adrenaline made my extremities tingle. I couldn’t hear anything, all other sound had died away with her words and all I could hear now was the hammering of my heart in my ears.

I stayed like that, frozen for what seemed like an eternity. I daren’t try and move, breath, speak. ‘Maybe I imagined it?’ A few moments passed and I felt my shoulders begin to relax and air return to my lungs when I heard it again.

“Turn around, pet”

I stiffened again slightly and a small moan escaped my lips as my eyes rolled back and squeezed shut at the sound. That voice. It was exactly as I had imagined it would be; soft yet commanding, each word smooth and intended.

Was it huskier than before? I couldn’t tell but it felt like it was, it sounded thicker some how.

Despite my state, something inside me suddenly snapped. She hadn’t asked. ‘Turn around, pet’ that’s what she’d said. It wasn’t a question. I felt a delicious feeling of belonging as I digested her command and for split second images of other possible orders filled my brain bahis şirketleri causing me to blush again.

I wiggled my toes first to make sure I could actually feel my legs before I started to turn slowly to my left. I lowered my head on instinct as my self-doubt crept back in at the last moment.

What if up close she was disappointed? I couldn’t bear to see that in her eyes, not after everything we’d been through.

The first part of her that I saw was her shoes…funny, that’s the moment I felt my body begin to shake softly. The tell-tell signs of my adrenaline abandoning me when I needed it the most.

As I stared at the soft black pumps, the creamy skin of the top of her feet visible before disappearing under fitted dark denim jeans, I stopped. A full 180.

Stood only a foot apart and now facing her, my head remained lowered, only her legs and stomach visible to me. My shaking, although subtle at first was starting to get worse as I felt both hot and cold.

We just stood there in silence.

‘Surely she was looking at me?.. Oh God, was she trying to think of something to say to let me down gently?!?’

I felt a lump rising in my throat and my eyes started to prickle as the enormity of the situation began to overwhelm me. She seemed to know, instantly moving to reassure me.

“pet?” her voice smooth and again, different this time, soft and loving? “look at me, please, pet”

I inhaled deeply but remained frozen, I just couldn’t. Again, she seemed to understand. A soft gasp spilled from my lips as the fore and middle fingers of her right hand gently reached under my chin and started to lift my face to hers.

My breath started to come in short sharp bursts and, as I felt the gentle pressure under my chin stop, I realised that although my head was now straight, my eyes were tight shut.

Just then her fingers left my chin and I was alone again, my soft panting breaths filling my ears and threatening to turn into full-blown hyperventilation.

“Look at me pet” she said, almost pleading. Then I felt something, someone close to my face as she whispered near my ear.

“It’s OK”…

I gasped, exhaling a worried breath.

“…I’m here.”

Another soft gasp accompanied by the beginnings of relieved tears.

“You are Mine.”

That was it, those three little words.

My eyes sprung open as I let out a little sob and gulped for air as I found her eyes looking straight into mine. Everything stilled. I calmed almost instantly feeling a deep sense of love and belonging, acceptance as she looked at me.

How long did we stay like that? I felt lost and found all at the same time. The depth in her eyes mesmerising as I saw everything I needed to see; love, desire, friendship, trust and happiness.

Eventually, a small smile, something I noted in the back of my mind seemed like it might be the *wicked grin* she often spoke of, spread over her face as she held out her hand to me.

Taking it, I revelled in the feelings our first touch brought; my mind wandered naughtily to a million different scenarios

Before my imagination took full control, I realised we were walking out of the terminal. Looking back quickly to my table, suddenly aware that I’d left my bag, my book, I was about to turn back when I noticed it swung over her opposite shoulder.

Looking straight ahead and with her grin growing ever wider, she simply said, “I’ve got you, pet” squeezed my hand and then gave me a little wink.

I stared, unable now to stop looking at her as she led us out of the airport.

“Lets go home, pet”.

With that I smiled, clung to her hand tightly and followed her willingly, feeling very much like I was already there.

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