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Although they were both rather asocial people in general, the knowledge that it would be a long time before they would see each other again made it hard to say good-bye. Li stood there, watching as BJ got in line and went through the security checkpoints, and remained until he disappeared beyond the machines and people.

The drive home felt strangely lonesome. Normally, it was her mini-vacation, the only time she was really alone. Instead of enjoying it, she sat in silence, her mind full of thoughts of BJ. “You’re turning into such a girl,” she finally muttered to herself before turning on the radio.

Li didn’t know it yet, but BJ had gone home with her cum soaked panties in his luggage. He wasn’t sure how she’d react if she knew, but he couldn’t resist. After her shower the following morning, she’d tossed her undies into the laundry. Normally, he was still asleep, but he’d noticed she always showered early in the morning. So he’d snuck into the laundry room when nobody was around and grabbed them.

Only one of BJ’s roommates was home when he got back. He took his bag into his room and opened it on his bed. Everything smelled like Li. He didn’t wear cologne or use products with fragrance, so it was easy for her perfume and natural scent to cling to his things. Her thong was releasing the smell of her and it seemed to gradually take over his room.

He’d meant to put it in a Ziploc bag or something, but instead he found himself standing there, staring blankly at it as he thought of her. The scent of it moved over him like a seductive fog. Although he’d planned on unpacking, putting his things away, grabbing something to eat, and playing a game, instead he thought of Li.

It was kind of weird to him that she was his girlfriend. She hadn’t even kissed a man in five years, and not because nobody had been interested. A lot of guys had been attracted to her, but after dealing with some horrible and unusual tragedies, she’d been determined never to be in a romantic relationship again. He didn’t get why he was so special. Li thought it was “hot” when BJ rambled about things he’d learned back in school when he was getting his degree, while most girls thought it was boring. Most girls wanted quality time to be something extravagant or romantic in the way movies often are… Li was happy to curl up with him while he read her comic books and used different voices for the characters. She was a sweet girl and he still didn’t understand how her ex could have treated her so badly. He hoped that eventually, she would feel completely safe and comfortable with him.

As he’d stood there, thinking of her, his dick had gotten hard. He picked up her thong, pressing it to his face. Its sweet scent filled his lungs and he thought about the feel of her soft hands on him. He thought about the way it had felt to have her slapping his balls. He dropped down onto his knees, in the middle of the room, still inhaling the smell of her pussy. He remembered the way it tasted as he licked her fingers, and he put them into his mouth to see if the taste was still there, trapped in the cotton.

It wasn’t strong, but it was there. He suddenly remembered that he’d promised to call her when he got home. She’d insisted on it, saying she wanted to know that he was okay. So sweet. He groped for his cell phone and called.

“Hi, Pookie.” She answered with a cheerful tone. “How was your flight?” BJ stumbled through his words, and she could tell immediately that something was wrong. It took her a minute or so to figure out what it was. “Ah… BJ, are you on your knees?” She knew he got on his knees when he needed to handle his business.

“Yea…” he said answered.

“What got you… excited?” Li asked curiously.

“Just thinking of you, and how sweet you are… and what we did,” he answered, carefully omitting the part about the scrap of cloth he was clutching to his face.

“Aww… I miss you, BJ.” She purred into the phone. He could hear her moving around, puttering through something.

“What… what are you doing? It’s noisy.” BJ was easily put off by noise.

“Getting my little friend,” she responded. She got onto the bed and turned on her vibrator. He could faintly hear its hum.

“You’re going to use ‘BOB’?” He asked, a little more turned on. “Why?”

“Thinking of you over there on your knees, stroking your little dick, fantasizing about us… that’s pretty hot,” she replied. She loved the mental image this produced for her. She would have to make him jack off for her one day. Maybe he could shoot all over her chest and lick it off.

“Stroking my little dick?” he said, starting to do it, a little Vaseline on his hand. He applied more so she could hear him, knowing how she enjoyed the sounds. She moaned for him.

“Yea… on your knees, in front of me.” She said, setting a scene. “I’m using my vibrator- not BOB, a new one. A bigger one.”

“Bigger?” he whined, stroking faster. He loved thinking of her using something large on herself. His other hand started to drop as he got distracted. He immediately canlı bahis brought the lace trimmed cotton back to his face, inhaling deeply.

“Definitely bigger. Maybe I’ll name it Big BOB. Long and thick, and maybe the kind that looks real. A realistic black vibrator.” BJ groaned, imagining her sliding this large black toy into her. “Mmm, it’s stretching me all out. When you fuck me, my pussy will be so stretched out, I won’t even be able to feel your pathetic little dick.”

“All stretched out?” he panted. His hand moved faster, and she could hear the delicious sound of it.

“Oh, yea… I’m getting all big and loose from this huge thing. You’ll never be able to satisfy me now. You’ll just have to take care of yourself while I use my vibrator.”

“But what about me?” he whimpered. “Don’t I get to fuck you?”

“Why would I want you when I could have a huge toy? You can watch, I mean… I like you so much, and you’re a sweet boy. You’ll take care of me and buy me toys to pummel my pussy.”

“I get to watch because I take care of you?” BJ asked, consumed by the image of a large toy filling her up.

“Yesss… ” She said, her vibrator resting on her clit. “You just watch, watch and stroke that little thing while I cum…”

He gritted his teeth as he heard her warning, knowing she was about to release. She cried out enthusiastically, and he had to stop moving a moment to make sure he didn’t let go, too. She wasn’t done yet, and he knew she’d be angry if he came. She cooed his name as she groaned.

“Come clean me, bitch.” She said it softly, tenderly. It was a term of endearment, used only for these conversations. “Lick all of my cum up. Lick me clean and get me wet again. Suck my cum off my toy, too.”

“I have to… suck…” his voice trailed off, and she could hear the sound of his hand stroking his flesh.

“If you ever want me to let you cum again, then yes. Take it in your mouth and suck.” She snapped. “Hurry up.”

BJ’s breath was hard and fast when he answered. “Done, I’m done. Please may I cum?”

“No way. If you cum, I’ll kick you in the balls.” Li answered casually. “Just kneel there and play with your little dick like a good little boy. Now that my pussy’s been all stretched out, I need to put this somewhere else nice and tight. There’s only one place I can think of…”

BJ whined. “Your ass? No please, not your ass…”

“Why not? I don’t let you anywhere near it. I mean, if you could make me cum, I’d think about it… but with that tiny dick? Now, I want you in front of me, sucking my pussy. Get me nice and juicy again, and then you can rub some of that onto my tight little ass. I need to be really lubed up for this huge thing. You should lick my ass, too.”

He groaned at the idea. “I thought you wouldn’t let me near that?”

“Well, you can do that much, just this once. Since I won’t let you fuck my ass, I guess I can let you suck it.” She said it with a teasing tone to her voice. She was really just using this to get him over the edge. She knew she wasn’t going to cum again until he did. She moved the toy so that it buzzed right at the entrance of her puffy lips.

“O… Okay.” His hand was moving faster, his breath in little spurts. She wiggled the toy lightly, going at the same tempo as the sounds he made.

“You’d better cum, BJ… because I’m going to forget all about you once this thing is shoved up my ass. Damn, it’s so huge. It hurts… I’ve got it pressed up against my ass now. Pushing it open…”

“Yea…” he groaned, adding some inarticulate words as he listened, thinking of Li’s plump ass. She’d emailed him a picture of it in a thong, and he could conjure up the image rather clearly in his imagination. Soft and wide, the skin pale and smooth. He could easily envision the cheeks parting for a huge vibrator, see it pressed up against her tight asshole, slowly pushing in. “Ung!”

The moment had arrived, and Li plunged her toy into her pussy, cumming with him. “Ah!” They were quiet, other than the heavy breaths that typically follow such things. Once they had recovered, they talked a little bit. Then BJ went to do the things he’d originally planned to do.

Later that week, Li’s father mysteriously called her with the express intention of inviting her over for Thanksgiving. He lived about 900 miles away, and he’d never called to invite her for a visit. So this was rather unexpected. She couldn’t take the time off for work, and her daughter had school. So instead, she’d arranged to visit right after Christmas. She got a week off from work, and arranged for her best friend, Tori, to take care of her daughter for two days. BJ’s birthday was Christmas, and she thought it would be a nice gift to surprise him with a visit. She set aside a hundred dollars to give her friend, as well as the other things she was taking up there.

Christmas was spent with her mother, and the following day, Li and her daughter were flying up to Ohio. It was a bizarre thing to enter an airport by palm trees and green grass… to exit another airport with snow. bahis siteleri Snow! Li and her daughter, Katie, ran to the window, pressing their noses against the glass. They looked at each other with delight, pointing at the fat flakes drifting down. Li’s father was behind them, waiting with amusement. “Hey! You can even touch the snow if you get a move on.”

Li turned and laughed. “Hi, Dad!” Katie hadn’t seen him for a few years, but she still ran over and gave him a big hug. The three of them headed for the baggage claim and got their things. Li had put their coats into the luggage, so she dug them out before they went anywhere. He drove them to his new house, which was about an hour away. The next morning, they exchanged gifts and talked. It was nice to see everybody, but it didn’t take long for Li to just feel worn out. She was glad she had a lot of other people to visit, which made it possible for her to leave that evening without being rude.

Her father and her ex’s mother each drove halfway so Li and Katie could visit everybody else. Li really wasn’t thrilled about this visit, but it was worse when she found out her ex was in town. David wasn’t a huge problem, but his wife was a bitch. There was no way Li was going to be at his parents’ house while Dawn was there.

“How about you drop us off at Leon’s apartment, and when Dawn goes to visit her family, you can get us?” David’s mother was convinced that Dawn had become a better person since back when Li had known her, but Li wasn’t interested in finding out. “She told David he wasn’t allowed to visit our child, or to send child support. Your son might be a loser for listening to her, but she was an ass for demanding it.”

Mary hadn’t been able to argue that point, so she’d just dropped Li off at Leon’s apartment. They didn’t even leave their bags in the van, because Dawn had been the type of person who would do the luggage harm if she’d known whose it was.

Leon had been looking forward to their visit for a while. He had few friends in the area, and they had been friends for years. “Uh, Li… before you come up… you should know that Newb is here.”

Newb was her nickname for Nick. It was actually “NWB”, or Ninja White Boy. Before Li had sat him down for a few long discussions about it, Nick had told everybody he met that he was “a ninja”. He had struggled with friends and could never get a second date until Li convinced him to simply state he was “into martial arts”.

Nick had adopted her as his “sister” over the years of their friendship, but had eventually said and done some stupid things she hadn’t been able to forgive. It had been a few years since they last spoke. Before she could say anything, Leon said, “I know you don’t want to see him, but he heard my mom say I should clean up before you got here, and he wanted to see you.”

“He’s unarmed?” She smirked, but she was halfway serious. When Li had burned that bridge, Nick had told Leon that if he’d ever had her in his sights again… Well, after that he hadn’t said a word, but Leon said he’d cocked his gun. Charming.

“He said he just wanted to see you and apologize face to face.” Li was very hesitant, but she shrugged, and they dragged her stuff toward his apartment. Nick chose that moment to open the door dramatically. He jumped down some steps and grabbed Li’s bag. She did not let go, and they all stood there a moment.

“Hey, sis.” He said it as if nothing had ever changed. She tried not to glare at him. He turned to look at her daughter, who didn’t remember her “Uncle Nick”. That was probably for the best. “Wow, you got tall! Just like your father. Uh, let me carry this for you, sis…”

Li inhaled deeply. She didn’t like people doing this sort of thing, but she knew he was making an effort to be nice. So she did, too. Exhaling, she said, “Thanks, Nick.” They all went in.

Once everybody was inside, Leon fidgeted a few minutes, grabbing some soda for everybody. Then, he got Katie to play a video game with him so Li and Nick could chat while he pretended not to listen.

“I’m sorry for how everything went down, Li. I was wrong, and even back then… I knew it.” Li nodded, unwilling to say anything. She didn’t see a reason to pretend it was okay. She took a sip of her soda while he looked at her, expectantly. When she didn’t respond, his smile fell. “Uhm, but you know, things turned out okay, right? I mean, you look good.”

Li glanced at him from the corner of her eye, one of her brows raised slightly. “I’m doing quite well for myself.” He squirmed a little when he realized she had nothing else to say. He looked like he was going to say something, but her phone rang. She glanced at the Caller ID. She glanced up at Nick before answering. “Hi, David.”

Nick stiffened. He’d made the same threat about David that he’d made about her. He started pacing while she spoke with David a minute. Hanging up, she gave Leon an apologetic smile, then looked at Nick. “David is coming over, he’s already almost here.” Leon immediately looked at Nick, who felt self conscious with bahis şirketleri them both staring at him.

“What?” Nick asked, loudly.

“Nick, man, you gonna be okay? ‘Cause, you know… I don’t want any trouble here.” Leon said. The apartment managers didn’t like him as it was. “Dude, we can hang out later.”

Nick shook his head. “Naw, man. What, you think I’m scared of David? I’m a new man. I’m not afraid of him anymore; I don’t look up to him anymore. He’s just another nigger who turned out to be a stereotype. Can’t even take care of his woman and child.”

Li glared at him, crossing the room to stand defensively in front of her daughter, who luckily hadn’t been paying attention. “Get out.”

Nick looked confused, then realized what he’d just said. “I’m sorry. I swear, I didn’t mean anything by it. You know that, right Leon?” They looked at him silently, and Leon stonily moved to escort him to the door. “This is bullshit!”

Before Leon reached the door, there was a knock. He shrugged, and then opened it. There, towering over everybody, stood the man who had abandoned Li and their daughter years ago. He waltzed in with a huge smile, trying to act like they were all friends. Nick had said he wasn’t afraid of David, but he certainly looked like he was. Everybody who really knew David was afraid of him, except for Li.

From her place on the floor, even Katie looked nervous. She hadn’t seen him in years, but she knew who that tall dark man was. Her father had crushed her heart when he’d left. Her mom had a great boyfriend now. BJ had said he’d help her with homework and escort her to father-daughter dances. He’d cheer for her at Tae Kwon Do tournaments. All David had done was lie to her and make false promises. Li sat next to her, putting her arms around her. “Katie, it’s okay. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, sweetie.”

Nick finally seemed to register that the world did not revolve around him. David just stood, trying to look friendly. Leon was still holding the doorknob. Katie hugged her mother, burying her face in her neck. Muffled words came out, “Then I don’t want to talk to him.”

“Okay,” Li replied. David looked pissed, but there was nothing he could say. He was muttering to himself, in his usual defensive pose- his head lowered, chest puffed out, and his hands balled into enormous fists. Li flashed back to a conversation they’d had once. She’d held up her hand, saying, “This is a hand.” She’d taken his hand, and held it in both of hers. He was a very tall man, with large hands. They were long fingered, with heavy, strong knuckles and nails that were thick and slightly curved- more like talons than nails. “THIS…” and they had both laughed. That had been before he’d changed, back when he still amazed her with the beauty of his mind and heart.

A lot of women think of men as their knights in shining armor. To Li, David had been King Arthur, Merlin, and Camelot, all mixed in one. Then, some crap had happened, and he had changed. Like a cancer, the things that troubled him had eaten away at him. His shell was nothing more than something that mocked her, taunting her with the memory of what had once been. She had not betrayed him, but Arthur had been slain, Camelot had fallen, and Merlin had vanished.

Nick had a slight smirk on his face. David didn’t know what Nick had said about him. He’d never believed Li when she told him that his friends had all spoken about him behind his back. He had never listened to the warnings Li had given him, and when everybody had turned against him, he’d accused her of being the problem. Leon caught the expression on Nick’s face. While he did think that David deserved worse than being shunned by Li or Katie, he didn’t find pleasure in the scene. Nick obviously did. He’d wanted David to hurt, because he had done so many horrible things to Li. He’d wanted Li to hurt, because she’d refused to leave David to be with him.

“So, Nick, what were you saying before David got here?” Leon asked in a falsely friendly tone of voice. Nick looked afraid. Very afraid. David was a villain, but he thought he was the hero of every anime, martial arts flick, or role-play video game ever created. Whatever David’s role was, he was prepared for war. He was strong, good at fighting, and Li had never seen him defeated. Nick knew damned well that David would wipe the floor with him.

“Uh, you know. Just that David hasn’t seen Li and Katie in a long time. I gotta go.” Nick almost forgot his coat in his rush to get out. Leon had a satisfied look on his face as he shut the door behind Nick. He turned to David, who was still standing in the corner, oblivious.

“Hey, Dave, you ever play this game?” He led David a little distance from Li and Katie, trying to keep the peace everywhere. He needed to play a video game and escape the drama! Soon, the two dark skinned men were happily shouting threats and taunts at each other, while Li and Katie watched. As Li had expected, David got a phone call. Although Li had no plan to ever touch David again, he’d cheated on Li with Dawn years ago. So it only made sense that Dawn expected karma to bite her in the ass. David went into the hallway with his cell phone, and he could be heard shouting. Leon grumbled, ‘I hope nobody knows he’s here with me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32